Mom Relaxes Her Son

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We were all very excited with Dad’s new promotion. He had been working so hard and this advancement would secure his place in the company for as long as he wanted. And, obviously, the additional money would be nice. The only set back would be that he would be travelling more. Who knows when he would be going and when he would return. The first few weeks were exciting. It was great to send him off on his next adventure and then to have him return to tell us about these new places. But as time went on it became somewhat routine. Cleveland sounded just like Detroit. Chicago sounded just like New York. He was gone more often then he was home. And as that stayed the same, some things changed, especially Mom.

I thought my Mom was pretty hip for 46. She was in good shape and because of her teaching job she was up on current trends. Her blonde enhanced hair was always in place and I endured the jabs from my buddies, “Hey your mom is pretty hot.” That’s my mom and I never thought of her that way.

As the days and weeks carried on and Dad being gone more and more I could see it taking its toll on Mom. She seemed to be a little melancholy, a little lonely. She was always pretty good about leaving me to myself to do my own thing. But lately she’s been stopping in my room more and more to talk about nothing in particular. And the occasional glass of Chardonnay was now becoming an everyday thing. The silky gowns she would wear to bed were now on immediately as she got home. Well, whatever gets her by.

I laid on my bed watching the big screen TV thanks to Dad’s new gig. I noticed Mom walking back and forth in the h all, I’m sure moving laundry down the line or something of that nature. The usual white silky robe clung to her body and it was more loosely tied than usual. Mom had rather large breasts for her smaller frame and I could tell she was proud of them. And why she wore those high heels with the fur across the toes I will never know. The ever present glass of Chardonnay was in her hand. And with each passing it was always full which meant she wasn’t drinking it at all or she was drinking it all and refilling quite a bit.

She sauntered in my room. The glass of Chardonnay dangling on her fingertips. Her tits swayed in time with her steps. It was obvious she did not have a bra on as her erect nipples made quite an indentation on her gown. In my naïveté I had no idea that she loosely tied her robe because she knew the natural movements of her ample breasts would rub against the silky fabric of her gown and give her a nice erotic sensation. She sat on the corner of my bed and slowly began to brush my hair off of my forehead. “Did you hear from Dad today.”

“No, I’m sure the meeting ran late and they went right to dinner from the conference center.”

“I’m sure he will check in later, he always does.” Mom continued to brush my hair gently as she sipped her wine. I couldn’t bahis siteleri help but notice her cleavage. It was making me uncomfortable as it was so obvious and she didn’t seem to care. “You know you’re the man of the house while Dad is away. You’re growing up so fast.” I just smiled and nodded.

“The dark load is next baby, why don’t you give me your shorts so I can get them in there.”

“OK mom.” There were a few awkward seconds as I figured she would get up and go so I could change but she only sat there patiently and took another sip of wine. “C’mon baby that load is next.”

“Well I will take them off and bring them down to you.”

“Why don’t you just take them off now as long as I am here.”

“I don’t have anything on underneath these shorts.” She chuckled and took a deep sip. “Honey I’ve seen you naked before, I’ve changed your diapers and bathed you and you didn’t seem to mind.” Starting to get uneasy, “I was a baby then.”

“Sweetie it’s nothing I haven’t seen before. Now, c’mon and give me your shorts. I want to be finished with all that tonight.”

I started to move away, very nervous about what was being asked of me. I could see she was starting to get restless with my disobedience. “Michael, c’mon.”

“NO mom I am NOT taking my shorts off in front of you.” She finished the last sip of wine and starred me down. “Michael, this is the last time I am going to ask.” She wanted these shorts and I better just give them to her before this turns into real trouble. I took a deep breath and began to slide them off. Her eyes widened, almost in shock that I was really going to do it. I slid them down and timed it perfectly to cover myself when they got that far. With my one hand covering my cock and balls I handed her my shorts, as she requested.

My heart was pounding at rapid pace. This all seemed so unreal, so wrong. My mother’s eyes moved up and down my semi nude body as I trembled. She gently whispered ” You can move your hand away, it’s ok.”

“NO mom this is making me very uncomfortable.”

“It’s ok baby, you are the man of the house now.” At the time that didn’t make any sense. I suspected it was the wine talking. “Michael, please move your hand away. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“No, I don’t want to be doing this.” I looked away.

I felt her soft hand grip my wrist. She slowly clenched it and began to pull it away. I tried to resist but I just gave in. I turned and looked at Mom to see her gazing at my young and tender cock. She took in a deep breath and let out a subtle sigh. In a last attempt I turned on my side, trying to hide my privates from my mother. “Michael c’mon now.” Mom please stop this, I thought you just wanted my shorts.”

“Michael please, would you just relax.”

I could feel her hand move across my nude hip. “C’mon honey you’re the man of the house now.” She slowly canlı bahis siteleri tugged at my hip but I would not move over. Her hand moved from my hip and down to my crotch. I tired to curl and arch to prevent her from getting at my privates. It was useless. Her motherly hand was now touching my cock. My heart pounded rapidly. My stomach churned. My body shivered. My mom was playing with my dick.

The pleasure of it began to creep in. My cock was responding to her touch. And as my cock began to swell I began to give in a little. My body began to relax and I was responding to her touch. Mom released a sigh of relief “That’s it my baby, just relax. You are doing just fine.” Her soft and gentle hand continued massaging my engorging cock. I took a deep breath and rolled over, well aware that I would be giving her a full view of my erect penis. There I laid in full view. Her eyes widened. She smiled. “Oh baby it is so beautiful.” Her hand released and she stood up. And much to my surprise she removed her robe that was barely on in the first place. My mother stood in front of me fully nude. Her ample breasts hanging just so. Her maternal hips. Her nicely trimmed pubic area in a very thin strip.

Mom settled back in my bed. Her hand gently taking my cock and continuing where she left off. My mind wandered, what was going through her mind now? Little did I know there was quiet a dialogue taking place. The voice of reason reminding her that this is morally wrong, very taboo. But it was the taboo aspect of it all that was coaxing her into continuing. “That’s it Katherine, stroke your baby’s cock. Milk it to hardness. Look at how beautiful it is. Look at how it has responded to your touch.” The voice that was reminding her that this is her son and mothers and sons do not do these sort of things slowly faded away.

I found it difficult to look at mom as she fondled me. But I would occasionally catch a peek to see that she was smiling contently. It was the happiest I had seen her in a while. I figured I was doing a good thing so just let it continue to happen. I didn’t know what was next, and I certainly didn’t expect her next action.

“Go on Katherine, just do it. You know you want to. You have made your son’s cock fully erect and responding to your touch. Bring him to complete pleasure. Satisfy your baby. Keep looking at his hard young cock. Take it.”

I just laid there in wonder. And without knowing what voice had inspired mom her sudden movements made me look up to see her head moving down to my cock and her lips opening. In a split second my cock was inside my mother’s mouth. Her eyes closed as her head bobbed up and down on it, her lips gently pursing it and caressing it. Gentle moans coming from her mouth that were muffled by my cock being in there. She pulled it from her mouth to let out a heavy sigh and a very stammered “Oh God” staggered güvenilir bahis from her lips. Her tongue made its way all along my shaft, So loving and gentle. It was obvious she knew what she was doing and that she enjoyed it. My heart was beating out of control. This is terribly terribly wrong but she is so enjoying this. I want Mom to be happy.

“Yes Katherine that’s it. Milk your son’s cock with your mouth. Get your reward. The sweet release of a job well done. Be the first woman to give your baby such pleasure. Get your prize.”

An extended sigh came from her mouth. Her head bobbed more intensely. Her lips gripped just a bit tighter. Her sucking was a little more tighter. Mom wanted to bring me to orgasm. She was doing it. I could feel it coming on. My body shivering and jerking uncontrollably. My heart beating so rapidly. She knew I was close. It was her experience in doing such things that let her know. The cock pulsing more rapidly. The ball sack tightening. The uncontrollable body movements. All those things intensified her effort.

“Your prize is close Katherine. Suck your son’s cock. Suck it. Suck it. Milk the sweet seed out with your mouth. Be ready for your baby’s first hot eruption. If you stay focused you can take it all. You know you can. You know you want to.”

Her little moans now became squeals. Unaware of the voice in her head that was coaxing her. Not that I was, but I couldn’t hold back anymore. My orgasm overtook me. The sweet sensation of mom’s sucking incited such an amazing orgasm. My hips bucked in time with her head movements. My back arched. I tried to let out a sigh but I couldn’t. My cock twitched and pulsed as warm streams of cum shot my from my cock. Mom didn’t miss a beat. Her head continued to bob and her lips caressed just so. Streams of jizz pulsed from my cock and she was taking it all.

“Concentrate Katherine. Swallow every drop of your baby’s seed. Splashing in your mouth uncontrollably. Only you could make him cum like this. Milk him dry. Taste him. Good girl Katherine. Good girl.”

The explosions had finally subsided. Her mouth gently released my cock and she delicately set it down on my body, gently petting it. I just laid there, trembling. My mother just gave me a blowjob. My very first blowjob. She will be the first woman who made me cum. And I will never cum like that again, and it was mom who made me do so. I slowly turned to look at her, still very nervous and confused about what all happened and what possessed her. She just sat there smiling. She was happy. “See baby, just relax and everything will be fine.” I just smiled and that seemed to be enough for her.

She got up from my bed, gathered her rob e and draped it across her arm. She collected her empty wine glass and slowly sauntered to the door. I watched her hips sway so seductively. Those furry high heels made her ass stand out a little more and there was such a nice wiggle and sway to it. She reached the door and looked back for a few seconds, smiled so brightly and said “Just relax now.” I smiled in return. My eyes scanned the room. There were my shorts crumpled on the floor. I guess the dark load wasn’t so important after all…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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