My Sister-in-law

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My sister-in-law Susie, (my wife’s brother’s wife) has been good friends with us ever since their wedding. My brother-in-law is another matter. He’s been a horse’s hind end on more than one occasion and is really not well liked among most of the relatives, even his mother. He’s famous for borrowing money and never paying it back.

Well last month Susie called, asking to visit us for a few days, saying she needed a break from him. My wife, Val, gladly accepted. Susie is a nut, always has a wisecrack or dirty joke to share and we really enjoy her, only if she had better choices in men – LOL.

Susie showed up on Wednesday afternoon and we stayed up late, catching up on all the gossip, drinking and telling jokes. Thursday, Susie and Val spent the day visiting our grandkids and shopping.

On Friday, we all went out to dinner at the country club and Susie was infatuated with our server, a 20 something, handsome, well built young man. She was looking at him like a hungry lioness looking at a fresh kill. As we were finishing dinner, Val said to Susie, “Now Susie, when he asks us for dessert, you can’t say you want him.”

This embarrassed Susie a bit and she said, “Is it that obvious?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

Hanging her head some, Susie said, “Well Glen, it’s just that Tom has really been neglecting me… in the bedroom, that is. He just isn’t interested anymore. I’m so frustrated that I have trouble sleeping. Last week I went out to Victoria’s Secret and bought this sexy camisole and crotch-less thong just to try to entice him. I fixed my hair, nails and makeup before coming to bed.”

All he did was say, “Gee, you look like you have a date. Anyone I know?” and rolled over and went to sleep.

Wiping a tear from her eye, Susie said, “I went downstairs and cried myself to sleep on the couch. We haven’t had sex in over a month and it was two months before that. Tell me, am I that bad looking?”

Well let me tell you, Susie is a doll, not a ten mind you but for someone her, rather our age, she’s very well built. I’d say about an 8½ and imagining her in that camisole and thong sure put the starch in my old pecker.

Val just shook her head and said, “Sounds like he’s getting it somewhere else. I know if Glen doesn’t get it a couple of times a week, he’s a real grouch.”

Susie’s jaw dropped. “What do you mean a couple of times a week?” she said, “After our first year of marriage the best Tom did was once a week and then about a year ago, he almost stopped completely. I have to almost rape him to get any. Lately if I want to be satisfied, I end up using a vibrator when he’s not there. Do you really think he’s been screwing around on me?”

Val said, “It sure sounds like it to me. Have there been any other signs? Is he working late more often or taking more out of town trips?”

Susie just hung her head for a bit then grabbed her drink and gulped it down in one fell swoop. She motioned to our waiter and ordered another. More tears came to her eyes as she bit her lip and nodded. I got up and put my arms around her to comfort her. She hugged me so hard and long that Val finally broke us up saying she was tired. We quickly finished up and headed home.

Once at home, the ladies kept me busy filling their drinks as Susie related to us some of the signs of Tom’s infidelity. Pretty soon they were both somewhat hammered. I suggested that we all head to bed and continue our conversation in the morning and they agreed.

Val gets very amorous when she’s drinking and tonight was no exception. We were lying in bed naked, engaged in foreplay when we heard a loud, “Fuck! Son-of-a-bitch!” coming from Susie’s room.

We were looking at each other wondering what happened when the door to our room burst open and there stood Susie, naked as a Jay bird, holding this vibrator and stated, nearly in tears, “This damn thing picked the worst time to have the batteries die. Would you have any that would fit? I think it takes four double As.”

Val popped out of bed and opened our nightstand drawer where she keeps all of our toys and some spare batteries. Susie walked over and saw our assortment and squealed in delight. Now I was already hard but seeing Susie naked made it stand up even more.

Soon the ladies were pulling several of the toys out and Val was telling Susie about what each of them did. We have this big one that has seven different styles of vibration and a dozen power levels. Val was showing her how it worked and said how she liked the roller coaster cycle best and turned it on to show her.

Instead of putting it in her hand like I figured she’d do, she pushed it into her crotch. Susie spread her legs and my wife was rubbing it across Susie’s pussy lips and clit. Soon she moaned and shook as an orgasm spread through her body, making her weak in the knees. I could see her glistening juices running down her legs.

“Lay back on the bed.” Val said and Susie gladly Alanya Ukraynalı Escort obliged her. Susie’s head was about six inches from my crotch when she lay down and my wife began to work the toy into Susie’s wetness.

“Oh my Lord!” Susie said and arched her back as Val worked the big red toy into her. Her feet were on the bed by her butt and her hands were pulling her knees wide apart as my wife brought her to orgasm after orgasm. I couldn’t resist temptation and began caressing her nipples. I looked up at my wife and she just smiled so I threw caution to the wind and began sucking on a stiff nipple as my hand played with the other one. This sent Susie really over the edge and I’m glad we don’t have any close neighbors.

With all the noise she was making I’m sure someone would have either come over to see what was going on or called the cops. I broke suction for a bit, looked up to my wife to see if I was in deep doggy do-do, but she was concentrating on Susie’s crotch, working the vibrator on different settings and strengths, so I went back to Susie’s nipples, now alternating from one to the other. I jumped a bit as her cool hand grasped my stiff member and she began stroking me as I knelt next to her sucking her breasts.

Susie was cumming so hard I’m not sure if she was laughing or crying, maybe both. After a particularly big one she said, “This is great but I really, really need a real cock.”

To my surprise, Val said, “Well I’m sure Glen wouldn’t mind. Would you dear?” as she gave me this sly wink. This took my breath away and Susie pushed me over on my back and quickly mounted me, guiding my shaft into her wetness. She began grinding her crotch into mine as I grabbed her titties and kneaded them and tweaked her nipples. I swear every time I pulled on her nipples; I could feel more of her juices running down my balls. I knew our bed was going to be soaked but didn’t care.

Val moved close to me and asked, “Having fun dear?” I said yes and pulled her down to give her a kiss.

I asked if I could use the dildo on her and she said with a wink, “Maybe later.” With that she went back over to the drawer and brought out some lube and this small vibrator. It has a medium sized football shaped vibrator end on this long slender shaft. I thought she was going to use it on herself but instead she lubed her finger and inserted it into Susie’s backside. This brought out a howl from Susie and she bent down and covered my mouth with hers.

I could feel my wife’s finger probing her backside for a bit then she began to insert the vibrator into Susie’s anus. Susie and I my tongues were entwined, her heavy breasts were pushed into my chest and I could feel the firmness of the vibrator against the underside of my cock. Then it happened, Val turned on the vibrator. Susie’s screams of pleasure hurt my ears for a bit but the pleasurable vibrations along with the feeling of her tight wet love canal soon put that pain out of mind.

Val was working the vibrator in Susie’s butt hole at different rates, slowly at first then picking up the speed until her hand must have been a blur. She kept this up until Susie literally passed out on top of me after a huge orgasm. I gently rolled her off of me, sat up and gave my wife a deep kiss as we covered Susie up for the night, Well by now it was early morning.

It dawned on me that she and I still hadn’t cum. My hand went to my wife’s crotch and she was absolutely soaked which usually is only that way after she’s had a big orgasm. “Are we a bit turned on? I asked with a grin.

“I don’t know about you but I sure am” she said and with that I took her hand and went to the spare room where Susie was staying. Val hopped onto the bed and I lost no time in climbing between her legs and inserting my hard shaft into her slickness. She was so wet; it was as if she’d already been fucked. We were both so turned on we screwed like bunnies.

Val was cumming more than I’d seen her in a long time and had her butt arched off the bed, as if to get every last centimeter of my cock into her. It wasn’t that long before my balls began to ache and that wonderful feeling began to surge from my head to my toes and came rushing out of my shaft and I filled my lovely wife with hot cum. I came so hard I was shaking.

I rolled off of her and my hand drifted to her tummy and gently caressed it and drifted up to her titties. Unconsciously my fingers began tweaking her nipples. Val turned to me and said, “Unless you’re up to another round, you’d better quit that.” Then she popped out of bed and went to our room to check on Susie. She came back and said, “Well we must have done her some good, she’s sleeping like a baby.”

I held her in my arms and asked, “Are you OK with what just happened?”

She looked at me and said, “I’m OK if you’re OK with it. I’d just better never catch you playing with her or anyone else again.” Then after a pause continued, “Unless I’m there Alanya Üniversiteli Escort that is.” Then she tucked her head into my shoulder and fell asleep. The next morning, not much was said about the previous evening even when we had to strip our bed and shampoo the mattress.

I had spent most of Saturday working in the yard and the ladies had gone shopping. When they came back, they brought me lunch from one of the local burger joints. The two of them were giggling and carrying on like a couple of teenagers. I asked what’s up and Susie replied, “Well Glen, I don’t know about Val but after last night, I’m a changed woman.”

I smiled and said, “Oh really? What changed?”

“Well,” she said, “first of all, I’m hiring an investigator when I get home and going to see my lawyer. Second, you two showed me that I’m still a vibrant woman that needs good sex. I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that in my life. That was absolutely fantastic. I still tingle, just thinking about it.” I just sat there with this big smile on my face and gave her a wink.

That evening, I barbecued some steaks and corn on the cob and Val brought out baked potatoes and a couple of bottles of wine. We ate out on the patio, encompassed by the lovely hues of the waning sky, enjoying each other’s company. The three of us cleaned up the kitchen, still working on the second bottle of wine. Afterwards, we went into the family room to relax a bit and I turned on the TV.

Being summer there were mostly re-runs or other funky shows. Susie accused me of being a typical male channel surfer, never settling on one channel to watch. “Here, you find something!” I said as I tossed her the controls.

As she went through channel after channel, Val said, “You know, we could be setting in the hot tub instead of watching the boob tube.”

Susie jumped up and said, “Now that’s a great idea.” With that she clicked off the TV and stood up. Without any warning she pulled her top over her head and dropped her shorts onto the floor. I guess I was sitting there with my jaw hanging open and she said, “Well after last night, I figured we don’t need suits since we’ve seen everything already.

I said, “Well, I’ll get the towels and meet you ladies in the tub and headed for our bedroom to undress and get the towels.

As I walked out to the tub, I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world to be able to have two lovely ladies skinny dipping with me in the hot tub. The ladies were chatting away so I hung up the towels and climbed in. The soothing warmth enveloped my body, relaxing the tired muscles from working in the yard. Suddenly Val stood up and began to climb out. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Nothing’s wrong silly, we just forgot something, that’s all,” she said and headed back into the house. Shortly she returned with three glasses and a bottle of wine in an ice bucket.

“Now you’re thinking,” Susie said. After Val climbed back in, I poured the wine for us and sat back down to enjoy the warm water, wine and good company.

“How about turning on the jets?” Susie asked and I complied. When the jets are on, the tub gets fairly steamy, giving it an ethereal glow from the lights with the mist rising off the water. I was just relaxing, enjoying my wine when a foot began to rub my crotch. I was pretty sure it was my wife but not positive, as neither of them gave me a clue since they were still chatting with each other.

As I reached down to caress the foot, it was pulled back and I was unable to determine which lady had been rubbing my crotch. “Damn,” Susie exclaimed, “if I had a hot tub, I don’t think I’d need a vibrator. I’ll bet these jets could really get you off, couldn’t they?”

“Oh yeah they can!” Val exclaimed, “I’ve spent many a time with my legs hung over the edge with Glen holding my head up or bent over so they hit the right spot.”

“Would you mind showing me?” Susie asked. It must have been the wine because my usually shy reserved wife moved over and placed her backside over the jet so the bubbling stream shot over her pussy. I know she has trouble staying in this position for long so I moved over and held her so she could relax and enjoy the feeling.

Once, twice, three times she came then she pushed herself away. “You have to be careful,” she said to Susie, “after a while it gets to be too much.”

“Looks good,” Susie said, “May I try it?”

“Be my guest,” Val said and moved away. To make sure she had a good time, I reset the jets so she wouldn’t be left hanging in mid-stream or should that be in mid-orgasm. We watched as she backed into the jet, positioning herself for optimum pleasure.

“Oh…my…God!” she said as the pulsing water rushed over her clit and pussy lips. Susie began to have orgasm after orgasm but after several minutes of this I could see that she was having trouble staying in position so I moved in to help by holding her like I do with Val. “Thanks,” she Alanya Vip Escort said and began another series of orgasms. I was enjoying holding her up as my one hand was centered over her ripe breast and the other under her tummy. It was very erotic and I knew she could feel my hardon against her side.

“OK, off,” was all she able to get out and I moved her away so she could let her pussy recover from the jets assault. I was sitting there between the two of them with this Cheshire cat grin just enjoying having watched the two of them orgasm when Susie said, “I want to try that again, only this time, show me how you do it with your feet over the edge.” I guess she was trying to make up for lost time, or should that be lost orgasms?

After resetting the jets, I held her shoulders as Val told her how to put her legs over the side of our tub and then how to move her pussy into position. “Oh, fuck this feels good,” she managed to get out as another orgasm hit her like lightning. “It almost feels like a giant cock is totally filling my pussy. Oh yes! Oh YES!” Susie was squirming and moving her butt so the jet alternated from filling her pussy to rushing over her clit.

I loved watching her face as she came and her breasts and tummy shook in pleasure. Finally, after uncountable orgasms, she arched her butt out of the water and said, “That’s enough.”

After I helped her into a sitting position, she said to Val, “Now I see what you mean by it becoming too much. I know what the first thing I’m buying after my divorce.” Val giggled at that one and handed us our wine glasses. We finished up the wine and toweled off and headed in, being it was past our usual bedtime.

Once inside, we said our goodnights and headed to our respective rooms. I lay in bed while Val was busy in the bathroom. After watching the two of them in the tub, I was ready for some action and my manhood was standing at attention like a flagpole. When Val came out of the bathroom she said, “Oh you think so, do you?”

Confused I said, “What are you talking about?”

Val smiled saying, “I see you all hard and ready. I need to tell Susie something but I’ll be right back to take care of that. Don’t let it go down big boy,” and walked out of our room. I was lying there, gently stroking it to keep it idling and wondering what was taking her so long when our bedroom door finally opened. Imagine my surprise when in walked the two of them in matching red babydolls with red garter belts and stockings. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

Val crawled up on the bed and took my shaft in her warm mouth that began with a gentle suction that sent shivers up my spine. Susie came over to my side of the bed and bent down and kissed me passionately. My hand went to her pussy and I found she had shaved; it was as smooth as a baby’s butt. I worked a finger into her slit then two and she rewarded my efforts with a nice frothy orgasm that had her juices flowing down her legs.

My hips were bucking as my lovely wife was pleasuring me with her soft warm mouth. “Time!” Susie said and Val suddenly stopped. Hell, what was going on I thought but the two of them traded positions.

“This afternoon while we were shopping, we decided that we’d each get your cock in five-minute intervals. Is that OK with you?” my wife said with this sly smile.

“Who am I to argue with two beautiful women,” I said. Susie had mounted me and was guiding my shaft into her wetness and Val was alternating between kissing me and sucking my nipples and I was in total amazement at the situation.

Susie was slowly riding up on my shaft then slowly going back down which was driving me crazy. I tried to pump into her but she put her hand on my belly and said, “Just relax; you’ll get your turn when we’re ready.”

I was just about ready to explode when that nasty word came from my wife’s lips. “Time!” she said and they traded places again. This time Val didn’t waste any time straddling me and grinding her crotch tightly to mine, my shaft being grasped by her tight wet pussy. I was sure I wouldn’t last long with Val riding me. Susie then positioned herself over my mouth, offering her wetness to my tongue.

What a delicacy, I thought. My tongue danced over her clit and way up into her tasty wetness. She has a different flavor than my wife. I wanted her to cum and I guess it took away from what my wife was doing so I didn’t cum like I had thought I would. I was enjoying listening to the two of them cumming while riding my face and cock and all too soon someone said ‘Time’. Since my ears were covered by Susie’s legs, I couldn’t tell which.

This time when Susie mounted me, she wasted no time in rocking her pelvis like a belly dancer, which all too quickly built my orgasm to explosive proportions. I arched my ass off the bed as much as I could and hollered, I was cumming. Val planted her mouth, tightly over mine and our tongues dueled as Susie’s nails raking my stomach and her pussy gripping my cock, caused one of the largest orgasms I have ever encountered. My body was quivering and tingling unlike any previous orgasm I had ever experienced.

When I was finally able to open my eyes, the two of them were looking at me, grinning from ear to ear. Val bent down and softly said, “Enjoy that, did we?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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