My Sister Rosie Pt. 01

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All the characters in this story engaged in sexual acts are over 18.


I’m Sam, my twin sister is Rosie. We have both always been about two kilos overweight. In my case it was belly, for Rosie it was bum. She’s medium height and build in every respect except for that rounded tush. She has shoulder-length hair which has always been blonde, her rounded face is soft, eyes sparkling blue; she’s genuinely pretty, but I have to confess I’ve always been attracted to her body. Her breasts are not large, nor small, but they are pert and firm.

We were close growing up, then she married at twenty, divorced at twenty-four. I had a long-term relationship from age eighteen to just before our twenty-fifth birthday. Rosie took me out dancing and drinking for our celebration.

At first it was a real fun night. We’d only just got reacquainted in the last few months and still had lots to catch up on. She’s a really sexy dancer, which might explain why she attracted so many appreciative stares from blokes (and a few from girls, too).

At one point she had her arms around my neck while she gyrated to the beat. She wore a simple tight black dress. I remember thinking, somewhat sadly, that there was not one girl in this place to compare with my former long-time girlfriend Annie except one – and she was my bloody sister.

Much later, in my apartment, we were buzzed and getting cozy. I lay on the couch, she sat lengthways on it with her head on a cushion against the arm, so her back was in my lap. At one point, the conversation went like this:

“No, you’ve missed my point Rosie. I’m saying the main reason some people don’t have sex with just anybody is guilt. For example, most couples wouldn’t cheat on each other even if they couldn’t be found out, and it’s because of guilt. Some single people wouldn’t sleep with a married person because of morality – that is, they’d feel guilty.”

“Maybe. Are you saying that, say, family members would have sex with each other if they just put the guilt aside?”

“I hadn’t thought of that, but I guess so. Yeah, why not? Without guilt, maybe they would.”

We sipped our drinks. It had started as one of those drunk-intellectual debates but had just taken a weird turn. I don’t know what Rosie was thinking but I had suddenly thought about having sex with my own sister, at first in the abstract way, then thinking about ‘what if’.

I continued the theme: “OK, so. What if a brother and sister were mad hot for each other, and they waved a magic wand and guilt no longer existed. What would stop them?”

“Jesus Sam! A brother and sister?”

“Yeah. Hypothetically.”

“Any brother and sister or you and me?” She smiled up at me, meeting my eyes. Hers sparkled with her own daring, but I think I blushed a little. “Oh. Um, well… OK! OK yeah – if you were horny for me and I was desperate for you, without guilt, wouldn’t we?”

“Oh nice one bro. I only have to be horny but you’d have to be desperate!”

We laughed and it lightened the heaviness in the air. “No, that’s not what I meant. Hell no bloke would turn you down if you gave him half a chance!”

She pushed her tease further: “Oh really! OK, so. What if I gave you half a chance? In your argument, you’d have a go if only it wouldn’t make you feel guilty?”

“If only it wouldn’t make us both feel guilty. Yes, sure.”

She giggled a little, which made her tits jiggle. Suddenly I felt the beginnings of arousal. In my dulled brain I realised that, in a roundabout way, I’d just admitted out loud to my own sister that I would fuck her if only guilt didn’t get in the way. I noticed that Rosie was deep in thought, idly stroking my knee with one hand. She sipped her drink again, then almost sputtered it out.

“Wait! You just said… Oh shit. Did you just say, well, you’d do it with me?”

“If there was no guilt sure. You’re super-hot so why not?”

“I don’t know how to answer that.”

My cock answered for us. I was looking at her tightly-covered breasts right there in my lap. Clear, creamy skin against that svelte one-piece black number. Cleavage. One black bra strap visible. I imagined those delightful orbs naked. I imagined her naked. Despite what I’d drank, my cock stirred. It poked the middle of her back. I hoped she didn’t notice and at first she pretended she didn’t. We stayed like that in silence for some minutes but my cock ached, hard as ever, the knob hard against her.

I gulped before asking: “What are you thinking?”

She sat upright, I thought to get away. Instead she reached behind herself inside the tight black dress to awkwardly unsnap her bra then lay back down. She looked up at me and said: “OK. This is a test. I’m willing to suspend my guilt if you can. If you feel guilty, you won’t touch my tits. If I feel guilty, I’ll stop you if you try.”

Perhaps she thought this was still a debate, or maybe she thought I wouldn’t. But in three seconds, I’d put my glass down and reached inside her bra cups. My hand found her nipple Alanya Masaj Salonu straight away and I pinched it. She twitched but didn’t stop me, so I pushed her dress out of the way and went for the other. I stroked my sister’s breasts tenderly, timidly even, expecting her to push me away at any moment.

I was looking into her eyes. Her naughty-girl smile vanished, she bit her lip and closed her eyes. In that instant our game went from a debate to a seduction. Now I began stimulating her, not just touching her. My sister’s tits, about which I’d fantasised many times, were now in my hands and she was clearly loving my caresses. Her breathing deepened and she pressed her hard nipples into the palms of my hands.

I brought her to earth briefly: “So what do you say?”

She opened her eyes, giggled and said: “I don’t know whether we passed the test or failed it.”

“Want me to stop?”

“You want to stop?”


“Then don’t.”

I misinterpreted. When I took my left hand from her breast onto her bare thigh then slid it up under her dress, briefly touching her damp panties, she flinched and jumped off me.

“Oh wait. No. I didn’t mean…”

“Sorry sis. I just…thought..”

She sat beside me now: “I meant I was enjoying you touching my tits. They’re just tits, but my pussy is another thing…”

I must have looked horrified, but she just smiled and kissed my forehead: “Don’t sweat it Sammie. I’m too tired to go home. I’ve got the couch, let’s get some sleep.”

It was just before dawn before I finally drifted off. My dreams were full of my sister’s body. I had fantasies that always started off with the real-life experience we’d just shared, but ended up in all kinds of sex.

It was mid-morning when I got out of bed and showered. I saw from the wet towels that Rosie had been there already and again I imagined her wet body, naked, glistening…

She was eating cereal and was wrapped in a big towel when I got to the kitchen. She’d made coffee and I got some. Despite the intervening hours I had not thought about how to deal with what had happened so our first conversation was small-talk. I was chewing some toast when she spoke about our adventure for the first time.

“OK Sammie look. Let’s deal with it and move on – shit I can feel your discomfort. It was a fun night, it went a bit too far because we were drunk and trying to prove a point. Don’t look so frightened of me!”

“Oh I’m OK, it’s just that, well I went too far. I shouldn’t have dreamed you’d let me…”

“Like I said, don’t sweat over it.”

I couldn’t resist: “Proved I was right though. You felt guilt and stopped me. I wasn’t feeling guilt at that point, so…”

I saw from the naughty-pixie look on her face that she wasn’t going to let me get away with that: “Who said I felt guilty?”

Now I was confused. “What then?”

She looked over the rim of her coffee mug at me, I knew she was smiling wickedly behind it: “Maybe I just don’t fuck on the first date.”

I laughed out loud, she joined in, then enjoying her little victory she said, “You’re such a dick, Sam!”

“Oh yeah?” I leaped up. She knew what was coming and put down her coffee to try to fend me off, but I pulled her sideways off her chair and onto the floor, tickling her ribs. She squealed and fought, kicking her legs enough for me to see little white panties. When the knot holding her towel in place looked like giving way, I stopped.

She grabbed the towel to make sure it wouldn’t spill her tits while I helped her up. She tried to slap my arm playfully – it was a mistake because it was enough for the towel to drop and give me a glimpse of the two gorgeous orbs I’d felt last night. The size and shape I knew, now I saw that those dainty nipples were deep pink in colour before they were gone behind the towel again. Rosie took the time to secure it this time, then slapped my arm in playful fun as she’d intended to do before her ‘wardrobe failure’.

I smiled wickedly at her. She blushed this time and tried to go on the attack: “Did you get a good look you perve?”

“No, not really. Show me again!”

“Fat chance buster.”

“No seriously. If you were trying to ‘test’ me again, it won’t work because I didn’t see anything.”

“In yer dreams mate.”

As she left the room, she called back: I’m gonna get one of your track suits, OK?”

I yelled that it was. I was putting things in the sink when she came back in a thin black suit, zipped at the front. I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra. I teased her about it: “Oooh, puppy-dog noses. Is that shiny fabric too slick on yer bare skin, Rosie?”

“You can fuck right off. Jesus. Why are you so hung up on my tits?”

I couldn’t tell her the truth – that I was mad horny for her right now – so I turned back to my task and said nothing.

She watched me closely, still smiling wickedly. In an instant, she unzipped the tracksuit top, pulled it wide and said, “There. Get it Alanya Masöz Escort over with. Happy now?”

She was giggling like a schoolgirl, I just gulped and went red. My dick pressed a little tent in my shorts, and she saw it. She zipped the top closed again, but still looked at the bulge in my shorts.

“Well I see your dick feels no guilt, right Sam? Look I’ll level with you. I thought about it for ages last night. I don’t think I’d have any guilt. OK? Understand?”

There it was. After last night’s weird debate and her frustrating rebuttal, she was saying clearly that she would be OK if we fucked. Brother and sister. Me and her.

I was leaning back against the sink. I had one last test for her, a line that once crossed had no return path. I pulled my shorts down and let my half-erection free.

Rosie looked at it, smiled, and said: “Mmm, nice one bro. I knew it would be when you poked it into my back last night!”

I smiled. “It’s not your back I wanna poke it into now though.” It was a lame joke but it worked.

“Bring it over here then.”

I shook my head no: “Uh-huh. My bed.”

She giggled as she said: “OK then!” And stood, turned, looked over her shoulder: “Coming?”

“Not yet.”

“Hah hah.” Another lame joke.

I lost my T-shirt in the hall. I was butt naked but my sister was still in the track suit. In my room, she stood with the backs of her calves against my bed. I stood there, hardly believing in the possibility, as she said: “Undress me.”

I reached for the zip. It stuck, she helped me. I flung the garment aside and gazed at her tits. But I wasn’t going to linger there in case she changed her mind. I pulled the elastic of the pants down, kneeling as I did, and she stepped out of them. When I reached for the top of her white panties, I didn’t dare hesitate. I felt sure she’d rush off and I’d never have another chance.

As they came down, I drank in the sight of her pussy lips. She had a tiny V of light-brown pubic hair pointing down to smooth, hairless lips. As she stepped out of her panties, I saw the glistening pink folds of my sister’s cunt, and I needed to taste it. My girlfriend had taught me how and I’d practised on her, now I resolved to drive my sister wild with my mouth and tongue.

With one hand on her lower ribs, I pushed her back on the bed. Then with my hands over her thighs, I pulled her to the edge of the bed. She scooted over, but when she realised I was going to lick her pussy she protested: “Oh no please. I don’t like…”

I ignored her. I planted kisses on her little swelling clit, I licked her outer lips, stuck my tongue inside her honey pot. She tried to push my head away and press her thighs closed. “Sam please don’t…”

I flicked her clit with my wet tongue and felt the pressure of her hands diminish. Bingo. She was mine now. Her thighs relaxed, my tongue continued its work, and I was rewarded with a stroke of my head and the words: “You bastard.” I’d overcome her resistance, she was beginning to enjoy it.

Tasting the growing wetness there, I pushed one, then two fingers inside her. She shuddered briefly. I looked over her breasts, heaving with deep breaths, to her face looking down at me. She had an intense look about her, like pain but clearly pleasure. She gave her pussy up to my mouth, lay back and spread her legs wide with her feet up on the side of the bed.

Now that I had her, I slowed my manipulations. I took the time to examine my sister’s open pussy. Still fingering her and planting kisses and licks all over it, I saw the delicate folds of thin flesh that parted around my wet fingers. Her outer lips were mere bumps below her mound. Her clit was the size of a split pea, contrasting yellow-white against the bright pink around and below it. Even her asshole was pink.

I licked it. She flinched, pulled me away by my hair so I didn’t try again. She was deeply aroused and I wanted to keep her there. I concentrated on her reactions and learned what drove her wild. My mind was clear, and it told me I was licking my sister’s pussy, that she was loving it, and soon, very soon, I was going to fuck her. But first, I wanted her to suck my cock.

Between little licks, I said: “My turn?”

She looked down at me. I saw how flushed she was. She answered: “Put it in me? I’ll do you later, I promise, just fuck me now?”

That was my own sister saying ‘fuck me now’ – hell she was practically begging me. I stood as she scooted back on the bed, I got between her legs and supported myself on my arms above her. She reached between us for my cock, almost pulling me to her, leaving it just far enough inside her pussy lips for me to feel how wet, and hot she was. I looked into her lust-pained eyes. She nodded, and I pressed.

That sensation of first entry is always charged with erotic intensity. When you’re pushing your cock inside your sister it’s multiplied by the sheer taboo of it. I almost came straight away. Opening my eyes, Rosie’s piercing Alanya Öğrenci Escort blue eyes held mine. She broke into a broad smile, then it evaporated as I thrusted and she threw her head back as a groan escaped her lips. She looked at me: “Jesus Sam. Why did we never do this before?”

She was beaming in lust. She grabbed behind her own knees and pulled her legs up so now my slow, deep strokes went to the hilt. My balls touched her ass, my pubic mound pressed her labia open. After just a few strokes, my pubes were plastered to me with her juices. Lost in my own sensations, I suddenly realised Rosie was panting and trembling.

She looked at me, then down to my cock as it plundered her, closed her eyes for a few moments. She bit her lower lip and stared into my eyes. “Fuck Sammie. I’m gonna cum. Mmngh! Just like that – don’t stoppp.”

Still clear enough to take note of the details, even as my sister’s mind went to the fog of lust, I saw her clenched-teeth cum-face for the first time. She ‘ooshed’ out her breath, panting and moaning. Just before she came, she mewed like a kitten three times, then I felt her whole body go rigid even as I continued my relentless stroking inside her. She tensed again, shuddered, I felt a hot flush and pulses gripping around my cock. She briefly looked at me, closed her eyes again, then yelled “Fffucckkk!”

Her orgasm delighted me. I’d supplied the tongue and the cock, she brought the mad desire. She pressed her hips back at me as if to draw her climax out, her thighs still twitching as her muscles relaxed and it faded.

I stayed inside her, now gently pressing my cock in short strokes. She matched them: “Oh you fantastic bastard! I never let anybody lick me there. But you! Hell! You got me going so fast!”

I smiled proudly. Still stroking inside her, I let myself down on top of her hot body, our sweat mingling between our chests and bellies. She put her arms around me, her legs either side of me, and I felt her trying to milk my cock with her pussy.

“Oh that’s nice Rosie. You have the nicest pussy.”

“Yeah. Fits your cock just right. And Sam, it’s OK to cum inside me. If you want. Hell! Whenever you want!”

We smiled at each other. I teased her: “Nah, don’t think so. You made me a promise.”

She pretended she’d forgotten: “Oh? What was it?”

“You said you’d do me later if I fucked you, remember?”

“I am doing you.”

“That wasn’t the deal.”

Her little tease was turning me on. I felt my cock straining harder. I fucked more forcefully now, deeper, and a little faster. She gasped as she said: “Really? What was the deal?”

“You were going to suck my cock.”

“Mmmm I remember now. And I will. But not now, OK? I think… Mmm, I’m gonna cum again soon. And I want you to cum inside me.”

I couldn’t be mad at her, rather I was proud of how hot I could get her, my own sister, so I just said: “You owe me big time. Now lay back while I fuck you.”

“With pleasure.”

I lifted her legs and pushed them apart, then began deep fast thrusts. My thighs slapped hers, our bellies were slick with shared sweat. My sensitised balls could feel drops of sweat and pussy juice. I watched her face contort and she put her head to one side as her body tensed and rippled once more, briefly, in a short sharp climax.

She looked at me again, laughing gently this time: “Who knew my brother was such a good fuck!”

“Who knew my sister was so fucking hot!”

She giggled. A minute later she must have recognised a sudden change in my face that signalled I was rising to climax myself. She almost whispered: “Cum for me, bro.”

It boiled in me, I tried to hold it back then let loose. My first rope twitched, then I felt strings of my goo erupt deep inside my sister’s open womb. The sensation faded as fast as it had risen, and I looked down at my sister. She was smiling wickedly as she said: “Feel any guilt?”


“Me neither.” She pulled me down on top of her. My shrinking cock made a wet mess in her groin. She continued: “Let’s be real. We’re brother and sister, we just fucked, and I, for one, am happy about it. How do you feel?”

“Still horny.”

“Yes, I can feel your cock still trunky. OK. Payback. Roll over.”

I did. My sister got on her knees beside me, took my cock in her hand and jacked gently. The little vixen looked me straight in the eyes, smiling, as she opened her mouth and took it inside.

She worked on it for a few minutes until I was fully hard. She kept at it with steady pace, for maybe five more minutes, taking my cock deep then sucking as she lifted her head. She cupped my balls, held the base of my cock with her other hand, and kept on bobbing up and down. It was pleasant, horny, sensuous but I didn’t think I was going to cum again so soon. I underestimated my sister’s mouth so after a slow, sensuous buildup my cum boiled in me in a sudden torrent that could not be stopped.

I jerked my hips upwards, practically fucking my sister’s lips. She kept up her bobbing, jacking my base now, as she squeezed my balls ever so gently. Heat boiled down low in my cock, then erupted. I moaned deep in my throat and shot in Rosie’s mouth, she sucked on my knob as I spurted five, six, seven times until I was spent and my hips fell back onto the bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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