Summer of Sex Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of my first submission “Summer of Sex”. You might enjoy reading that story first, but definitely will not be lost without it.

This one is a little long winded, but I promise I get to some good stuff at the end. It is really just setting up the story for the later chapters that are even more juicy!!

I pulled out a clean pair of cotton pajama shorts and a t-shirt for Joslyn. I got dressed in skin tight yoga pants and a tank top. I went into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I heard Zach’s heavy footsteps on the second floor above me. As I finished making my cup and leaned on the counter as Zach came tromping down the stairs and into the kitchen.

He was two years older than Joslyn, and yet he seemed so much younger than his sister’s “old soul” personality. He had been a baseball player in high school and still had the body to match. He was tall, like his father, and had strong broad shoulders, and was perfectly sculpted all around. Honestly, he could have been carved from marble, but was not so attractive that he seemed unapproachable. Zach was quite the party animal, and had made a less than great impression at college with everyone other than his fraternity brothers.

He was wearing just his boxer shorts, and was rubbing his sandy blonde hair as he yawned loudly.

“What’s for breakfast, Ma?” he asked, opening the fridge and starring in. Zach had called me “Ma” since his father had introduced us the first time. His mother had left the family while Zach was still young, and had resented his father’s dating while he was a teen. He found it incredibly irrational that a young woman, just 4 years his elder, could actually fall in love with a man his father’s age. I had learned that the other women his father dated had tried to reprimand him, which always ended badly. I did not attempt that. I figured that Zach was 20 and could do as he wished. I knew he would never accept me as a parental figure, and that was fine. As long as we were polite to one another, I could live with it. And yet, he was quite a sight to take in.

He closed the fridge, unable to find something that appealed to his hunger.

“You got something good in that cup?” I knew he meant liquor, and of course it was too early for me to drink.

“No, you know that,” I replied. “If you are hungry, I suppose I could scramble some eggs for you.”

“Nah… I can at least use the toaster.” He went to the pantry and pulled out some bread.

Just then Joslyn appeared from out of my room, wearing my clothes.

“Whatcha you doing, sis?” Zach asked.

“Oh, uh… nothing,” Joslyn stumbled. “Just hanging out.”

She made her way to where I was standing, and poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Uh huh.” Zach said, giving me a sideways glance. For a second, I was certain he was aware of what had just happened in my shower.

“I was thinking of getting in the pool,” I told both of my step-children.

“Okay,” they replied in unison. This was more common that one would expect.

I finished escort gaziantep off my cup in a big gulp, set the cup in the sink, and slinked off to my bedroom to put on a bathing suit. Behind me I could hear both of them teasing one another and arguing the way brothers and sisters do.

I closed the door behind me. Letting out a deep sigh, thinking how bad it would be if Zach knew about Joslyn and I. He would certainly tell his father. Or worse, hold it over my head to get whatever he wanted.

“He couldn’t know,” I thought to myself. He was passed out like normal just an hour before.

I shook off the idea and stripped off my clothes, throwing them on the bed, digging through my drawers looking for a bikini. Just then the door opened. I whipped around, naked as a jay bird, to see Joslyn sneaking in.

“Oh God!” I sighed. “You nearly gave me a heart attack!”

“Sorry,” she giggled. She sauntered over to the bed, climbing up and staring me down.

“Well, are you going to change?” I asked, still looking for matching pieces.

“I thought I could just use one of yours,” she said, still staring at my tits.

“Okay, here.” I threw her a suit. “Stop staring. Get dressed. I want to soak up the sun before it gets too hot.”

“More like, before the pervs get here.” Joslyn pulled off my clothes and slipped into my bikini.

She did have a point. Her brother’s friends had a habit of showing up mid-afternoon, and not leaving until after dark. And it always seemed to happen on the days Joslyn and I decided to lay out. I think Zach was doing that on purpose. He never spent more than a few hours at home, unless he woke up to find us topless at the poolside. Joslyn was always quick to cover up. I was less concerned with being nude around the guys. I figured they were close enough to my age that I knew the way they were thinking. I knew it was exciting for them to see Zach’s hot stepmom topless, and the way the oogled over my set of Ds definitely didn’t hurt my self-esteem.

“Um…” Joslyn mumbled, looking down at the suit hanging loosely on her fit little frame. While he body was amazingly tight, her tits were a small B and her hips and butt were not nearly as curvaceous as mine. My body was soft and round. I was still in good shape, but my Hispanic heritage gave me curves that this 18 year old girl knew nothing about.

“Here,” I said, tying the suit tighter at the back of the top and the sides of the bottoms.

I pulled on a low cut black bikini bottom, and a halter top in bright blue. I wrapped my long black hair up in a ponytail and grabbed a pair of sun glasses as I bounced out the bedroom door.

Joslyn gathered a few towels as we made our way outside. Zach was already there, floating on his back on one of the blow up rafts. Jos and I pulled the lounge chairs to the edge of the pool and lay down. She fidgeted with the back of her suit. I reached over and pulled the strings to release the top. Then I pulled my top right off.

“Don’t even know why I bother araban escort putting this thing on,” I said, rubbing lotion on myself.

“Neither do I, Ma!” Zach yelled up from the pool.

“Gah! You’re so gross!” Joslyn hollered.

“She’s the one with her tits out!!” He scoffed. “What if I walked around with my junk out!?”

Joslyn and I both giggled. I had never seen Zach naked, but based on his father’s gifted package, I imagined he was rather well endowed himself. As often as I had masturbated to the thought of Joslyn and I, it was probably equal the number of times I imagined getting caught by Zach. In my fantasies, he was always the aggressor, pushing himself on me. Little did I know, this is exactly how things would turn out.

After several hours of soaking up the sun, I was starting to get hot, and uncomfortable. I jumped into the pool to cool off. Joslyn announced she was tired and headed into the house. Zach paddled over to me.

“I know what you did,” he said in a low voice.

“What are you talking about?” I could feel my heart racing.

Zach slipped off the raft and walked right up to me. He put his arms on either side of me, pinning me against the edge of the pool.

“I know.” He leaned in to my ear, pressing his body against me. “And now… it’s my turn.”

He pushed his pelvis against me, and I could feel his hard cock straining against his swim trunks.

“I really don’t know what you are talking about.” I wriggled against him, trying to get free.

“Really?!” he asked sarcastically. “I just watched you eat my little sister’s pussy. I watched you.”

“Oh shit,” I said under my breath.

And with that Zach reached between my legs and began rubbing my pussy through my bikini. I resisted, but he pressed his shoulders against me, keeping me held at the wall of the pool. He slipped my suit to the side and began rubbing my bare clit with his fingers.

“You’re going to give me what I want, or I am going to make your life hell,” he whispered into my ear. “You are going to give it to me all summer long…”

He moved his arm from the edge of the pool and roughly squeezed my tit. I moaned lightly as he pulled at my nipple. He moved his hand up to my throat, and began sucking on my nipple. I kept struggling to get free, but Zach was having nothing to do with that.

“Stop!” he barked. “It’ll only get worse.”

He bit and sucked at my tits, spreading my pussy lips with his fingers and teasing my clit under the water. I couldn’t help but let him. After all the times I had imagined this, it was actually happening, and it kind of scared me. Eventually, I gave in. He felt it, and laughed. That’s when he released my throat, and kissed me deeply. His finger moved from my clit to my pussy, sliding two fingers into my hot box.

“That’s right,” he hissed. “Now, pull my cock out.”

I followed his orders. His dick was hard and throbbing as I ripped open the Velcro of his swim trunks. The massive thing just flopped out, arap escort landing against my belly with a thud, even under the water. I gasped at the sight of it, and he laughed. Zach continued fingering me as I began running my hand up and down on the giant cock between us. I could feel myself becoming wet on his hand. Before I could even realize what I was doing, I was dropping down in the pool, taking his huge member in my mouth. He let out a long moan as I took nearly the whole thing in my mouth. I sucked vigorously, enjoying every minute, and forgetting that I was actually experiencing this, not just fantasizing it. Soon he pulled me off him and leaned me back against the wall.

“You don’t want me to cum that quick, do you?” he asked.

I licked my lips, sucking on the bottom one a bit. He just smiled and pulled my bikini bottom off. I lifted myself up on the wall, with my shoulders and arms out of the edge of the pull. My legs swung up to his sides and I wrapped them around his waist. He sucked on my nipples again, biting and licking them with his tongue. I bucked against him, grinding my clit on his abs. Soon I was getting close to orgasm, and began to reach for his cock, guiding it to me.

“Nah uh!” he scoffed. “You’re going to have to ask for it.”

“C’mon!” I spat back. “You want it, too.”

“Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.”

“Fine…” I inhaled deeply. “Zach, I want your cock.”

“Really? It doesn’t sound convincing.”

I cleared my throat, looked him right in the eyes and said in my most sultry voice, “Zach. I need your cock inside me. Fuck me, please. Fuck me now!”

“Yes, ma’am!” he exclaimed, thrusting his enormous cock right into my soaking wet pussy.

“Unh!” I moaned. It was much bigger than any of my toys, and I hadn’t been thoroughly fucked in a few weeks.

Zach grabbed my hips and slammed his cock deep into my pussy. He pounded me hard, over and over. The water splashed up on the side of the pool. I twisted my feet behind his back and pulled him in closer to the wall. He let go of my hips and put his hands on the edge. I threw my arms around his neck and began riding his cock. I bounced up and down, my tits banging on his chest. I could feel him deep inside me and I needed to fuck him as hard as I could. He grabbed my ass as he moved over to the steps. He turned and sat down as I continued to bounce on his dick. I let my feet find the stairs and I rested my knees on the same one he was sitting on. I leaned into him, forcing him back. I grabbed the step behind him and I thrust quickly. I fucked him fast and deep. My pussy grew tighter on his thick cock. He reached up, grabbing my tit and pulling one into his mouth. This threw me over the edge and I moaned through my teeth as I fucked him as hard as I possibly could. He grabbed my hips and thrust against me. I continued to ride his cock through my orgasm, my pussy squeezing him tightly, milking his cock inside me.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck!” he moaned. “Shit! I’m gonna cum!”

I slid off his lap and took his cock in my mouth, pumping him with my hand. I sucked and sucked until he came, shooting his load down my throat. I sat up, swallowing his thick cum. He sat there, looking exhausted and breathing heavily.

“Damn, Ma!” he exclaimed, as I maneuvered next to him on the steps. “Now I see why Dad married you.”

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