The Making of a Mistress Ch. 01

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Reading Notes:

1. The series ‘Coming Home; Coming Out’ was finished, but both Simon(e) and I felt that there was something about the waitress character that Dr. Sara met that deserved some further development. We’ve collaborated again, combining several of our favourite fetishes to create this series. It is a spin-off from the series mentioned above. As Simon(e) put it, we created Marie as a character to drive the CH;CO story on, and if we don’t develop her, she’ll remain just a peripheral character. We both believe she deserves better than that.

2. This opening chapter will include many fetishes, including BDSM, Hot Wife and cuckold, and later chapters will feature lots of smoking. If these do not float your boat, move on and find something more to your tastes.

3. All characters are aged 18 or over, and all sex is consensual

Marie took one final look around the restaurant. It was her turn to lock up, and she was there alone. Satisfied that everything was set for tomorrow’s lunch time service, she switched on the burglar alarm, turned off the lights and locked the front door. Then she operated the switch to bring the roller shutters down, and waited until they came to rest, and the frontage of the restaurant was covered and secure. She turned around in the quiet, dark street, and a set of headlights flashed from the opposite side of the road. Despite the late hour, and the lack of traffic, Marie looked both ways before she crossed the road and headed towards the car, and her lift, Charles, who insisted on meeting her after every shift.

“Everything tickety-boo, old thing?”

His greeting never changed, despite Marie having told him on countless occasions that she hated being called “old thing”.

She kissed him on the cheek and sighed inwardly as he reminded her to ‘buckle up’. Charles had a horror of being caught doing something illegal, and that included ferrying a passenger who was not wearing a seat belt.

Marie clicked her seat belt into the holder and smiled at him.

“I’ve got something to tell you,” she said in a teasing voice. “I served a party tonight, and they were so impressed with me that they gave me fifty pounds as a tip!”

“Well done, old thing! I’m very pleased for you. You really are frightfully clever!”

Marie smiled to herself. She knew that fifty pounds to Charles was so insignificant a sum as to mean absolutely nothing to someone who worked as an executive in a merchant bank. She said ‘worked’, but to Marie, going into an office for a few hours a day and then spending hours over ‘business lunches’ could hardly be described as ‘work’.

But she was very fond of Charles. He was attentive, caring and very sweet. True, he had been dealt a cruel hand when cocks were being handed out. They had petted when they went out on a date, but he didn’t seem over keen to appreciate Marie’s 36DD tits or her smooth cunt. Fucking was only for husbands and wives and as for oral sex, well that simply was ‘dirty’.

Marie had resigned herself to the fact that Charles wasn’t going to fuck her until they were married, which was, for her at least, much too far in the future. Still, she hoped that the conversation that she’d had earlier with that very nice Welsh woman, her sissy cuckold husband and that hunk whom she’d described as her ‘lover’, would tempt Charles into moving the wedding date closer, so that she could become the sort of wife that he’d confided to her that he really needed.

Charles prattled on as he drove Marie home. As usual, he parked a short distance away from her flat, because, as he put it, “I don’t want your neighbours to see us saying goodnight, or they might get the wrong impression of you.”

He turned the car engine off and looked at her.

“Home safe and sound,” he smiled. “Now, if memory serves you said you had something to tell me when you got into the old motor outside the restaurant. Come on then, spit it out. I’m all ears.”

Marie looked at him and weighed up her options.

“Do you want to come in for a coffee, and we can discuss it in comfort on the sofa?” she asked hopefully.

“Coffee at this time of night? No jolly fear! I’d be awake all night and I have a very important meeting at lunch time tomorrow. I need to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed.”

“And besides, what would the neighbours think if they saw a man accompanying a single woman into her flat after dark? You really must think of your reputation, old thing!”

“Charles, just shut up and listen to me for a minute!” said Marie desperately.

“I tell everyone that you are my fiancé, but I’m still waiting for you to ask me to marry you. I haven’t even got a ring! Do you think there is a future for us, or are you just keeping yourself entertained with me until someone more suitable turns up?”

Marie was annoyed with herself that her frustration had got the better of her, and she was even more furious when a couple of fat tears welled up in her eyes and slowly ran down her cheeks. She never cried, so what the fuck was she uşak seks hikayeleri doing leaking tears now of all days?

Charles was silent, and Marie thought to herself

“Well, you’ve done it now girl. You’ve forced his hand. Here it comes. He’s going to dump you any second now!”

Eventually, Charles spoke.

“I am very fond of you, you silly billy,” he said, reaching out and taking her hand.

“I want nothing more than for you to be my wife, but you know that I have certain needs, and I can’t bring myself to ask you to do things that you wouldn’t be comfortable with.”

“Oh for fuck’s sake, Charles,” Marie muttered angrily, ignoring his tut of disapproval at her use of the word ‘fuck’.

“I put up with your cross dressing. I tolerate how crap you are at putting make-up on. I don’t complain that you never fondle my tits, or go down on me or fuck me!”

“But there’s a limit to my patience. I have needs too! I need to be fucked regularly. I need to have my tonsils whitewashed with hot, thick cum! I need to have my clit sucked until I squirt!”

Marie paused to get her breath back after this outburst, and Charles saw an opportunity to reply.

“You are such a sweet little thing “he said warmly, “and you have been so understanding of my needs since we met and started walking out.”

“I’m hopeless,” he confessed. “I don’t have the trouser equipment of other men of my age, and I can only get a stiffy if I look at magazines which show women spanking men.”

“I really am awfully fond of you,” he continued, “so I couldn’t ask you to do any more than you do for me now.”

“As you have already pointed out, you tolerate me wearing a dress sometimes, and when we go to functions and parties, I cut quite a handsome figure with such a pretty young thing as you on my arm.”

“I’d marry you tomorrow, but I know I wouldn’t be able to make you happy, and so that is the reason I haven’t proposed. So what I’m trying to say is that if you want to give me the old heave-ho, I understand perfectly.”

Marie looked at him in amazement.

“Do you listen to anything I ever say?” Marie asked incredulously. “I just told you that I tolerate you and your needs. The news that I wanted to discuss with you is that I waited on a couple tonight who turned out to be a cross dresser and his wife. He was wearing a very pretty dress and she had brought her lover with her.”

“They were the party that gave me the big tip, and the Lady offered to mentor me. I gave her my number, and she said she’d ring me so that we can meet and discuss how I can become more like her.”

Charles was silent for a few seconds, and then his face broke into a huge grin.

“You mean that you’d let me carry on with my needs after we were married?” he said hopefully.

“Not only that,” replied Marie, “but I would encourage it! I want to be your Mistress Wife, and I’ll be the one to set the rules. I’ll be in charge at all times, and you will obey me, or suffer the consequences!”

“And what would those consequences be?” Charles asked quietly, his eyes shining in the darkness.

“I think that’s what my customer wants me to find out,” Marie smiled, “so you’ll have to wait until I’ve met her and had my first mentoring session.”

“But one thing I can tell you that is going to change from this moment is the way you speak. Not just how you speak to me, but your everyday normal speech. There will be no more of this ridiculous Bertie Wooster 1920s nonsense.”

“Don’t ever refer to me as ‘old thing’ again, and whilst you’re trying to remember that, you need to realise that expressions like ‘tickety-boo’ make you sound like a fucking idiot!”

Charles couldn’t help himself. He tutted again, and Marie grimaced.

“See what I mean?” she said bitterly. “I say ‘fuck’ and you disapprove. Well from now on, you don’t get to disapprove of anything I say or do. Is that clear?”

“Yes, old… um yes Marie. Thank you for being so open and honest.”

“That’s ok” came the reply.

“Now let’s start as we mean to go on, shall we?”

Marie undid her seat belt and reached over and released Charles’s belt too.

“Get out and open my door for me, and help me out of the car,” she instructed.

Charles did as he was told, and then he escorted Marie back to the safety of the pavement.

“Thank you, Charles,” she said warmly. “You passed your first test with flying colours!

Now lock the car, and walk me to my flat.”


Charles’s protestation was cut short by a stern glance.

“No ‘buts’ Charles,” Marie warned him. “Remember what I just said? I make the rules from now on!”

She linked her arm through Charles’s and started off towards her flat. Reluctantly, Charles walked with her.

When they reached the front door, Marie took her key from her coat pocket and handed it to Charles. She winked at him.

He took the proffered key in a hand that was shaking. Marie didn’t know if it was excitement or sheer terror that was causing this to happen. She suspected it was a combination of the two!

Once the door was open, Charles stepped aside to let Marie enter. He held out her keys to her.

“Come in,” she said carelessly, as she walked past him. “Shut the door after you and leave the keys on the table in the hallway.

Charles had no option but to do as he was told. Marie had already disappeared into her flat.

Closing the door behind him quietly, so as not to alert the neighbours, Charles deposited the keys on the table in the hallway as he had been instructed. He paused, unsure of how to proceed.

“I’m in here!” Marie’s voice sounded from down the hallway, and Charles walked in the direction from where it had come.

He found himself in a large, high ceilinged room. Marie was sprawled on a sofa, smiling encouragingly at him.

“There!” she grinned, “Now that wasn’t too difficult was it? And you managed to avoid alerting Mr and Mrs Jameson next door!”

Charles blushed and grinned, a combination that Marie found most appealing. He cleared his throat and said brightly,

“Well this lovely room! You’ve decorated it most tastefully. This is my first visit here, and I think it’s a lovely place to live.”

“Thank you” said Marie, although her sardonic tone was lost on Charles who was still looking around in admiration.

“If you’re a very good boy, I’ll show you my bedroom in a minute.”

“Oh!” gasped Charles, “I don’t know if…”

He stopped.

“You make the rules from now on,” he said.

“You really are a fast learner, Charles,” giggled Marie, getting up from the sofa and gripping his hand. She pulled him out of the room, down the corridor and into her bedroom.

“Now, for your information, the bathroom and toilet are through that door,” she indicated, “and the kitchen is back into the corridor, and down to the bottom of the hallway.”

“Charles? Are you listening to me?”

Marie followed Charles’s gaze. His eyes were glued to the small bedside table, where, as well as her reading lamp, her current novel and a small radio and clock alarm, Marie kept her pink rabbit vibrator.

Charles looked at her and said in a hoarse whisper,

“You use one of those?”

Marie had the grace to blush.

“You have your needs, and I have mine!”

Charles asked if he might hold it.

“The thought of holding something that gives you pleasure is a real thrill,” he said quietly.

Marie picked it up and switched it on. It gave out a low buzz and the head started to swivel and Marie grinned at him.

“I’ll give you a demonstration, if you like!” she teased.

“Oh no, that won’t be necessary, thank you,” said Charles quickly.

As if to take her mind off the offer to show him how the rabbit functioned, Charles asked,

“What are those little protrusions half way down the shaft?”

“Those are the bunny ears that give this rabbit its name,” replied Marie. “When they get to work on my clit, I’m in heaven, and it doesn’t take to long for me to cum!”

She switched the vibrator off, and handed it to Charles who took it gingerly and examined it. He said nothing, but Marie noticed that his hand trembled and his breathing quickened.

“Just think where that thing you have in your hand has been,” she said softly.

“You could go there any time you want to, and if you did, I’d save a fortune in batteries!”

Charles returned the rabbit to its place on the bedside table and shook his head sorrowfully.

“I don’t believe that to be the case,” he said, “see for yourself.”

To Marie’s amazement, he dropped his trousers and his underpants. Marie stifled a giggle, and said

“Bloody hell, Charles. That’s not a cock. It’s more like a thimble!”

He blushed.

“It does get a bit bigger and stiffer when I look at pictures of men being spanked,” he said defensively.

“Well I hope that generous Lady that I waited on tonight will teach me how to spank you” Marie said with a smile.

“I must admit, it’s not something I ever imagined me doing, but if it makes you happy, I’ll certainly give it a try!”

“Now it’s time for you to go. Pull your trousers up and I’ll take you to the front door.”

On the way, Marie looked at Charles and said,

“Remember the rules? Well this is going to be a standard rule which you will do well to remember Every time you bring me home from now on, you’ll walk me up to my front door, and you’ll kiss me. And I don’t mean a bloody peck on the cheek either! I want an open mouth, lots of tongue, snog. Understand?”

“I think so,” Charles replied nervously,

Marie opened the front door.

“Come on then,” she encouraged him, “give it your best shot!”

Charles took her in his arms and kissed her. His lips remained stubbornly tight, despite Marie’s efforts to open them by pushing her tongue between them. So she bit his lip.

He sprang away from her with a yelp.

“Ouch! That hurt, Marie”

“Sorry,” she said insincerely, “but I did say I wanted a nice open mouth kiss! That’s something else I’m going to have go train you to do!”

Charles looked around frantically, afraid that someone would hear Marie’s threat to train him. He was grateful that there was not another living soul to be seen.

“Will I see you tomorrow, or do you just want a lift home from the restaurant as usual?” he asked.

“I thought you had a lunch meeting tomorrow?” Marie said in a puzzled voice.

“I do,” Charles said, “but I’ll probably be finished by three o’clock. I could drop by and we could go and choose an engagement ring if you still want to marry me!”

“Oh Charles!” squealed Marie, “of course I do! Yes, please. Pick me up here as soon after three as you can!”

She kissed him again, managing to get her tongue in his mouth this time. He gave her a friendly wave as he walked down the path, and Marie blew him a kiss.

She wondered if the Lady customer would be as good as her word and contact her. She hoped so, but, Marie thought, even if she doesn’t, I’m going to be the sort of wife that Charles needs and desires.

She shut the front door and headed for her bedroom, hoping fervently that there was sufficient battery in her rabbit to give her at least two mind blowing orgasms. She had something else other than a fifty quid tip to celebrate now!

Charles was as good as his word. A little after three o’clock the following afternoon, the doorbell rang, and Marie hurried to open it.

He stood on the doorstep and bent down to kiss her. His tongue licked her lips, and then he opened his mouth to accept her tongue into his mouth. When they broke apart, he was blushing.

“Good afternoon, Marie,” he smiled. “You look nice. Are you ready?”

She nodded and picked up her shoulder bag which she always took to work. She closed the front door behind her and locked it. As she and Charles were walking down the front path, a middle aged couple turned into the path of the house next door.

“Off to work, love?” the woman smiled at her.

“Yes, Mrs Jameson” replied Marie, adding, “but first my fiancé Charles is taking me to choose an engagement ring!”

“Oh, congratulations, love!” beamed her next door neighbour. “It’s about time someone made an honest woman out of you!” Her smile robbed the words of any offence, and her husband added,

“So when’s the big day then?”

Nothing decided yet,” admitted Marie. “He’s only just asked me!”

She looked at Charles, who was smiling broadly. He squeezed her hand.

“I’d like it to be as soon as possible,” he told Mr and Mrs Jameson, “before Marie finds someone much more suitable!”

“You make a very handsome couple,” said Mrs Jameson, “don’t they Ted?”

“Yes indeed,” agreed her husband. “Good luck to you both!”

In the car, Marie turned to Charles as they both put their seat belts on.

“See? They must have seen you kissing me as they walked up to their house, and they didn’t say anything! They were just pleased for us!”

“You’re right, old thing. Whoops! Sorry! That’s not allowed any more is it? I’ve been a bit of a blithering idiot, haven’t I? I should have asked you to marry me a lot sooner. I have been trying to pluck up the courage to ask you for a while. I so want to be your husband, and to do things for you, and make you happy.”

Marie smiled indulgently at him.

“When we are married,” she said confidently, “we are both going to have the time of our lives. We understand each other, and you are going to be the best sissy husband I could wish to have.”

Charles blushed and looked thrilled.

“In that case,” he said, “I think the time has come for me to take you home to meet my parents. And I should be introduced to yours. In what order do you think we should let them know? Yours first, or mine?”

“My parents are divorced,” Marie said quietly. “The last I heard of my father was that he was drinking himself to death in the bar he owns in Ibiza. He went there after he and my mum split up.”

“She and I don’t have a lot of contact. An exchange of cards for our birthdays and at Christmas. I haven’t seen her since I left home to go to University. I never went back home!”

Charles looked at her in admiration.

“You went to University?” he asked in an impressed tone. “I never knew that. Why, may I ask, are you working as a waitress then?”

“There isn’t a lot of call for art historians in this town,” she replied dryly, “and I have to pay my rent somehow!”

Two hours later, they were officially engaged. Charles had driven them to a jeweller’s shop where Marie had chosen an engagement ring. It was a single 1.25 carat diamond set in a cluster of smaller diamonds all mounted on a platinum ring. She loved it, and kissed Charles voraciously when he told the shop assistant that if that was what his fiancé wanted, that is what she should have. The middle aged woman smiled warmly, and looked discretely away as Marie seemed to attempting to suck Charles’s tonsils into her mouth as they kissed.

The ring needed to be sent away to be re-sized and polished. They agreed to come back on Saturday to collect it. The shop assistant coughed discretely.

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