Mr Smith’s Visit Ch. 02

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Thursday morning and I wake up excited, Mr. Smith is coming in today and I can’t wait.

What will I wear? I decide on a pretty white blouse and a knee length flared skirt. It is one of my favorite outfits and I think I look quite hot in it.

Panties? Hmm. Well, it was really nice when he ripped my panties off last week but I can’t afford to lose a nice pair of panties every week. I decide on a pair of pink lace that tie on each side. Maybe he will just untie them, that will be cool.

Driving to work and having trouble concentrating, my hand is stuck between my legs and my panties are already soaked. I look over at a red light and notice a guy in a truck with his mouth open, staring down into my car. I look down and notice that my skirt is bunched up at my waist and he is getting an eyeful of thigh. I calmly move my skirt back down over my thighs and stare straight ahead.

Arriving in the office, checking the appointment book. There it is! 1:30 – Mr. Smith. The excitement is almost too much. Concentrate girl, you have a whole day ahead of you.

The morning moves like molasses and finally it is time for lunch. I walk to the back to get my lunch out of the refrigerator and I pass my boss’ office. He sees me and says “Honey, Mr. Smith just called and had to change his appointment.” My heart sank. “He will be coming in at 4:30 instead.” 4:30! I have to wait another 4 1/2 hours! Oh well, at least it’s still today.

I go back to my desk to eat lunch. I start to think about how giddy I am. What an idiot, it’s just a guy, I try to tell myself. But then I think of last week, my hand on the wall and Mr. Smith imbedded in my ass. My legs start to tingle and I realize it’s not just another guy. This one is different.

The afternoon crawls by and finally it is almost time. I go to the bathroom, fix my hair, check my makeup, and unbutton another button on my blouse. My cleavage is plainly visible now with just a hint of bra. I look at my watch, 4:25. Thank God, it’s finally time. I go back to my desk and wait.

4:30 – Mr. Smith walks in the door. He smiles at me and says “Hi sweetie.” I realize this is the first time he has said anything of consequence to me. I mutter back “Hi”. He smiles and walks back to my boss’ office. Ooh, that was sexy. How stupid gaziantep escort bayan was that? All I could manage to say was “hi”. He was probably real impressed.

4:50 – Mr. Smith comes out of the office and walks over to my desk. I have my left drawer open and going through some files. He stands behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders. A shiver runs through my body. He starts rubbing my shoulders and slowly moves his hands down my chest, into my blouse and cups his hands over my bra. I lean back and close my eyes. He squeezes softly and then unclips the clasp in the front of my bra, my breasts available to him, the nipples rock hard with excitement. He moves his hands away and kneels to my left. “I have to tie my shoe” he says. I try to get my self together and start to hook my bra. Suddenly, I hear a metal click and look down. My left ankle is handcuffed to the leg of my desk and Mr. Smith is walking back down the hall.

I look around to see if anyone is still around. No one. I reach down to try and unhook the cuffs. I can’t. I can’t move the desk, solid oak. I hear my boss’ voice and sit up trying to hide my ankle with the desk drawer. He comes up to the right side of my desk and says “I’m going home, Mr. Smith is finishing a phone call. Can you wait for him and lock up?” “Sure” I looked up and smiled, trying to stay calm. “Thanks, see you tomorrow” “bye” I say and watch him until he is out of sight. I bend down again and try to remove the cuffs. Wait, I think, I am alone with him and cuffed to the desk. This could be fun! I lean back in my chair and wait for him to come out.

I hear a noise in the lobby and see Bobby the janitor rolling his cart into the office. Shit! I pull open the drawer and hide my leg. He looks at me, “Hi honey, working late?” “Yea, finishing up a few things” I said. “Well, you don’t work too late. It’s not safe out here when it gets late. Especially for a pretty little girl like you.” I smiled and said “Thanks, Bobby, I won’t” He finished emptying the trash and rolled his cart back out into the lobby.

I closed the drawer and looked down at the cuffs. Maybe I could lift the desk just a little to get the cuff under the leg. I reach down and grab the cuff. I feel someone standing to my right and think “It’s about time he finished that call”. I glance over but I see a pair of work boots and gray pants. I look up quickly to see a young black man dressed in janitor clothes.

I panic and quickly sit up. “Who are you? Can I help you?” “I am a new janitor helping out my dad and yes, I believe you can help me.” I realize he is looking right down my shirt and my bra is still unclasped. He is able to see my breasts and my nipples pushing out of my shirt. He smiles and grabs my arm, lifting me up.

“What do you think you are doing? Let me go!” He smiles and says go ahead and scream baby, I would love to hear you explain how you got handcuffed to your desk.” I realize he is right, how would I explain this? Where is Mr. Smith?

He pushes me against the wall next to my desk. His hands move to my thighs and push my skirt up. He sees my pink panties and says “Damn girl, you are HOT!” He unties the strings on both sides and pulls them off. He puts them to his nose and sniffs. “Sweet” is all he says and puts them in his pocket. He grabs my pussy and roughly pushes a finger in me. “And you are wet for me too” He pulls out his finger and unbuckles his pants.

He unzips them and drops them to the floor. I look down and see a huge dick bobbing in front of him. My eyes open wide as I try to guess how big it is. It must be at least 12 inches and it is the widest I have ever seen. He smiles “Nice isn’t it?”

He puts it against my pussy, looks in my eyes and rams it completely inside. “Uuummph” I am fuller than I have ever been. He grabs my right leg and pulls it up, pinning it to the wall. I am spread wider than I have been since cheerleader days in high school doing a split. He begins to pound his tool into my little pussy. I close my eyes.

Hopefully he will be done soon. He hammers in me for what seems like an eternity until his body clenches, he drives deep inside me and I feel his dick convulsing, realizing he is filling me with cum. He finishes cumming and pulls out, zipping up his pants. I am standing next to the wall, his sperm running down my leg. He grabs my hair and pulls me to him. “That was sweet baby, you need it again just be here any day at 5:15.” He laughs and leaves the office.

I sit down in my chair, trying to recover when Mr. Smith walks around the corner. He looks at me and moves to stand between my legs. I look up at him and he smiles. He unbuckles his pants and pulls out his dick. It is rock hard and pointing right at my face. He puts his hand on the back of my head and pulls me forward until the head of his cock touches my lips.

I instinctively open my mouth and he slides inside. I swirl my tongue around the head and move up and down the shaft. I hear him moan. I move to the end and kiss the head, sucking it lightly. Then I take him in my mouth and try to swallow all of him. I get all of it down my throat, my nose resting in his hair. He holds my head in place for a second and then pulls out and moves to my right.

He lifts me by the arm and pushes the chair away. He bends me over the desk and pulls up my skirt. I am laying across my desk and I feel him rubbing his cock up and down the crack of my ass. He grabs my cheeks and spreads them open, exposing me totally to him.

I feel his cock touch my ass and then slowly start to slide in. It feels nice. I feel like he owns that opening and no one will ever handle it like he does. He is totally embedded and he pauses. I feel his warmth. He starts to slowly move in and out. I am feeling the first touches of orgasm approaching. He slaps me on the ass, “oohh” I gasp.

He slaps me again and picks up his pace. I reach down between my body and my desk to try and touch my clit. He takes my hands and pushes them over my head. He slaps my ass again.

He reaches under me and touches my clit, I am ready to explode. He buries his dick in me and slaps my ass. He grabs my clit and squeezes. I feel my orgasm explode over me and my body tingles from head to toe. I shudder for about 10 seconds and he stays buried in my ass. He then starts to move in and out faster and faster. I can hear our skin slapping. I am being pushed back and forth across my desk from the pounding. I feel his body clench and his cock starts to convulse within my ass. I feel his warmth deep in my bowels.

I feel him pull out and I start to get up. I look up and see him at the door, “See you next week” and he is gone. I quickly look down and see no cuff on my ankle. “What the hell?” I reach down and sure enough it is gone. I start to think, “Was it ever there? Yes, I know it was. I saw it.” I lean back in my chair and close my eyes. “What will next week bring?”

The thought makes me shudder again in anticipation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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