Midnight Visitor

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I am waiting outside my dorm for you, early in the morning hours. I know that it is against the rules to sneak a guy in, and if caught I could loose my RA job, but I don’t care about that. What makes it so arousing is the danger of being caught.

Soon, I see your car come easing up the road, and I walk to where you park your car. I am there as you open the car door and feel your arms engulfing me in its warm embrace, as well as your lips on my forehead. I lean up, and kiss you gently yet insistently and feel your response to my kiss.

I take your hand and lead you to the side door, take a quick look, and lead you up the stairs that is next to my room. I open the door quietly, and let you in. The room is lit with candles of various sizes, their different smells lingering in the air. I had set up a pallet on the floor, as my bunk beds are too small.

Soft music fills the room, and I feel your hands move to my shoulders. I feel them move up to my hair, and feeling the familiar wetness begin below I make a soft sigh of pleasure. I can feel your lips on the nape of my neck, making me shiver. Then you remove the clip that holds the long blonde hair up, and brush it with your fingers. My mouth opens slightly as I sigh again.

I turn around and look up at your eyes in the dim candlelight, seeing them glitter with desire and passion. My eyes are locked with yours as you lean down slowly and begin to place kisses at one corner of my mouth, then the other corner. My eyes close voluntarily as I feel your soft full lips take possession of mine and I wrap my arms around your neck.

I feel your hands move over my back and over my sides. You then move back, remove your jacket, and istanbul escort toss it carelessly on the bottom bunk of my bed, then take mine off to join yours on the bed. Again I am in your arms, and your lips on mine again, only now taken with passion.

I move my hands up over your sweater, feeling the muscles ripple underneath my hands. Moving up, my hands cradle your face as I return your passionate kiss, moving onto your hair. Your hands, run up my sweater to the warm skin of my back, the coldness of them making me gasp against your mouth. Feeling your hands tug at the clasp of my bra, I move my hands to help you. I step back, and look at you as I reach down and pull off my sweater. I then remove my bra, noticing your eyes darken as they see my breasts and the tightened nipples.

I then reach out for your hands and place them on my breasts, tossing my head back in pleasure. Your lips travel along the exposed flesh there, as I grab your head to keep you there. You pull me closer to your body, making me feel your desire for me. I move my hands to take your sweater off, and greedily seek for your nipples, as your hands work their magic on my breasts. Your hands move down to the front of my jeans, and down over my pussy, feeling the heat emanate from there. I move to unbutton them, and you move your hands, shaking your head. You then proceed to remove my pants, sliding them as well as my panties down over my legs. I step out of them, and look down at you, as you kneel, watching and waiting.

As we are looking into your eyes, I can feel your hands sliding up my legs, over my thighs, hips and down back down to cradle my kadıköy escort extremely wet vagina. You smile at me, and I give a laugh, knowing what you are thinking. You were always amazed at how wet I can get, but my laugh soon turns into a moan, as I feel your index finger slowly slide from my swollen clit to my asshole.

You reach up to take my hand, and gently pull on it, wanting me to join you on your knees. I kiss you gently as your hands then move to my shoulders, pushing me back onto the floor. You continue to kiss me as your hands run over my body, from my face to my thighs, over my breasts and down my arm. Moaning softly, I run my hand over your face, and down over your chest, playing with your nipples. You moan in response, and move your mouth over my neck, to my collarbone. Then over my upper chest, then to my breasts, one hand gently squeezing one and teasing the nipple, as the other is give attention with your mouth. I arch my back, wanting more of this loving attention. Your lips move down over my stomach, your tongue dipping into my belly button, making me giggle. I feel your smile as you kiss me, knowing that this was a ticklish area for me.

You then move your lips down to my wetness, and I gasp as I feel your mouth take my clit. I can feel your tongue slide up and down over my clit, and in my tight hole. I quickly come to a sweet orgasm as you continue to slowly give attention to my sweet pussy. You then stand up, towering over me. I watch you as you slowly remove your pants, revealing your thick hardness. You move down beside me, and I am lying on your chest, as my left hand moves down to gently squeeze kağıthane escort your hardness. I look at your face as you moan your pleasure at this movement. I kiss your nipples, and kiss my way down to your hardness.

Licking the tip, I slowly take your cock in my mouth, tightening my lips around you. Moving my head up and down, I feel your hands on my head encouraging me, and guiding me. I move my head up and kiss the tip softly, and move my hand to stroke you, only to remove it after a few strokes, and take you back between my warm lips. I again move my mouth up and down your hardness, and move it back up to graze my teeth lightly across the top, making you moan and squirm.

When you can no longer take my task, you gently move me onto my back, and grab my ankles to place them on your shoulders. Moving into position, you slowly enter me inch by inch, making me moan in pleasure. Loving the feel of you in me, I move my hips some, but you murmur, “No love, nice and easy…hmm yes that is it….yes” you encourage me, moving slow, making me feel every inch of you. Having become aroused from sucking you, I came again, feeling the world spin out of control. To ease your desire to join me, you wait until I calm down, and continue your slow and steady thrusts. I moan, loving the feel of you in me, like always. You continue this slow and steady pace, making me moan with pleasure, until I came again. Your own passion ran rampant as you feel me grip you tightly in my pussy. You begin to stroke faster and harder as you came closer and closer to that point where there was no turning back.

Feeling you swell as your orgasm became imminent, I orgasm again, feeling you pour your hot juices in me. You collapse beside me, and gather me close in your arms. We close our eyes, and sleep for awhile, waking up before the sun came up. I sneaked you back out, with no one to see us. I kiss you passionately goodbye, and watch you as pull off, heading back home. I then return to my room and lay back down until I had to get up and get ready for my morning class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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