My Sister, My Lover – Week 01

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Big Tits

It was towards the end of July – the start of another 6-week summer break for schools and colleges. Another 6 weeks of just mooching around, filling time, doing whatever shifts I could get at my part-time job and waiting for the few friends I had to come back from their family holidays to various places either abroad or elsewhere in the UK.

We wouldn’t be going away – we hardly ever went away on holiday. My parents couldn’t really afford holidays and I didn’t have the money to pay for my own. At 19, I had just finished my first year at Technical College studying an engineering course. I had a part time job stacking shelves in the local supermarket that paid enough for me to buy clothes, go out occasionally with my friends and maybe even have the odd date with a girl if I got that lucky – it certainly wouldn’t stretch to any sort of holiday.

I am Adam, and in the mid-1970’s I lived at home with my parents and my 18-year-old sister Mary. Mary had just finished her final year at school and was planning to start at College in September to do some sort of secretarial course.

We lived in a small 2-up/2-down cottage style terrace house on the edges of North London. It was a small house – 2 bedrooms upstairs for my parents and for me. Downstairs there was a front lounge, a former back parlour that was now used as a bedroom for my sister and a narrow rear extension that housed the kitchen and through that, off a small lobby, was the family bathroom.

In years gone by my sister and I shared the 2nd bedroom upstairs and the back parlour was used as a dining room but once I reached 14 or 15 my parents felt we should have separate bedrooms and so the dining room was turned into Mary’s bedroom and the dining table was squeezed into the kitchen.

We didn’t have much money – my parents worked hard but it seemed they only just about made ends meet. My father worked long shifts and every hour of overtime he could get. My mother worked in the local hospital and also had a part-time evening job in an off-licence. This meant that Mary and I were very much latch key kids – letting ourselves in after school and fending for ourselves until our mother got back from her day job to make us our supper before she rushed off again to the off-licence. We weren’t neglected – very much the opposite – but it did mean we grew up creating our own entertainments and by-and-large fending for ourselves.

Neither of us had many friends – we couldn’t have friends round after school as my parents wouldn’t be there and we therefore didn’t get many invitations to visit other kids houses. So we entertained ourselves and, not knowing anything else, were generally happy and content.

At 19 I had had a few girlfriends but nothing serious. I was no longer a virgin although the fumbling and inept manner of losing my virginity a couple of years previously was more embarrassing than pleasing. But I had no current girlfriend and hadn’t had one for several months. I therefore relied heavily on my trusty right hand and my imagination to fulfil my sexual needs.

I guess I was an average type of guy – about 5 foot 10 inches tall, slim built, not bad to look at but not, in my eyes, anything special. My sister Mary had always been rather plump – she was slightly overweight and already had a big frame so she was what you would call curvy. She had quite large breasts and a much bigger than average bum – a bum that had been the subject of a lot of my fantasies over the last few years. Like me she had a pleasant face but would not have won any prizes in a beauty contest.

Mary and I had always got along well – we had spent so much time together throughout our childhood, especially through school holidays when we were at home most days whilst our parents were working, that we had learned how to amuse ourselves and rub along well enough. Things had grown a bit strained between us over the past year but I put that down to normal growing pains! But whether she knew it or not she did also provide me with most of my sexual fantasies during my puberty and beyond.

There were times during puberty, especially in the later years of us sharing a bedroom, when I snatched the opportunity to get a sly look at her getting dressed or getting ready for bed. These glimpses of her developing body – and especially that large rear end – gave me plenty of fantasy material for those early masturbation sessions. However since she had moved to her downstairs bedroom the chances of grabbing any sight of her naked or semi-clothed body were greatly diminished, although I did still occasionally get a sneak look through the door jamb if she left her bedroom door ajar and sometimes I got an odd flash as she walked through the kitchen from the bathroom wrapped only in a towel.

And so the summer holidays were already 2 days in. Our parents had gone to work, and I was sitting in the kitchen in my pyjama bottoms and a tee shirt reading a book and having a coffee. Mary walked through on her way to the bathroom wearing her dressing Alanya Sarışın Escort gown and carrying a towel.

“Hi Sis. Don’t be too long” I said. “I need to grab a shower as I am working at the supermarket this afternoon.”

“Okay, no problems” she replied. She went into the bathroom and there was nothing she said or did that was out of the ordinary but for some reason I felt the bulge between my legs stir slightly. Like all guys of that age I was always a slave to my cock and its needs. I reached down and lightly stroked it, feeling the tingles run across the head of my cock and causing my balls to tighten.

I slipped my fingers into the fly hole in the front of my pyjama bottoms and rubbed my cock with more intent. It started to grow as the blood flowed into it and I knew I would have to knock one out to relieve myself. Should I go up to my room? “No problems” I thought, “I’ve got time to do it here before she finishes in the shower.”

I pushed back my chair and opened my legs so that I could get at my cock through the fly hole. Grabbing my shaft in my right hand I started to smear it with my pre-cum juices and I cupped my balls in my left hand – lightly squeezing as I pumped away.

I closed my eyes and started rubbing faster on my cock, feeling the spunk starting to collect at the base of my shaft as I worked towards orgasm. I was thinking of Mary and blending together all the times I had seen her body over the years and imagining what she looked like now she was virtually fully developed. I was getting closer and closer to coming when all of a sudden I heard the latch on the bathroom door click open – OMG she was coming out and would catch me!!

I scrabbled to get my cock tucked away into my pyjamas and just about managed it before Mary appeared in the kitchen – with her dressing gown on and her hair wrapped up in her towel. I was half doubled over in my chair trying to hide my erection and was seriously discomposed. Mary looked at me puzzled.

“What’s up?” she said. “You look very agitated.”

“No… no… nothing” I stumbled trying to turn away from her so she couldn’t get a sight of my still swollen cock as I sat in the chair. I was desperately trying to think of anything that would get my cock to shrink but it remained determinedly erect and upright. I was wishing fervently that she would just walk on through to her bedroom, but she just stood there looking at me quizzically.

“Well go on then” she said. “The bathroom’s free now”. Still she just stood there looking at me. Was I imagining it or was there a slight smile on her lips? Perhaps she guessed what I had been doing and was enjoying my discomfort.

I got to my feet sheepishly, still leaning over to obscure my cock and made a bolt to the bathroom. Getting in there I heaved a sigh of relief and, would you believe it, my cock deflated itself almost magically. The tension has dissipated the need for satisfaction that had built up. I cursed my stupidity – I should have gone to my room and I would have been able to finish off my wank without interruption! Still feeling somewhat embarrassed I quickly got my shower and left the bathroom wearing a towel wrapped around my waist.

As I walked past Mary’s door I couldn’t help but notice the door was ajar and I couldn’t resist a peek through the crack. Mary had her back to me. She was naked and was bending forward just stepping into her panties. I could see her large bum cheeks and the deep crack between them and, as she lifted her leg, I caught a very brief glimpse of her pussy lips and a patch of furry brown hair beyond them. I let out a quiet gasp and could feel my cock immediately start where it left off earlier as it recommenced its swelling and twitching. I reached under my towel and lightly grasped it and started to caress it as it grew thicker and longer and more erect.

Suddenly Mary stood upright and turned her head slightly towards the door – maybe she had heard me. I held my breath as she turned her body so that she was now in profile and my throat went dry as I watched her bring her hand up to her breast and start to caress her nipple. Slowly she kneaded her breast and pinched at the nipple until it was standing erect.

Although she had large breasts, they were firm and I noticed that her nipple was relatively small, standing out like a press stud on the end of her breast. She turned a little further so that now she was in three-quarter profile and I could see her lower her other hand to her crotch and stroke herself lightly across her panties.

I couldn’t believe it. My cock was now raging hard and was dripping pre-cum all over my fingers as I rubbed my hand up and down the shaft and over the engorged purple head. My eye was screwed tight to the crack at the edge of the door and my breathing was growing ragged. Mary turned her head further and looked directly at the edge of the door – I gasped silently, afraid she may have seen me and would be angry at me spying on her. But Alanya Şişman Escort I could do nothing but carry on rubbing my cock as I watched her stroking her breast and crotch.

I then saw Mary definitely look towards me. “Don’t just stand out there – you can come in if you want.”

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t believe she was inviting me in. Maybe I had misheard her – maybe she was going to rip me off a strip if I went into her room. Maybe she was going to tell our parents I had been caught perving over her.

“Adam, I know you are watching” she said. “I know you have been watching me many times. You can come in.”

I pushed the door gently and it swung slowly open. I was transfixed to the floor and couldn’t move forward but my hand was still firmly grasping my cock that was jutting proudly forward through my towel. Mary turned fully towards me now, both her breasts jutting forward high and firm on her chest and her hand still stroked gently over the front of her panties. They weren’t especially sexy panties – they were plain, thick cotton and fully covered her ample bum and thighs – but at that moment I had never seen anything sexier.

I finally found the ability to step forward and moved into her room. She was staring hard at my cock and I could see her tongue flick out and lick her lips. Her hand was kneading her breast more urgently and she groaned gently as she pulled harder on her nipple. I stepped further forward until I was within touching distance of her. I watched transfixed as she continued to play with her breast and as her rubbing of her crotch grew more intense.

“You can touch me” she whispered. I raised my spare hand and placed it gently on her other breast. She sighed as I started to brush my fingers over her nipple. She held her head back with her eyes closed and reached forward and took my cock into her hand – pushing my hand away. A jolt of electricity shot through my body as she squeezed my cock gently and caressed up and down its length and over the purple head, lubricating her fingers with my pre-cum. In an almost trance like state, I leaned forward and took her breast into my mouth – sucking hard on the flesh and flicking my tongue over the small hard nipple. Mary groaned again and gripped my cock tighter.

She took my spare hand in hers and pulled it into the front of her panties. I slipped my fingers under the waist band and pushed it down over her hairy bush and brushed over her distended pussy lips. As her lips parted I could feel just how wet she was as her warm sticky juices flowed out around my fingers.

I started rubbing my fingers over her pussy lips and found her large nub of a clitoris sticking out from its hood at the top of her pussy. As I stroked across her clitty she gasped louder and started rubbing my cock harder. I turned my hand so that I could slip two of my fingers into her hot, wet pussy whilst my thumb kept on rubbing over her clit.

I was slurping at her breasts like a hungry baby needing feeding – moving erratically from nipple to nipple and leaving a trail of drool across her breasts and running down her chest. She opened her legs as wide as she could, and I was pumping my fingers deep inside her. She was breathing deeply and her hand was moving over my cock with more and more urgency.

“Yes. Keep going … don’t stop” she muttered. I could feel my spunk building up in large quantities at the base of my cock and knew I would have to come soon. Suddenly she groaned loudly, her hand grasped my cock even harder and her hand was flying up and down my shaft as quickly as she could go. She stiffened and twitched, and I felt a sudden flood of juices erupt from her pussy over my hand as she came. “Yes… yes… yes. That’s it” she shouted. “Oooooh that’s soooo good!!”

At the same time I felt my spunk start to charge up the shaft of my cock and it erupted from the end in a large and violent spray of come right over her midriff and across her hand and fingers. “Aaaaargh” I gasped. “Yeeeees!!” I continued to pump out several large spurts of white sticky come – I had never come so much before – until slowly my balls were emptied and there was no more to give.

Slowly coming down from the high of my ejaculation I continued to lick and slurp over her breasts, feeling her chest heave as she tried to get her breath back. I was still panting with the pleasure of that magnificent come. It was heavenly.

After a few minutes Mary let go of my cock and stepped back. Her breast plopped out of my mouth and I suddenly felt deprived. We had hardly said anything to each other throughout, and we remained silent now. Mary reached over to pick up a tissue and started to wipe my spunk from her body and her hand. She wasn’t looking at me – I was worried that she was somehow regretting what we had just done. I certainly felt no regret, but I didn’t know what to do or say.

I slowly picked up my towel and turned and left her room and went upstairs to my room. I sat on my bed Alanya Sınırsız Escort and thought about what had just happened. I could not remember any time before when a wank had felt so good and left me feeling so empty – whether when I wanked myself or when one of my few girlfriends had been persuaded to give me a hand job. Mary had made me feel amazing. Was it because she was my sister? I had no idea, but it was something I wanted to feel again. But would she?

Mary stayed in her room as I got ready and left for my shift in the supermarket. I worked through the afternoon and up to mid-evening when the store finally closed. When I got home there was still no sign of Mary. My mother had prepared our supper before she had to leave for her job in the off-licence and I reheated mine and ate it alone at the kitchen table. I wanted to talk to Mary – to see if she was ok, to be sure she had not regretted what we had done and, I suppose, to be sure she had not told our mother.

After supper I was going up to my room. As I passed her door I thought of knocking and asking to talk to her but I really did not know what to say so I walked on by. I lay on my bed picturing her standing there wanking me, growing more and more excited at the thought of her firm but soft breasts and the warm juicy pussy that I had thrust my fingers into. Eventually I got ready for bed and spent ages laying in bed just playing with my cock and drawing it out as long as possible whilst I fantasised about Mary. Eventually I had to come again – big dollops of spunk jetting up and over my belly and thighs. After I had cleaned up, exhausted, I dropped off to sleep.

For the next two days I hardly saw Mary due to my shifts and because she kept herself to herself in her room whenever I was at home. Whenever we did come together the talk was stilted and she could not wait to get away. It was clear to me that, although she had not told our parents anything, she had to be regretting what she had done. That left me feeling distraught – I never wanted to upset her so much and I cursed myself for letting my perverted desire to watch her lead to this situation. But most of all I knew I was upset because I really hoped we would do it again and it seemed that was not going to happen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

It was now three days since that extraordinary morning with Mary – the end of the first week of our summer break. I could not stop thinking of her body, her touch, her orgasm and the way she had made me come. I had wanked my cock dry night after night in my bed and I felt sure that someone would have noticed the number of dirty tissues appearing in the refuse bin!

I now had a free morning and was worried about what it would be like in the house with Mary. Surely she couldn’t stay silent with me for much longer?

I was again sitting in the kitchen in my pyjamas and tee shirt drinking my breakfast coffee when Mary’s bedroom door opened and she walked out and through the kitchen. She had a towel held tight to her body. I tried to catch her eyes but she did not look at me but just kept going to the bathroom.

As she passed me I watched her and my breath caught in my chest. She was holding her towel tight against the front of her body but from the back there was nothing – she was naked. I watched open mouthed as her large butt sashayed from side to side as she walked on to the bathroom. Immediately my cock was twitching and starting to engorge – images of her naked butt kept flashing before my eyes.

She disappeared into the back lobby and went into the bathroom. My cock was, by now, standing straight up and sticking out of my pyjamas. I got to my feet and quietly walked through to the bathroom and saw she had left the door open. Intentional? I didn’t know and hesitated a little, unsure but desperately wanting to find out.

I put my eye to the door jamb and peered inside. She was standing with her back to me, the towel at her feet. I looked longingly at her big butt and pictured my cock slipping into the crease between the cheeks. I could not stop stroking my cock.

I glanced up and saw her face reflected in the mirror – she was looking back almost directly towards me through the door jamb. Again, there was the trace of a smile on her lips as she seemed to be able to see me. Again, it was like she knew I would be there.

“Adam, come in please” she said gently. I did not hesitate this time – I pushed the door open and she started to turn towards me. I could see her body in its full natural state – no panties on this time. Her firm, full breasts were again jutting forward, her nipples were again hard like press studs. I moved my eyes down her chunky body and saw the full bush of downy hair hiding the top of her pussy.

I stepped forward til I stood right in front of her and I slowly reached out my hands and cupped her breasts; pushing those lovely soft mounds of flesh upwards I leant forward and scraped my tongue over her nipples. “Oooooh” she murmured as her head went right back, her eyes were tightly closed.

I slobbered over her breasts, sucking hard on the flesh and biting down on the nipples. Her breath was starting to shorten and to come out in deep pants. I felt her hands reaching into my pyjamas, one grasping my rock-hard cock, the other moving down to cup my balls.

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