Trudy’s Life Experiences

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Big Tits

Trudy was a fun loving girl right from her earliest recollections and had enjoyed life to the fullest extent. When she was at school, and later at college, Trudy had done everything she could to enjoy her life. This meant sometimes doing things of which other people, especially her fellow students, didn’t approve.

Her earliest recollection of her sexuality occurred whilst she was attending a private school. She was not a boarder but traveled to and from school with a very good friend. Suzie was also a fun loving girl and between the two of them they enjoyed their romps together. Nothing sexual occurred between the two girls, but often Suzie would talk about her slightly older brother, Davie, and what she would like to do with him. This aroused Trudy’s interest and she often listened to what Suzie would talk about. Suzie thought sex was more of a plaything rather than a serious subject and Trudy did little to discourage Suzie from thinking along those lines. Both girls had recently turned 18 and were anxious to experience life.

Suzie said she had often watched Davie having a shower and had seen him naked on lots of occasions and thought his cock was really something special and would love to hold it! Trudy told Suzie that the only way she would be able to do something like that would be to simply go ahead and grab his cock and worry about what he might say later!

Shortly after, Suzie told Trudy she had walked into Davie’s bedroom whilst he was still in bed and, pulling back the bed sheets, grabbed his cock and held it firmly in both hands. Davie was startled at first, but then relaxed and let his sister play with his cock. Suzie really didn’t know what to do with it – it was not something she had discussed with Trudy. When she had been rubbing it for a couple of minutes, and it had grown to twice its previous length, she asked Davie what she should do next. Davie was no fool and told his sister to put it in her mouth and suck on it at the same time rubbing it up and down with her hand. Suzie told Trudy about this and said all of a sudden, he stiffened his back, and then his cock spurted this white stuff into my mouth. At first I was startled and then, as I swallowed it, I found I liked the taste so now I do it regularly for him and we both enjoy it!

Trudy got really excited when she heard what Suzie was doing and hinted she would like to try it too. Of course, Suzie was only too pleased to help her friend and so she arranged with Davie for Trudy to visit him on her way home from senior school.

When the two girls arrived at Suzie’s home, Trudy started to have doubts about what was happening but decided to see what happened. When they went into Davie’s bedroom (his parents were at work) with Suzie, Trudy started to shake and became very nervous. Davie told her not to worry and he would look after her. Suzie started the ball rolling by taking off her clothes and, when she was naked, she told Trudy to help her take Davie’s clothes off too. At this stage, Trudy was fully dressed in her school uniform. Davie helped the two girls to get his clothes off and, when he too was naked, he rolled over onto his back on his bed and told Suzie to go ahead.

Suzie grabbed hold of his cock and started to rub it up and down as she had done before. Trudy had never seen a cock before and couldn’t help but stare at it whilst Suzie was massaging it. At last Suzie leaned over and stuck his cock in her mouth, rubbing it at the same time. Trudy watched attentively and wondered what it would be like. Davie told her to take her clothes off too and, although she was reluctant, she started to remove everything. At this time, both Trudy and Suzie were 18 and Davie was almost 20.

When she too was naked, Trudy moved over to the bed with Suzie and reached over and touched Davie’s cock for the first time. When Suzie took her hand off his cock, Trudy took over the task of rubbing it up and down and, at the same time, placed it in her mouth as soon as Suzie leaned back. She was actually sucking a cock! Trudy kept on with the sucking and rubbing and felt very excited whilst she was doing this. Then she felt Davie’s hand on the back of her head pressing her down and making his cock go further into her mouth and throat. He kept up the pressure for a while until she started to shudder and, all of a sudden, he spurted his cum into Trudy’s mouth! She tried hard to swallow his cum and managed to get a lot of it down her throat but some overflowed down her chin. There, she had actually sucked a man’s cock and she really loved it!

Trudy was really thrilled with what she had done and asked Davie to do it again. He laughed and told her she would have to wait for a while whilst he recovered. At this stage, Suzie moved behind Trudy and grabbed her arms near her elbows and pinned them behind her back. Trudy’s tits pushed forward and although they were of a reasonable size, this made them stick out even more.

Davie quickly grabbed her tits and started Anadolu Yakası Escort to massage them with his hands. This excited Trudy and she felt a warm sensation through her body. Suzie kept egging Davie on to play with her some more and so he reached down between Trudy’s legs and started rubbing her cunt. Trudy became very excited with this and spread her legs wide apart so he could rub her easily. He then started to push his fingers inside her and then she really started to feel funny. She had these warm waves flowing over he body and she realized she was starting to have an orgasm. She had had orgasms before when she rubber her clit with her fingers, and she had also broken her hymen with a small, long cucumber a couple of months before but now the sensation was heightened because it was caused by a male playing with her.

Trudy begged Davie to play more with her and to rub her harder, but as he did this, she became alarmed that maybe this was something more than she could handle. He rubbed her in just the right places and in no time at all, she had her first male induced orgasm. It really shook her and she almost fainted from the overpowering sensations, which followed!

Suzie was so excited at what had happened to her friend that she started to rub Trudy’s tits hard and pulled her back onto her body so that Trudy was now lying back on Suzie. Lying like that, with her legs still wide apart, Davie suddenly moved up over Trudy’s body and, with his hard cock in his hand, he pointed it at Trudy’s cunt! Trudy started to protest but Suzie was telling Davie to go ahead and Trudy had to admit it all felt really exciting. Davie slid his cock up and down along the lips of Trudy’s cunt and, when she thought she couldn’t stand it any more, she yelled for him to stick it in her!

Davie did just that and for the first time, Trudy had a man’s cock in her cunt. Davie slowly moved his cock in and out of her cunt as the sensations started to really build up for Trudy. All of a sudden, Trudy came with a really shattering orgasm. Her whole body shook, her mind went blank, and everything centred around her lower abdomen. She had cum with a vengeance.

As soon as Trudy came, Davie pulled his cock out of Trudy – he certainly didn’t want to get her pregnant – and offered his cock to Suzie to suck. She enjoyed the taste of Trudy and it certainly didn’t take long before he shot his load into his sister’s mouth. Trudy was still shaking minutes later when they were relaxing on the bed. Trudy had been fucked for the first time!

This first fuck was followed, over the next few months, by lots more fucking both with Davie and with a lot of his mates. Trudy just couldn’t seem to get enough cock! Trudy, of course, was quite worried about getting pregnant and sought the help of an Indian Doctor who had only recently opened his medical centre near where she lived. He conducted a thorough medical examination before he would prescribe the pill for Trudy and she thought he was a dirty old man because he kept feeling her cunt with his fingers and rubbing her clit. She was lying on her back on his examination table with her legs wide apart and her feet in the stirrup clamps so she could not move. He played with her for a couple of minutes and suddenly she started to feel an orgasm coming on. When she began to shake, the doctor increased the speed and pressure of his rubbing and she came with a huge orgasm and again almost blacked out with the sensation of it all. The doctor grinned at her and told her she had a healthy sexual appetite and he would be pleased to prescribe the pill for her. He said he would be happy to give her the pill free with no payment for the consultation if she would be prepared to come back to him each month for the next lot of free pills. Trudy hated the thought of having this horrid doctor feeling her up each month, but as she had very little pocket money, she thought it would be worth it to get the pills for nothing.

This was where Trudy began her life which revolved around sex! Trudy wanted to fuck every male she met – it didn’t matter to her who they were – she just wanted to fuck them! Sex to her became almost a drug and she craved for it all the time. She fucked Davie on a regular basis and, now that she was on the pill, he could cum inside her each time. He loved that and told her one day as they rested on his bed after sex that he was fucking his sister too, but she wasn’t on the pill and he had to pull out each time. Suzie loved being fucked – she didn’t want to miss out on what Trudy was getting – and to help Davie, she sucked his cock as soon as he pulled it out of her cunt and let him cum in her mouth. She knew she couldn’t get pregnant with his cum in her mouth.

Trudy had pGeorgeably been fucked by more than a hundred boys (and men) by the time she finished her final schooling. She looked for, and quickly found, a job and worked in a small office of an investment broker. She Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan loved the work and found for a time that it was capable of replacing her lust for sex, but that didn’t really last and soon she was craving cock.

Not long after she started work, she met a really nice man who was much older than she – in fact he was 24 years older – and in addition, he was married with children. She decided she wanted to have a regular partner for sex and this man was the one she wanted!

George was his name and, although he was really attracted to her, and drove her home on a number of occasions, he never made any attempt to even kiss her! She decided she would set out to woo him. She started this by wearing very short dresses which were low cut in the front. When she knew he was likely to drive her home she would take off her bra in her office and undo a number of the buttons on the front of her dress just before she would be meeting him. George was a normal human male and it didn’t take long before he showed considerable interest in looking down the front of her dress. Soon she became even more daring in his car and would open her dress right down the front and let the two sides of the dress fall down at her sides leaving her with just a very brief pair of knickers on to hide her nakedness. And this was while they were driving through traffic to her home! It was a wonder they weren’t killed either by his driving, or the driving of others who were trying to get a look at her naked body in the car. They couldn’t see too much because the sides of the car were too high, but passengers in buses which traveled alongside them certainly got a good view of her body.

Soon George decided he wanted to look at her when they were stopped instead of only when they were driving and soon found a parking spot which was on the top of a nearby hill where there were no houses or people passing by to look at them. When they were parked there, it didn’t take Trudy long to get rid of her dress and the knickers and she would sit alongside him as naked as the day she was born! He firmly resisted having sex with her although he certainly kissed her, felt her body and kissed her all over. He had really fallen in love with her! It took 3 months of going to their parking spot and her being naked with him before she managed to have him fuck her! She had taken his cock out of his pants and was playing with it when suddenly she moved up above him and quickly lowered herself onto his hard cock. He was shocked by this, but couldn’t find the strength to protest too hard and so, for the first time, he fucked her! This was the start of a long relationship where they went away for weekends together, went out to meals together and as far as she was concerned, they fucked as often as possible!

The remarkable thing about all of this was that she really didn’t like being fucked all that much, but then she somehow liked being fucked because of the power she thought she was holding over him and any other man she chose to fuck!

This relationship with George lasted for 7 years and, although she professed her true love for him, and deep down she really did love him, she had many wild sexual encounters with many, many men. She was, incredibly, still seeing her Indian Doctor each month for her supply of contraceptive pills. He had long passed the stage of feeling her up in payment for the pills – he was now into fucking her each month. Although she had absolutely no feelings for the doctor, she enjoyed having him fuck her because she realized she now had a form of power over him!

Despite all of her sexual activity with so many men, she was never very worried about sexual diseases and took on all men no matter who they were. There were times when she would contract some sort of sexual disease but a quick trip to her Indian doctor quickly provided her with a supply of antibiotics and the pGeorgelem was soon over. It was one of these sexual diseases which caused the final breakup with George. He found he too had a redness of his prick and a slight discharge so she suggested he see her Indian doctor. This proved to be her undoing because, although the doctor readily treated George and his pGeorgelem cleared up quite quickly, the doctor let slip that George wasn’t the only person who had been brought in by Trudy for the same sort of treatment. Once George realized Trudy had been fucking around when she had told him she was being true to him, it was the end. He told her so and, although she was sure she had enough sexual power over George to make him stay with her, she found it wasn’t the case and he dumped her completely.

She continued working at the same office for a short time after the breakup, but then found a new position in a very large company where she was appointed a liaison officer who would attend to the steady influx of visitors and guests to the company. It was largely because of her looks and figure that Escort Anadolu Yakası she was appointed. She oozed sex as she walked and talked and very few males didn’t get an erection just talking to Trudy. She loved this feeling of power.

Before she was appointed, the President of the company asked her to accompany him to a dinner. She realized she was being tried out for the position and decided to act up to the best of her ability.

Dressed in a very short miniskirt and an almost see through blouse, which buttoned in the front, and no bra nor knickers, she looked really smart with her hair swept upwards and standing in high heeled shoes. She really looked attractive and the President felt excited to be in her company.

During the dinner, she managed, when he wasn’t looking, to gradually undo the buttons on her blouse. By the time the dessert course had arrived, she had most of the blouse unbuttoned and, as the President was sitting beside her, he had an uninterrupted view of her tits. She could tell he was aroused and, at what she thought was the appropriate moment, she rested her hand on his thigh and gave him a little squeeze. At the same time, she wriggled in her seat and turned a little towards him and, with a simple flick of her skirt, she parted her legs and showed him her cunt! That did it. In no time at all he had paid the account and they left the restaurant and headed towards a motel which was nearby. She waited in the car while he arranged a room. When he returned to the car, he collected her and they walked arm in arm to the room. Once in the room he swept her into his arms and kissed her deeply. In no time she was naked in front of him and helped to remove his clothes as well. Once they were both naked it took no time at all before they were lying on the bed fucking madly. They fucked, in various positions for over 2 hours when, at his request they rested for some time. A couple of hours later when Trudy thought it would be time to go home, the President asked her to stay the night with him. Naturally she did that and they fucked again in the early hours of the morning.

During their last fuck, when he had his cock firmly embedded in her cunt and was about to cum, he told her she had the job with his company. He also told her he had a special assignment for her if she would like it, and to come into his office as soon as possible and he would explain all about his special project. When she accepted, he came into her cunt once again. He had lost count by this time.

Trudy was driven home by the President and told to go to bed and sleep for the rest of the day and to call into his office the next day when she was really refreshed. This she did.

Her decisions about what to wear to his office proved to be a bit of a pGeorgelem. She wanted to dress as sexily as possible but realized she would look out of place if she dressed in an outlandish manner. Instead she decided to wear a business suit but with absolutely nothing underneath it, and her shoes! This, she reasoned, would be a good alternative if it was necessary for her to appear sexy in front of him. She could simply undo a couple of the buttons on the coat and, perhaps, cross her legs to suitably expose her long legs and what was between them.

When she arrived at the office she was ushered quite quickly into his huge office. It was obvious she had been expected.

The President greeted her quite formally and showed no signs of wanting her as he had on the previous occasion. He asked her to sit down and she looked really attractive in the very expensive, well cut business suit. The President, Ross, told her about his special assignment. He needed a very well dressed, intelligent woman to be an escort (he called the position liaison officer) and to entertain the many foreign and local visitors who called at the company. She assumed he was being very polite and was really asking her to be a high priced call girl, but she then asked about what she would be expected to do, and what the financial arrangements would be.

She was really surprised when Ross simply said – you would be appointed as the head of your own department – Liaison Officer – and will have a total expense account and be paid on a performance system but far in excess of other members on staff. Would she be interested? She decided she had better be blunt and ask a couple of questions. Would I be expected to fuck every visitor who comes to this company?” she asked. He replied – “Of course not, but there will be special business people who would have need for someone as beautiful and intelligent as you who will need some special attention with a little help to perhaps persuade them to deal with our company. You will have a couple of special credit cards and an unlimited credit limit! You will be able to clothe and present yourself at your very best – all at the expense of the company. How does that appeal to you?”

I wasn’t necessary for Trudy to even think about the position – she accepted on the spot. She then asked it this would have any effect on any relationship between them as she had enjoyed the night together very much. He sighed and told her he couldn’t continue with any affair because it would get back to the other members of the staff and could be dangerous for both their positions.

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