Shaming the Boastful Centaur Ch. 03

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Eventually, Pholus and Bill managed to extract themselves from the gym. After another workout. And a wank session in the sauna. And a bit more time with Beth, who worked out with the pair after her shift was over. There was a hazy musk around the couple, and they attracted quite a few admiring stares, spurring them to keep lifting iron and flexing their new improved bodies.

Still, lifting stuff was well within Pholus’s experience, and he’d spent enough time around a horse herd that his brain could understand how smell affected them. It wasn’t until the pair had walked out of the front door that there was something new.

The green blobs that he’d always seen were… there, but complex, visible!

Pholus stopped, looking at the trees that edged the sidewalk, mouth open. He could see every leaf, how they rustled against each other, as the light summer breeze pushed them around. His sight blurred again, as a big tan blob came close.

“Pholus, are you alight?” Bill asked, as his friend stood there, mouth agape at nothing.

Pholus closed his mouth and swallowed. The muscle was nice, and he liked not needing to look up at people, and a person worshiping his dick tickled… everything just so… so nicely… but, this was the first thing that really made him realize how much better his life was getting. Getting hard was… frankly fucking amazing, but being able to see Bill’s concerned face, the leaves in the trees, the insects buzzing around happily… he fervently thanked Persephone. He thanked her with all his might.

“Have I told you how amazing you are?” Pholus said, blinking and focusing on Bill, a smile spreading across his face. The words sent a shudder through Bill and his bulge twitched through his sweat soaked compression shorts.

Bill laughed to himself. “I don’t think so, but I like it. You want to go and enjoy the trees? Or you want to go home?”

Pholus stepped towards Bill, his clear blue eyes filling the world. “I want to spend time with you.” Bill’s tan face blushed, and his gaze broke, looking down, as the blush intensified.

“I… let’s do that at home. I… I’d love to spend time with you, too.”

They held hands as they kept walking to the car, an extra spring in their step.


Pholus squirmed in the comfortable chair next to Bill, trying to pay attention to the TV. They were both sitting there, wearing t-shirts and shorts. Bill’s parents and sister were with them. All five of them were watching the most inane stuff, something about cooking, and it was driving Pholus insane.

He could smell them! Bill’s dad was running his hands up his mom’s thigh, his sister was grinding her crotch against a pillow, and Bill was achingly hard, leaking a steady stream of pre into his slowly soaking underwear. All of them wanted to leave and go fuck, or wank off, or do anything, but they were just sitting around!

Pholus groaned, and leaned back, his cock finally overcoming his limited control as he felt blood rushing towards it.

Bill’s thick six incher was hard to hide. You could always easily tell where when he was excited, even more now since he didn’t appear to own anything that wasn’t skin tight, keeping his egg sized balls and purple snake front and center. His flushed face, how he’d touch his mouth at every opportunity, and his grinding set Pholus on edge. It was impossible to ignore.

Jane looked up from her phone, as Pholus’s dick started pushing from excusable fabric lump into overt tent… then beyond.

He still refused to wear underwear, and he was somewhat regretting it as the bulge worked its way down, until it pushed through his leg opening, inch after inch of cock showing. Bill hurriedly put his hand on the extending spire, sending Pholus’s eyes wide, as blood surged. A few seconds later, Pholus added his hand, hiding the foot long monster, as the room went silent.

Bill’s mom and dad poured off embarrassment, his sister disbelief. After a few moments of everyone trying to ignore the obvious, and Pholus trying to hold back an approaching orgasm, Bill’s dad saved the day. “You two, go upstairs. Alright Jane, you have swim practice soon, right?”

“Erm, in like 30 minutes, but…” She bit her lip, looking at Pholus.

“Excellent! Pack your stuff. You two think you can keep it PG around here for the next few hours?” He asked, glaring at Bill.

Bill shook his head. “Nope.”

Bill’s dad grimaced. “Points for being honest. Control yourselves better next time.” He said, standing up, and walking stiff legged towards the door, his wife and daughter following, a mild stream of complaints flowing from Jane.

With a screech, and the sound of a closing door, Bill and Pholus were left alone.

“Erm… that was… quick…” Pholus said, a bit surprised, letting go of his dick. The uncircumcised head happily spat a blob of precum, leaving Pholus’s thigh wet and glistening.

Bill laughed. “Yeah… he has a… direct view of how sex with his kids should happen. Preferably not at all, but definitely zonguldak seks hikayeleri not while he’s in the building. And since he won’t get us a hotel room…” Bill said, then reached down and pulled his shirt up and over his head, revealing his defined abs and perfect chest, framed by built biceps, all nearly hairless, giving Pholus a feast for the ages.

Well, maybe for a good month. He was built rather than Herculean.

Pholus still drank him in as if he was dying of thirst, and eagerly got up. They heard the door slam, and the car turn on, as Pholus shed his shirt too, revealing a set of worked on pecs and trim waist.

Bill turned and smiled over his shoulder. “Let’s go enjoy the high privacy fence and the nice day. What do you say?” He slowly unbuttoned his pants and unzipped, then stretched, showing off his defined back. Pholus stared, open mouthed, his cock straining against his shorts.

Leaning against a doorway, Bill stepped out of his shoes, revealing large sockless feet, and undid his pants the rest of the way, pulling them down his hairy legs. He stood there, revealing a tent in his boxers, the seductive smile never leaving his face. “You coming, stallion?”

Pholus was a bit less smooth, and grabbed at his shoes, jumping on one foot to try to follow Bill. Finally he made it through the door, just in time to see Bill step out into the sunlight. “You planned this?!” Pholus said, accusingly, half naked, trying to take his socks off.

“What? My parents always like socializing at the practices. I thought there was a good chance.” Bill said, pulling down his boxers and leaving them on the ground.

Pholus’s annoyed retort was paused by Bill’s naked form, outlined in light. He blinked, shook his head, and yanked his pants away, trying to get his spire to cooperate. It broke free, slapping against his belly, then stood proudly in front of him, dripping in its eagerness to get somewhere tight and warm.

Bill managed to keep up his graceful walk to the garden, where a pair of lawn chair sat in the sunlight, the heads barely shaded. Two water bottles stood nearby, along with a bag.

“You really went all out on this!” Pholus was stunned for a third time. “Where’s the awkward dork I fell in love with a few days ago?”

“Hey, you wouldn’t believe how long I’ve fantasized about this.” Bill said, sliding into the chair, and leaning back, enjoying Pholus in the sunlight, as he blushed from head to foot.

“Erm… yeah… actually. Me too…” Pholus mumbled. “But that was usually more hot springs… and bathhouses… I hoped that someone would… you know… be willing to touch me…” He said, then walked towards Bill, remembered embarrassment hitting hard. He settled into the other chair, and Bill reached over.

“I’m more than willing to touch you.” Bill said, gently stroking the eager monster. Pholus nodded, eyes wide, glutes tight, nearly lifting him off the bench. After a few moments, when Pholus had recovered a bit, the stroking became long, slow, and practiced, and Bill continued. “So… I know that… I can remember taking you, thanks to Persephone… but… you want to help stretch me out?”

Bill’s confident air broke, and he looked embarrassed and hopeful at Pholus. “Yes!” Pholus said eagerly, bucking into Bill’s hand. “I mean… if you want to.” He said, backing off.

“Absolutely.” Bill said, standing up, and straddling over Pholus’s chair, then giving him a kiss on the nose, bathing the two of them in pure unadulterated desire. He kicked his legs over, and knelt forward, seeing a purple lollipop just begging to be sucked as his cherry presented itself to Pholus. “There’s lube in the bag… I think I’ll need to take most of your fist if I’m going to fit this monster.”

Pholus nodded, eyes staring at the pucker in front of him, and reached into the bag, missing a glint from a nearby window that barely overlooked the backyard. It couldn’t have even been comfortable to get to, someone would have needed to crane to even get a vague idea of what the two college students were doing.

Well out of hearing range, a well used pen clicked with a practiced grace, as it started to glide across the paper. A moment later, a camera was adjusted.

Pholus lubed up his fingers, and slowly started to press in on Bill’s ass. “You’re clenching… you want me to give you a blowjob to loosen you up a bit?” Pholus asked, eyebrow quirked, still enjoying the literal meaning of blowjob. Bill rolled his shoulders and licked Pholus’s cock, ass tightening further as he was vividly reminded of how massive it was. He took a deep breath, and his head went blank with the salty scent, his hole slowly loosening.

His boyfriend slowly made small circles, pressing in as the muscle relaxed. One finger slipped in, then another. After a few minutes, he added a second hand, slowly puling apart, feeling the strong experienced muscle press back, a heartbeat pounding under his questing hands. As he kept pulling, he ran a finger along a particular spot in Bill’s rear, causing him to jump and groan, trying not to make too much noise.

Pholus laughed, and managed to fit eight fingers in, all crushed together by the trained muscle. He started spreading them, giving Bill enough time to recover, before going again. It didn’t take that long, Bill’s new body was somewhat used to doing this, even if it took time and effort to widen him enough. Pholus breathed in Bill’s recently cleaned ass, and gave it a lick. He mostly tasted lube, but the sudden blast of familiar-but-not pheromones sent a spurt right into Bill’s face.

“Think you’re ready.” Pholus said, and Bill eagerly hopped off the chair, face splattered with pre. Pholus took a large squirt of lube and slathered his dick, trying not to think of the sauna too much. Bill ran his hands down his chest, highlighting his muscles, and drawing Pholus’s eye, then knelt down, breathing out slowly. He took the slippery pole, and slowly sat back, letting it press in. He shifted forward and back, trying to catch the head on his hole and slowly pressed down once he had.

The head slipped in, and Bill froze, eyes wide as he was stretched even further. He paused, trying to adjust, as Pholus tried not to thrust. Pholus’s wrist was in his mouth, and he was biting down, years of need suddenly pushed to this moment. With another deep breath, Bill slowly continued, moaning loudly as the cock started to crush his prostate, the hard member leaking a bit more at the sudden pressure.

He made it down nearly two thirds of the way, about 8 inches, before he winced, and shifted. He tried to move around, trying to get the cock through the bend, but the wince was back.

“Fuck, this is amazing, don’t hurt yourself.” Pholus said, grabbing where his dick was still showing and slowly pumping it. Bill nodded, and adjusted so he was kneeling. He slowly started thrusting up and down, his cock bouncing and splattering Pholus as he slowly picked up speed, the cock thrusting about 6 inches, stopping whenever he hit Pholus’s hand. Pholus’s other hand was eagerly roaming Bill’s body, particularly enjoying the strength and endurance of Bill’s thighs being shown off right now.

After a few minutes, Bill was gasping, and he started rolling his hips, grinding a spot against the massive head spearing into his guts. A moment later he shuddered and squirmed, as he clenched down hard on Pholus’s dick, and he sprayed cloudy fluid against Pholus’s chest.

“Fuck… that was… intense.” Bill said, and he started to bounce again.

Pholus tightened his abs, trying to last, as Bill got more and more into their fuck session. He could feel the pleasure building already, the figure above him doing no favors to his endurance. His cock was enveloped by a tight ring. Beyond it was a comfortable warmth that added velvet to the sensation. He barely had anything to compare it to, and he felt his orgasm get closer and closer with each thrust. Bill started rubbing against a specific part again, trying to get off, and both of Pholus’s hands flew to his dick, stroking in time with the frantic bobs.

With another moan, Bill came, spurting more fluid onto Pholus. With a shout, Pholus came, thrusting into Bill through his hands, his large balls pulling up and unloading blast after blast. A few seconds later, Bill started thrusting again, chasing another peak, as cum gave him a bit of lubricant.

Pholus winced. “Fuck… sorry… sensitive…” He apologized between pants. Bill pulled off regretfully, his hard cock leaking. He laid next to Pholus, smearing the two of them with cum and pre. Pholus’s hands embraced Bill, then reached lower, encompassing his spire, and slowly stroking it. Then he slid a finger into Bill’s ass, feeling for his prostate. Retconned skill knew exactly how to play with Bill, leaving him squirming and moaning until he peaked, his prostate swelling against Pholus’s skillful fingers.

Bill groaned and he finally came from his cock, spraying Pholus’s front and side for a third time with copious blasts of white, leaving it sticky and glistening. He slumped, hugging his lover into the lawn chair, slowly recovering as the scent of sex slowly drifted.

“You… were fucking amazing.” Bill managed after a minute, kissing Pholus on the cheek.

Pholus laid back, looking at the sky. “Can’t believe I fit in someone…” He said, grinning like an idiot.

Bill was overwhelmed, and managed a shuddering laugh.

The two just lay there, enjoying the sun on their bodies, and each other.


Eventually, Pholus needed to use the bathroom, and he groaned.

“Ugh… I think we need a shower. And I need a bathroom.”

“Go here, then both needs are good.” Bill said, half asleep, then smiled. He groaned, then rolled over, falling harmlessly into the grass.

Pholus stood up, his satisfied python dangling between his thighs, and started walking into the house, picking up his clothes along the way. A soft something hit him from behind. He grabbed it. A towel. “Don’t drip into the carpet!” Bill warned.

Pholus held it up and nodded. “Will do.” He wiped himself down, and headed indoors. Bill followed shortly afterwards, bringing the sex survival kit he’d whipped up. Lube, towels, snacks, cock rings, toys, water bottles, ice, everything his over-imaginative mind could think up.

Once inside, Pholus headed over to the kitchen, grabbing a drink for himself, waiting for Bill. He grinned as his boyfriend walked in, towel in his own hands, mopping up sweat and cum. “You want something? Think we still have some lemonade…”

“Nah… water will be great.” They stood around the table, drinking, grinning like idiots, staring at each other, until the doorbell rang. It had been approximately the amount of time it took a middle aged person to pull up their pants, climb down from a nosy neighbor hide, take a deep breath, check their notes, fast forward through some footage, and walk briskly around the block, before knocking.

Bill and Pholus looked at each other. “We… expecting anyone? Your parents shouldn’t be back yet, right?”

Bill shook his head, and tied his towel around his waist, grabbing his phone in case someone wanted to talk to his parents or something.

The someone knocked again, louder, more insistently.

Bill and Pholus opened the door, revealing Mrs. Crouper, a middle aged terror of the local HOA. Well, until it had been dissolved due to excessive legal bills a few years back. Now she just prowled the streets, leaving helpful notes on people’s cars and front doors. She had a face like a dried prune, with thick frown lines and heavily plucked eyebrows. Her eyes were almost always narrowed in suspicion, and she was rather heavyset, with an upturned nose that couldn’t help but put someone in the mind of an offended pig.

“Hello Ms. Crouper-” Bill said blandly.


“-Mrs. Crouper. How can I help you?”

“Are you two aware that outdoors sex is illegal?”

Bill’s eye glanced towards his left, encompassing a decorative plant in a metal cage, the smart doorbell, and Pholus. “As far as I’m aware, the specific crime is more along the lines of public sex, not outdoors sex.” He said, keeping his voice level.

Mrs. Crouper looked between Pholus and Bill, her eyes narrowing slightly in glee. “Oh, the crime is quite malleable… as needed. And I so happened to spot the two of you committing such a crime on my bird cameras…”

“Over the 8 foot privacy fence?” Bill asked. “In my family’s back yard?”

“As it happens, yes. And I will of course delete the video… if you could talk to your parents about supporting a new HOA, flyers for which I’ve been distributing around the neighborhood for the past few weeks.”

“Ah, I think I’ve had a number stuffed into our mailbox.”

“Just the ones, yes.”

Pholus looked from Bill to Mrs. Crouper. “Wait, is she blackmailing you?!”

“Blackmail is such an ugly word.” Mrs. Crouper was living her dream, two 6-foot-plus gay men completely in her five-foot-nothing claws.

“But an accurate one.” Bill said mildly. Mrs. Crouper made an as-you-do hand gesture. He sighed theatrically, holding up his phone and scrolling through it. “My parents should be available. I assume you’d want something more solid than my word that I talked to them?” He peered at the screen, and slid his thumb across it, checking for something.

“You’re a clever one, aren’t you?” She gloated..

Bill pressed a number. “Hello, sorry to bother you, yes.” He waited for a couple seconds. “Oh, my neighbor recorded me and my boyfriend having sex in our private domicile, and is trying to blackmail us with the recording.”

“What?” Mrs. Crouper said, stunned.

“Yes, she is currently here. Yes, I’ll stay on the line. Oh, the entire conversation’s been recorded by our smart doorbell.”

“WHAT?! That’s illegal!”

Bill appeared to be listening to something. “Oh, the doorbell looks onto a public street, as I understand it, there’s no reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Mrs. Crouper’s gaze jumped between Bill and the smart doorbell. She darted over and tried punching the doorbell.

“Erm… she just punched the doorbell. Oh, looks like she hurt her wrist. Can you please send a patrol car? She appears to be getting violent.”

Mrs. Crouper took off her shoe and started slapping the smart doorbell. It held up remarkably well.

“Now she’s slapping the doorbell. I think you will probably be able to hear it.” Bill closed the door and locked it, watching her outside.

She was still slapping when the patrol car showed up a few minutes later. Bill opened the door again, looking at the cops. She triumphantly stared at Bill after inspecting the cracked lens. “Now it’s just your word against mine!” She grinned to Bill, as he reopened the door, keeping well away. He’d tried to clean up the worst of the mess, but was still wearing just his towel.

“Did you catch that? Yes, ‘It’s just your word against mine.’ I don’t think she realized that the footage is streamed and stored offsite.” Bill allowed himself a small smile, as two annoyed looking cops got out of their car and walked up to the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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