Dining Room Delight

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When I got the call at work that you had something special planned, I was thrilled. I could certainly use a little pampering after the day I’d had. I left work a few minutes early and rushed home to find a note on the front door that read, “Come into the center of entrance-way, put on the blindfold from the small table and wait.” I followed the instructions eagerly. Sometimes these games were even more fun than pampering.

I waited with bated breath for what seemed like endless minutes. Anticipation grew from deep within my loins. My skin started to flush with the excitement of unknown sexual pleasures to come. I heard you enter the room and sensed you circling me. I could hear your breath as you leaned in close and kissed my ear. Your hands worked effortlessly to remove my clothing quickly.

After you had me completely undressed, you tied my hands behind my back. “You don’t mind a little bondage, today, do you?” you asked in that irresistible tone.

“Of course not, I never mind a little bondage,” I replied cheerfully. After my hands were tied, you led me to the dining room, where you moved the chair away from one side and began to tie my ankle to the leg of the table. Then you instructed me to spread my legs far apart and you tied my other Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort ankle to another leg of the table.

Your instincts told you to bend me over and fuck me like mad, but you had a bit of teasing in mind first. With your cock hard as a steel, you climbed atop the table and sat in front of me. You held my face in your hands and kissed me passionately before pushing my head down to greet your erection.

I greedily opened my mouth and consumed you, wishing I could stroke you as well. But since my hands were tied behind my back, I managed the best I could to create a good rhythm by lifting my head up and down. After a while you grabbed a hold of my head and chose the pace. At one point you crammed my head down all the way onto your cock, so that it filled my throat.

By then you were so ready to slide your raging hard-on into my wet pussy. You hurriedly climbed off the table, but then decided to slow the pace and tease me a bit more. You went to the kitchen and gathered a spatula and a wooden spoon.

“All naughty girls need a spanking every now and again!” you explained. And since you had me there, hands tied behind my back, bent over and tied to the table, it seemed like the perfect time.

Whack! Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort You gave my ass a good swat with the spatula. WHACK! Again, a bit harder. WHACK!! The third spatula spanking made me let out a squeal. The spanking was really hurting, but turning me on at the same time. Then I felt the spoon. Whomp. A good smack across both cheeks. Whomp! with the wooden spoon again. My ass was getting redder by the second. A few more good WHACKS with the spatula and you’d decided I’d learned my lesson.

My ass was stinging and red, and I winced when you grabbed at my cheeks as you pushed your hard member against me. Your hands navigated to my pussy. You reached in and felt my dripping wetness, and wanted to quickly guide your cock into my accepting pleasure zone.

A little more teasing for both of us seemed in order first. You picked up the wooden spoon again and began to tease the outer rim of my anus with the handle. Your hand pushed my ass cheeks further apart as you continued to stimulate my ass with the spoon. You swiftly lubed the impromptu wooden dildo and slipped the long handle into my ass. You took complete delight in watching my muscles tighten with excitement. My moans were a good indicator Ümraniye Vip Escort of how much you were turning me on.

Your cock became harder and thicker than you had even known it could. Having your way with me was exciting us both. Giving up control and letting you do as you wished was just the experience I needed. By this time, I was so desperate to have your cock in me, fucking me, I began to beg.

“Please . . . please put your dick in me. Please. Fuck me now. Please. I can’t wait anymore. I’m going to cum soon, and I want to feel you inside me.”

You grabbed my hips firmly in your hands and thrust your stiff shaft into my wet well. My appreciation was conveyed with loud groans as your dick slid pleasurably in and out of my tight wet pussy. You took delight at the sight of my red ass, which encouraged you to massage my stinging cheeks. You continued to fuck me wildly as my torso lay across the table, moving back and forth from the force of you pounding your cock into me. Just as you were about to cum, you pulled out of my pussy and rammed your cock deep into my ass, instantly pulsing and throbbing with excitement.

You reached one hand into my pussy and massaged my clit as you fingered my pussy while your cock pounded into my anus. Several minutes of this massive stimulation went by and I started to convulse with orgasm, moaning and screaming. You rubbed my clit harder and fucked my ass deeper, forcing me to cum over and over so that you could finally release your cum in a huge explosion. Seemingly buckets of cum erupted in and all over my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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