Teresa Scalia: Spring Frolic

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Spring is the time of renewal, a time of regrowth. And as spring came forth in the surroundings of Barbara Anderson and Teresa Scalia new things and ideas were being born. On a more personal note Barbara was experiencing some very intimate regrowth of her own. Having suffered a most humiliating experience at the hands of Roxanne Starr, Barbara’s golden bush regenerated itself. Roxanne was foiled in one regard. When Mark Anderson discovered Barbara’s shaven pubis he was genuinely quite delighted. Barbara let him think that it was her idea all along and did begin a more stylized maintenance of her pubic hair. Although it was Roxanne, with help from Maria and Kathy, which caused Barbara’s degradation it was Teresa’s desertion that stuck in Barbara’s mind. Biding her time and waiting for the proper opportunity and venue, Barbara became obsessed in her desire for vengeance on Teresa. Needless to say neither had spoken to each other since that night at the Gentlemen’s Club.

That opportunity would present itself at the annual Spring House and Garden Show. This was a large show with many vendors from near and far. Displays from simple booths to fully assembled vacation homes complete with planted gardens were set up in the city’s Events Center. The Event Center was a large venue and was home to an arena football team, a minor league hockey team and hosted major concerts, rodeos and circuses. Less than five years old it had all the amenities including a few enclosed luxury boxes. Barbara knew that Teresa always made a big show of attending this particular event. Teresa used it as an opportunity to purchase additional accoutrements for her home. It was no secret that the Scalia home had one of the finer yards and gardens. Of course Teresa never dirtied a pinky in any way. She had hired labor to do that for her. What she enjoyed was going through the show on what was basically a shopping spree.

Barbara had also filed away in her mind the less than subtle hints that Maria had given her regarding Teresa. Barbara knew that Maria had something in store for the Italian diva that probably involved more than an over the knee spanking. Barbara began to hatch a plan to manipulate Teresa and Maria into a confrontation. Truth be told Barbara is not nearly as Machiavellian as Teresa and certainly not as accomplished a schemer as Roxanne. But Barbara knew that if she could get Teresa and Maria in close proximity to each other something would happen. She was certain that Teresa would not tolerate Maria’s presence.

The owner of one of the larger nursery/garden stores in town was a friend of the Andersons and Barbara knew that he was going to be putting up a very large display at the show. Two weeks before the show Barbara placed a phone call to Jim Ferguson.

“Ferguson Nursery and Greenhouse, Jim speaking.”

“Jim this is Barbara Anderson. How are you?”

“I’m fine. Busy as the dickens getting ready for the show.”

“I’m sure you are. Are you having a larger display than last year?”

“Yes we’re doing the gardens for the model house complete with working irrigation/sprinkler system and I think we’ll have a complete line of power and hand tools on display.”

“That sounds great. Have you ever thought about having a hostess demonstrate or display some of the product lines?”

“No I can’t say that I ever have considered that, but it is an interesting idea. Are you looking for a job Barbara? You could dress up like one of those Tool Time girls from the old Tim Allen show.” Jim teased.

“Good gosh no. You couldn’t afford me Jim. I just thought if you had a model there, very attractive and tastefully dressed; you might hold the customers around your display longer. You know it’s mostly men who buy those tools and a little eye candy for them wouldn’t hurt anything.” Barbara was really planting the seeds in Jim’s psyche.

“You know you’re right. That is a good idea. Got anyone in mind?”

“What would you think about a very attractive Spanish girl? Dark hair, dark eyes and curves in all the right places. Not some rail thin runway model.”

“This sounds better all the time. What do you suppose this will cost me and how do I contact her?” Jim asked.

“I think you could get her for $500 a day. You can reach her at 555 — 1212. Ask for Maria. She works at the Gentlemen’s Club.”

Jim hesitated for a moment. “I don’t know Barbara. I don’t want some stripper working for me.”

“She’s trying to make some extra money so she can get out of that line of work.” Barbara lied through her teeth. “All the money she makes beyond living expenses she saves to pay for college. She wants to go to med school and eventually become a gynecologist.” Barbara’s skill at falsehoods knew no boundaries. “But she is very proud and resents anyone trying to help her so what ever you do don’t tell her I told you to call. And don’t mention anything about college.”

“All right it’s worth checking out. And having her there should improve sales enough to justify the cost.”

“Thank you Jim. I’m sure you’ll be very rus escort happy.”

Jim Ferguson did indeed contact the Gentlemen’s Club and spoke with Maria. He even went so far as to stop out there to “check out the goods”. Not disappointed by what he saw, Jim and Maria came to an agreement. Jim described what she was to do during the show hours and how to dress. Maria described to him what she thought she would be wearing and Jim decided that it was appropriate. The deal was sealed with a handshake. Barbara’s plan was coming together. She could hardly wait until the Home and Garden Show opened.

The show opened for a three-day run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Ferguson Nursery did indeed have one of the largest displays in the entire show. A garden complete with flowerbeds, functioning water fountains and ponds, and the blue grass turf lawn had been installed around the model home. To one side of the front of the home, on vertical racks, was a display of power tools available for use in the garden. On another rack was a collection of hand tools. The usual rakes, shovels and trowels. On the other side of the home, just off the edge of the turf, was the nursery’s new flatbed truck. The cab was polished to a high sheen with the new nursery logo on the doors. Jim had even gone so far as to polish and wax the aluminum diamond plate truck bed. There were no sides on the truck just the flatbed. On the bed of the truck just behind the cab was a 100 gallon water tank and pump. This was used to operate the irrigation system that had been installed in the flowerbeds and the turf. There was also a display on a vertical rack several different types of lawn sprinklers. All of these were plumbed to the water tank on the truck. Each had its own supply line running from a manifold off the pump. There were separate valves for each application. And with all that temporary plumbing the aluminum diamond plate usually had a bit of standing water on it, at least the area close to the tank.

The Friday show did well and Maria did a good job of displaying the various items the nursery had to offer. Saturday’s show was usually the best attended and had the largest crowds. Jim explained this to Maria and asked that she look her best. Maria arrived promptly at 11 o’clock on Saturday morning to start the day’s show.

“Okay Maria we’re going to be busy today. Try to push the power tools as much as you can, those are the ones that make us the most money. By the way you are looking exceptionally nice today.” Jim complemented.

“Thanks, I’ll go over and get things ready.” Jim watched with more than a passing interest as Maria walked away from him toward the tool racks. Maria was wearing a light beige, short-sleeved, wrap around dress that tied at the waist. The V-neck gave just a hint of cleavage. The dress was well fitted as to leave no doubt about the ample nature of Maria’s bust and bottom. The skirt length was just above the knee and Maria’s heels gave her derrière a nice sway as she walked. The wrap around style of the dress included a very modest part in the skirt that allowed a good view of Maria’s thigh when walking. Maria’s long jet black hair was worn loosely below her shoulders.

The show was in full swing when Teresa arrived at 1:30 p.m… She had come by herself and was dressed in a jade green sundress. Strapless with a tube top, the skirt portion was loose and flowing to the hem that was just above Teresa’s knee. The skirt may have been loose and flowing but the tube top was anything but. Bare shoulders gave way to Teresa’s expansive bust that was contained by the elastic properties of the tube top. Not wearing hose because of the warm day, Teresa’s legs were attractively smooth and bare. Completing her wardrobe, Teresa was wearing a pair of high heeled sandals. Teresa had been at the show approximately 20 minutes when she found herself approaching the Ferguson Nursery display. As luck would have it Maria was just beginning a demonstration.

“Here we have the latest in leaf blowers; this runs on a two cycle engine and can double as a small capacity leaf shredder.” Maria was doing her best Vanna White. She didn’t actually start the blower and operate it; Maria would just take it down off the rack and parade in front of the gathered group. Of course the group was 95% men. Maria picked up on this fact very quickly and was doing more than a little vamping. As she put the leaf blower back on the rack she bent ever so slightly at the waist to pick up the next item, which was a power hedge trimmer. Knowing that she had an appreciative audience, Maria paused for a moment and let them get a good look at her nicely rounded Latin ass. Turning to her audience Maria rested a hedge trimmer on one hip allowing her left leg to push through the slit in her skirt. This gave those in attendance a fetching view of Maria’s thigh.

Teresa heard a familiar voice before she was close enough to identify its source. Pushing through the collection of men at one side of the gathering, Teresa made a discovery.

“I yenimahalle escort thought I knew that voice,” Teresa thought to herself. “How did that bitch Maria get this job? I can’t let her see me.” Teresa faded back into the crowd and sought another vantage point. She walked to the other side of the display and stood near the nursery truck. The more Teresa watched Maria vamp for the crowd the more annoyed she became. Teresa watched Maria finish her pitch on the power trimmer and select another tool. This time as Maria selected another item she pointed her fanny more directly at the crowd and bent further at the waist. A few scattered wolf whistles rang out much to Maria’s appreciation. Teresa began to seethe.

“She’s starting to act just like she does in that club. I suppose she expects dollar bills come floating down to her.” Teresa walked around to the back of the truck. There she saw the various hoses and plumbing used to operate the sprinkling equipment. Her eyes followed the water lines to their destinations. Suddenly she was inspired with a scheme to “cool off” the hot Latin. All the controls for the water system were at the tank and Teresa would have to climb up to the flatbed. Seeing no way to access it from the back, Teresa walked back to the public side by the cab. Grabbing the door handle Teresa pulled herself up on the steps of the cab. Keeping herself steady with the handle and with her left foot on the top step Teresa made the long step up to the corner of the truck bed with her right foot. If anyone there had not been so intent on watching Maria they would have been treated to free view of a great deal of Teresa’s legs. However no one seemed to notice except for one other person. Barbara Anderson had covertly slipped into the model home and had watched Teresa’s arrival.

Maria was deep into her sales pitch and was positioned directly in front of the sprinkler display. She paused there to go on about the unique aspects of that product. Up on the bed of the truck Teresa looked down at all the valves.

Thinking to herself “Well no telling which one does what let’s open this one.” With that rationale Teresa opened up one of the valves on the manifold. The water pump kicked in and pressure filled the line. Had she planned this Teresa could not made a better selection for her intended purpose. The sprinkler directly behind Maria sputtered twice then came to life under full pressure. A stream of water hit Maria directly in the ass. Shocked by the sudden shower Maria let out a whoop and turned around quickly to see what was going on. She was met by a stream of water directly in the chest. Maria sputtered and held her hands out in front of her to try and block the spray. Delighted by what she had started Teresa quickly turned the other valves to the open position. The other five sprinklers all came to life with the unfortunate Maria centered in the path of their spray. Those in the audience quickly found this to be most amusing as the sophisticated and attractive hostess was quickly becoming soaked. From her vantage point in the house Barbara had watched Teresa take her position on the flatbed truck. With some mischief of her own in mind Barbara stealthily made her way to the truck and slipped inside the cab from the back side.

With all water valves opened and the pump working hard to maintain pressure, Teresa took advantage of her elevated position to watch Maria’s impromptu shower. With hands-on hips Teresa laughed heartily at what she had started. There was an added bonus to those who were near Maria. As her beige dress absorbed moisture it began to take on a transparent quality. It was clear Maria had declined to wear a bra that day. Her brown nipples were beginning to show through the damp fabric. Maria tried to cover her chest with her arms as she crouched and turned her back towards the audience. Of course she was as wet in the rear is in the front and her brown skin showed through the tight material of her dress that covered her ass. And it was then discovered that Maria was wearing a hot pink thong. As she was turning to avoid the water spray Maria did look towards the flatbed truck and saw Teresa being greatly amused by her embarrassment.

Teresa was so enthralled with what she had done and with Maria’s humiliating shower that she never noticed Barbara sneaking into the cab of the truck. Barbara looked at the dash and pressed the switch labeled “hoist”. The bed of the truck began to rise to the dump position. Teresa felt the bed move and she grabbed the headache rack for support. As the elevation increased she found it increasingly difficult to maintain her footing on the wet and waxed truck bed. Feet slipping underneath her Teresa lost her footing on the steep angle and fell flat on her bottom legs spread and straight in front of her. Teresa let out a short scream as she lost her footing, this drew the audience as attention away from Maria’s soaking as they turned to watch Teresa’s dilemma. She began to slide down the truck bed but managed to grab the headache rack with the fingertips of one hand. The truck bed lurched slightly as it reached the apex. That was all that was needed for Teresa to lose her saving hold. Faster than she could react to gain another hold Teresa began to slide down the length of the truck bed. As she picked up speed, Teresa’s dress was riding up and exposing most of her legs. The water tank was securely strapped down, but the lid to the fill opening had been left off. Gallons of water were splashing down the angled bed of the truck. Seeing the end of the truck bed rapidly approaching Teresa prepared herself to slide off onto the arena floor. Suddenly, Teresa was plunged into darkness. She felt her feet come in contact with the floor and the sensation that her tube top was being pulled up. Still in darkness Teresa realized her predicament. Her first indication was the sensation of cool, wet metal touching the back of her thighs and her pantied ass. What had happened was that the hem of Teresa’s dress had caught on one of the cleats used to tie down loads to the truck. The hem snagged solidly as Teresa continued to slide. Now she was standing at the end gate of the truck with her dress over her head. The crowd was enjoying the sight of Teresa’s distress. The skirt portion was pulled up just to the point where the tube top began. And everyone was getting a good look at Teresa’s legs, white bikini panties, and bare torso. Struggling to free herself and free her skirt, Teresa turned and offered the crowd a delectable view of her derrière. Soaked with tank water, her panties were practically transparent.

The crowd was now paying attention to Teresa’s struggles. Maria forced her way through the phalanx of onlookers to get to her tormentor. Maria broke through the last line of onlookers and saw the state Teresa was in. Teresa of course couldn’t see anything with her skirt up over her head and was preoccupied by trying to get free. She could hear the laughter and catcalls from the crowd and could only imagine the show she was putting on. Seeing that Teresa was extremely vulnerable, Maria had an idea. Waiting for Teresa to turn back toward the crowd, Maria took action.

“Here Mrs. Scalia let me help you.” With that Maria squatted and grabbed both of Teresa’s ankles and pulled. Teresa heard the voice and felt something grip each of her ankles. She made the incorrect assumption that someone was coming to her aid and ceased her struggles. Teresa’s assumption was soon proved erroneous as whoever had hold of her ankles was attempting to pull her off her feet. With a firm grip on Teresa’s ankles, Maria pulled backwards and stood straight up. Teresa’s high heeled sandals offered little traction on the smoothly troweled concrete floor. Teresa’s legs were effectively pulled out from under her. Back pressed against the truck bed and unable to resist , Teresa began to slide to the floor. She could feel the lower edge of the tube top began to creep over her breasts. Her nipples were rubbing on the ridges of the material. The tube top began to peel inside out. First the lower half of Teresa’s breasts came into view. Then the top peeled back and Teresa’s nipples popped into view. As her descent continued, Teresa’s arms were forced over her head as she slipped out of her sundress. Finally Teresa fell again flat on her bottom. Teresa was still in darkness as her arms and head were still trapped within the tube top. Maria however wasn’t done with her work and continued to pull Teresa by the ankles. Teresa’s pantied derrière slid easily across the wet concrete and freed her from the confines of her dress. Mrs. Scalia was quite a sight sitting on the concrete with her nicely rounded boobs completely in the open. Maria let go of Teresa’s ankles and took a couple steps back, laughing at the soccer mom’s situation. Dazed, Teresa was sitting on the concrete practically spread eagled. Her white panties had been thoroughly soaked and her dark pubic hair was evident beneath the wet material. Teresa’s hands traced over her breasts down to her belly as if to verify that she did indeed lose her clothing. Of course the crowd cheered mightily at this new show. Teresa looked up and saw Maria standing over her with a determined look in her eye. Teresa tried to cover her breasts with one arm. Fearful of having to endure another public spanking at the hands of Maria, Teresa scrambled to her feet and looked for an exit. Maria took a threatening step towards Teresa. Taking the initiative, Teresa made two strategic moves. First she grabbed the string securing Maria’s dress and pulled. The soaked material opened easily from the V-neck to the hem. Secondly, she gave Maria a shove to create enough distance for retreat. Teresa grabbed her dress and pulled it free of the cleat as she ran off. Running toward the exit, Teresa tried to wrap herself in the dress while the crowd enjoyed the sight of her well defined derrière bouncing into the distance. Maria began to go after Teresa, but after a couple steps she realized her dress was practically wide open in front. This did not go unnoticed by the crowd. Maria’s ample breasts were on a brief display and her gumdrop nipples were quite erect from the cold water shower. She hastily pulled her dress back together and secured the tie. Determined not to let her get away, Maria made a determined pursuit.

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