My 50’s House Wife Fantasy Ch. 02

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Author Note: The continuing adventures of a younger heroine going after security and safety by targeting an older guy (villain).

I woke up from a dreamless sleep in his king bed, initially disoriented before memories of last night came flooding back. Since I was in his bed, I knew right away that yesterday was real, not a dream, else I’d have woken up in my OWN bed, not HIS bed. I hadn’t noticed him getting up but did notice it was past 9 am. I threw on one of his t-shirts (way too big for me, so it covered my butt), handled some necessary business in HIS bathroom and wandered out to the front of the house.

There was hot coffee in the pot and a note on the counter.

“Quite a performance, Lacey! Working in yard…would like sandwich (no mayo) around 1. BJ to go along with it would be nice too, but that’s more up to you than to me.”

There it was. He was giving me a bit more rope to reel him in and I savored the victory of getting him to taste my forbidden fruit. How could he turn back now? My plan to become his 50’s woman-of-the-house, at his beck and call, with some added spice required by him of being more explicitly submissive and obedient, in order to hook him deep enough that he couldn’t flop off my line and escape, was coming along nicely.

I took the next two hours to shower, wash my hair, get myself perfect and put myself into something simple and innocent enough that it couldn’t help but make me super-sexy, and made it back to the front of the house to nibble on some fruit for myself and make a nice sandwich of cold cuts, cheese, pickles and mustard for him that I’d watched him make for himself from time to time. He would enjoy that while I worked on my own “protein” meal that he indicated he’d provide for me between his legs.

When I went out into the backyard to call him in for lunch, I saw a freshly cut lawn and a clean deck. As I got around the corner and called to him, stretching out my body to show him as much of myself as I reasonably could, saying lunch was ready, I saw more evidence of the weekend warrior type of stuff it takes to keep a suburban yard in order.

He waved back with a smile saying he’d be in in five minutes after he put everything away. I flashed him a boob, gave him a finger to my lips to say keep it a secret, before poking it into my mouth, along with a big smile — to communicate that I was going to give him that BJ, and went back to the house.

A few minutes later, he walked in the door with a grin, and I beamed back at him as brightly as I could, telling him I hoped I’d made his sandwich the way he liked it, but waiting on my knees by his club chair to leave no room for doubt as to the blowjob part of his morning sex note (and instruction note) to me.

He took another few minutes to wash his hands, arms, neck and face before taking the plate and settling into the big wood-and-leather club chair right off the kitchen that I was kneeling next to, that he must have used to visit with his ex-wife after getting home from a hard day of work, while she was cooking dinner.

That was “his” chair.

No words were said as I settled on my knees in front of him, excited that things were going so “well”. I loved that he’d given me instructions on what he wanted from me after the incredible breakthrough I’d made last night in my quest in becoming his kept woman, having finally gotten fucked by him.

His plate on the arm of the club chair, his sandwich in his hand, me kneeling in front of him, my perky nipples poking at my sheer, tight, form-enhancing tee, dolled up for my confidence and his viewing pleasure, the adult play-time unfolded a bit further.

“You finally broke me down last night, Lacey,” he greeted me, in his green-stained Levi’s, but with scrubbed hands, arms and face. “I couldn’t resist you any further. What game are you playing at? Why are you trying to make a fool of me?”

“I’m not playing any games, Mr. M. I am all grown up, but with nowhere to go. I’m attracted to you, to your home, how you go about things. You need a new woman in your life, and I want to be your girl. But not only that, I want to be your SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE AND OBEDIENT girl, to cater to you so that you can protect and keep me. I want you to take advantage of me in any way you want so I can belong to you.”

Now, I was making myself vulnerable and being honest, but remember that all my other efforts had failed. And there was no particular point in playing coy, since I was kneeling and dressed for sex and seduction, hiding only enough of my body to enhance my offerings to him, after seeing his note, following it to the letter, making my man his lunch, and now a kneeling female supplicant to him, while he sat on his throne, albeit a throne in a home, not a throne in a castle.

But wasn’t every home a castle of some sort, and every man that managed it a king in his own right?

My stress was lower than it had been in weeks as he’d given into his male lust last night (after holding out for way too long) and had fucked Çankaya Rus Escort me pretty thoroughly and violated me even further. I felt secure that I had my goals in sight, which made me bold in making my case. I just had to deal with this forty-something cunt that he was seeing tonight and get rid of her, but timing was delicate.

“You’re definitely irresistible,” he smiled in reply, took a bite, and then looked down at his fly.

I took his cue and shimmied closer, drew down his zipper, and fished out his cock and lifted out his balls too. I left his belt in place and didn’t undo the button holding his Levi’s together around his waist — so his package was out and available, but tightly framed for me to work on. His dick looked nice and suckable, ruddy and healthy and kind of big, against his faded and aged, third-best outside yard-work jeans.

I went to work on his mid-day, yard-garden-sweaty manhood.

It felt totally natural to me to wake up, put myself together while he worked around the house, make him lunch, and now suck his cock while he enjoyed the sandwich, which I had meekly and subserviently made for him, even as I was about to still more meekly and more subserviently suck his cock while he chowed down.

He finished his meal quickly enough but made no move to do anything else while I gave him a long, slow, unrushed, and luxurious blowjob. It sounds funny, but I didn’t mind at all the sweat and smell of his outside labor on him. His hard and callused hands in my hair or on my arms and shoulders as I worked him over reinforced his masculinity and the roles we were playing and I found myself getting aroused as I pleased him, playing my part in the protector-protectee relationship, giving him my body and my sexual obedience and devotion, in exchange for his protection and safe harbor.

After he was nice and hard (and thus further in my female power — what man can turn away a girl after his dick is hard). I came off his one-eyed snake to ask about his date tonight — that whore that wanted to take my place.

“Now that I’m your girl, Mr. M — aren’t you going to cancel your date tonight. That submissive bitch you’re going after? You don’t need her now that I’m going to be your secret little sex slave, do you?”

“This is not the right time to discuss tonight, Lacey,” was his reply as he put his hand on the back of my morning-clean hair and urged me back to my “lunch-duty” kitchen-slave-girl roleplaying.

I moaned in disapproval as he pushed me back on his hard dick, but not in any real disobedience, as he put me in my temporary place and urged me to continue the task at hand. I was enjoying myself, and he was in charge, so I didn’t mind now that I’d made my “ask”.

As I kept servicing him, though, I slowly undressed myself and snaked the fingers of one hand down to play with my boobs and sneak it between my legs to rub my still-sore-from-all-the-attention-last-night pussy. Totally naked and vulnerable, but not bound or cuffed, my intent was to show him with body language that just the act of going down on him made me horny and I couldn’t help but touch myself.

But I was aroused and excited anyway, so it was as much real as it was play-acting.

But I also drew it out. I wanted to give him some insight into how much of a secret slut I could be for him, and I purposely kept him away from orgasm while I rubbed his balls, pinched and pulled my nipples, fingered my pussy, tugged his cock, lipped his shaft, and slobbered all over his nice, tasty, hard and thick fuck-muscle. I sucked, but then I teased and licked, purposely not progressing.

In fact, I eventually forced him to take control, fist a hand in my hair and tell me with non-verbal male dominance, via body language, when he had grown tired of the edging and was ready for the fireworks.

And when he sent that message, I obeyed. I left off touching myself and focused totally on him, using both my hands and my mouth and my tongue, along with a vacuum lock on his thick and blood-filled shaft to suck, tug, and ball-rub, all in an effort to get my mid-day meal.

He grunted in orgasm, and I moaned in delight as I felt his first spurt of jism jet into my closed mouth. I took the first one totally inside, but stretched out and flattened my tongue to hold his cock on it, but with my lips open wide while I pulled from root to tip with my hands to catch the follow-on diminishing spurts of cum.

His load was definitely smaller than last night, so twelve to fifteen hours was not long enough for him to replenish the well fully, but I had a better chance to explore and accustom to his taste this afternoon, since my hands were free and wrapped around his cock while I milked him dry into my eager mouth.

From there, it was at least a minute of playing with his cum, pushing it onto my lips, scooping it with my fingers and back inside, telling him how good his spunk tasted and how I wanted it every day from now on.

These Keçiören Rus Escort were total and complete lies of course, but in for a penny, in for a pound.

He told me to swallow, and I refused, saying it tasted too good and could I play with it some more.

He realized I was egging him on and mock-scolded me for teasing him, saying I was risking a spanking

So I finally obeyed, after I thought I had properly made my point, taking it down into my tummy and then opening wide to show my empty mouth, professional style.

I wasn’t petite enough to be an actual porn girl since I think they mostly recruited short girls to make the mostly-unseen guys look bigger, and I had no desire for that kind of permanent video humiliation that would trail me for the rest of my life, but that didn’t mean I didn’t understand the superficial kinds of behavior that turned men on…and I wanted this man turned on by me.

I said that I deserved a spanking anyway for not successfully seducing him earlier during the last several weeks.

But I didn’t want to go too far, so after I showed him my empty mouth, flipping my tongue up and down so that he could confirm I wasn’t hiding anything anywhere to spit it out later, and agreed about him spanking me, I went back to his spent cock, putting it in my mouth and spent a minute milking him more, from root to tip, to get the last few drops of buried alpha male sperm out of his shaft that had exited his balls during climax.

From there I put my head in his lap.

“I love your cock…your cum tastes SSSOOO good!”

I was laying it on thick.

“That was nice, Lacey…just like last night…”

“Hmmm…I’m glad. Did I do a good job? Was I a good girl?”

“You know you were. You’re insatiable…”

“Will you cancel that date with that whore you’re seducing? Will you fuck me tonight instead of her? Will you be rough with me, so you enjoy yourself? I NEED it, Mr. M…I want you to use me like you planned to use her.”

“I don’t think you’re giving me much choice, are you…”

“Hmmmm…..goood…..,” I said as I took his cock back into my mouth and suckled on it, manipulating him to be my man instead of another woman’s man.

“I still don’t understand your game. You can take this act anywhere around town and get anything you want…I’m just about twice your age.”

“I don’t want anyone else. I want to be YOUR girl. You are what I want.”

“You know I’m going to do it differently with you than I did it before with my ex. I’m going to get much more of what I want from a girl in the next relationship, Lacey. You’re going to have to put out for me. I plan to turn you inside out.”

“Yes…I know…I’m ready to pay that price to be under your roof, safe and secure and getting what I want and need. Please!”

“Okay…I’ll call my date now. Why don’t you work on my balls a bit while I break the date with her…”

The next ten minutes were eye-opening to me as I worshipped his balls, he called her, spoke frankly with her, and called off the date.

I did as instructed. I moved from suckling on his soft and spent cock, poking out along with his balls from his unzipped fly, to circling his nuts, rubbing them, mouthing them, kissing them, squeezing them, and worshipping them.

His cell phone was turned up enough that I could hear both sides of the conversation and my eyes were opened as he talked to the cunt-whore-slut-bitch that was my competition and who was threatening to take what should be MY rightful place in his home.

It was kind of sexy too, for me to be kissing and sucking and licking his balls as he did his business with her, breaking off his date with her because I had won the race, but doing it IN FRONT OF ME, not shy, demonstrating how far along he was in getting her to do as much or more than I was willing to do.

But I was surprised to see that even though I had been manipulating him the last several weeks, he wasn’t totally unaware of what was going on. He actually told the girl on the phone that he had been flirting with two girls to maximize his chances of success and he’d had his first date with girl

last night (with me) — and there had been a meeting of the minds and he didn’t feel comfortable going forward with girl



was me and girl

was her!

I nipped a ball during this part of the conversation, biting down a bit behind the bulge of one of his family jewels, to have my non-verbal say on his feigning innocence these last weeks while I chased him and he put me off, and he looked down and smiled at me as he continued to let down phone-girl.

She objected, not mad at him, knowing that being the second interviewed girl for the sex-kitten position put her at a disadvantage, but saying she still wanted her chance. She liked his style, she accepted his desire for dominance, she wanted a real man to be a good girl for. It was unfair to her to not give her the same chance to win the position, Etimesgut Rus Escort etc.

I’m putting it in job interview terms, not how they ACTUALLY talked, but that was the gist of it.

He had been advertising for a submissive girl and she’d applied, but I’d applied as well, only had applied from “inside” the company, and I had won the job.

He agreed with her that he wasn’t being fair but didn’t want to sour things with girl

now that she had passed the onsite interview so well the previous evening. He was making an immediate hire, so to speak.

So as I was working on his nuts and his sack, after having made him a sandwich and sucked his cock and swallowed his cum, he was telling me that all my efforts were passing “initial” requirements and that even though I had “been hired’ as his live in sex-toy, it was on a probationary basis, not yet a permanent position — the cheeky bastard.

He was having two conversations at once! One with her on the phone, being civil and sympathetic with her, explaining what had happened. And another conversation with me, but one-sided as only he was talking and I was ball-worshipping and listening! Implied by what he was saying to her, with my part of the conversation consisting of how I held his balls and cock, and how I used my lips and tongue to lick and kiss and mouth his dick and his testes as he talked to her, but also communicated to me by what he said to her.

All I could do was moan soft enough not to be heard as I curled my tongue around his nuts turn by turn and used my hands to push one and then another of his balls into my mouth as I gently jacked his soft and spent dick to remind him I was there, even as he was “enlightening” me on his own actions these last weeks.

I thought I was manipulating him, while learning that he wasn’t as naïve and clueless as I thought. He was chasing me even as he was chasing her — and I was chasing him. I just hadn’t been clear-eyed enough to know it. Maybe he’d been non-responsive to my hints on purpose, and maybe he’d not been so naïve in letting me poke and prod around.

Rather than angering me at being manipulated myself, I kind of gained some respect for his sexual hunting skills at this growing realization.

I was also astonished at how frank and honest these two forty-somethings were with each other. They’d found each other online, learned over time the requirements and desires to date, I’m sure had seen pictures and chatted, and weren’t trying to play any games with each other — they’d gotten to the point where life was too short for that. He was treating her as an adult and she was treating him as an adult, letting him know she wasn’t pissed, she knew she was one of many girls that might fit the bill of kept and obedient woman, and fill the position of submissive fuck-slut, but she still wanted the position that I had won, if even temporarily.

I couldn’t help myself, I moved from his balls back to his cock, hoping he’d recovered and I could actually suck him like an obedient wanna-be sex slave should suck while he was dis-entangling himself from the sexually submissive female candidate that wasn’t under his roof, but wanted to be.

But he smiled at me, even as his cock didn’t twitch — he wasn’t recovered yet and used his hand to grip my hair and move me back to the tight set of tasty and heavy balls framed through his unzipped fly to put my tongue back on his family jewels.

The call ended with disappointment on her side and sympathy on his side. She asked and he agreed to contact her immediately if things deteriorated with me. If she hadn’t found somebody else, she promised to re-apply for the personal and private fuck-slut position immediately.

After the call ended, I moaned much louder with his left ball in my mouth, coming off to say thank you to him for breaking tonight’s date.

He responded by pushing me back, off and away from his balls, and onto my back, now completely naked and below him while he was fully clothed, but with his sated sword and his two big stones visible and large outside the fly of his jeans, while still seated on his throne, and told me to play with myself and give him a show.

And I did!

I was wet, turned on, engorged in my pussy lips, feeling submissive and obedient and dominated by his will and skill, reflecting on the fact that all along, he had known I was after him and was putting me off only to increase my desire and determination so that if it happened, it would be even more on his terms than on my own.

I rubbed my pussy, amazed at how good my cunt-lips felt, and how puffy and engorged they were, after making him lunch, sucking his cock, swallowing his cum and then worshipping his balls while he talked to my competitor for the open position of sub-slut for Mr. M. I was totally turned on by the situation as it had developed, after I had offered my handcuffed nude body to him last night, and he had ravished me rather than rejecting me.

My fingers felt so good rubbing against my little girl parts that I knew I’d cum immediately if I touched my clit even a little bit hard and I didn’t want to cum too soon, since he wanted a show. I wanted him to enjoy watching me touch myself wantonly as I hiked my knees up, spread my legs wide, spread my pussy lips with the fingers of my right hand to show him my pink meat while I rubbed my tits and pinched my nipples with my left hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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