My Sister and her Cheerleader Friends Ch. 03

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Double Penetration

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Darren dreamed deeply. He dreamed of Simone straddling him naked, her nipples brushing his chest as she reached out to gently touch his cheek and run her fingers through his hair, all while looking lovingly into his soul with her pale blue eyes. She traced her hand to his lips and ran her finger along them, testing them.

Her wavy blond hair hung loosely down around her as he reached up to draw her into a kiss. His hands moved down her shoulder until it found the small of her back. Simone moved her tongue to trace his, and he pushed back at her with passion. His hand found the curve of her ass and her squeezed. She moved her hand over his chest and stomach and down towards his erect penis. She turned her body and pushed her wet pussy onto his face before taking him into her hot mouth. Darren smelt her. He could taste her soft pussy as she rubbed it on his face… then the lights switched on.

Darren woke feeling Simone grind her saturated lips against his mouth, nose and chin. He felt her stroke his cock while licking it, sucking it, enjoying it. Darren grabbed her hips, forcing her down hard upon his mouth and pushed his tongue deeply inside her. She sat back upon his tongue pushing herself down until he started to feel himself suffocate under the press of her lips. He pushed her up, gasping for breath and she lowered herself back on his saliva dripping cock.

She took his from her mouth and began to lick at his penis head in long exaggerated licks.

“I wanted you ever since the beach, but after watching Lucy and Libby with you tonight, I couldn’t wait any longer!”

It was Olivia. He knew in his heart of hearts that it hadn’t been Simone, but he still couldn’t help but feel a small twang of disappointment. That is until Olivia pushed her perfect toned ass down upon his face again. He reached up to feel along her body, her curves, her stomach, the way her breasts cupped in his hands.

Olivia sat up, and pushed herself forward and back against his mouth as he licked a line from her clitoris, into her lips, and all the way to her anus. She stopped there and he pushed the tip of his tongue into her ass, hearing her groan of appreciation. She pushed down upon his tongue to force it deeper into her bottom. She then began lifting herself up and down upon his tongue, trying to get it as deep into her ass. Olivia then moved herself back to push his tongue back into her pussy.

Olivia then lay back upon him to lift his penis to lick and suck his balls. Darren moved one hand up to start pushing his fingers into her and play with her clit. He licked a finger of his other hand and moved it to cup her ass and, taking her earlier actions as an invitation, pushed a finger into her anus. She gasped, pushed down hard on his finger and started sucking him off with renewed vigour

Darren, drew his finger out and coated it and another finger with more saliva. He then brought them back up to her welcoming bottom and pushed one, then both, into her naughty little opening. She loved it, and began bouncing on his fingers, fucking them with her ass.

Olivia slid from his mouth and hands to turn around and slide up the full length of his body, her breasts pressing against his legs, stomach and chest as she moved, to kiss him. She continued to rub herself along his legs as she kissed him deeply. She straddled him and, without using her hands, began to rub her pussy along the length of his penis as she lay pressed against his stomach. The feeling was sensational. Darren grabbed one of her cheeks in his hands and she sat upright, displaying her beautiful breasts. He took the opportunity to fondle them.

Olivia continued to move her hips up and down his cock before finally reaching around to grasp his member, positioned it beneath her lips, and slowly slide him in. Both of them groaned in pleasure. Darren grasped Olivia’s hips and pushed himself deeply inside her. She was so lubricated that he immediately slid all the way in. He looked up into her gorgeous brown eyes, and she placed her hands upon his chest as she began to rise and fall. She was so beautiful in that moment.

Darren ran his hands long her body as she lifted slid up and down upon him, and savoured the sight of her breasts as they moved with her motion. He reached up and cupped her magnificent orbs before moving his hand to her face and drawing her down into another passionate kiss. She pulled away after a moment, caught up in pleasure and he moved his hand to start working on her clit and her pace increased.

Olivia began to pant, and she squeezed his chest as his fingers drove her to new levels of arousal. Her eyes were closed and mouth slightly open. She moved his other hand to her face again and slide a finger in her mouth. Her eyes snapped open and she glared down at him with animal hunger. She lifted a hand from his chest to hold his finger and began Alanya Esmer Escort sucking and licking it while holding his gaze, all the while rising and falling faster and faster.

He felt himself building and pulled her down into a tight embrace. Then she said something to stop him dead in his tracks.

“Do you have a condom?” She asked breathlessly. Darren’s heart sank. He ran out a year ago and hadn’t seen the need to buy any since.

“No I don’t” he said sadly.

“I didn’t think you did but I did find this lubricant in your drawer. If it doesn’t revolt you too much you could go up my bottom now?” she asked, looking down at him.

Darren reached down to find her again. He played with her clit and she squirmed in pleasure.

“Yes I think that should be ok”, he smiled.

“Great!”, she said excitedly, “I’ve had a bit of a thing for anal since my last boyfriend”

Olivia moved herself off him and then guided Darren to sit on the edge of the bed with his legs hanging over and legs spread wide, then pushed him down into lying position. She then reached under the bed and pulled out my lubricant and favoured me with a guilty smile. She squirted out a nice blob, used her hands to coat his cock, and then turned to give me a wonderful view of her ass as she bent over and pushed three lubricant coated fingers up her anus. Olivia then squirted one more blob into her hands and rubbed it along the outside of her ass.

Olivia planted her feet on the floor and slowly sat back down on his extremely erect member, one hand on his thigh for support, while using her other to guide his penis head to her little opening. She first eased the head in and then pushed it down the full length of his shaft. Fuck! It felt amazing as she reversed her motion and moved slowly back up the shaft. Darren watched in awe as his cock appeared and disappeared one of the most incredible asses he had ever seen.

Her long dark hair hung down over her shoulders and long back, accentuating her hourglass figure and stopping just above the small of her back. Her two rounded ass cheeks hungrily swallowed his cock and then pushed it out over and over again. Olivia’s ass slid slowly up, and like a magic trick, more and more of his glistening cock appeared until almost the tip fully emerged before she slowly reversed the motion and his cock began to disappear again in between her between the perfect spheres of her bottom.

The sensation was intense. Olivia’s ass squeezed his cock like she was sucking his penis with all her might.

“Does it feel good for you?” she asked breathlessly, looking back over her shoulder.

“Fuck yes!” he exclaimed as he watched her increase her speed.

He started to thrust up as she slid downward and reveled in the audible slap as his hips slammed against her ass cheeks. She gasped with each slap and reached down to grasp his balls.

Darren sat up and reached around with his left hand to caress her breasts and with his right hand to probe her pussy and clit. His thrusting pushed them both onto their feet and she bent forward to push her hands upon the wall and push her ass back to meet his thrusts. He continued to play with her clit and she began to thrust back harder and harder.

“Yes, Darren, fuck me. Fuck my ass!”

Darren felt his balls tighten, and he pulled himself out of her to spurt his first load, then his second and third, all over her beautiful ass.. He rubbed it over her bottom, enjoying the sight of his cum smeared over her perfect, round cheeks. It glistened with his semen.

Olivia panted beneath him before she turned to observe him.

“You like that don’t you” she purred.

“More than anything!” Darren replied, then smiled and swept her up as they both collapsed on the bed together in a tight embrace, laughing. Darren brushed back her long dark hair away from her face and kissed her deeply while he caressed her body in the afterglow of sex.

After a few minutes, Olivia turned him. “Darren could you do me a favour?”

“Yes sure,” Darren answered hopefully.

“Ellie really fancies you, but she’s too shy to talk to you. Could you be her first?”

“Are you sure?” Darren asked, looking at her a little uncertain.

She nodded her head, “It would mean a lot to me.”

Ellie wasn’t anywhere near as stunning as Olivia, she was still attractive and fit. But if Ellie wanted to lose her virginity with him and it meant that much to Olivia then who was he to argue Who knows, she might have learned a few tricks from Olivia.

“Ok, then. Ask her wait for me in bed one night when I get home from the gym.”

Olivia gave him another hug and wrapped him up in another long kiss.

“Maybe I’ll come and give her a hand.” She winked at him as she stood up and dressed.

“I better go before someone figures out where I’ve been.”

Darren watched Olivia sneak out through his door. It didn’t take him long before he began to drift back to sleep. He only hoped Alanya Eve Gelen Escort that he would have just as good a dream this time.

Theme Parks

Today was the designated rest day of their stay. They didn’t have to worry about any practise sessions so they decided to head off together to visit some of the Gold Coast Theme Parks. Simone had been anticipating this day ever since she had planned the trip and was eager to catch the shuttle bus from out the front of the apartment building as soon as possible.

The girls all seemed eager too though Olivia seemed like she hadn’t slept much the night before and Lucy and Libby took a long time in the bathroom together. Eventually she herded the girls out the door and they headed off to Movie World.

The girls were all dressed for the hot Queensland weather.

Lucy wore a singlet top, short skirt, long socks and shoes. She wore her blond hair loose under a baseball cap.

Libby had a tight red dress that showed off her slim figure beautifully and wore her long honey-coloured hair in a bun.

Ellie long white pants and a tiny singlet top that showed off her midriff. She wore her hair in two piggy-tails that made her look cute coupled with her glasses.

Olivia wore a tight t-shirt and tiny shorts that left very little to the imagination. She had her raven coloured hair in a ponytail today.

Finally, Simone wore a short skirt and white v-line t-shirt that showed off ample cleavage.

They all sported sunglasses.

Throughout the morning, they enjoyed the parade of movie characters, stunt show and rides. Simone noticed, with a sense of satisfaction, that by the end of their stay at the Theme Park, they had a growing collection of boys and men discreetly following them. A few tried to spark up conversation with the girls but for some reason they weren’t particularly interested, even the usually gregarious Libby. What Simone did notice is that they seem to spend an inordinate amount of time whispering and giggling together?

When it was time to leave, they all gathered under the Movie World arch. Simone did a quick head check and noticed Libby was missing.

“Where’s Libby?” Simone asked.

“She was with us at the bar”, Lucy said, “she was chatting to those two guys but I thought she had followed us when we left”

The other girls all chuckled knowingly. Libby loved men. There was barely a week that went passed when she hadn’t slept with one guy or another. Before she came on holiday she had declared that her goal was three sexual encounters in the five days – “two rest days is reasonable isn’t it” she had stated.

“Come on then let’s find her!” Simone sighed and then headed back to the makeshift bar.

When they arrived, the bar was almost empty except for Libby and two middle aged men wearing t-shirts, shorts and baseball caps. The counter was overcrowded with cocktail glasses.

“Libby, come on! We have to go!” Simone called out, waving her over.

Libby gave each of the men a kiss on the cheek and Simone noticed one guy squeeze her ass as she turned to leave. Libby wandered over slowly, a cocktail in her hand, giving the men a wonderful view of every inch of her long legs and ass in her tight red dress.

“I just need to finish this”, she said sitting down on a stool at the bar and taking sip of her drink.

The girls all gathered around her.

“I’m surprized we didn’t find you in the bathroom fucking those guys” Lucy said.

“Come on Lucy, I’m not that bad!” Libby said feigning a look of hurt.

The girls all rolled their eyes or chuckled. After a short silence, Olivia said “Hey what about the time we went to see a band and they couldn’t start their second set because their lead singer was missing!”

“That’s right! We ended up finding him in the girl’s toilet in a cubical with Lib. The guy was standing with his pants around his ankles, Lib reaching around to jerk him off while licking out his ass!” Olivia reminisced enthusiastically.

“Hey we got free drinks all night because of that!” Libby stated taking another sip.

“What about the time Libby woke up and thought she was blind!” Ellie giggled behind her hand.

“Yes, yes, that’s right! Then she remembered she had had a threesome with two guys who had come all over her face before she passed out and they’re cum had glued her eyes shut as she slept!” Lucy said to the thunderous laughter of all the group.

“Ok, ok, so I’ve had a few guys!” Libby said, “but that doesn’t mean I fuck every guy I talk too! I was just chatting to those guys that’s all!”

The two men chose that moment to walk by.

“Thanks for the hand Libby! Enjoy the drink!” one said giving her a wink.

The girls all turned to Libby questioningly.

“Ok. I might have given them hand jobs but I didn’t fuck them! I’ve got my eye on someone else!” Libby said a little guiltily by way of explanation.

“Who’s the lucky guy?” Simone asked coyly and immediately Alanya Evi Olan Escort noted the mood of the group change and the other girls stare at Libby as by way of a warning.

“What?!” Simone said a little angrily turning on them, “What am I missing!”

“Nothing Sim! I’m just talking shit again!” Libby said, “Let’s get out of here!”

The rest of the girls all quickly filed out of the bar in a hurry, leaving Simone behind contemplating what was really going on. Eventually she caught up with the girls.

“What took you so long?” Libby said, “Giving those guys a hand too?!” she smiled.

Simone smirked, “No it was Batman and Robin actually!”

The girls laughed and Simone quickly forgot about her knowing feeling that the girls were hiding something from her.

They went to Dreamworld next and Simone almost lost her voice screaming from the rides before the group finished at Wet and Wild. Simone had thought the group that had followed them around Movie World was large but that was nothing to when they were all wandering around in their swim wear. At one stage security guards had to break up a near riot when two groups of boys started fighting over who could line up behind the girls for a slide.

The girls finished the day down at the beach near Darren’s apartment and had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach at sunset.

Simone noticed that each time she went to the toilet, went out on the balcony or was absent from the group for any time, when she came back they would suddenly stop talking or giggling and quickly begin a new conversation. After the third time of this happening to asked the girls what was going on they reassured her that nothing was though she sensed that they were definitely hiding something from her.

When the girls arrived home, Simone received a call from her younger sister.

“I’m going to stay with Annabel tonight. I’ll be home in the morning.” Simone explained to them all after hanging up the phone, “I think she’s a little homesick and is finding the oldies she’s saying with a little boring. I’ll leave after dinner…that is as long as you girls want a few drinks first?!” she smiled and the other girls let out a spontaneous cheer as they all rushed to get ready.

The girls all dressed up and went out to a local pub for dinner. After dinner, the girls stayed to enjoy the band and a few drinks. Some guys shouted them all shots and Simone couldn’t escape before downing at least five of them. She discreetly said goodbye to the others before sneaking out to walk back to the apartment to get ready and catch a taxi to see Annabel.

The drinks had hit her quite hard because she found herself walking in zigzags all the way home. When she finally got up the elevator and through the door she went straight to the bathroom to use the toilet.

As she began to swing open the door she realised that Darren was in their already, taking a shower. She stood and stared through the partial opened door. Simone knew she should shut the door and leave but she found that she just couldn’t. She felt locked into place, her eyes devouring her brothers naked body.

Darren stood with his back to her in the shower. He was rubbing soap over his back and shoulders. Simone watched transfixed as his muscles rippled along his upper back and arms. She moved her eyes lower and noted how his shoulders cut down to his lower back to make a Y-shape before her eyes finally came to rest on his sculptured ass cheeks.

‘God! ‘she gasped, drawing in a breath. ‘I want that!’

Simone continued to absorb the sight of the back of Darren’s legs when he suddenly turned. Simone ducked behind the door then realised that he was washing his hair and had his eyes closed. She careful took in the magnificence of his chest, his abdominals and of course – his manhood.

She realised that she had never wanted a man more than Darren. She knew that now. She knew it was wrong but she felt herself moisten thinking of him lying in his arms, feeling him inside her, their bodies moving in unison.

She knew she was drunk and feeling braver than normal but she wanted him to take note of her too. She wanted him to want her as much as she wanted him.

The Shower

Darren finished off his shower and began to dry himself. He had taken his time because it was the first time in days that he had had the place to himself and as much as he was enjoying the girls company it did feel nice to have a minute to himself.

Knock, knock! “Is that you Darren?! I need to use the shower and I need it now!” Simone said through the door.

Darren grabbed a towel and wrapped it around himself while shouting, “Wait a minute!”

Then door swung open and Simone stepped through purposefully, “I can’t wait! Could you turn your back!? I need to get undressed”

Simone began to disrobe and Darren didn’t know what to do – concentrate on holding his towel, turn around, run for the door or just stand and watch?

Darren heard the door swing open to the shower and the water start. “The girls are still out at the pub but I need to catch a taxi soon”

“Couldn’t you wait a few minutes?” Darren implored stealing a glance in the mirror to catch her reflection before starting to edge towards the door with his towel in one hand and clothes in the other.

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