The Neighborhood Girls

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My mom and I had just moved to a new house in a small rural village. Dad had left years ago and Mom raised me on her own. I had just turned 18 and graduated from high school. I knew some of the neighbors from school and went out to meet them.

I quickly ran into two girls who seemed to be together all the time. They were both 18 also and I knew them from school but we were not close friends. Jennifer had long brown hair and very pretty brown eyes. She had small breasts but a cute butt. She had a smile that seemed very friendly.

Carmen was a little taller and she also had brown hair with green eyes. Her breasts were larger and her butt was bigger as well but she wasn’t fat. She was the “crazy” one who did not mind doing outrageous things for attention.

I saw them walking past our house and they stopped to talk to me for a while.

“Hi Mike” said Carmen. “How do you like the new house?”

“Oh, it’s pretty nice” I replied. We had a large garage with a loft out behind the house. “Do you girls want a short tour?”

I could not resist in at least asking them because I did not want to pass up a chance to start some conversation with them.

“Sure, we’re not busy” said Jennifer. I took them around the house and showed them the garage. I had plans to fix up the loft and make a sort of a hideaway up there.

The girls seemed interested and I noticed that they were both keeping an eye on me as we walked and talked. I thought they were both very cute and was hoping that I would see more of them.

A few days had passed before I saw Jennifer walking past the house. I went out to talk to her and hopefully, keep her interested in me.

“Hi Jenny, what’s up today?” I said as I came up to her.

“Not much, Carmen went away with her parents” she said.

“Want to hang out for awhile?” I asked nervously.

“Sure, why not?” she replied. “Let’s go look at that loft of yours.”

I was thrilled as we went into the garage. She seemed like she was wanting to be with me. I let her walk up the stairs to the loft while I got a close up of her sweet looking butt. She was wearing some tight shorts and it looked great.

By the time we got to the top, my dick had begun to respond to Jenny and was expanding quickly. I tried to hide it by showing her around. We moved some boxes around and cleaned it up a little which gave me time to soften up.

“This will be great when it’s all fixed up” she said. I was thinking that it had great possibilities myself as I stared at her beautiful body. She was very slim and athletic looking and her tight t-shirt and shorts looked sexy on her.

“Yeah, I think so, too” I said as I came out of my fog. “I hope to make it a place to hang out in.”

“Well, I’d hang out here with you” she said with a smile.

I walked over to her and bent down to gently kiss her full lips. I wasn’t sure if she was going to kiss me back or slap me but I had to try. When she began to kiss me with some passion, I was thrilled and excited. Not to mention my dick, which was doing flip flops in my shorts. Now it was rock hard and I put my arms around her to hold her while we kissed.

She used her tongue to tease me with and it was so soft and sensual. I could not believe my luck, kissing a pretty girl like Jenny. She put her arms around my waist as we kissed and sucked tongues. It seemed like hours but was really only minutes when we came up for some air.

“Wow, you are a great kisser” she gasped.

“Wow yourself, that was fantastic” I said breathing heavily.

We began to kiss some more and let our hands roam around each others backsides. She was a good kisser and she began to rub her body up against my cock. I went with it and pulled her tighter to me. Her boobs were tight against my chest and they felt great.

We leaned back against some boxes and we were necking with alot of passion. We were getting worked up pretty fast and I started to run my hands down across her lovely ass. She just kept grinding against my cock. I was squeezing and feeling her ass while we played tonsil hockey.

I was in heaven being with this pretty girl. I had girlfriends in the past but did not have alot of experience. This girl was hot and she was letting me kiss and grind into her. We broke for air again and we were both extremely excited.

She turned around and I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me. Her ass rubbed against my cock as my hands rubbed and stroked her tight, flat stomach. I kissed her neck and she kept her butt tight against my cock. She was stroking my cock with her ass and it was all I could do to keep from blowing it in my pants.

I reached up and cupped her pretty tits and felt their softness. Her hard nipples seemed long and they stuck out into my hands. I pinched and rolled her nipples between my fingers while she assaulted my cock with her ass.

I slipped one hand down across her flat belly and down across her shorts and I could feel the heat Manavgat escort between her legs. I ran my hand along the front of her shorts and my fingers traced along her panties.

Jenny could not believe what she was feeling. She thought Mike was a great looking guy but she did not plan to go this far this soon. She and Carmen have had experience with handjobs and even some oral sex but she was still a virgin. She was feeling extremely horny today. After their kiss, she felt her pussy juice up and she could not stop from rubbing on Mike.

All of the kissing and rubbing was having an effect on her body. Her nipples were hard and tingling and her pussy was wet and very hot. She needed to cum and now Mike was getting close to her pussy. She couldn’t tell him no, even if she wanted to.

I slipped my hand inside her shorts and under her panties. I could feel the heat and ran my fingers into her pubic hair. She did not have much hair and my fingers found their way into her pussy. Jenny spread her legs slightly and allowed my fingers to explore her hot pussy.

Her pussy was sopping wet and she slumped back against me as I used my fingers to find her clitoris. Jenny moaned as I stroked her clit. She could hardly stand when my fingers slipped into her pussy. I sawed my fingers in and out of her pussy. I held her close as I explored her pussy and even ran a finger down to her ass. She was very wet and I slid my hand around easily.

After a few minutes I concentrated on pinching and stroking her clit. I used my thumb to stroke it while I kept two fingers in her pussy. Jenny was trembling as her orgasm built up. I was still kissing her neck and squeezing her nipples with my free hand.

Jenny couldn’t take it anymore and her body stiffened up. Her orgasm racked through her body and her tits shook as she was sent over the edge. She was gasping and breathing heavily as her pussy spasmed with pleasure.

I held her and was amazed that I could make her cum as hard as she did. I hugged her while she regained her senses. My hand was covered with her juices and I licked it clean. She had a sweet tasting pussy and I took note that I would have to try that sometime.

When Jenny recovered from her orgasm she realized that Mike’s cock was still hard and pressed up against her ass.

“Holy crap, Mike” she gasped. “I have never cum that hard before. You are something else, big boy.”

“And you are one sweet girl” I replied. “I’ve never done that before but it was fun and sure would like to do it again!”

“Well, maybe I will have to get Carmen to help me,” Jenny said with a wink. “Right now, I see a problem I may be able to help you with.”

Jenny reached down and pulled my shorts down to my knees. My cock bounced out and hit her in the cheek. She used her hands to hold my cock and firmly began to stroke it. Precum was oozing from the end of my dick and Jenny rubbed it into the head of my cock.

There was no way I would last very long and soon I could feel the cum boiling in my balls. Just as Jenny reached up and rubbed my balls, I was ready to blast off.

I told her I was going to cum and then she amazed me even more by slipping the head of my cock into her mouth. It felt so soft and warm that my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I felt her tongue slither across my cock and then I lost it. I starting pumping my hot load into her willing mouth. I grunted with each spurt and my cum filled her mouth until it overflowed and ran down her chin.

Jenny gulped it down like a pro and I looked on astonished. No one had ever swallowed my cum before and it was great. She kept pumping my cock into her mouth until there was nothing left. Now, I was the weak one and had to get my head together.

I pulled her to me and kissed her again, although I could taste cum on her lips. Her kisses were so soft and sensual, just using her tongue enough to tantalize me.

After a few more kisses, Jenny said she had to go but promised she would be back soon. I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.


After a few days, I had the loft looking pretty good. I laid down some old carpet and found two old chairs that my Mom said I could have. A few posters on the ceiling and I was pretty proud of myself. I even hung up a basketball rim in the lower garage area in case I wanted to shoot some hoops.

Jenny called and said that she and Carmen were bored and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out with them. I tried not to seem overly excited but I knew the possibilities could be extremely fun. I told them to come over and we could shoot some hoops for awhile.

I’m not sure that’s what they had in mind but I assured them it would be fun. I had a little plan to add some excitement to our game. I devised a variation of the school yard game H-O-R-S-E and was sure they would try it.

The girls arrived and they were looking super. Both were wearing shorts and tight tank tops that Manavgat escort bayan showed alot of skin. I was shooting the ball when they came into the garage. I asked them if they wanted to play a game with me. Carmen immediately said yes, I sensed she was a little bit of a tomboy. Jenny, on the other hand, was a complete girly girl with very little basketball ability but she agreed to play along for the fun.

It was then that I explained the game to them. We would play H-O-R-S-E where one person makes a shot and the next person has to try and duplicate it. If they miss the shot, I explained that they would have to kiss the shooter and then remove a piece of clothing. Each kiss should last 30 seconds and if any skin is exposed, the shooter could also kiss that area for 30 seconds. The girls were very interested and wanted to see how this would play out.

I figured that both girls probably had shorts and panties on to go with a shirt and a bra. We agreed to leave our socks and shoes on because the garage floor was not the cleanest. That meant I could probably have the girls naked after a few shots.

Carmen was very excited after hearing about the game Mike wanted to play. Jenny had told her all about the playtime a few days earlier and was hoping to get in on the fun. Carmen was a little jealous but knew she would get a chance. She was looking forward to seeing Mike naked especially after Jenny had described his dick to her. She wanted a shot at Mike even if that meant sharing with Jenny. Her pussy was heating up as they talked about the game.

Jenny could not wait to tell Carmen about what had happened with Mike. They always told each other everything and she just had to share the experience with her best friend. Jenny told her every detail, taking time to slowly describe how her pussy felt as it built to an explosion. Jenny was panting as she relived the afternoon and was also wanting a repeat with Mike.

Both girls were feeling horny and excited listening to Mike talk. They both checked out his bulge and were impressed. They were both hot and ready to play.

I let Jenny take the first shot and she missed it badly. We all laughed as Carmen took the next shot. She just barely missed a twelve foot shot that bounced off the rim. I took the next shot and made a ten footer. We razed Jenny as she lined up the shot but pushed it to the right. I was excited as I got to kiss those lips again. Jenny melted into my mouth as we kissed for the full 30 seconds. Carmen told us when the time was up.

Then I helped her pull her shirt up and over her sweet looking boobs. My dick was getting hard as Jenny had to try and play in her bra. We were all laughing as the game continued.

Carmen then made a bank shot from the side. It was a good shot and I was impressed as I missed it. My dick got harder as I leaned in for my first kiss with Carmen. She used her tongue alot and she was a pretty good kisser as well. These girls knew how to kiss. After 30 seconds, she removed my shirt and I felt both girls checking me out. Carmen then surprised me by leaning down and licking and sucking at my nipples. No one had ever done that to me before and my cock was fully extended and rock hard.

For my next shot, I made a foul shot and Jenny was laughing because she knew she was in trouble. Jenny tried hard but she missed that shot too. I was laughing too but I kissed her with great passion. She wrapped her arms around me and pushed her boobs against my bare chest. I held her head as we kissed, sucking at each other’s tongues.

When we broke apart, I helped her unsnap her bra and she was now showing us her naked tits. They were fantastic. Perfect shaped globes with pink nipples dangling from them. Her nipples were hard and stuck out at least a quarter of an inch. I reminded her that I also got 30 seconds to kiss her bare skin and then placed my lips on her nipple. She let out a low moan as I used my tongue and lips to suck on her nipples. My hands were busy fondling her titties as I sucked on them. All too soon, time was up again.

Carmen, who was still fully dressed, took the next shot. She again made a nice little 8 foot shot. I lined it up but my dick was so hard that I missed it again. Part of me wanted to anyway!

This time Carmen hugged me tight as we kissed and I could feel her rubbing up against my hard cock. She was grinding on me pretty good when Jenny said time was up. She then helped me lower my shorts, leaving me in my boxers.

I helped Jenny with her next shot because I wanted to see Carmen lose some clothes. It worked as she banked in a short side shot. I was pulling my boxers tight against my cock in order to distract Carmen and she missed the shot.

The girls looked confused when they realized that it meant that they would have to kiss. I told them to get on with it as they were holding up the game. I could not wait to see this. Two beautiful girls swapping tongues? Are you kidding? My dick was oozing Escort manavgat juices now.

Carmen walked over to Jenny and they leaned into each other and starting kissing. I was in heaven as I watched their tongues slither into each other. Carmen’s hands starting rubbing on Jenny’s tits as they kissed. When they broke apart, Jenny took off Carmen’s shirt. Carmen had really nice looking tits that spilled out of the top of her tight bra.

By this time, Jenny and I were down to our panties and boxers and Carmen had her shorts, bra and panties left. For my next shot, I decided to make a hard shot to push things a little further. I stepped back beyond the three point line and drained a long shot. Jenny tried but her boobs got in the way of throwing the ball that far and missed terribly.

Smiling like a tiger, I approached Jenny and started kissing and grinding into her body. She was hot and grinding her pussy on my cock as we rubbed each other. I broke it off and knelt down to ease her panties down her legs. I couldn’t wait to see her pussy, my dick was throbbing so hard it hurt.

I grabbed the elastic on her panties and she wiggled her hips as I lowered them. Her light brown pussy hair came into view and was very sparse. I could see her pussy was slick with juices. After she kicked them off her foot, I leaned in and lightly kissed her pussy. My tongue snuck out and parted her lips and then I ran my tongue up and down her entire pussy.

She parted her legs to allow me more room and I licked all over her pussy and then found her clit poking out. I ran my tongue all over it and rubbed it over and over. She tasted great and I couldn’t get enough. I wrapped my hand around her butt and pulled her closer as I was getting into it. That’s when Carmen yelled time was up.

The 30 second rule was teasing us all like crazy but we were having fun. Jenny was panting hard but tried to make her next shot. She was now nude and just kind of threw the ball up high and was amazed when it fell through the hoop. She jumped up and down with delight and me and Carmen enjoyed watching her body shake and jiggle.

Carmen was laughing hard as she tried to make it but didn’t even come close. Jenny ran at her and jumped into her arms and began kissing and sucking at Carmen’s tongue. Carmen’s hands filled up with Jenny’s tits as they fell against each other. Jenny then pulled Carmen’s bra off and began sucking and licking her tits like a wild woman. Both girls were rubbing and squeezing each other and both were dripping with excitement.

Jenny looked up from sucking on Carmen’s nipples and asked if we could go up into the loft. She had a glazed look in her eyes and I knew she was close to the edge. All three of us practically ran up the stairs.

Once upstairs, I removed Carmen’s panties and now both girls were naked. I was too busy looking at pussies to notice both girls were advancing on me quickly. They pushed me onto my back and then they both pulled my boxers off me, leaving me naked as well.

Jenny said she wanted my dick so Carmen climbed up and lowered her hot pussy to my waiting tongue. I probed into her slick pussy and used my tongue to explore her lips and clit. She moaned when I licked her clit and I kept up the pressure on her. She was grinding her pussy into my tongue and her juices were flowing.

I tried to concentrate on Carmen’s pussy as Jenny was rubbing and stroking my cock. I was close and tried to make it last. She started to lick the sides of my cock and ran her tongue all over the head of it and then down to my balls. She held my cock in her hand as she used her tongue to softly lick and suck on my balls. Her thumb gently massaged the head of my cock and kept me oozing precum.

Carmen leaned onto my chest as I sucked on her clit. She was moaning very loudly now and I knew she was going to cum any time. I sucked in her clit and then used my tongue to circle it and then went faster and faster. She let out high scream as her orgasm hit. Her ass and pussy was grinding onto my mouth and she stiffened up tight as she rode out her spasms. She rolled off of me weakly to the side and just laid on the floor, trying to catch her breath.

Jenny then started to suck on me hard. She held the head of my cock in her mouth as she used her hand to stroke the length of my cock. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head and she had great suction. She used her other hand to massage my balls and I could feel the fire coming up. I couldn’t take it anymore and I shot my cum hard into her waiting mouth. She stroked me into her mouth until I stopped spurting. She was great and I thought she swallowed it all.

Jenny crawled over to Carmen and they began to kiss. That’s when I saw Jenny feeding Carmen my cum. They were swapping tongues and cum back and forth and they were loving it. It was so exciting and stimulating to watch that my cock stayed half hard. These were two hot girls and they were putting on a show for me!

When they were done, Jenny told me it was her turn. I didn’t quite know what she meant until she pushed me back again and planted her pussy on my mouth. I loved this girl’s pussy and began to suck and lick it eagerly. She was creaming and it did not take her long to get heated up.

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