My Sexy Family Ch. 01

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Big Tits

From the author: The incest/taboo categorization for this chapter is due to a brother/sister relationship. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it. If you do like it, please give me a good rating and leave me a note. I love to hear from my fans!


“Joe, can I trust you to look out for your sister?” my dad asked.

“Of course,” I replied as I leaned back a bit on the nicely-cushioned couch in my parents’ spacious living room.

“Good,” he said, mirroring me by leaning back on the other section of the couch. “Because, she’s eighteen now and she’s been pretty tough to handle for the last few years. She doesn’t confide in me anymore but she talks to you, doesn’t she?”

I nodded. Being four years older, I had moved away when she was fourteen, but she texted me every day, and I came back to visit every few weeks, so we stayed very close. I knew things about her life that my dad didn’t really want to know.

He smiled in relief at that. He was obviously really worried about her.

I asked, “She’s been less confrontational just in the last month since she graduated, don’t you think?”

“I suppose so,” he nodded. “Still, it could just be a summer thing.”

My dad, Jamie, was a big man, six-four and two-forty. At forty-eight years old he was about twenty pounds overweight but still quite an imposing presence. To think that he was having such an issue with little Allyson, who was all of five-three and one-ten soaking wet, almost made me chuckle.

“So, how’s the new job? It’s been two weeks, right?” he asked me, changing the subject.

“Yes, sir, that’s right. Yesterday, Friday, was two weeks. It’s good. It’s work,” I replied.

“Still laying asphalt down Highway 112?”

I nodded. “I mostly direct traffic through the construction, holding up a sign and all, but sometimes they rotate me in with a shovel. I haven’t driven any of the big trucks yet.”

“Well, you’re welcome to stay with us as long as you need to,” he said. “I’m not saying that just because I want you to watch out for Allyson. Our door is always open, Son. Stay and save up your money.”

I smiled at that. My dad was a big softie. I had tried to make it on my own in Houston four years prior, but, after three and a half years, the jobs dried up and I had to move back home. Though I was twenty-two and living at home I didn’t feel like a failure. My parents simply loved me and supported me. I knew I’d be back on my feet soon. There were many people out of work of late. I had been lucky to find the construction job.

Dad pulled the baseball game up on the big screen and we sat around for a while, relaxing after having mowed the lawn earlier. The lawn was about an acre but the two of us took only an hour to get it all done, including edging and hedge trimming.

After about an hour into the baseball game, Mom and Allyson came home from grocery shopping. We heard the truck pull up and stop.

Dad paused the game and we both got up to go lug the groceries in. Instead of heading out the front door in the living room, I led the way through the big kitchen and out the back door. The trailer my parents lived in was the biggest that money could buy. It had five bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a huge living room, dining room, and kitchen. They also had built a huge deck onto the back. We ventured out onto the desk and down the stairs toward the truck.

Out of the truck, and breezing past me with two small bags in her left hand, strode my little sister Allyson. She wore her white tennis shoes, blue jeans, and an old white tee-shirt which read ‘What part of Go Away don’t you understand?’ Though she was very slim, the shirt was still a little small for her as it was stretched tightly over her small bra-clad tits.

“Have fun?” I asked.

She shook her head with an exasperated expression on her cute little face. Her short black hair was a bit askew and her blue eyes weary as she complained, “We were in there for two whole hours.” She didn’t stop to chat, heading into the house.

Next I passed my mom, Sharron, as she told me, “Don’t forget the drinks in the back.” Then, to Dad, she said “Remind me to never shop Wal-Mart at noon on a Saturday.”

Despite being harried and toting several heavy bags, my mom was as beautiful as ever. Though she was the same age as Dad, she didn’t look it. She was five-ten and slim, with huge breasts that stretched any shirt she wore. In this case she wore jeans and a pink blouse with a neckline that can only be described as plunging because of her big tits. He skin was clear and pale, and, like Allyson, her hair was short and black.

Dad grabbed the rest of the groceries while I lugged the drinks out of the back of the truck. They were heavy but I was able to make it in one trip. Though not as big as Dad, I’m six-two and one-eighty with enough muscle to handle the case of water and four 12-packs of drinks. Working construction kept me in shape, but during my five months of unemployment I had done odd jobs around the house to keep fit.

After lugging the drinks and groceries into the kitchen, Dad Alanya Anal Escort and I returned to the living room to find Allyson in Dad’s seat, remote in hand, flipping through the channels.

I sat on the couch as Dad shooed Allyson from his seat. “Oh come on, I had the game paused,” he complained.

“It’s on the other tuner, I didn’t mess up your game,” Allyson replied indignantly as she got up and let Dad sit down.

Once he flipped it back to the other tuner and breathed a sigh of relief, he said, “There it is. Good.”

“See?” she taunted as she turned and looked at me. She flashed me a smile and then sat on my lap, her right arm over my shoulder and her legs stretched out on the rest of the couch to my right.

I outweighed Allyson by over seventy-pounds and was ten inches taller than her, so having her sit on my lap was a normal thing for us. We had always been close. Our whole family was physically affectionate and quite close, but I was especially close to my little sister. Besides, it helped us look each other in the eyes when we needed to talk. Still, being her big brother I had to tease her. I complained, “Geez, Sis, you might want to lay off the deserts for a while.”

“Joe Peeler, are you calling me fat? Because I think you’re just all tired out from getting the groceries. Look at how sweaty and gross you are? But, did I say anything about that? No,” she said.

“I’m not tired. It’s July in Louisiana, and I got hot outside,” I protested. “I think you’re just putting on a few pounds.”

Allyson leaned back a bit, lifted up the bottom of her tee-shirt, and said, “Look at that. Not an ounce of fat!”

I looked at her pale flat stomach, her muscles clearly outlined as she held herself up. There was no fat on her and I knew it. Her stomach was firm and sexy. Still, I said, “Hmm, let’s see. How about there? Or there?” I teased as I poked at her stomach and side.

Allyson giggled as I began to tickle her.

“Can I count your ribs? Let’s see, there’s one and two and…” I said as I worked my hand up her side. I made sure that it didn’t slide up under her shirt but instead worked up the outside.

Allyson tried to fend off my hand with her left arm but couldn’t as she giggled and squirmed atop my lap.

Her squirming on my lap made my eight-inch-long two-and-a-half-inch-wide cock hard inside my jeans within seconds but I ignored it. It was restrained by the denim and it wouldn’t be that noticeable. I slowed and then stopped the tickling to give my dick a chance to go back down. I didn’t really think anything of it as I got hard for lots of reasons, but I knew the reaction I’d get if anyone noticed.

Dad complained, “I’m trying to watch the game. If you two are going to horse around, please go somewhere else.”

Allyson replied, “Yes sir.” Then, to me, she said, “Be a good brother and carry me to my room so I can change into something cooler.”

I laughed and said, “I think you should walk and work off some of those donuts you ate last night.”

“I only had one,” she protested.

“Up , up, up-” I said, as I pinched her little bottom. I admit that I did enjoy that because her ass fit into those jeans like a glove and her butt was firm against my fingers. My cock became rock hard again.

As she squirmed out of my lap and to her feet, I leaned forward to hide the bulge in my pants. She said, “Fine, be that way. I guess you’re too weak to carry me.”

I pretended to stand up, causing her to squeal and run down the hall to her bedroom. I didn’t actually get up because of the bulge in my pants. It would take a minute or two for it to go back down.

* * *

A few hours later, after the baseball game had concluded, I was in my room, sitting up in bed, though reclined just a bit on some pillows, with my laptop on a table beside my bed. I had my ear buds in my ears and plugged into my laptop as I surfed for porn on the internet. I had changed into a light tee-shirt and shorts, my feet bare.

Finding a good video, I unzipped my shorts and fished my hard cock out into the open. I felt so wicked because my door was unlocked; even though I knew that everyone respected my privacy and would knock first. Still, I pulled my comforter up beside my hip so I could whip it over my legs and crotch, if necessary.

The scene was five minutes long, according to the embedded player, and featured a man really giving it to this pretty girl. She was telling him how good it felt and encouraging him to give it to her harder.

Her dirty talk really turned me on and I began slowly stroking my cock. Nothing turned me on more than a woman talking dirty. I also enjoyed hearing a woman come when it wasn’t a fake one. I thought I had gotten pretty good at determining the difference.

Now, I hadn’t had a date in eight months; not since I had broken up with my last girlfriend, Lily. We had split up two months before I lost my job in Houston and moved back home. Chet, the best friend I had made since moving to Houston, had told me that she had been cheating on me with him. After Alanya Çıtır Escort I broke his nose and confronted her, she admitted it.

So, Internet porn was how I chose to entertained myself as I still hadn’t found anyone in town that I was really that interested in. We lived in DeRidder, Louisiana. Though it was a small town, there were women around that I could have pursued. I didn’t know if I was too picky or just a little gun-shy after Lily. Either way, spending a lazy Saturday afternoon alone was my choice.

As they fucked on the little laptop screen, I stroked myself in a leisurely fashion. I usually watched a few videos before I made myself come. Then, just as the woman on the video announced that she was going to come and the man began really pounding the shit out of her, my door opened.

“Hey,” I exclaimed, hoping to delay the door opening as I released my dick and yanked the comforter over my legs and hard throbbing cock. My own voice was loud in my ears because of the ear buds.

The door continued to push open but slowly enough that I was able to cover myself before Allyson could see my cock.

As I pulled my ear buds from my ears and pulled the laptop closed I asked, “Did you forget how to knock?”

“I did knock,” she replied. She had changed into shorts and a light tee-shirt that read ‘Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.’ “What were you listening to?”

“Just some music,” I lied. “What do you want?”

She got a pouty look on her face and said, “Nothing, I’ll talk to you later.”

Though my cock still throbbed and I wanted to see the end of that video, I knew that both would wait. I took a deep breath and said, “Wait, wait. I’m sorry I snapped at you. Come on in and talk to me.”

Allyson looked at me with her pretty blue eyes, assessing my sincerity. Then she swung the door open wide and walked right up and sat on the bed beside me. “I really did knock,” she muttered.

“I didn’t hear you. It’s okay. What do you need?” I asked.

“Why are you in bed? You look flushed. Are you okay?” she asked instead.

I nodded and said, “I’m fine, what’s up?”

Allyson shrugged and said, “Well, I need a favor.”

“What sort of favor?”

She took a deep breath and starting talking, slowly at first but then she built up speed so quickly that I could barely follow. She said, “Well, see Melissa wanted me to go see this concert at Coushatta with her and Lisa but I told her that I didn’t have the money and I’d have to ask Mom and Dad but then Mom and Dad said that since I had graduated they weren’t giving me an allowance and I only have thirty dollars saved and the concert costs seventy but I still asked them if I could go if I could get the money and they said that as long as I didn’t borrow the money from you that I was old enough to go but that you needed to drive me!”

By the time she was finished, I had no idea what she had just said or where the favor lay in all of that. I did understand the last bit so I asked, “So, you need me to drive you somewhere? Is that the favor?”

She nodded and said, “To Coushatta to see Bocephus next month. That’s a favor, but not THE favor.”

I sighed, “What’s THE favor?”

Inhaling deeply again, she began, “The tickets went on sale yesterday and I need money to get the tickets and Mom and Dad said I can’t borrow it from you and I know that you wouldn’t let me borrow it unless you told Mom and Dad so I only have one choice to get the money-“

“What’s the favor?” I interrupted.

“Can you help me find a job?” she asked a little sheepishly.

I looked at her quizzically. Why hadn’t she just asked that? “Of course.”

A huge smiled beamed from her face, her perfect white teeth sparkling in the afternoon light. “Oh my god, that would be so fucking awesome-” she began.

I cut her off and said, “But, you know, even if you get a job on Monday the tickets will probably be sold out by the time you finally have the money. Assuming they aren’t sold out already.”

Her face dropped. “They’re not sold out; I just checked. But, you’re right; they probably will be sold out soon.”

Before she could respond, I said, “Tell you what, I’ll talk to Dad about loaning you the money to get the tickets with the promise that you pay it back before the concert. If you don’t pay it back before the concert, you’ll have to sell your ticket.”

Allyson leapt to her feet and said, “Oh my god, you are the best brother in the whole fucking world.” Then, she jumped on the bed, straddled my lap, and hugged me at tightly as she could.

I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her back. My cock had deflated but it was quickly coming to attention again. I knew she couldn’t feel it through the thick soft comforter but the fact that she was squirming her shorts-clad pussy down against my dick with only three inches of comforter between us made me so hard that within seconds I could feel it throbbing with desire.

“I love you so much,” she whispered to me before she broke the hug and kissed me firmly, but briefly, on the lips. She Alanya Elit Escort sat back a bit, unknowingly pressing her pussy down with all her weight firmly against the underside of my hard prick.

“I love you, too, Sis,” I told her as I rested my hands as naturally and innocently as possible on her hips.

My mind raced with forbidden thoughts as I felt her lithe little body straddling my hips, my hard cock throbbing up against her pussy through the comforter, and my hands on her hips ready to guide her up and down my shaft. I felt so ashamed to think such forbidden thoughts about fucking the shit out of my little sister. Still, the wickedness of the thoughts, and the way she squirmed against me, made my cock even harder.

“Okay, you talk to Dad and let me know what he says,” she said, hopping out of bed, dashing across the room, stepping out into the hall, and closing the door behind her. Then she opened the door again, poked her head in, and said, “Did I already mention that I think you are the best brother in the whole fucking world?”

I smiled at her. “Yes, but don’t let Mom hear you talking like that.”

“Never,” she said with a smile as she pulled the door closed.

I didn’t really need the movie in order to finish jacking off but I flipped up the laptop and watched it anyway; if for no other reason than to convince myself that I was just horny in general and wasn’t specifically turned on by my little sister.

* * *

The next day, Sunday, while Mom and Dad were at Stine getting some lumber to build a chicken coop, Allyson invited her friends over. I had never been home when they came by so I had never met them, but if I was going to drive them all to Coushatta, the nearest Native American casino, for the Hank Williams Jr. concert I needed to, at least, meet them first.

Not worrying much about impressing her friends, since I was the one doing them a favor, I just wore my shorts and my blue ‘South Park’ tee-shirt. The floor stayed clean in the trailer so walking around barefoot in the house was not a problem. I set up my small folding table and laptop in the living room.

Prompted by the knock at the door, Allyson came dashing down the hall, through the living room, and pulled open the front door. She was dressed in a black blouse and shorts, but barefoot.

I stood up to greet her friends as she let them into the house. Though it was just her classmates, I was always taught to be polite. So, even though I hadn’t dressed up, rudely remaining seated was not an option.

“Hey, come on in,” Allyson said. As her two friends walked into the living room and Allyson pulled the door behind them she added, “This is my brother, Joe. He’s going to help us get the tickets.”

“Hi, I’m Lisa,” the first one said to me as she reached out her hand to me.

She was about five-nine which was half a foot taller than Allyson but still almost half a foot shorter than me. She seemed about average weight for her height, around one-forty, but what made the biggest impact on me was her hair. It was red, more orange than red really, and it was long and curly. It poofed out on top of her head and flowed all over from there. She wore tight jeans and a lacy pink blouse with a plunging neckline that showed off her pale and heavily freckled chest as well as her firm average-sized breasts.

I had already been briefed by Allyson that they were both eighteen but I was surprised at how much older Lisa looked. She shook my hand firmly as I told her, “Nice to finally meet you. Allyson talks about ya’ll all the time.” Yes, we say ya’ll in Louisiana.

Lisa gave me a smile as the taller girl beside her said, “Allyson talks about you all the time, too. It’s always Joe-this and Joe-that. I’m Melissa by the way.”

Melissa was a total knockout. I could feel my cock wanting to tent my shorts just at the sight of her. She was five-ten and one-fifteen, skinny in her painted-on jeans, but she had breasts so big that they threatened to pop every button on the white dress-shirt she wore. Her long hair was died a bright pink color and was pulled back into a ponytail, revealing numerous ear piercings. Her face was just beautiful, despite my eyes being inexorably drawn to her massive tits.

Without waiting for me to respond she asked Allyson, “Did your Dad get a new TV?”

“No, he just moved it.”

Figuring that Allyson would not be very happy if I hooked up with one of her friends I tried not to even think about it as a possibility. Still, they were both very attractive and I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like. I returned to my laptop and tried to get my dick under control. Nobody seemed to notice anything strange so I didn’t worry about it.

I turned on yawcam on my laptop, pulled up the website for the concert, and announced that they could look at it while I used the bathroom. Now, yawcam is software that I use to record video off my webcam. I can’t afford an iPhone or anything to stream it to but it did allow to me to record what happens when I’m out of a room. I regularly used it to monitor my bedroom to make sure Mom or Allyson didn’t sneak in. I trust them but Allyson had borrowed my stuff before. So, if I was going to be out of the room I wanted to make sure they didn’t do anything sneaky with my laptop. Besides, having a video of Melissa might substitute for a porn video sometime. She was that fucking hot.

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