My First Gay Experience in 35 Years

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My 1st gay experience in 35 years. Met ken online no strings attached. friendship (FWB). We exchanged texts. He is 47 years old, black, dark sexy eyes , a beard great shape, well hung, Long, thick. Hot & sexy. I am 55 years old, white average size when i can answer the bell 6 ft 1 in 324 pounds. (Ken could have anyone why me???) I will tell i have erectile dysfunction. Ken hosted i arrived on time at 6pm, We chatted for 10 minutes about any thing that was off limits. There was not much off limits

I then reached over rubbed his chest, lightly squeezed is nipples. Ken leaned in kissed, me led me upstairs where we kissed deep passionate tongues playing. My hands playing with his chest and everything they could reach including his cock nipples ass. His hands returning the favor.

Dropping to my knees i started to kiss his cock thru is shorts. I fumbled around trying to undo is shorts, Ken help me remove his shorts i removed his under wear. My mouth lick kissed licked some more kissed the head of his cock. Ken took charge at this time. kissing feeling each other up then he climbed on top of me we kissed he started to rock back and forth on me are cocks were together this just made things hotter. We some how ended up with Ankara Escort me on top of him kissing again my mouth worked it down to his amazing cock. Licked just the head down the shaft to his balls licking & sucking back up the shaft. I took Ken in my mouth sucking licking the head taking him deeper and deeper until i had deep throated i then started deep throating him every so often while I sucked his cock i could now taste him in my mouth.

Ken takes charge again he takes me in his mouth Having e. d i did not achieve a full erection but he suck in me until i climax. He was amazing in love making my whole body was feeling sexual he ask me to sit on his face. I straddled his chest he brought my ass to his mouth his tongue made my body climax there is no other way i can describe it after what seem like forever and ending to soon i dismounted. I let Ken know i wanted to give him that same pleasure I did I loved both giving and receiving. I love eating ass

After ken dismounted my mouth he crawled on my back he then ran his cock up and down my crack it felt so good. He crawled off again i took him back in my mouth i could really taste his precum (Yummy). He was moaning Sincan Escort butt i wanted him in me. I asked to run his cock in my crack again it felt so good After a few minutes I begged him to put it in me please he was on top of me he whispered are u sure? OH YEA i said.

He grabbed some lube (I was nervous horny scared but wanted him in me) I felt his hand put lube on my tight hole and assume he lubed himself once on top of me he whispered are u sure again. Yes please. He needed no more incentive he shoved his cock in me not wanting to be a sissy i did not let him know how much it hurt to start . Pain was short lived and pleasure took over it was wonderful i started meeting his thrusts my body felt like it died and went to sex heaven he started to harder and faster i was loving it and my moans told him so did my mouth telling. Ken was starting to moan loudly i knew he was going to cum soon He groaned loudly buried himself in as far as could. I felt the wet warmness in me. He pumped until he was done with his orgasm collapsed on me kissed my neck. Went to grab a cloth to clean my well fucked ass it felt so good.


We laid together legs wrapped Etlik Escort around each other we talked kissed hugged.

My hands traveled to his cock i Began rubbing it playing with it while we talked. We kissed occasionally. Ken started to respond i again traveled down to his cock began giving ken the best blow job i am capable of giving he ended on top of me feeding me is cock . He was so big i had trouble with is but kept trying in out in out after a while i was laying between Ken’s legs sucking his balls licking him like he my favorite popsicle. Now on top of him my mouth bobbing on him. He was moaning his approval i could again taste his precum. Steady then i would change pace.

then i would just suck the head then deep throat him. Then steady up and down i want to taste his load finally he called my name you are going to make me cum.

(well when you think about he was right that’s exactly what we wanted)

He moan loud i felt his cock spasm and tasted his load, not one drop escaped and i lightly sucked him through his orgasm. We cuddled for just a few minutes I knew it was time to go.

I got dressed we kissed Ken walked me out That’s when i told him it was my birthday and thanked him for making it special. He was surprised We kissed i was on my way smiling

I text him the next day 2 words THANK YOU

He responded it was my pleasure Thank you enjoyed your company had a wonderful time Hope this birthday you’ll always remember.

i texted him: remember i have a permanent smile plastered on my face.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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