The Prom Night

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Big Tits

It was the day of the prom, both my sons have dates and by 4:00pm the house will be empty except for Karen and I. The thought of having the house to our selves was fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, we love our boys whole-heartedly, but it always seems that they would barge into our bedroom at most inopportune times and catch us making love. Twenty years ago this wouldn’t have bothered me, we would have put the kids back to bed and continued were we left off. But now, for me it is pretty much an unrecoverable situation.

We now have a sign on our door; that reads: “if the door is closed, please knock before entering”. But getting a teenager to listen, read, or do anything that you would like them to do is a joke. So we have to wait until late, or use days like today to play. Hell we even have to schedule sex around them! I’m sure most of you parents of teenagers can relate, and to the teenagers “Yes your Parents have SEX and PLEASE KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING!” I just had to throw that in!

Soon it was time for them to leave, which really didn’t come soon enough for me. Karen decided to go downstairs to check her e-mail, and I decided to check out XNXX.I started out flipping through some pics, and then decided to read some stories. We all have our own computers, and mine is in the bedroom for obvious reasons. It seems you can’t look at porn with teenagers around. Anyone with kids knows what I mean. But today I don’t have to worry about that…Yay!

So I went into our bedroom, and fired up my computer. I checked my e-mail; then went to XNXX. As I looked out the bedroom door and noticed Karen was playing some Internet game, so I took the opportunity and opened the teen gallery. Any time Karen walks in and sees me checking out the teens she always asks me, “Aren’t they a little young”? I just tell her that they are supposed to be of age, and if they wanted to show them selves then far be it from me to not check them out…lol. Anyways, while your playing games, I might as well do what I like best, and that is to look at Porn.

Karen and I have been married for 24 years. She is 43 and I am 46. She feels that when I check these girls out that I don’t love her or find her İstanbul Escort sexy anymore. I think she is just feeling old. But in all reality, that is not the case. Karen and I used to read (Playboy, Penthouse) when we first got married. She just lost her interest in porn, but I never did. Reading Playboy and Penthouse never bothered her, and then we would have some of the greatest sex after or even during. She just never got into the Internet porn, after the MPlayer site closed. But that is a whole other story in itself.

Karen is still hot, she is 5’10, with wavy blond hair, long beautiful legs, and her tits are a nice 36c cup, with nipples that are to die for. She says her ass is getting fat, But I don’t see it that way, besides it is great place to hold on to when I’m slamming my meat into one of the hottest pussy a guy could ever want. And let me tell you one thing, if we didn’t have the constant interference from the boys, I would be fucking her every god given minute, and giving her the gushing orgasms that she deserves.

Me I’m 5’9, with salt and pepper hair. I have big shoulders, and a work developed chest. Karen says I have a nice ass, and my cock is about 7in long, and has a nice girth. I have to say we are still pretty fit for being 40 plus.

I had read down through 4or 5 stories, when I came to this one (Afternoon in the booth). I had just started reading the part when Jack and Carol were driving down the freeway, and Jack had convinced Carol into flashing her tits, then giving him head. I had thought to myself that this could have been a page from my own life. Karen and I have done pretty much the same thing on the way home from dropping our son off at Boy Scout camp! No, I never talked her into the peep show part, but had some nice rides on the freeway with the cruise on, and some of the hottest, wettest fucks that followed when we got home. So I looked out the door and told her about this story,

I had just finished the story and was all horned up when Karen walked into the bedroom and saw the condition I was in; my cock was throbbing! I moved out of the office chair and sat on the edge of the bed so she could sit in front of the Anadolu Yakası Escort computer. She had on loose fitting shorts and a t-shirt, no bra, being she had gotten comfortable for the evening ahead of us.

As she started reading the story, I saw her eyes light up, and not only were her eyes lighting up, but her nipples were standing up too! I knew she was getting into this story and it must have brought back memories like it did with me. I reached down and lifted her leg over my head so I could sit between her beautiful long legs. It was then I noticed the wet spot growing on the crotch of her shorts. While she read, I started rubbing the inside of her leg, from the knee to her now soaked shorts, lightly grazing my fingers over the fabric covering her dripping pussy.

Karen had shifted her ass to the edge of the chair and spread her legs a little wider to give me more access, I couldn’t help but to put my head between her legs and smell the alluring aroma of her freshly soaked, steaming pussy, God I love that smell, it just drives me wild! I sucked the pussy juice through the thin fabric, and kept nuzzling her clit, when all of the sudden, she grabbed me by the hair and picked my head from her drenched crotch. Panting heavily, she proceeded to take off her shorts and panties, and I proceeded to pull her t-shirt up over her head.

As my beautiful, naked, wife sat back down, her sparkling lust glazed eyes met mine I knew she wasn’t going to be able to take much more of the intense foreplay she was receiving. I let her pick up the story were she had left off, with all my distractions she had only made it half way through. I decided it was time to pay a little attention to her fantastic tits, but first I was wanted to strip down myself. Out of the corner of her lust filled eyes I caught her checking me out as I pulled off my t-shirt. She always loved my hairy chest. Then I took off my jeans. I had a raging hard on, it seemed like a tent pole, the way it was holding my boxers straight out. Karen reached over and started to stroke my cock, making it even harder. She helped me to remove my boxers and gave my cock a few licks. She took me all the way Üsküdar Escort down her throat, glanced up at me and then slowly slid her mouth back up the length of my shaft. Just when I thought she had given up on finishing the story, she sat back down.

This was my opportunity. As she was reading, I began to finger her pussy and playing with her clit. This drives her wild in normal situations, and this case was no exception. What surprised me was the intensity and the speed that she reached her first orgasm. She gushed all over my hand. I took her juice and rubbed it into her tits. I bent over and took her nipple into my mouth and started to vigorously suck on it. In a matter of seconds, I had her Cumming again. The combination of the pussy juice and her hardened nipples drove me insane with desire. I looked up at her and noticed that the story had long been forgotten. Her eyes had that lust glaze and she was moaning loudly. I knew that my beautiful wife was on the verge of having another intense orgasm.

I braced myself against the edge of the bed, and positioned my now throbbing cock at the entrance to her sopping pussy. One quick push and I was buried to the hilt. Intent on making this last, I slowly withdrew so just the head was inside. I could feel her pussy pulsate. This was a completely new feeling for the both of us.

We had never made love in the office chair, and it just seemed to make the whole experience even that much more intense. I slowly pushed back into her pussy and ground my hips against her pubic bone. Moaning even louder, my wife grabbed the arms of the chair and arched her back up. At this point, I began slamming into her again and again, the chair crashing into the wall and each thrust stimulating her clit as I shoved it in, and hitting her G-spot as I pulled back out.

The pace and the position were just too much for her, I slammed into her and she literally exploded. Her orgasm was so intense that she gushed her juice around my cock and down my balls, even splashing up onto my belly. At that point, I lost it and filled her steaming pussy with load after load of my hot cum.

As our orgasms subsided, my knees grew weak and I collapsed against my wife’s chest. We lay there just holding each other feeling our hearts pounding and savoring the lust and love that we shared. I just want to say thanks to (Slut Wife) author of (Afternoon in the Booth) for one of the best love making sessions to date.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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