Special Visit

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One day I decide to come and visit you …

I know that you will be home on your own and that you will not be particularly surprised to find me on your doorstep. It is a beautiful, warm sunny day, so I dress in a white cotton sleeveless blouse and a navy blue mini skirt. I do not wear a bra, but I put on a black, lacy thong, plus some high heeled sling back shoes. In my spacious bag I carry some of my toys in anticipation of what may happen when we are together. I get on the train, then get a taxi to your home. I ring your doorbell.

After a few minutes, you open the door and I am stunned by the way you look. Even prettier than I thought and dressed in just a satin robe, decorated with tiny summer flowers and tied loosely at the waist. I can see you looking me over. We smile at each other and you invite me in. I follow you into your lounge and sit on a large sofa and watch you cross to a cabinet to retrieve a bottle of red wine and two glasses. You sit close, next to me on the sofa and pour us both a large glass of wine. We talk about how we met on the internet, those first few tentative exchanges of emails, then as we got to know one another, how we got more and more intimate, until we were doing things to each other that got us so wet and horny that we just had to cum and cum and cum. We drank the wine and laughed, recalling some of the scenarios we had described to each other and the effect that it had on us – all those fantastic orgasms!.

We both start to get excited by this and my hand strays to your satin covered leg, which you move so it is touching mine. To indicate that I am starting to get so horny, I undo the top two buttons of my blouse, so that you can clearly see I am not wearing anything underneath. My hand moves behind your head and I start to gently stroke your hair. Our eyes lock together and we smile at each other, recognising the lust that is building up in both of us. I gently pull your head towards me. I want to kiss you so much. Our lips touch and I can smell your sweet perfume as our tongues probe each other’s mouth. You taste so wonderful and I feel I want to melt into you. I could kiss you like this forever.

I feel your fingers undoing my blouse as I pull your gown away from your legs and undo the belt. I trace my fingernails up the inside of your legs and I feel you shudder with pleasure. I realise that you are completely naked under your gown. I feel your fingers on my nipples, rubbing and pinching them and I can feel them tingling and hardening under your touch. You pull your head away and down to my nipples, your hot wet tongue licking them. God, it feels so good. I arch my back as I shrug off my blouse, enjoying your suckling so much. I become so fucking horny. I stand up and remove my skirt and thong, kicking my shoes off and under the coffee table.

By then your gown is off and lying under you. I take a moment to admire your lovely body, noticing that you are as wet as I am. You reach up for me and I fall into you arms, our naked bodies touching and we kiss passionately, our hands carressing each other. My leg slips between yours and I can feel your wet pussy against my thigh. I move my thigh so that it rubs against you and I feel your body moving too. I lower my head to your breasts, my long soft hair dragging across your chest. The tip of my tongue flicks each of your swollen nipples. I suck them in and gentle nibble them and I hear you moaning with the pleasure you are receiving. I feel your body rubbing your pussy against my leg more frantically and I get so horny that I want to make us cum so badly.

I reach across to my bag on the table and withdraw a massive double-ended dildo, 18 inches long. It is made of thick, flexible soft rubber, each end sculpted in the shape of a giant cock. I hold one end towards you and you take it in your mouth, sucking and licking it and I do the same with the other end. Our eyes watching each other and the wonderful feeling of anticipation is building up. Soon the dildo is running with our saliva and I take my end and bend it down to your pussy where I rub it up and down against your lips. I then slide it into you, and you gasp with the feeling of it inside. I then edge closer to you so our pussies are almost touching and slide the other end of the huge ‘cock’ into me. God, it feels so good.

Automatically, our hands slide down to our pussies and we started to rub our swollen clits. I start to pinch and play with my nipples as I grip the dildo with my pussy and pull it out of you, then ram it back in. I start to fuck you and you begin to pant with the sensation and your eyes are half closed. I can feel my loins start to tingle as my orgasm begins to build. I know it will be soon and I sense you feet the same as the giant ‘cock’ moves in and out of you. It is coming closer. Then Çankaya Escort I feet you grip your ‘cock’ and you start to fuck me and soon I am feeling that unstoppable sensation rippling through me, building and building. Suddenly, it crashes though me, forcing a scream from me as my orgasm hits. My pussy seems to explode as my cum spurts out all over the ‘cock’ and your pussy lips.

Almost immediately, your back arches and you freeze for a second, then let out a shriek and you too feel your orgasm erupt. You slip forward slightly so that the giant ‘cock’ is buried in you so deeply, and you start to quiver as the pleasure washes over you. I feet your cum wash over my pussy lips, so warm and so much of it. Our orgasms seem to last forever. We just sit there, impaled on the giant dildo, just shuddering with the endless feeling of ecstasy.

After a while, I shift back slightly and withdraw the massive ‘cock’ and I hold my end towards you so that you can suck and lick my cum into your mouth. I do the same with your end and I experience the sweet taste of you from deep inside your body. It is like honey and I swallow it all. Then we lean towards one another and our mouths touch. With our eyes blissfully closed we probe each other’s mouth with our tongues, each tasting our sweet juices. I know that we both still feet so horny and that we want more. This could last for hours and hours and I want it so much.

We pour another glass of wine and sit so closely and we just cannot speak, we are so powerfully affected by the wonderful experience we have just enjoyed. We carress each other and kiss between sips of wine, the tension still prevalent in each of us. We know that we want each other again. Soon you rise from the sofa and take hold of my hand and pull me willingly from my seat. You lead me to a door at the end of the lounge and I just know that it opens into your bedroom. I just have time to grab my bag from the table.

You lead me into your bedroom and I am stunned by the size of the huge bed, with its stainless steel head board, made of strong shapes in brushed steel piping. I notice that the foot board is the same although lower. Background music is coming from hidden speakers, just soft guitar notes accompanied by a harp. We stand there naked, holding hands, taking in the ambience of the delightful room. I place my bag on one of the bedside cabinets and I pull you to the bed, where we flop side by side, our heads resting on huge feather pillows.

We turn to face one another and immediatey embrace and start kissing, our hands stroking each other’s bodies. It is so warm and erotic and your hands are so soft, like butterflies tickling my skin, I begin to get incredibly wet again and the horny feeling comes back so strongly. I know you feel the same. Then you sit up and turn me on my back. Your leg comes across my body and you sit straddling my tummy. I watch as you lean down. I see your pink, wet tongue come out and you lick my neck, then you kiss me, then return to your licking. I am in heaven. You reach over to the bedside cabinet, open a drawer and retrieve four long lengths of red silk rope.

I willingly let you tie an end of each rope around my wrists and the other ends you attach to the steel poles of the bed head, so that my arms are stretched wide and held firmly back … Then you go to a closet and produce two large pillows which you place under my hips, raising them more than a foot in the air. Then with the remaining two ropes, you secure my ankles to the sides of the foot board. I am like a big immoveable cross, with my pussy wide open and raised up, ready for anything. I am now so hot and wet, I can hardly wait for what you are going to do. You kneel between my wide open legs and start to feel my soaking wet pussy with your fingers, spreading my juices all over my lips and down to my asshole. Two of your fingers slip deeply inside my ass making sure that my hole is well lubricated. I gasp with the pleasure you are giving me. Then you reach into your bedside drawer again and pull out a huge pussy/ass vibrator. The two pink, curved, cock shaped apendages are almost the same thick size and shape as each other, attached to the vibrator base with its red controller. They each measure about eight inches in length.

You also retrieve a tube of KY Jelly and smear generous amounts on the two ‘cocks’. Then you lower it into position and I feel the two massive ‘cock’ heads pressuring my two holes. I shake with anticipation as you slowly push them in. The feeling is just incredible, two huge ‘cocks’ entering me, filling and stretching both of my holes. I feel them go all the way into me, slowly but surely. You are looking at me, watching my face as I bite my lip, taking these sexual objects into my body. Keçiören Escort I start to feel the twirls of pleasure developing into a longing in my loins. I know that this coming orgasm is going to shatter me.

When the ‘cocks’, are completely inserted you turn the vibrator on at a low speed and my body feels the tingling joy of the device as it increases my longing for release. The feeling is beyond imagination. I feel it building, the waves are coming increasingly fast. My body is shaking and straining at the ropes. I feel as if I am levitating as the unstoppable orgasm rips through me. I scream so loudly as my cum spurts out around the ‘cock’ in my pussy all over your fingers and hand. I feel dizzy and sated like never before.

When my senses return, I feel the ‘cocks’ still purring away buried deep inside my holes and I see you retrieve a large plastic peg from the drawer. Still holding the double vibrator in place, you pinch my skin just above my pussy lips and clip on the peg, pulling the hood away and clear from my clit. You now lean right down and start to flick the tip of your tongue on my already swollen clit. Oh my god! … the feeling is unbelievable and it starts those wave boiling up all over again.

As your tongue licks my clit with increasing speed, you turn up the vibrator, until my whole body is shaking with the vibrations. I feel it coming again – increasing with every second, building and building. You turn the vibrator up full as you suck my whole clit into your mouth, sucking it hard and gently nibbling on it. My body freezes as the orgasm thunders towards me – then the fantastic feeling as it overflows through my whole body. I scream out as my cum again spurts out into your waiting mouth and over the base of the vibrator. The pulsing sensation goes on forever as my arms and legs strain against the ropes.

It takes a full two minutes before I am aware of my surroundings. I feel drained and so satisfied and so much in love with you for giving me more pleasure than I have ever had. You slowly withdraw the two massive ‘cocks’ and I watch as you lick each one savouring my taste. Then you lower your head and lick every drop of my cum into your mouth. I feel your tongue probe my stretched asshole. But you don’t swallow it, instead you crawl up the bed and you position your mouth about three inches above mine. I know what is coming so I open my mouth and put my tongue out.

I watch as you let the mixture of my cum and your saliva dribble from your mouth into mine and over my tongue. A steady stream of wonderful, sweet juice fills my mouth and I swallow it eagerly. Then your lips are on mine, out tongues enmeshed, kissing passionately. Before untying me, you kiss and lick my rock hard nipples one more time until they are wet and glistening.

We lay side by side again, facing one another. My fingers lightly carressing your face, my fingers tracing the outline of your full lips. Your hands are slowly stroking my body. Our eyes are locked and the love and tenderness flowing between us is immense. I feel so wonderfully relaxed and satisfied, but I know it won’t be for long because I can see that you are still as horny as ever. It is going to be my turn to give you pleasure beyond imagination – and maybe a little pain too …

After half an hour, I get off the bed, take your hand and pull you up. We walk towards the bathroom that adjoins the bedroom. We go into your large bathroom, still naked from our passions on that huge bed. We both are still feeling so horny for each other. I manage to grab my bag from the bedside cabinet and bring it with me, placing it on top of a shelf behind the door. The bathroom is softly lit, but with brighter lights around a huge mirror above a vanity unit containing a basin and mixer taps. The sanitary ware is white and comprises WC, bidet and a huge double bath with pillows. At one end is a large wet area for showering under a power jet . The floor is of soft cream tiles and a large number of huge fluffy white towels hang from rails.

I stand you in front of the mirror and I move behind you, watching your sweet face reflected back and the smile playing on your lips. My hands go under your arms and I cup your breasts and I see you watch as my thumbs gently brush your nipples. I reach forward and turn on the warm water tap, dip my fingers in the water and apply the liquid to your nipples, making them glisten. Then I flick the nipples with my fingernails. I feel you shudder with the sensation and your eyes close. I keep working on your nipples until they are so erect and pink …

Then I gently push you forward until you are bent right over the vanity unit, your hands resting right near the taps. Then, still feeling your hard nipples, I start to Etimesgut Escort lick your back, long slow wet licks down the middle on your spine. As I go lower, I move my hands to your firm ass cheeks and start to massage them, until my tongue reaches the small of your back. Then I slowly part your ass cheeks as my tongue creeps its way down your crack to your sweet asshole. I tease your hole with my tongue, spit on it and dip the tip of my tongue into you. I pull your hips back further and push down on your back sp your ass and pussy are fully exposed. I tell you to stay in that position.

I reach into my bag and withdraw my strap-on dildo, a massive 10″ monster made of black flexible rubber and shaped like a huge, veiny cock. I see your eyes widen as you see it reflected in the mirror and you watch as I strap it on. I start to feel your wet pussy, dipping my fingers in you. You get increasingly wet and I smear your juices all round your asshole. I can sense that you are so sexed up and horny for me. I apply a serious amount of jelly to the shaft of the dildo and rub it up and down your pussy lips.. Then I nudge it against your asshole and I feel you gasp at what is about to happen. I am going to rape your ass.

I push forwards a little and I watch as the head of the huge cock stretches your asshole and slips inside. I stop and reach round you to pinch your hard nipples, making you cry out, Then I watch your face reflected in the mirror as I slowly push the cock into you. It is a full 6″ in you when I feel you pushing back to take more. You really like the feeling of that great thing in your ass. I push further until the whole of 8″ is buried in you. Then I slowly start to withdraw and you shudder with the pleasure of it. I hold your hips and start to fuck you, harder and faster, making sure on each thrust you get the full length up you. Occasionally, I slap your ass cheeks hard, to ensure that your attention is focussed on my cock going in and out of you…

Soon you are panting and moaning with pleasure and moving your ass back and forth to the rhythm. I reach under you and start to play with your swollen clit and pushing my thumb into your pussy. I decide you need further help to cum, so I reach into my bag close by and extract my smaller vibe, a mere 6″ job, which I turn to full power. I hold it against your clit and feel the vibrations through your body, making me fuck you even faster …

You then start to moan and shriek as the powerful orgasm is building up in your loins. Your body starts to quiver and shake and you grip the washbasin taps so tightly. Your knees bend slightly and you are almost suspended on the huge cock buried in you. I thrust in hard and hold it deep inside you and plunge the vibe right into your pussy as your orgasm explodes. You scream out as I watch your sweet face in the mirror, your eyes closed, biting your lip as the pleasure washes over you. It takes ages for you to subside, you pulse and pulse and your cum runs all down your legs.

I withdraw the huge cock and vibe as you lean, sated, against the vanity unit. I unstrap the cock and reach over to the towel rail. I select two huge fluffy towels and lay them on the floor. I then turn you round and gently pull you to me. I kiss you so deeply, our tongues probing each other’s mouths. You are still breathing heavily from your org. I lower you onto the towels and straddle your body, looking down at you. We smile at each other and I lean forward to kiss you again, while flicking your nipples with my fingernails. I am so horny and want to cum. I ease myself up your body until my pussy is just inches from your mouth. It is so wet and swollen with love for you.

You lift your head slightly and your long pink tongue touches my clit. I hold my pussy lips open for your licking. I grind my pussy into your mouth as your tongue pushes into me. You hold it out firmly pointed up and I start to fuck your tongue. God!… it feels so good. I begin to moan and a great tremble starts in my body. I feel my hard nipples as the burning waves of my orgasm start to build. Jesus, I am going to cum so hard. Wow! it hits me. I sink onto your tongue as my cum spurts out, into your open mouth. Lots of cum flowing all over your chin and lips. I feel my hard nipples as the sensation flows through me, until finally it subsides …

I look down at you savouring my cum and swallowing it all. I edge down your body, so I am straddling your tummy, my wet pussy touching your soft belly. I relax my body and strongly feel the need to pee. I know you have never experienced this before, but I know you won’t mind. I let my pee flow out over your body. I runs all over your belly and onto the towels – I move down slightly and the sweet warm pee pours over your pussy lips and down into the crack between your legs. Your hands come down and you rub the warm, golden juice into your skin and over your hard nipples. You lick your fingers and taste me. Then I lean forwards and kiss you, tasting for myself the sweet honey on your lips.

I leave promising to repeat our lovemaking. I promise to keep in touch via emails and chat until the next time we meet …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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