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“So the girl whale says, Listen buster. This is just a first date. A blow job is one thing but I’m not swallowing any seamen!”

Jill laughed hard at the punch line from Katy’s joke. The second bottle of wine that Jill and Katy were sharing back at their hotel room only enhanced their joie de vivre that had started at tonight’s banquet.

Jill was the Assistant Director of Finance for a non-profit. In her late thirties with a husband, two kids and a dog, she thought of herself as a ‘seasoned’ member of the staff. ‘Youngsters’ like Katy would come to work for the organization right out of college, get two or three years experience and move on to better paid positions in the capitalist (can’t quite escape the idealism that drove her to this position) sector.

One of the perks of Jill’s position was the annual trip to the association conference. For three days she got to talk to others from around the country and see how they solved problems similar to the ones she had. This year she had even given a presentation on Budgeting Priorities. Katy had gotten to go when a more senior member in her department, Marketing, became ill at the last minute. As the only two women on the trip, they shared a room together.

The Friday night banquet always finished the conference. Jill and Katy sat together at the same table but the rest of the group had been scattered around the room as each person tried to get the last measure of information from their counterparts. Jill suspected that the guys were really trying to hit on other women and didn’t want to be under the glare of a female who knew their wives.

Married for almost fifteen years, Jill was quite comfortable in her marriage. Tall and still slim even after children, she had dressed in a backless green sheath that complimented her red hair. Since her breasts were small B cups and perky, she was able to go braless also. She knew she was attractive, after all she had been chosen sweetheart of her husband’s (then boyfriend) fraternity in college. But she also knew that she had never been a potential Miss America.

She loved to dance. Her husband didn’t like to dance so Jill took advantage of the banquets to dance as much as she could. She flirted some at these meetings but if an acquaintance got a little grabby on the dance floor, she would beg off the remainder of the evening as being too tired. This year she didn’t have any unwanted advances. With the wine provided by the association, Jill drank more than she normally would have and was feeling little pain as the night wore on.

Katy had just been married a year. She looked fit to kill in the burgundy dress that perfectly complimented her glossy black hair and dusky skin tone. With a slit up one side almost to the hip, a lot of leg showed. Jill saw her flirting but also happened to observe the abrupt break on the dance floor half way through the evening when Katy’s partner let his hand wander below Katy’s waist. Katy sat out most of the remaining dancing but kept up in the wine-drinking contest and was enjoying the conversation.

As the band announced the last dance, Jill discovered that she and Katy didn’t have any partners. Being slightly giddy from the dancing and the wine, Jill was loosened up.

“Would Madame care to dance,” Jill asked in a deep voice with a mock bow. Katy giggled her assent. It was a slow song, so Jill held her arms out formally. Katy, however, moved in close, slipping her arm around Jill’s slim waist and putting her hand on Jill’s bare back. About half way through the song Katy laid her head on Jill’s shoulder.

This was the first time Jill had danced with another female since college. She was reminded forcefully of that when, at the end of the song, Katy turned to leave the floor but tripped. Jill caught her, ending up with a handful of boob. Jill blushed brightly and apologized. “Gee, I’m sorry. I was just trying to catch you from falling.”

“Hey, you were a lot smoother than Bob Kirk tonight,” Katy winked at Jill as she referred to the incident Jill had seen earlier. As they were walking out the door Katy spotted two more bottles of wine that were opened with corks in them but seemed to be full. She swiped them. “Might as well continue the party in the room since we don’t have to get up in the morning.” Katy was commenting on their travel plans. This year’s meeting was on the opposite coast from Jill and Katy’s office. To get the cheap airfares they would be staying over until Sunday.

Returning to the room, they each took a turn through the bathroom brushing teeth and changing into the long tee shirts that they had happened to bring for sleepwear. Katy’s tee was sleeveless and when Jill came out of the bathroom she was greeted with a side view as Katy leaned over trying to extract the cork from the first bottle. Katy’s breast was not just peeking out through the armhole; it was positively leering. Jill’s eyes confirmed what she felt earlier. Katy had at least a C cup but very firm. Jill quickly averted her eyes, moving around beşevler escort in front of Katy.

“Need any help,” Jill asked. But just then the cork made a satisfying pop and the party was on again. As the first bottle died, they went through husbands, old boyfriends, and silly college high jinks. The jokes started on the first glass of the second bottle.

After the jokes the conversation seemed to stall. They were both sitting on their beds facing each other. Katy was sitting cross-legged. In this position she had flashed Jill several times. Jill thought the brief glimpses of thigh and panties were accidental, encouraged by the high volume of alcohol both had imbibed. Jill was sitting on the edge of the bed, her long legs stretched out to rest her feet on the rail of the opposite bed.

“Did you see the tattoo that Bonnie Parker had,” Jill asked. “It had to be as big as my hand. Right there on her shoulder! I just don’t understand why anyone would get one. You can’t ever change your mind.”

“I … I’ve got one,” Katy said hesitantly in a quiet voice.

Jill could see that the younger girl looked hurt. “I’m sorry. I have never noticed yours. I’m sure it’s more tasteful than Bonnie’s.”

“Would you like to see it? I don’t mind showing you,” Katy said brightening.

Thinking it was probably a small butterfly or flower on the girl’s back or tummy, Jill replied “Yeah.” Showing a little appreciation would ease her co-worker’s hurt.

Sure enough Katy stood up and lifted her tee shirt. Just as the tee shirt cleared Katy’s panties, Katy stuck her thumbs in the waistband and pushed the panties down. They dropped to the floor. Katy stepped over Jill’s legs to straddle them moving to about a foot and a half in front of Jill’s face. Katy again pulled her tee shirt up almost exposing her boobs.

Jill laughed aloud. She didn’t think she’d ever seen anything so adorable and clever. On the right side of Katy’s abdomen was the head and neck of a black cat. On the left side was the unmistakable tail. Between was glossy black hair just like on Katy’s head. “Your pussy is so adorable,” said Jill, giggling.

It must have been the wine. Jill couldn’t believe it when she saw her finger reach out and begin tracing the outline of the tattoo. Around the head, across the ‘back’, then around the tail. Jill hesitated briefly and then stroked Katy’s abdomen. “Good little kitty. Nice kitty,” she said giggling. She stroked several times. The last time she accidentally went a little farther and her hand slipped between Katy’s legs.

Katy shivered and let out a little groan. “Ooh. Is kitty getting cold … or hot.” Jill laughed at her weak joke as she dropped her hand and leaned back on her elbows.

Katy stepped out of the straddle and sat back down on the edge of the bed, stretching out her legs. “OK. I’ve showed you mine. Now you show me yours,” Katy said to Jill. Actually, Katy was still showing Jill. She hadn’t released her tee until she was back on the bed. The hem of the tee was across the top of Katy’s thighs and Jill could easily see Katy’s ‘black cat’ peeking out between her legs. Jill looked back to Katy’s face quickly.

“But I don’t have a tattoo,” Jill said, a little confused.

“I’ve never seen a redhead’s bush,” Katy said matter-of-factly. “Show me that the drapes and the rug match.”

If Jill hadn’t had so much wine, she probably would have laughed this off. As it was, she thought she saw the logic of the situation. Standing up, Jill started humming The Stripper.

“Da dum dum dum, da dum dum dum …” As she hummed she reached down and pulled up the hem on her tee shirt teasingly. Turning her back to Katy while still humming she thrust back her ass. “DUM DUM DUM DUM …” Slipping her panties down and letting the tee shirt drop back allowing only a tantalizing glimpse of her smooth cheeks, Jill stood back up. For some reason she was really getting into the mood for silliness and flirting.

She straddled Katy’s legs grasping the hem of her shirt again. Rotating her hips, she pulled the hem up then back down several times keeping the rhythm of the song going. Finally she thrust her hips forward and back in time to the final beats of the tune and pulled the tee shirt way up. Katy seemed mesmerized.

“Do the drapes and rug match,” Jill asked with a little giggle.

Katy just stared. Then she lifted both hands. One hand she put on Jill’s hip. The other stroked Jill’s hair like Jill had done to her. Only each stroke was like the last that Jill had given her, dipping between Jill’s legs to rub lightly over her clit and lips.

The first caress surprised Jill. A bolt shot from between her legs to the pleasure center in her brain. Before she could react, Jill felt the second caress and a gush of wetness between her legs. It wasn’t until after the third caress that Jill was able to start moving backwards.

“Katy, I don’t thin … Ooohh,” Jill moaned as the fourth caress slipped between cebeci escort her legs and a finger slid into the wetness over her clit. This time the hand stayed between her legs. Jill was now backed against the other bed. Jill sat down abruptly but because of the alcohol (or was it the good feelings?) her butt ended up on the edge of the bed and her legs were splayed wide apart on either side of Katy’s legs. Katy dropped to her knees between Jill’s legs, continuing to fondle her.

“Oh Jill, I’ve wanted you for so long. You’re always so organized and in control. So beautiful! Your clothes and makeup are perfect. I snuck into your session this morning. You were so great! Much smarter than anyone else there. When you asked me to dance tonight I got trembly in the knees. And touching your back! Skin as soft and smooth like that, I wanted to hold you all night. I knew I had to try to get you.” With that Katy leaned forward and began licking.

Jill had never thought about making love to another woman. Jill had never even thought about being unfaithful to her husband with another man. Of course she knew lesbians, but it had never occurred to her to picture herself in a situation like this.

She reached down to push Katy away, but she didn’t have the right leverage. Before she could try a different angle, Jill knew that she wasn’t going to be able to push Katy away. Jill’s husband almost always gave her the first orgasm of the night with his tongue. He used it like a little prick, hard and flicking against her clit. Katy’s approach was totally different. First she swirled around the little bud several times, then down Jill’s slit sucking on her nether lips at the same time. Slowly back up, moving from side to side and then starting over again at the sensitive nubbin. Just one of those circuits and Jill was too weak to do anything more than lie back. She lifted her legs over Katy’s back, suddenly afraid she would stop. After a minute or two, Katy slid two fingers into Jill’s channel and began thrusting in and out along with the tonguing. Jill couldn’t keep her climax from pouring over her almost too quickly. At first she didn’t want the fantastic lips to leave. She wanted to draw this out as long as possible. Then she knew that this would be much greater than any she’d had in a long time. She urged the feelings to come and wash her away.


As she came back down Katy was still nuzzling gently around her lower lips. After such an experience she knew that she had to respond to Katy. She didn’t think she could tongue Katy, “Too strange,” she mused. “Perhaps with just my fingers?” She pulled Katy up onto the bed with her as she rolled around to give them more room.

“God, that was unbelievable,” she said as she petted Katy’s hair and looked into her eyes. She could also see the wetness shining around Katy’s mouth. “I’ve never had a woman do me before. You were great!”

“I’ve never been with a woman before, either,” said Katy. “But I’ve watched you around the office for so long. You are so cool and in charge. And soooo beautiful, I just had to take this chance to show how much I admire you.”

Katy hugged her and Jill felt their nipples rub together. Surprised that she wasn’t sated after such a tremendous orgasm, Jill felt lightning bolts radiate across her breasts. She remembered the side view earlier in the evening. “I’ve got to see those boobs up close,” she thought.

She pushed Katy’s shoulder, rolling her to her back. Staring into Katy’s eyes, she reached down with her hand and slipped it under the tee. Caressing slowly upward from thigh across her firm abdomen and then cupping the breast, Jill saw Katy shiver. Suddenly Katy thrust her face upward and kissed Jill. Jill felt Katy’s mouth open and she opened hers in response.

Two tongues softly explored each other. “Gentle, not like the thrust and parry with a man,” Jill thought. As the kiss continued, she returned to exploring Katy’s breasts. Avoiding the nipple, she lightly used her fingertips across the sensitive skin. First swirling her fingers in one direction, then the other, stroking from the underside upward, or downward from the collarbone. Katy arched her back, trying to bring Jill’s hand to her nipple. She was rewarded with only the briefest touch before Jill moved her hand away to the other breast.

“Damn, Jill, grab my tits,” Katy demanded breaking the kiss. “Tug on them, twist them, make me moan, but quit teasing me.”

“The longer the wait, the sweeter the sensations,” Jill chuckled before resuming her caresses and the kiss.

Katy endured another minute and suddenly broke the kiss. Sitting up she pulled her tee shirt over her head and flung it across the room. Then she grabbed Jill’s shirt and almost ripped it off, flinging it away, too. “I want to feel your skin on mine; to be able to adore your body with my eyes.” Katy’s lust thickened her voice. “Now! My tits!” Katy rolled Jill to her back and thrust her kolej escort chest toward Jill’s face.

Jill thought these were the most gorgeous boobs she had ever seen. Even the Playboy spreads that her husband sometimes looked at were no match for the symmetry, firmness, and size that were now right in front of her. She reached up to cup them, at the same time catching the nipples between her fingers. Pulling the nipples out, she heard Katy moan. Then she twisted them slightly.

“Yessss,” hissed Katy. “Twist ‘em. Pinch them. Hurt them!”

Jill did as commanded. This was much rougher than she could have taken on her own breasts, but Katy purred.

“Ooooh. Yes, yes, yesss! You are so good to me. Beautiful! Soft! A terrific lover! I can’t believe this is happening.” Katy was almost babbling.

Jill continued the assault, but Katy suddenly shuddered and almost collapsed on Jill. “So that’s what an orgasm looks like from the other side,” thought Jill. It hadn’t been a big one so Jill thought Katy deserved more. Twisting around so that she was on top, Jill returned to lighter caresses of Katy’s breast with one hand while the other descended towards Katy’s pussy. (Jill would forever think of it with that word.)

Katy took several deep breaths trying to regain control. Jill felt the taut stomach muscles rise and fall as her hand journeyed towards its goal. Katy’s legs fell apart when Jill reached her mound. The heat from between them surprised Jill. The wet softness was wonderful. “So nice,” Jill murmured. Looking down the female form below her, Jill appreciated the offering made. “Honey, you are so sweet. Your curves are perfect. I am so lucky that you took this chance.”

Jill used just one fingertip to circle Katy’s bud. Then slowly she drew it down the damp furrow and to the smooth skin beyond. Reversing direction, she added another fingertip to spread and tease both lips. Returning to the clit, she held the swollen lips apart with two fingers and used a third to lightly flick the hard nubbin.

“You’re being bad,” whispered Katy. “Teasing again, you’ll take all night if I let you, huh? In control again, you do things as you want to not as I want. My lord! So Good!” Katy’s hips bucked several times and then subsided into a slow rhythm.

Jill watched the young face below her. Eyes closed, Katy’s head would toss spasmodically and then her face would scrunch up. Her tongue flicked out at random intervals wetting her lips.

“OOOH, JILL! Almost there! Harder! Faster!” All Katy’s motions began to speed up.

Jill couldn’t believe the intensity in the girl’s body. Heat poured from her. Jill’s fingers were drenched in liquid. Looking at Katy’s breasts again, Jill suddenly knew what would send her admirer over the edge. Lowering her head to the nearest breast, Jill swiped the nipple several times with her tongue. Then lightly she caught the nipple between her teeth and pulled. Katy arched her whole body upward, suspended between head and heels.

“GAHHH! OOOOH! JILL, JILL, JILL, JILL, Jill, Jill, Jill! I love you, love you! Soooo gooood! Oooooooh …”

Katy collapsed back to the bed, her body twitching and lungs shuddering with huge gasps of air. Finally limp, she groaned and lay quietly. Jill watched in awe. “How beautiful she looked during her climax. What a wonderful thing to be able to cause,” Jill thought feeling proud of herself.

Katy seemed to doze for a minute or two. Finally, her eyes opened and she smiled at Jill.

“My husband has never given me an ‘O’ that big,” she said. Wrapping her arms around Jill she pulled her down to a tight embrace. She tenderly pulled a lock of Jill’s hair back. “I knew you’d be wonderful. With all that beauty and those brains, you couldn’t be an average lover. I didn’t expect anything in return, but what you gave me I’ll never forget.” Katy paused. “I bet you’re keyed up now and need a little more relaxing.”

“No, I’m fine. You don’t …”

“Shhh,” Katy said. “I want you to go to sleep relaxed.” With that she started to nibble on Jill’s neck as she gently rolled so that the two were facing each other on their sides. Katy moved one hand to cup Jill’s breast. “Now, let’s see how you like it,” she said.

Katy was much too anxious. After only a minute or two of caressing Jill’s skin, she lowered her mouth to the rosy tip. “You taste so good.” She murmured between swipes of her tongue.

Jill was definitely keyed up. The responses she’d pulled from Katy had seemed to gather between her legs. The liquid that she could feel seeping out seemed to be whipped into a froth that demanded some soothing attention. She let Katy suck and tug at her breasts for a while. Then she nudged her downward.

“Aren’t we the eager one, now,” Katy said. “You’re lucky that I know how good you taste all over or I’d just stay here with these cute tits of yours. What succulent cherries.” Katy went back to the nipples for one last swipe at each one before she started a damp trail downward.

When Katy arrived at Jill’s southern curls, she nuzzled around a little bit. “I can smell your scent here. The soft curls, the smooth skin,” she traced her hand from Jill’s knee upward. She rose up and sat back on her heels drinking in the sight. “I wish I was as pretty as you are. So well-proportioned, long legs, hips that won’t ever get fat.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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