Office Stationary

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The idea was in my head now, my mind couldn’t let go of it, I knew how it felt to have that thing inside me, knew how it felt to push it in and pull it out between my wet lips and I knew what it was to fuck myself with my office stationary.

Having it inside my pussy all day, no one knowing, but secretly hoping they’d notice I was slightly on edge, a little uncomfortable with it trying to escape my lips all day… got my fingers wondering. But I had to stop myself, I got dressed for work, today was causal Friday. Skin tight jeans, black heels, tight black singlet shirt and loose fitting t-shirt. I wore my black lace panties and black lace strapless bra. I couldn’t wait, I was already rubbing my pussy against the joint between my legs on my jeans, where they stitch the material together – girls will know what I’m talking about… walking to work knowing I was going to do something naughty the minute I arrived kept me on edge all the way there…!

Once I was on the floor, I grabbed my high lighter straight from my desk and slipped it into the pocket of my jeans and made a hasty exit. You had said you wanted everyone to know what a slut I was and I realised as I squeezed my thighs together as I walked, just how true it was, I was a slut. I wanted something inside me now, I wanted it all day as well! If anyone found out, smelt my arousal… saw it on my jeans, I’d be humiliated! And while at work, but this was one of the reasons I was so turned on…

I made it to the bathroom in record time, Başakşehir escort bayan I entered the stall and pulled my jeans to my ankles, G-string followed seconds later… already a wet patch had formed! I was so horny! I snapped a few quick shots of my hot shaved cunt and one of the wet patch on my panties. My pussy tingled just seeing the wet patch, I let my fingers roam down and brush gently side to side across my clit, god it felt so good! Then I just plunged the high lighter straight in the coldness made me gasp and a slight shudder occurred, I took a few more pictures of the high lighter buried between my pussy lips. Before pushing it deep inside myself and clenching around it. I pulled the G-string back up carefully placing the line of material between my ass cheeks, it turned me on feeling it rub against my ring as it held the high lighter within my walls. I dressed again quickly and exited the bathroom, walking with it inside me was a strange feeling to start with but I liked it very much by the time I got back to my desk!

Sitting down was a shock, I felt it move further inside me with the applied pressure forcing it further between my legs! I moved and sat further forward in the chair – OH HELLO, sitting forward with my legs spread allowed me to “ride” the high lighter and clench as well… back and forth with my pelvis, keeping the top half of me almost motionless and I masturbated sitting in my work chair. Then I spread my legs a little wider, Escort Bayrampaşa causing the hard little bit of material in my jeans to brush my erect clit! Oh heaven! People were all around me, my pod was full today including the stranger on the floor sitting just beside me, almost side by side…

The day seemed to pass slowly, I was on edge, wanting so much to touch myself, I occasionally snuck a hand down to push at the high lighter or to rub my clit against that nub of material. I could feel my wetness snaking down from my pussy between my ass cheeks and I would purposely push back and forth on the edge of my chair to get it to soak my jeans. I wondered after a few hours if my wet patch was visible… so I looked down… I could see a small patch of the jeans between my legs a darker blue, but when I closed my legs there was nothing to see anymore… God it made me hot, just imagining someone catching me, forcing my legs apart and rubbing the wet patch telling me what a dirty, dirty, slut I was to be like this in the middle of the day and at work no less…

I had to take a break about 11am. I went into the bathroom again, jeans and panties straight to my ankles as I reach inside my pussy to pull the high lighter out and fuck myself with it. I bore down on it several times… each time more and more wet. I could clearly hear the wet sucking sound as I thrust it in and out of my cunt! I was almost ready to cum… and then I heard voices and the door open… Beşiktaş escort I stopped immediately, statue still… High lighter at the entrance to my now hot, wet pussy lips… I started to rub it’s hard wet edges against my clit as the women on each side flushed and washed their hands. The minute the door swung shut I thrust the high lighter deep into my pussy and groaned out loud! A few more long hard strokes and I was spasming around the high lighter and the tops of my fingers… that was how deep I fucked myself with office stationary!

I was panting lightly, slightly sweaty, pants around my ankles… I took a few pictures for memory sake and then could hear your words as if you were in the stall with me, “Such a horny little slut. Now don’t forget to clean your toy!”

I held my phone a little away from my face and gently stuck my tongue out, I was slightly salty with a little bit of sweet. I like my own taste… especially today! I started to lick and suck the high lighter clean, snapping here and there, knowing only a few would work as I was just a little too shaking! God I have never felt more a slut than right now… and I loved it!

My pussy was so sensitive, I took a few moments to clean up, and then I pushed the high lighter back inside my pussy… after all the idea was for a day. I adjusted my panties and the rest of my outfit. As I exited the stall I ran into a colleague, I’m sure I was blushing and I wondered if she could tell what I had just been doing in there…? I washed my hands and went back to my desk. Kept myself on edge for the rest of the afternoon… sitting forward on my chair, clenching around the hard high lighter inside my cunt when my colleagues would talk to me, ask me questions, come sit beside me…

By late afternoon I swear I could start to smell myself…!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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