Nice Hot Shower

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I hung my silk robe up on the back of the bathroom door. I lit the candles on the counter and the side of the tub and turned on the CD player on the shelf. Soft meditation music filled the room. I turned on the hot water in the shower and the smell of vanilla filled the small dimly lit room.

I turned on the showerhead and stepped in. The hot water cascaded off my shoulders and down my chest and back. I could feel the stress pour out of my body as the delightful water worked it’s magic. I ran my head under the water so that I could wash my hair. The citrus shampoo smelled so good as I lathered up my long red hair. A rinse and some conditioner later, I was starting to really enjoy my shower.

I took down the shower massage from its holder and let the gentle spray dance over my nipple as it responded accordingly and hardened. I played with my other one and could feel the fire start to heat up. I turned up the spray on the head and let the hard stream of water play with my nipple as I dropped my hand to the folds of my Başakşehir escort pussy to stoke the fires.

I found my clit and rolled it between my fingers. I sighed with the electric sensations it sent up my spine. I spread my legs and parted my lips with my fingers and aimed the concentrated spray on my clit. I tilted my head back and enjoyed the rough play. I wanted more so I grabbed the dolphin shaped vibrator from its place of honor on the shelf and sat down in the tub. I threw my leg over the side of the tub and spread my legs open wide. I traced the letters of the alphabet over my clit, starting with “A” and never getting past “G” without cumming first. I let the orgasm take over and let the showerhead drop and spray all over the wall of the bathtub.

After a few minutes of recovery time and being able to breathe normally again I started to use the head on my clit again. The strong force of the water started a wave of tiny orgasms again. As they built into stronger ones, I switched Bayrampaşa escort bayan the shower massage to my other hand and turned on the dolphin shaped vibe. Its beak poked my hole on the down stroke as I played with my slit. The build up increased more as I continued to stroke myself with the dolphin.

I couldn’t take it anymore and I wanted release. I slid the vibe into my pussy as I rotated the heaviest spray back and forth on my clit. It filled me well and the beak of the dolphin hit my g-spot just right. A few quick strokes of the dolphin and I was on my way to a mind shattering orgasm. I could feel the pressure build up again as I kept hitting my g-spot with the toy. I slowed down my pace so that I could build up to my release. I changed the direction of strokes with the shower massage and made rolling motions around my clit. I felt myself reach the cliff of orgasm and knew it was only going to take a small shove before I came like mad. I began to twist the dolphin with Escort Beşiktaş every inward stroke to stoke the fire in my begging pussy. I begged to God for him to let me cum and I thought of my boyfriend and his big cock pounding into me as I sped up my use of the toy. I was hanging over the edge of orgasm and I couldn’t get myself to cum.

I sped up the dolphin to a frenzied pace and covered one of the set of holes on the shower massage to make the spray even harder than before. The circular motions of the dolphin verses the circles I was making on my clit with the shower massage did the trick and I started to cum like mad. I came all over my hand and the dolphin as I rode wave after wave of orgasms. I panted hard to try and catch my breath as one orgasm after another hit me like a roller coaster.

I laid against the cool porcelain of the tub and tried to regain my strength. As my breathing returned to normal and my heart slowed down again, I kept feeling orgasmic aftershocks. After a few minutes more, I stood up and rinsed the conditioner out of my hair and got out and dried off.

You came into the room as I had the towel wrapped around my hair and was tying the belt on my bathrobe. You kissed me and asked if there any chance of us making love before we went to bed for the night. I laughed at you and said maybe with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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