The Limo Ride

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Megan walked out of the house to her mailbox at the end of her driveway. Pulling out the mail, she saw a fancy envelope. Her name and address was embossed into the envelope. Turning the envelope over there was a circle with and “R” in the center, also embossed into the flap.

Thinking to herself, “What the heck is this?”

She walked back into the house and sat at the table in the kitchen and opened the mail, saving the fancy one for last. The phone bill, an electric bill, and a couple of advertisements. Megan wrote out checks to cover the bills and noticed she was down to just under a hundred dollars for the rest of the month and there was still ten days left.

Using her letter opener, she opened the fancy envelope and pulled out a card. The front of the card had the embossed circled “R” on it, nothing else. Opening it she read;

Mr. Roger T. Rennicks has requested the pleasure of your company for an evening of fine dining at The LaScala. A limousine will arrive at 7:30PM, Friday the 22nd of July, at your residence.


R.T. Rennicks

Megan dropped the invitation to the table top. Who is this Roger Rennicks? He seems to know me, but I can’t place the name. Whoever he is, he’s pretty sure I’ll be going with the limo when it arrives.

She got her phone and dialed her best friend, April. The phone rang and rang. “Answer April, please!”


“April, its Meg, you will not believe what I got in the mail today.”

“What! What did you get?”

“An invitation to dine at The LaScala, tomorrow evening.”

“Oh Meg, that place is so hard to get into, how did you swing that?”

“Actually, I have no idea.”


“Some guy, a Roger Rennicks, sent the invitation and he’s having a limo pick me up too.”

“Who’s that?”

“April, I have no freaking idea at all who it is. My mouth dropped when I opened it and I’ve tried to think who he was and cannot figure it out.”

“Are you going to go?”

“What, miss a chance to eat at LaScala’s, no way! Oh shit April!”

“What now?”

“What am I going to wear? I don’t have any fancy clothes for that place.”

“You have a closet full of nice clothes girl, just look through it and you’ll find something. You call me on Saturday and let me know how everything went, okay?

“Yes April, you know I will, bye for now.”

“Bye Meg.”

Hanging up the phone, she picked up the invitation again and stared at it. Who the hell are you? Megan got up and walked into her bedroom, opening the closet she just looked at what was there. Moving things aside, one by one she looked at the clothes and picked out something and put it on the bed, then back to look again.

She had taken out five different dresses, all five laid out on the bed. Staring at them she could not make up her mind. They were nice clothes, but not up to LaScala standards.

The phone rang, so she picked it up and said hello.

“Hi Meg!”

“Hi Brieanna, what’s up?”

“Want to go out for lunch today, nothing much just a light lunch?”

“Sure, pick me up at noon, okay?”

“Okay, see you then.”

The phone went dead and she hung it up. Megan spent the rest of the morning keeping herself busy with dusting and other household chores. Just before noon, she heard a car honk its horn outside. Grabbing her purse, she headed out the door.

Sitting in the car, she strapped herself in and off they went.

Brieanna was all smiles and appeared to be in a happy mood. “So, why so happy girlfriend?”

“Oh, I don’t know, just don’t feel like a gloomy-gus today, so the alternative is to be happy.”

Megan laughed at her and said, “Your crazy woman, you know that don’t you?”

“Yeah, that’s why everyone wants to be around me.”

Megan took in Brieanna’s looks and realized that she could be a twin for Amber Brkich, that girl that won on Survivors. She was that pretty. Her hair, and features were beautiful and all wrapped in a size six too. Today she was wearing a powder blue pull over shirt and dungaree shorts and sandals.

Meg told her about the date tomorrow evening and how she was fretting about what to wear, as they were eating their lunch.

Brieanna just listened and was smiling through it all. “I have the perfect dress for you if you want to come to the house and try it on, she said.

“Do you really, I’d love to look at it, I’m not happy with what I have at home.”

They continued the small talk during lunch and then headed to Brieanna’s. At the house, they went to the bedroom and when Brieanna opened her large closet, Megan gasped.

“Dam girlfriend, it’s almost like another room.”

“Let me get the dress I have in mind for you,” as she moved things around and took out a white box from the floor of the closet. She took the box to her bed and set it down. “This is it, I’m sure.”

Megan opened the box and said, “Oh God, this is beautiful,” as she brought it of out of the box and held it in front of her.

“Try it on, see if it fits right.”


Megan Anadolu Yakası Escort pulled her blouse over her head, and then untied her sneakers and shuffled them off before she took her pants off. In her bra and panties, she took the dress and brought it over her head and let it drop around her and looked at herself in a full length mirror on the closet door.

The dress was a two-tone pink halter dress, with an asymmetrical double ruffle hem, with a keyhole neckline. It was beautiful on her. Her jet black hair fell about three inches over her shoulders and she loved the way she looked.

Brieanna was on her knees, looking for something in the closet when she backed out with a shoebox in her hands. Looking at Megan she said, “Oh no Megan, it would look so much better without your bra and panties and here’s the shoes that go with the dress.”

Megan grinned and then shrugged her shoulders and thought, What the hell, may as well. Moving back towards the bed, she pulled the dress over her head and reached behind her to unsnap her bra. She shrugged it off of her shoulders and noticed that Brieanna was staring at her breasts

“I’m sorry Meg, didn’t mean to stare, but it is the first time I see you like this, your beautiful.”

Megan blushed a little and started to roll her panties down her legs. Stepping out of then she now stood completely naked. Her pussy was bald, she had just shaved it this morning.

“Shit Meg, put that dress on will you!”

Meg giggled and brought the dress back over her head and as it fell over her body, she felt tingling all the way down her body. The material was silky like and when she fixed the neckline, she again went to the mirror.

Brieanna walked up behind her and said, “Now that will make every guy in the place want to fuck you.”

Meg stared at herself and she saw her nipples had hardened and were really poking through. Her breast were a 38B and stood out quite nicely.

Brieanna saw some wrinkles in the dress and reached around Megan and brushed the wrinkle from her stomach. She felt a slight twitch from Megan. With her hands on Megan’s body, she turned Megan around and said, “Now look at that view.”

Megan turned her head and saw how nice the dress hugged her and how her ass looked. Brieanna placed her hand on the small of Meg’s back and smoothed the material over her ass, again the twitch. With her hand on Megan’s ass, she looked at her face and said, “Nice, so very nice.”

Megan moved her head just a little forward and she kissed Brieanna’s lips and said, “Thank you, the dress is marvelous, but let me take it off before it gets all wrinkled.”

Brieanna moved aside and her finger’s went to her lips and she liked the kiss. She moved towards the bed as Megan pulled the dress off and folded it back in to the box. Her ass pointing right at Brieanna.

She couldn’t take it anymore, when Megan stood up straight, Brieanna’s hands came around her and held Megan’s breasts. With her head on Meg’s shoulder she whispered in her ear, “I’ll stop if you want me too, but I really want to explore your body.”

Instead of saying anything, Megan brought her arm up and she held Brieanna’s head to her and then turned in her arms. Megan kissed her again. This time her tongue moved along Brieanna’s lips until Brieanna opened her mouth a little. Their tongues met and both women felt the tingles on their bodies.

Megan reached down and brought Brieanna’s shirt up over her head and then unsnapped her bra to let it fall to the floor. They stood, breasts to breasts, nipple to nipple. Both feeling the electricity of the moment.

Megan leaned down and took a breast in her hand and brought her lips to it. The nipple was so stiff as she held it right at her lips, not sucking on it or biting it, just holding it there.

Kneeling, Megan then unsnapped the dungaree shorts and unzipped them. Slowly, she spread the opening and then brought them down Brieanna’s legs. Pulling off her sneakers and socks, Megan then moved back up Brieanna’s legs, kissing every inch of the way.

Brieanna was wearing a boy leg panty and she kissed her panties, then moved them down her legs too. Megan saw that she too shaved her pussy, but she left just a slight line at the top. Megan kissed Brieanna’s labia and gave it a swipe of her tongue, just to taste her a little bit.

Moving back up her stomach, to her breasts, then to her neck and earlobes, then back to Brieanna’s lips. Again their tongues intertwined.

Brieanna was breathing hard, her breasts rose and fell with a purpose. She liked what Megan was doing to her, not just diving in, doing it and then leaving. She went slow, enjoyed what she was doing and that made it 100% better.

Brieanna want to do the same to her, to move over every square inch of Megan’s body. Brieanna moved Megan down to the carpet and let her lay back. Then she once again held Megan’s breasts in her hands. This time she did suckle on the nipples and loved it. She took as much as she could in her mouth while her hands moved Kartal Escort all over Megan’s breasts.

Brieanna then moved herself between Megan’s legs and she kissed her stomach and down her abs to her labia. When Brieanna finally tasted her, she knew she wanted more. Splitting the labia with her tongue, she licked at the juices that came from Megan’s love tunnel. It was sweet and delicious.

Brieanna stuck her tongue inside of Megan’s pussy and moved her tongue in and out. Megan was holding her head, not hard, but to let her know she was liking it.

Megan’s pussy was flowing with juice and she felt it dripping down. She was loving the feel of that tongue inside of her and she humped her pussy into Brieanna’s mouth.

“Fuck girl, eat my pussy.”

Brieanna didn’t stop sucking out Megan’s love juices, she had it all over her chin and didn’t care. Brieanna moved Megan’s ass into the air and lapped at the juices that had dripped. Megan’s small puckered brown hole was right there, and she licked at the outer edges.

“Oh God Brieanna, Oh God that feels good.”

Brieanna then moved to insert her tongue inside of Megan’s ass. This was something she had never done, but she couldn’t stop herself. She wanted to be in every crack or crevice, all at the same time.

While she tongued Megan’s ass, she moved a finger over Megan’s pussy and slid it inside.

Megan said, “Jesus girl, make me cum.”

Brieanna’s fingers moved quickly, as her tongue did the same to the brown tunnel.

Megan moved a hand to stroke her clit. When she first touched it, she almost exploded, her fingers were like lightening over that electric nub.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, I’m going to cum, don’t stop.”

Brieanna didn’t need to be told. Her tongue and finger moved in unison and with Megan playing with her own clit, Megan climaxed hard.

“OHHHHHHHHH, Shittttttttttttttt, I’m CUMMMMMMING!”

Brieanna quickly replaced her finger with her mouth and sucked down the warm fluids that came her way. Her tongue continued to swipe inside and bringing it into her mouth. She swallowed every drop.

Brieanna sated in the velvet liquid she got from Megan, stood and moved back to the closet and reached for a box on a shelf. Opening it, she pulled out a strap on and handed it to Megan.

“Fuck me with this Meg.”

Megan stood and took the dildo and placed her legs in the loops and attached the belt to her waist. Reaching down and holding the ten inch cock In her hand she said, “Suck my cock girl.”

Brieanna got on her knees and took the dildo into her mouth and this made Megan love the idea of it.

Megan said, “On your hands and knees woman, I’m going to fuck you.”

Brieanna turned and got into the position and Megan dropped behind her and inserted the dildo’s head into Brieanna’s slick pussy.

“Oh shit Meg, more, shove it all in.”

Meg did just that, as she pulled back just a bit, then pushed the entire dildo into that sweet wet dripping pussy. She moved it in and out and watched as Brieanna turned her head to watch Megan as she slammed the cock into her body.

As excited as she was to be fucked by Megan, Brieanna took a hand and moved it to her clit and moved it under her hand. This added thrill was helping her to get to the brink where she wanted to be.

Megan leaned forward and took Brieanna’s breasts in her hands and tugged on the nipples and encase the swells of those lovely mounds.

All of this pushed Brieanna over the edge and she climaxed as Megan continued to shag her dripping pussy.

“Cuming Meg, Good God yes cuming.”

Sweat was dripping from both of them as Brieanna started to come down from her orgasm. Megan slid the dildo out of her pussy and both laid on the carpet.

After they showered, they dressed and Brieanna drove Megan back home. As she got out of the car, Megan thanked her for everything and she promised to take good care of the dress.

“I’m not worried about the dress, you just have a good time and you can tell me all about it later, okay?”

“Okay, I will, thanks again,” as she dashed into the house.

The next day, Megan went and got a manicure and a pedicure and had fought with herself about getting her hair done too. She decided to just wear it straight, because she looked better with her hair down, then up on her head.

At home she soaked in the tub, lavishing in a jasmine scented bubble bath. She was ready to go at 7PM. Sitting In her living room she was somewhat nervous as to how the evening will go, but she kept telling herself it was just a dining invitation, nothing more.

She checked herself in the mirror for a fifth time and she really loved the dress. “Brieanna is right, this is a knockout dress.”

The doorbell rang and she answered it. Taking her purse from the table by the door, she left the house, locked the door and was escorted to the long black limousine. The door was opened for her and she ducked her head and went in.

Sitting on the opposite side of the rear seat was an older man. He was Maltepe Escort at least in his mid-fifties. Dressed in a beautiful black/blue Armani suit, his hair was mostly dark brown, slightly graying on the edges. His steel blue eyes really caught her attention.

He reached out a hand to help her in and said, “Thank you for accepting my invitation, I wasn’t sure if you would or not.”

“I wasn’t going to at first, but what the heck, why not. Just one question Mr. Rennicks. How is it you know me?”

“Please, make it Roger, Mr. Rennicks is my father. I have seen you with my niece on several occasions and mentioned to her how pretty you were. She told me you weren’t attached, so I took a chance on inviting you out.

“Who’s your niece?”

“Tanya Anderson.”

“Oh, the girl I have lunch with when I go to step-aerobics.” “That’s her, I’ve picked her up a few times and seen you with her, but she’s never introduced you to me.”

Megan relaxed and felt a lot better, now that she knew how he knew her. A smile appeared on her face.

Roger said, “Do you mind such an older man asking you out on a date?”

“No, I like to have fun and if you do too, well then that’s all that really matters.”

“Yes, that is a good way to say it, I do like to have fun. Have you been to LaScala before?”

“No, this is my first time eating there, but I’ve heard and read a lot about it.”

“Good, just be yourself in there, don’t get highbrow on me, remember I like to have fun.”

“Me highbrow! Perish the thought.”

The limo pulled up to the front of the restaurant and soon the door was opened. As Megan exited the limo, her split hem parted a little and exposed high up her thighs. The driver acted as if her didn’t notice. As Roger exited right after her, he took her arm and walked to the entrance.

The doorman opened the door, smiled and said, “Welcome to LaScala.”

The Maitre D’ recognized the man walking in the door and said, “Good evening Mr. Rennicks. Your table is ready, right this way please.”

After being seated they were handed menu’s and then left alone. A Magnum of Champagne was brought to the table and a glass poured for each.

Roger took his glass and held it towards Megan, she lifted hers and they clinked glasses and took a drink. Megan rubbed her nose and said, “This stuff always makes my nose tingle.”

“Well good, anytime I can make you tingle, that makes me happy.”

Both of them giggled and Roger asked if he could order for the both of them, and she agreed.

When the waiter arrived, he ordered Prime Rib, asparagus and mashed potatoes for the both of them.

Megan looked at him and said, “I’m glad you didn’t order duck or goose or anything like that.”

“Well until I know what way your taste run, that would be foolish of me.”

Megan thought to herself, He’s assuming there will be further date. I have to study him a little more.

The meal went great for both of them. They found a lot of common ground and laughed a lot too. Both refused desert and Megan excused herself to use the restroom.

While fixing her make-up in the mirror, a girl, about her age stood next to her and said, “How did you manage to get a date with Mr. Rennicks?”

Megan looked at the girl and said, “Excuse me?”

“I’m sorry, that didn’t come out right. What I meant to say was, he doesn’t bring many women here and usually dines alone.”

Megan just said, “He asked and I accepted, just that simple,” then turned and walked away.

Back at the table, Roger had paid the bill and was waiting for her to return. “Let’s go somewhere, anywhere.”

As she entered the limo, this time Roger checked out how tight the dress was over her ass and liked what he saw, then he got in and the limo started off.

“Where to,” he asked?

“How about we just ride around, I’m enjoying the evening and the ride and want it to last for a little while.”

He nodded and picked up a phone and told the driver to just drive until given a destination, then he hung the phone up.

The limo was a stretch limo and inside of it was huge. Roger opened a box and pulled out more champagne and looked at her.

“Yes, why not, I’m about giddy now, may as well go there.”

Roger poured the champagne and said, “A giddy beautiful women, and by the way, I’ve failed to mention how lovely you look in that dress.”

Megan looked down at herself and for some reason her nipples had stiffened. The swells of her breasts were quite prominent and she giggled inside. Taking a sip of her champagne, she set it back in the holder and just moved to the opposite end of the limo.

Sitting across from Roger, she leaned forward and said, “These are what you’ve been looking at all night.”

He smiled and said, “Not just your breasts Megan, you are totally a beautiful woman, and yes you do have lovely breasts.”

She smiled at him and said, “Remember earlier, I told you I like to have fun? Well one of my fantasies was to be made love to in a limo. Would you like to make it come true?”

“Oh yes Megan, I’d like that very much.”

Megan surprised Roger by taking the dress and pulling it over her head. Without a bra or panties, she wore just her heels. Running her hands over her breasts and pulling her nipples she said, “Want to watch for a while?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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