Red Handed

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It was late and I was bored with the television, so I turned to the Internet for something to occupy my mind. I knew that I should be upstairs asleep by now because I had to get up for work in a few short hours, but I was still jazzed up from drinking cup after cup of Coca-Cola. It was after midnight already and I wasn’t even the slightest bit tired. The T.V. remote slipped through my fingers then I clicked and surfed my way across the World Wide Wasteland, forsaking one cathode ray nipple for another.

Mindlessly reading some baseball story or something on some sports blog or another, I blinked once, then twice, at one of those annoying Internet pop-up windows that inevitably invade our computer screens. A link to some seedy online pornographer, one of a literally endless parade of lurid pop-up ads selling cybersex in one flavor or another, in this case a petite brunette in black latex gloves and shiny thigh boots – beckoning to me from the screen as her fist clenched a leather riding crop in a threatening yet seductive pose. Pert breasts glistening with hard, pink nipples arching up ever so slightly, she pointed directly towards her cleanly shaved pussy, as if to demand oral service from some unseen slave. I closed the pop-up window and went back to reading, but the sexually graphic image had already triggered a stimulus response deep within the limbic system of my brain. I soon lost all interest in baseball.

I was horny now, so I closed my web browser and opened a folder containing my favorite dirty pictures — digital photographs of Wendy in varying states of undress and in various erotic or suggestive poses. On a particularly care-free evening a few years back, she actually allowed me take some nude photos of her. I still enjoy looking at these pictures when I’m awake alone at night. Soon I was viewing them in a slideshow, idly rubbing the bulge in my Levis and drinking in the glowing images of her with my eyes. Eventually my erection grew uncomfortable so I pulled my waistband down to my thighs. My aching hard-on sprung free and I wrapped my fingers around it, stroking slowly, softly. She enticed me from the screen as I continued, my breaths coming faster and deeper now. I imagined the feel and taste of her body as I went on, a little bit faster, a little bit harder. Gentle waves of tension coursed through my body and I focused on the screen, just barely moaning as I went on, losing myself in the sensations and images. As my pace quickened I felt the tension begin to build; the room began to blur as my arousal took over and I felt my eyes rolling back in my head. Almost subconsciously, I began lifting up my hips in a subtle thrusting motion, breathing more heavily, feeling almost like I was in a trance. Just then I heard the unmistakable sound of someone clearing their throat. I froze instantly – and turned to see Wendy standing there in her bathrobe and pajamas. I sat speechless with my cock still throbbing in my fist while she stood there in the doorway with her hand on her hip, a curious smile curling up the edges of her lips. She gazed down at my naked midsection, then tilted her head slightly, looking me directly in the eye.

“So, is this what you do every night while I’m asleep?” Her eyes were already locked onto mine and I suddenly felt helpless and ashamed. My erection began to wilt in my hand. I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair as her eyes wandered back down my body. I began to cover myself. “Oh, no you don’t!” she stepped forward quickly, “don’t stop now, I want to see you jerk off!” She grinned as I sat, frozen. I felt embarrassed, being caught red handed like this. She spoke again as I hesitated, her voice taking on a slightly harsher tone. “I told you to jerk off, now get to it. Rub it up and down until you squirt!” She casually stepped towards me. “Now, do it!”

I exhaled slightly, leaning back in my chair. “Umm, okay” I whispered, reeling in embarrassment. I started stroking again, just as she ordered. Slowly I moved my hand back and forth, sliding my fingers along the length of my cock. I was hoping that she would join in, but she just stood there watching me. I felt totally insecure, like I was on display.

“That’s it, jerk off for me.” She moved even closer, next to where I sat, a curious swagger building in her voice. “I wanna see how you do it.” This was totally unlike her, to act so crudely sexual, and especially to be so blatantly demanding about it. Why was she suddenly behaving this way? I was too stunned to ask or say anything about it – I just kept on stroking my cock.

“Take off the rest of your clothes.” I quickly complied, pulling my shirt over my head and sliding my jeans all the way off – but I couldn’t help feeling a bit uneasy, being completely nude while she stood there fully clothed. She continued to let her eyes wander over my body, finally stopping again to look me in the eye. “Play with yourself so I can watch — I want to see you make yourself cum.” I was still kütahya escort nervous, performing for her like this, but I kept on going. My cock began to stiffen as I awkwardly masturbated for her entertainment.

She seemed to be enjoying my discomfort, taunting me as she leaned to whisper in my ear. “I’ll bet you’d like to put that thing of yours into my hot little pussy, wouldn’t you?” My pulse quickened as she spoke and I impulsively started moving my hand faster. I tilted my head back and saw her standing next to me, lips slightly parted. Her eyes fixed upon my crotch, staring intently as I jerked off. I couldn’t help but notice the top two buttons of her pajamas were unbuttoned. “Yes, that’s it…” She rested her elbow on the back of my chair, turning me slightly to the left as she continued to taunt and tease me. “That’s it, jerk it faster. I’ll bet you like jerking off for me, don’t you?” Her unbuttoned pajamas hung open as she leaned over beside me, affording me a delicious view of her small, perfect breasts.

“Yes.” I whispered meekly, watching her perky little tits bounce softly in the rhythm of my strokes. The shock of my embarrassment began to slowly fade as I jerked off, savoring the sight of her smooth, supple orbs and exquisite, rosy nipples. “I like to jerk off for you.” I felt ashamed and excited at the same time. She seductively licked two of her fingers, then started wetting my nipples with her saliva. It tickled slightly but the sensation was mostly pleasurable. She brushed them with her fingertips, pinching slightly. My nipples quickly responded to her touch, sticking out like two tiny points.

“Tell me.” Her voice sounded rougher, deeper. “Tell me how much you like to jerk off for me.”

“I like to jerk off for you.” I repeated, pumping my fist on my now throbbing shaft as she tickled and toyed with my nipples. Tides of lust swept over me; I felt humiliated yet exhilarated as I surrendered my shame, and myself, to her. “I want to jerk off for you and cum for you.”

“You keep jerking it, but don’t you dare cum yet.” She pinched one nipple between her thumb and forefinger to make her point, squeezing as she looked me in the eye. “You don’t cum until I tell you to.”

“OWW!” I winced, crying out at the unexpected jolt of pain. She immediately softened her grip, smoothly caressing my nipple as she kneaded it between her fingers. “Okay, I won’t cum.” I felt like I was out of breath as I continued masturbating. “Not until you tell me to.” Her fingers felt silky, soothing my nipples as she worked them over. She really seemed to enjoy playing with them. Looking down her pajama shirt again, I noticed that her own nipples were hard now. I watched as they softly grazed against the fabric of her shirt.

“That’s it, rub your cock up and down.” She was almost whispering, her eyed glazing over slightly. “Use your fingers to play with the head.” I dutifully obeyed, forming a ring with my thumb and forefinger to encircle the head of my cock. I moved my hand up and down slightly, softly teasing the tip, breathing a bit deeper as I stroked it carefully. I was barely touching the super-sensitive skin as I skimmed slowly over the glans, causing my cock to twitch involuntarily.

“Oooh,” I moaned as my cock swelled to capacity. I knew that I could cum right now if I quickened my pace even a little bit, but I carefully held back, remembering her warning and the pain that had accompanied it. I couldn’t help but arch my back slightly, lifting my hips again as the tension started to build up in my body. With my pelvis raised, my cock stood straight up in the air as I almost imperceptibly stroked the tip with my thumb and forefinger. I kept hoping that she would grab my cock and finish me off, but she just stood there playing with my nipples and watching me jerk myself off. I hovered on the brink for what seemed like an eternity, my body taut and my cock literally aching to explode. I wanted to cum so badly that I could almost taste it; I suddenly knew that I couldn’t hold out much longer. Using my left hand, I gripped my cock at the base to steady it and to stop myself from cumming. It was almost too much, watching her tits sway and bounce while she plucked at my nipples and talked dirty to me. I started stroking more slowly, carefully, trying not to cum.

“Mmmm, yeah, you jerk it for me. Use two hands.” Her voice sounded throaty as slipped one hand under the waistband of her pajamas, deftly sliding those nimble fingers between her thighs. I felt her breath on my neck as she moaned softly, cooing in my ear as she touched herself. “That’s it, squeeze your cock. Jerk it. Jerk it faster.” Her hand moved in a circular motion as she spread her legs further apart, fingering herself deeper. I started jerking faster, focusing all of my energy on holding back my orgasm. “My pussy is sooooo wet,” she teased, smiling wickedly, “you’d love to jam that hard cock into my tight little hole, wouldn’t malatya escort you?”

“Y-Yesss” I stammered, barely able to speak.

“Yes what?” She continued, her voice even deeper, huskier than before.

“Yes,” I went on, barely able to hold my eyes open, “I want your pussy, I love your hot little pussy.” I jerked off more vigorously, both hands wrapped tightly around my pulsing cock. I felt a perverse thrill at performing for her like this, like I was doing something terribly forbidden but had no will to resist. “I love your pussy, I want to feel your pussy.”

“Want my pussy, huh?” She leaned closer, teasing playfully as she whispered in my ear, still toying with my nipples.

“Yes,” I panted heavily, “I do.”

“How bad?” She asked coyly.

“Really bad! I need your pussy!” I practically begged as I pumped my cock with two fists. All of my remaining inhibitions melted away as I performed unabashedly for her, jerking off my cock to please her.

“Yeah, I’ll bet you’d like to taste my pussy too!” She pushed her waistband down so that I could see her finger sliding up and down her smooth, hairless slit. I nodded, moaning at the sight of her clean shaven pussy, jerking off furiously now. “Yeah, faster. Faster!” She spread her clitoral hood and delicately massaged her tender, pink button, moaning deeply as she continured to speak. “Mmmm, jerk that cock! Jerk it off!” She towered over me, laughing out loud as we masturbated together. “C’mon, tell me how bad you want to taste my pussy!”

“I wanna taste it so bad!” I gasped, arching my back further as every muscle in my body clenched tight. She smiled down at me, eyes blazing, obscenely spreading her pussy as she worked it with her slender fingers. “Let me taste your pussy now!” I moaned, entranced, as my hand flew up and down my cock in a blur. “I need it, please, I need to taste it.”

“Okay baby,” she purred, pulling her fingers from between her thighs and forcefully sticking them in my mouth. “Taste it, taste my pussy!” Her salty flavor and musky aroma engulfed my senses, convulsing my body in a renewed frenzy. She wiped her juices across my mouth, driving me insane. I jerked even faster, almost involuntarily, licking her sweet nectar from my lips. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you?” she crooned, rubbing her sticky wetness on me, suffusing my nostrils with her sublime essence. I inhaled deeply as she smeared it all over my face, sending shivers through my taut, prostrate form. “That’s it, jerk it for me! Jerk it harder!” Thrusting my hips forward, I obeyed, yanking wildly on my fully engorged cock. I was electrified by her scent, jerking off spastically as a blinding rapture welled up inside of me. “Cum for me baby, do it! Now!” she squealed, tickling and pinching my nipples with her other hand. “Shoot it for me!”

Masturbating deliriously, I felt my aching cock become completely rigid as the sound of her voice catapulted me past the point of no return. The tip of my cock started tingling as my groin muscles shook in the first wave of a shattering climax. Electric rivulets of nirvana shivered outward to every inch of my body as I erupted in orgasmic convulsions. She continued anointing me with her sex as my cock exploded, showering me with ejaculate. Hot, milky streams spurted onto my stomach and chest and even my face as hungrily I sucked and slurped her glistening fingers, luxuriating in the divine taste of her pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh” I cried out as the intensity of my orgasm erased all time and space, leaving me alone, elated in exaltation of my beloved. I floated in a weightless, blissful oblivion, eyes closed, for what seemed like a long time.

She suddenly snapped me out of my reverie. “Enjoyed that, didn’t you?” Her voice whipped me back to reality, making me immediately self conscious. Her lips curled that same wicked smile that she’d flashed while teasing me; that same confident edge crept into her voice. “You dirty boy…” She shook her head, beholding the obscene spectacle of my depraved audacity and my spent, splayed body. I marveled, awed by her beauty, then sighed as I watched her pull her pajama pants back up. Looking up at her, then down at the sticky, white gobs of cream running and dripping all over me, I swooned, numb with embarrassment. “You really got off on that, didn’t you?” I wanted to say something but couldn’t find the words. Her eyes lingered, meandering over my cum-splattered torso as I slumped in my chair, still gripping my cock with both hands. Mortified, I started wiping the cum of off my chest when she suddenly growled at me through clenched teeth. “I didn’t tell you to take your hands off that dick!” I sat speechless, drenched in my own semen. “Grab it!” She pointed at my half flaccid penis. “Do it now!” She practically snarled, cocking her head back, glaring fiercely. Confused and intimidated, I nervously grabbed my cock with both hands. I felt incredibly ashamed, even more so than manisa escort before, yet inexplicably unable to disobey her. “Good boy. You’ll learn your place.” The tone of her voice took on a smug swagger as she looked down at me. “Rub it.” There was no way to deny her, no way I could summon the will to defy her. I couldn’t understand it but there was nothing I could do about it, so I simply obeyed. I massaged my cock, almost in a trance, again performing at her whim. “That’s it. Fondle your cock for me, baby.” She idly rubbed her crotch through her pajamas. “Yeahhh, rub it. Play with your balls, too.” I did as I was told, feeling embarrassed but also strangely tantalized as I fell under her spell. She had never taken control of me so forcefully, enslaving me with such confident ease. I jerked off with one hand and cradled my balls with the other as she watched. “You like jerking off in front of me, don’t you?” She smiled.

“Yes.” My fingers spread the sticky semen up and down the length of my softened cock, smearing it like lubricant. “I like to jerk off for you.”

“Well,” she smiled again, “I like it too.” Her fingers glided back under the waistband of her pajamas and she grinned impishly, winking at me. “Go on, jerk it faster.” I complied, masturbating faster as she began to stroke her pussy, seemingly intoxicated by the power she held over me. “I like to watch you playing with it, touching it, creaming all over yourself.” She licked her lips as she spoke, staring deeply into my eyes. The way she looked down at me was unnerving, yet absolutely thrilling. I was adrift, lost in her eyes as she watched me masturbate, egging me on. “Yeah, jerk that cock. Spread your legs wider.” Utterly captivated, I did as I was told, arching my back further and moving my hips forward as I spread my legs as wide as I could. I kept yanking on my half limp cock, obscenely exhibiting myself in euphoria and humiliation as I slipped softly into a primal trance. My gaze drifted lower, dreamily following the barely perceptible undulations of her hips as she fingered herself. “Watching you jerk it, shooting cum everywhere, it made me so horny.” She knew I yearned to be dominated and she sometimes indulged my submissive fantasies, but something seemed different this time. “My favorite part was watching you cum in your face.” She giggled mischievously, making direct eye contact again as I obediently performed for her. I felt exposed, almost frightened, but also extremely excited. I felt like she held me there, trapped, with just her eyes. I felt like I had no will of my own. She rubbed her crotch harder, taunting me. “Did you like cumming for me?” I nodded helplessly, unable to resist her. She smiled, sliding her pajamas abruptly down to her ankles.

“Ooh…” I gasped at the unexpected revelation of her glistening pussy. My cock twitched slightly at the sight of her divinity and I instinctively started jerking faster.

“Yesssss,” she purred, pleased by the effect she was having on me. “You still want this pussy, don’t you?” She licked her finger and started tracing moist circles around her clitoris. I couldn’t speak as I stared, hypnotized by the wonder of her dainty fingers rubbing her wet, hairless pussy. “I’ll bet you still want to taste it,” she taunted, spreading her pussy wider, “you want your mouth right here, don’t you?” She waited for a response. “Don’t you?”

“Yes!” I finally blurted, my voice cracking. She stepped closer, moving her pussy to within inches of my face.

“Tell me how bad you want to taste it.” She drove me insane whenever it was clean shaven and she knew it.

“Please, I want your pussy in my mouth.” With great effort, I tore my eyes away from her smooth, pristine jewel and looked at her with misty eyes. “I wanna lick your pussy,” I pleaded, “I wanna suck it.” She loomed over me as I spoke, riveting me with her gaze while she worked her finger on her tiny, erect clit. My cock stiffened a bit more as I continued to masturbate for her.

“How bad?” She smiled and pushed her hips forward, swaying, barely rocking back and forth. The hypnotic motion drew my eyes back down to her crotch. “How bad do you want it?”

“Bad! I want your pussy!” It was right there in front of me and I longed for it, needed it. I knew I just had to taste her smooth, sweet pussy. She kept teasing me though, stroking and fingering herself right there in front of me.

“C’mon, show me.” She skimmed two fingers down the length of her slit, sliding them inside the creamy folds of her smooth, shimmering skin. “Show me how bad you want it.” I gasped as she spread her fingers, pulling back her swollen vulva to expose the pink bliss that I desired more than anything else on Earth.

“Oooooh,” I moaned, trying to jerk off faster but I was already pumping my cock as fast as I could.

“C’mon, make that dick hard again.” She licked the tip of her index finger and delicately touched the underside of her swollen clit. Her finger barely moved as she rubbed it up and down, stroking slowly. I saw her hard little button throb once, then twice as it swelled, sticking out further, until it was erect. She started jerking it faster and faster, until I couldn’t take any more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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