Summers are for Decadence Pt. 02

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A note from Christina.

Thanks for selecting to read this. If you read Part 1 I hope you enjoyed it, but if you have not, I would recommend that you do.


Summers are for Decadence Part 2.

Jane I realise that we are both bi and we enjoy that.

So did you enjoy the party?” Jane asked when we had a drink after work in the agency on the Tuesday after the party, as she’d had the Monday off to clear up.

“Yes it was fine, were you happy with it?”

“Yes I was.”

“William seemed very friendly,” she said, with a smile.

“With me?” I asked, feeling a little guilty, even though nothing had happened.

“No I meant with me, was he to you too?”

I fumbled a bit. “Er no, well he was fine, friendly, but nice.”

“He came on quite strong with me again,” Jane said.

“So what will you do?”

“I couldn’t go back, but at times I am so tempted.”

We were sitting in my office, which was furnished more like a sitting room than a working one. It had a seating area with a sofa and two easy chairs arranged round a coffee table. She was sitting one end of the sofa. We were both wearing jeans; I was in a low cut tee shirt and Jane in a button up shirt.

“Another?” I asked holding up my empty glass.


I went to the fridge which was behind the sofa and pulled out a fresh bottle of Chablis.

“Fuck,” I said as the cork broke.

“Here let me,” Jane said getting up and moving round the back of the sofa to where I was holding the bottle. She smiled.

“At least there are some advantages to being divorced,” she said fiddling the corkscrew so it bored into the broken cork. Looking at me, she went on. “Not many, but some.”

We were standing close as she said that and as the cork popped out.

“Clever thing,” I said holding my glass out.

“Maybe at getting corks out, but not with my life which just seems to go from one trauma to another.”

“William you mean?”

“Well yes him, men in general, relationships and all that.”

We still hadn’t moved, but she had poured the wine. We were still standing close, very close, perhaps too close, so close I could smell her perfume and see the highlighter round her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” I said, not really knowing why.

“For what, Christina?”

“Your Catch Twenty Two, I suppose.”

“Yes it is a pain, but there you go, no easy way out is there?” She said softly.

“No I suppose not. Not an easy way?”

“Huh?” She said looking right into my eyes.

“Not easy, but there is another way Jane,” I whispered, brushing that thick lock of hair away from my eyes as she stared into them

I was tingling all over. I was so excited; I had never felt like this before. I had never fancied a woman, maybe anyone, as much as I was fancying my best friend right then. I saw a small smile form on her lovely lips, she half closed her eyes and then licked her upper lip in what was the most sexually provocative gesture I had ever seen.

“Yes Christina, I suppose there is, isn’t there.”

“Oh Jane,” I whispered.

“Yes Christina,” she said quietly as, without anything further being said, we both reached out with our hands and interlocked our fingers.

“Oh my God,” she groaned. “Are you sure about this Christina?”

“Yes Jane, yes I think I am. Are you ok?”

“Oh yes Christina I am very ok about it.”

Then we kissed. We fell into each other’s arms and squirmed our bodies together, my small breasts being completely engulfed by hers, that felt wonderful.

It went on for some time. We kissed, we tongued each other and we sucked on the other’s lips. We ground our bodies together and then totally involuntarily I slid my hand between us and cupped Jane’s left breast. God was that lovely? Her shirt was out of the waist of her jeans so it was as easy as it was inevitable that my hand slipped inside, onto her bare waist and upwards to her bra covered breast.

“Oh yes,” she groaned grinding her mound against mine. “But not here Christina, not in the office, it’s too sordid.”

She was right.

“Come home with me, there’s no one there.”

I poured us both a glass of wine as I waited for her to arrive. The drive from Camden had only taken ten minutes, but it was the most nervous ten minutes I could remember, since probably when I was about to lose my virginity. I couldn’t stop thinking about Jane and our relationship. We had been friends on and off since uni. We had met when we both got jobs as junior copywriters for an ad agency. It was there that unbeknown to the other for a time we both had sex with a client. And it was with that client, who became Jane’s husband, that we made love in a threesome with him.

Many years later when she and ‘the bastard William’ as we came to think of him had divorced and my marriage to Luke was falling apart, we set up our own little ad. agency. We had been running that successfuly for a couple of years and not once had sex between us reared its head. It was now though.

At last I saw her car eryaman escort pull into our driveway. I opened the door. We didn’t speak, there was no need, we both knew what was going to happen and we were both as nervous as hell. I beckoned her into the living room. She smiled.

“Are you sure Christina?” she said softly glancing at the stairs.

I held my hand out. “Of course.”

We walked up the stairs hand in hand, our shoulders brushing together and my arm touching her breasts. Again we didn’t speak. We continued in silence as I led her into the main guest bedroom; I didn’t feel shagging my best female friend was appropriate for the marital bed. We stood staring at each other alongside the bed. Her fingers, shaking a little, went to the top button of her shirt. She undid it. What an extraordinarily erotic moment that was. I stared mesmerised as one by one she undid them and let the sides fall apart so that they were caught on the apex of each breast. She was wearing a white net bra that was totally see-through. I could see all of her large round areolas and bloated nipples. She smiled again and raised her eyebrows in an obvious gesture of invitation. I didn’t hesitate. Why would I? I wanted to show her my body. I quickly peeled the tee shirt up my body and over my head. I loved the intake of breath as she saw my chest. I was also wearing a white bra, but not see-through.

As if synchronised, we both reached behind our backs and unclipped our bras at the same time. We removed them. Her breasts were larger, fuller, more rounded and altogether bigger than I had remembered all those years ago. Bigger, but just as lovely and every bit as erotic.

“Oh Jane,” I croaked, breaking the silence.

“Oh Christina,” she replied running her gaze over my boobs as I did the same to her. Our fingers were fiddling with our belts and zips. Rather unladylike and momentarily spoiling the erotic mood, we slid out jeans off. She was wearing dark, knee-length pop socks, my feet were bare. She was wearing a white, lacy thong, I was wearing black, lacy, boy shorts.

We moved closer together and again slid into each other’s arms and kissed. We lay on the bed, firstly on our sides as we continued kissing and started caressing the other’s breasts and bottom, but then Jane turned onto her back. Instinctively I think, I rolled on top of her. We both watched as my tits vanished into hers, but then we kissed again, deeper, longer and even more passionately. Jane opened her legs and I slid between them. For some reason, we were still wearing our panties, but I knew that was simply a temporary situation as I, again instinctively, started to move slowly.

“Yes,” she moaned into my ear. “Oh yes Christina,” she went on as my movements became more exaggerated. Up and down I slowly slid my mound against hers.

“Nice?” I whispered.

“Yes, but stop a moment.”

“What, why?” I asked, smiling as I saw her lifting herself up and pushing her panties down her legs. As I fiddled them past her knees she started to pull mine down. I got back between her opened legs. She widened them and raised her knees, giving me even more room. Her hands were on my bum, they were squeezing and pinching as I dry fucked her. It didn’t take very long, for both of us, but particularly Jane.

“Oh God, Christina, I’m sorry, I’m sorry she moaned as she started to cum.”

“Don’t worry baby,” I soothed raising my torso a little so I could squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipple. That seemed to send her over the top.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck yes, I’m cumming, you’ve done me, you’ve made me cum. God it’s so good. Thank you, thank my darling,” she gushed as her body stiffened and convulsed and she tried to kiss me very deeply, but her body was out of control and we couldn’t maintain mouth contact.


“I said no.”

“I know you did, but I wasn’t convinced you really meant it,” William said when I opened the door to him a week or so later.

He had arrived unannounced and told me he had come to take me out to lunch. I couldn’t leave him on the doorstep so I invited him in.

“That is unless, of course Christina, you would like to rustle up something.”

“Why should I?” I replied thinking that just a week ago his ex wife had been standing right where he was in the lounge. She had, though, been wearing one of my dressing gowns when we came downstairs to make some tea after making exquisite love.

“Old times sake, perhaps?” He smiled. “Maybe for the future even.”

“What do you mean?”

“I told you that at the party.”

“Look William, I am a married woman.”

“Well sort of you are.”

“I’m happily married and I don’t want any complications in my life.”

“I might be a very useful and highly interesting complication, if you let me,” he said moving closer and taking my hand in his. “Be truthful Christina, you aren’t at all happy are you?”

“I am,” I persisted, but even I could hear the lack of conviction. He squeezed my hand and smiling said. “I sincan escort don’t believe you, convince me.”

I pulled on my hand, but he didn’t let go, I probably stopped trying.

“Hard isn’t it?” He asked, making me smile at the possible double entendre.

“Is it?” I smiled back adding rather foolishly in some ways. “I wouldn’t know.”

He got what I meant.

“Naughty. I meant convincing me. It must be terrible for you Christina, the sod being away so much, leaving you, making you lonely and alone,” he said softly, sounding really considerate. As he added. “It is, it must be Christina.”

That got to me and I felt as if I might start to cry.

“No it’s ok, you’d better go now, William.”

“No lunch then?”

“No, Luke will be here soon,” I said lying, for he wouldn’t be home until the evening.

He turned and I followed him to the front door. He opened it and said as he turned to face me.

“Pity Christina, it could have been fun.”

We were standing quite close to each other in the hallway. I smiled and said

“So can lots of things William,” as I pushed the lock of hair away from my forehead. “But cheating on my husband isn’t my idea of fun.”

He smiled. “Who said anything about cheating, I was only offering lunch.”

“Yeah right and pigs might fly,” I responded.

Grinning he went out through the doorway and walked down the three steps to the path. Turning his head, he looked right into my eyes as he said. “I’ll call you later,” and then swaggered down the pathway to his black Rangerover Sport parked illegally right outside the house.

I didn’t mention his visit to Jane or Luke. Whilst I felt a tinge of guilt about seeing him, although I was not in any way to blame, I also had tingles of excitement about the illicit nature of seeing a man who clearly wanted to shag me; well shag me again was the truth of the situation.

He phoned a day or so later. We chatted, he again suggested lunch or dinner and again I refused.

“We could just have a quick shag instead,” he said laughing.

“I don’t do quick shags.”

“Oh right, how about a longer one then?”

“Oh piss off you randy sod,” I smiled.

The next day I got a text from him. It simply said. ‘I’ll be in Casswells at 1.00, like to join me?”

I text back.

‘I don’t do lunch.’

‘Dinner then, tonight?’

‘I don’t do dinner either with randy buggers.’

‘Ok I’ll just have to settle for a long shag then,’ came back almost instantly.

I typed. ‘Do what I said on the phone yesterday, piss off.”

‘Oooooo u hard woman, bye.’

Jane and I were booked to have dinner with the MD and Marketing Director of a fairly new client. To save her going home to Docklands and then coming back to the West End where we were dining, she came home with me to shower and change.

As I drove towards Highgate, we chatted easily and the conversation moved round to the previous week. We hadn’t seen much of each other since then and hadn’t spoken at all about that amazing evening.

After hedging round the issue for a while, she said.

“How do you feel about what we did now Christina?”

I had, of course thought of little else, well other than William trying to pull me I suppose.

“I’m ok with it luv. And you?”

“I’m not so sure to be honest.”

“Oh didn’t you enjoy it?” I asked looking across the small cabin of the Porsche, which Luke had bought me for my fortieth birthday.

She was almost lying down on the low slung seat and that had caused her skirt to ride up. At the same time, it looked as though one more button than should be was undone on her white blouse. The long expanse of her bare legs and the deep cleavage made me gulp.

“Yes Christina I enjoyed the sex, but I’m not sure I can handle the emotional repercussions.”

“Yes, I struggle with that, but I think I have come to terms with it.”

“I am trying and I’ll continue working on it,” she was saying as we walked from the car to my front door.

“You remember where everything is, don’t you?” I said as I showed her to the guest bedroom which was across the first floor landing to mine.

“I remember it very well,” she said smiling as we both looked at the bed where we had made such spectacular love just a week ago.”

I was sitting at my dressing table naked when there was a tap on the door.

“Christina,” Jane said.

I slipped into a shorty silk robe, which I held together rather than tying the belt and opened the door. My heart pounded. Jane was standing there with a large bath towel wrapped round her. My immediate thought was very rude, my second was, ‘I’ve seen her like that before.’!

“They aren’t coming, they have an emergency,” she said, disappointing me in two ways.

“Oh fuck,” slipped from my mouth.

“That’s precisely what I thought,” she replied.

Pausing, I wondered whether her knocking on my door in just the towel was a come on from her. I smiled. “What, you’ve etlik escort come to terms with it then have you?”

“Huh, what do you mean?”

“Well when they said they weren’t coming and your first thought was fuck, you must have come to terms with what we did.”

She laughed. “I didn’t mean that when I said it.”

“I know, but why not come in?” I asked opening the door wide as my pulse raced with anticipation. Was I going too far, was I pushing things, was I expecting too much? On the other hand my mixed up mind was wondering if this was her making a statement, issuing an invitation and, in effect, propositioning me? What a convoluted world girl with girl sex can be?

We stared at each other. It was as if we were transfixed and it seemed as if we stood there for an age.

“I really don’t know.” She said softly. “What about Luke and Peter?”

“Well Luke won’t be home for hours and you know Peter’s away at school.” I replied putting the ball firmly back into her court.

“You want me to?” She whispered.

“Yes, Jane, I do, please come in,” I said suddenly plucking up courage and letting go of the dressing robe. It fell apart just getting caught on the tips of my hardened nipples.

I saw the look come onto her face that I saw so often in business. Jane takes some time to reach a decision for she is probably over-analytical. She reviews everything before coming to a conclusion, but when she does she implements it instantly. That’s when one sees the determined expression on her face. And that was there as she walked into my bedroom. I turned and shut the door then turned again to face her. That is when I realised the decision she had reached.

“Ok Christina, now I’m in, I guess I don’t need this do I?” She said, loosening the towel and letting it fall from her voluptuous body.

“No darling, you don’t,” I whispered.

We fell into each other’s arms and she slid the robe off me before pulling me towards my bed. She was playing much more of a participatory role this time. And she did that for the next two hours when we made blissful and energetic love together.

This time there was little hesitation, few inhibitions and hardly any restrictions. This time the lovemaking was mutual.

This time we sucked each other’s nipples and fed our mouths on the other’s breasts.

This time we fingered each other to early climaxes.

This time we gave each other multiple orgasms.

This time, though, we still for some reason didn’t go down on each other. Were we saving that for another time I wondered as I said goodbye to her when her cab arrived?


“You bastard,” I fumed at Luke a couple of weeks later.

“It can’t be helped, Christina, it’s business,” he replied with the calm coolness that had once attracted me, but which I now found infuriating.

It was our wedding anniversary and we were supposed to be going to the Villa d’este overlooking Lake Como in Italy for a few days of unashamed luxury and, hopefully lots of sex. We needed to reaffirm our relationship in that respect for lately it had been woeful.

Luke had changed the date of departure once, because of work problems, so that we were due to fly on the day of our anniversary instead of the day before it. We were packed and the car was on its way when Luke took a series of calls. That’s when he told me that he had to go to New York that afternoon.

“Oh fuck off then,” I had said as I stormed upstairs and shut myself in the bedroom.

“I’m off then,” he called up the stairs. I didn’t reply.

“Happy anniversary,” William said down the phone when I answered my mobile an hour or so later.

We had chatted on the phone probably every other day for the past few weeks. Maybe I should have stopped him? Possibly I was letting myself be steered into potentially dangerous waters. But it helped my loneliness and I began to look forward to his calls and texts. I was being wooed, I knew that as well as I knew that I should have nipped it in the bud. But I found that quite exciting. Not just because it was my secret and that there was an underlying feeling of sexual tension whenever we spoke. It wasn’t simply because we flirted and nor was it due to me having such an obvious admirer, all women must like that. It also wasn’t just due to my loneliness or my lack of good sex with my husband. No it was more than that I realised when I sat and tried to analyse why I didn’t stop him. And what I realised, I’m not sure I liked. The real buzz, I worked out, came from the fact that the three of us were so connected, we’d had such wonderful sex in the past and we knew each other so well. The ultimate turn on, though, I had to admit was that I was now making love to his ex-wife.

“Thanks,” I replied.

“Well you could sound happy, presumably the busy boy eagle has bought you a massive diamond and is taking you somewhere special.”

“Yeah right,” I said in a flat, non-commital tone.”

“You ok?”

“No,” I responded giving him my honest opinion.

“What’s up? He hasn’t left you in the lurch on your wedding anniversary has he?”


I went on to explain that Luke had gone to New York and told William of the now aborted plans for the Villa d’este.

“Bloody hell, he can be such a prick can’t he?”

“I couldn’t comment Will.”

“No, but you can think. Peter’s away?”

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