All I Got Was a Pair of Panties

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She told me to pick out a pair of panties I liked. I looked through the large drawer and saw dozens of pairs of panties. Some thongs, some skimpy cut, some higher cut, most sexy and girly. After rummaging a bit through I saw a pair of satin royal purple string bikini panties with scrunch silk leg and waistbands. The girliness was completed with a little pink rose right in the center of the waistband where a bow would normally be on girls’ undies. The idea of her wearing this pair of panties makes my cock twitch inside my undies so I know I’ve found the pair I want. I pick up the pair of panties and turn around and hold them out for her.

She smirks at me and said, “Good choice baby. Now put them on for me.”

I was shocked and said, “No way I can’t wear girls’ underwear!” She doesn’t say a word to my response except to put her arms around me and kiss me. After a few passionate kisses she steps back and takes my hands in hers and running them up and down her thighs.

With that my will to resist completely collapsed and I agreed to put them on. She giggled with glee and quickly pulled my briefs down and tossed them to the side. She then held up the panties and beckoned me to step into them. I stepped in and she slowly and methodically pulled them up my legs with a satisfied smirk on her face. Once the panties were up around my waist my hardon quickly shot back up to full staff and forced its way over the low waistband.

She giggled and said, “Looks like someone likes wearing girls’ undies despite his protests.” I couldn’t really deny it and felt myself getting warm from embarrassment as she eyed my cock and said playfully, “You might want to tuck him in. I pull up on the waistband of the panties and force my full staff erection inside pushing it to the right. It’s inside but not by much since my choice in panties doesn’t have a lot of material in the front and I can already feel it trying to force its way out.

She giggles again at my cock now crammed inside her panties before gushing out sensually, “These look so sexy on you.” as she pulled me in for a kiss. It quickly turned into a make out session and much to my satisfaction in between hot kisses she let me start undressing her. Her shorts and t-shirt came off to reveal white cotton panties with cherries printed on them and a matching bra.

In between more kisses and nice handfuls of her ass and tits we ended up pulling each other down onto the bed. Here I tied to re-assert some dominance over the situation by rolling over top of her and quickly forcing my hand down the front of her panties. I could feel her dampness and her body quivered at feeling şişli escort my hand down there.

“Am I making you wet?” I asked her as I began to rub her inside her panties.

“Oh yes I’m getting so wet.” she half moaned half panted as she melted into the mattress under my fingering. While she let her back and upper body mold into the mattress, she arched her hips up into where my fingers were going to work on her pussy. My fingers were by then soaked in her essence and I knew it wouldn’t be long if I kept it up that she would have an orgasm.

To accentuate my newfound control over the situation I slowed my fingering considerably and let her arousal simmer down. This may or may not have been smart as when I did, she looked up right at me and said, “Oh no you don’t. Panty boys don’t get to be teases too it doesn’t work like that.”

With that she was up in a flash and before I knew what had happened, she had grabbed me and rolled me down to the mattress pinning me down with a fierce determination. “Panty boys don’t tease they get teased that’s why they’re panty boys. Now hold still while I finish what you started.”

Hovering over me and straddling one of my legs she pushed her own hand down the front of her panties where mine had just been. “Mmmm.” she moaned as she played with herself. That feels so good.” Then she looked me right in the eye before licking her lip and saying, “I know you wish you were in here.” Yes I did wish I was doing that to her with my own cock, but I have to admit it was quite alluring to watch her giving herself pleasure.

I knew she was getting close to climaxing when she got quieter and pulled her legs tighter together and seemed to be pushing her hand in harder. Sure enough not long after she let out a huge moan and gasp. She upped her fingering for a few seconds before letting off and pulling her hand out of her panties. Both her fingers and the front of her panties were soaked in her essence.

“Oh my god that felt so good.” she said looking down at me. “Look how wet I am after all that.” She then pulled down her panties and dropped them on my chest. She then moved her eyes down to my crotch area and said, “Oh my it looks like someone has enjoyed the show and wants some attention.”

I followed her gaze down there and noticed that during the show my dick had moved from its tucked in position to pressing its way out of the very low waistband and was seeping precum.

I moved my hand to tuck it back in, but she grabbed it saying, “No playing with that you’ve got work to do. I’m all wet and I need you to dry me off.” She then moved straddling by body until taksim escort her pussy was right over my face. I quickly buried my face between her legs and began licking off the excess essence from her orgasm.

This of course caused the issue of building up her arousal again and it wasn’t long before she was forcing me into her pussy with her hand pressing the back of my head and screaming as she had another orgasm.

As she calmed down from round 2 she pulled back a little before looking down at me and saying, “Now look what you’ve done. I guess you’re going to have to clean me up again.”

This happened twice more before she finally decided to quit tormenting me with it and dried herself off the last time with her discarded panties. Of course, by then my face was dripping with her essence which she found highly amusing. “I guess I’m all cummed out.” she said teasingly. “I don’t suppose you can say the same.” she said moving her gaze down to my crotch again.

That turned out to be the understatement of the century. Licking her to orgasm so many times had made me forget about my own arousal. I looked down to see my erection sticking even further over the waistband of the panties she had tricked me into wearing. It was now about 2 inches over the waistband and a stream of precum was oozing down from the head onto my stomach.

The satin was stretched over the shaft of my penis creating a massive tent. I spread my legs a little to see my very full balls wrapped in purple satin. I suddenly realized how hard I was. My hardon was aching and the panties all of a sudden while feeling sexy and kinky were now starting to feel tight. The satin was stretchy but not stretchy enough to hold a male erection comfortably. Whoever designed these undies clearly didn’t imagine guys wearing them. Or maybe they had a perverse sense of humor and did…

If I thought I was going to get relief from this I was sadly mistaken. After her observation she got off the bed completely before saying, “If I remember right we were going to go eat. I guess I better find some dry panties and you better wash my spunk off your face unless you want everyone to know what a pussy you are.”

I bolted up so fast at that statement that the wet panties she had again dropped on my chest fell and I ended up catching them in my hand. “Wait a minute, you can’t leave me like this!!” I said gesturing down to my erection.

She turned and said, “I told you panty boys don’t tease they get teased.” She then came back to me taking her panties out of my hand and wiping my face with the semi dry ass panel on them and said, “If you’re a good beşiktaş escort boy we might have a little more fun later. Now go wash your face.”

I went in the bathroom and as I washed my face tried to ignore the throbbing erection in my panties. Once I was done with that, I once again forced my erection back inside the panties before going back into the bedroom.

Back in the bedroom I noticed she had moved my clothes all back together on the edge of the bed. I started to pick them up to put them on but noticed that my underwear wasn’t among them.

“Baby where’s my underwear?” I asked as I looked around the pile of my clothes.

“You’re wearing your underwear.” she replied.

I was stunned again and continued to look around hoping to spot my briefs. “Oh come on baby quit playing and give me my underwear.” I said with a little desperation in my voice.

She came up to me and began to trace the waistband of my panties with her fingers before saying again, “You’re wearing your underwear.”

I knew then that I’d lost and that any hope of seeing those briefs before she wanted me to was impossible. She handed me my pants and I slid them on. She watched with amusement as my panty clad cock and balls disappeared into them. While I was washing her spunk as she calls it off my face, she had already gotten dressed (and hidden my undies!!) so once I got my clothes on, we were ready to go.

The next few hours were enjoyable, as they always were with her, but also sexually tormenting as I tried to ignore the aching erection inside my panties. Unfortunately, if I thought I was going to get any relief when we got back, I was sadly mistaken. All she wanted to do when we got back was watch tv. We curled up together on the couch under a blanket.

She got my hopes up slightly when she told me to strip to my panties before we curled up together. This however was just another part of the tease as over the next couple of hours as we watched tv she off and on traced the waistband of my panties. She never touched my erection directly just traced the waistband that was millimeters above it. Any time it started to get harder she would stop and let it deflate some. I guess she didn’t want it pushing its way over the waistband again.

Then it was time for bed. The crazy thing is by that point even though I had a geyser of built-up arousal I actually was ready to go to sleep. I was tired from a long day plus I knew she wouldn’t give me any relief until she was ready so it was better to bide my time and she would make it worth it eventually.

As we curled up in bed together, she spooned her ass up against my panty clad crotch as I pulled the comforter over us. As I pulled her close, she pressed her ass against my hardon and the last thing she said to me was, “You better not blow your spunk on my ass.” as my erection began to grow again inside the panties.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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