Desire Becomes Reality

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Funny how life throws you an occasional curve ball. I was just about to enter college when my parents split. For a couple years I witnessed their anguish…the yelling and fighting. I really didn’t know until later exactly why they divorced.

After we moved into a new house, mom told me dad cheated on her often and she finally had enough. It was hard on me as I loved my dad, but I loved mom too. Mom was my “comfort zone” and I could always rely upon her. So now I was an “adult”, uncertain of my future in college, but felt much more confident living with mom than dad. Dad just seemed unreliable sometimes.

The house we moved into was fucking great! It was perfect for the two of us, with large rooms and even a pool! On the outskirts of town the house became “home”, close enough for mom to work and me to go to school. Slowly, but surely, we started meeting our neighbors. I became captivated my the woman next door, Mrs. Fiedler.

She was married to Henry Fiedler and had two grown daughters Jessica and Heather. I still have yet to meet Jessica as she is away at Arizona State University. Heather, on the other hand, is a couple years ahead of me…getting her BA at our local state college. Heather would sometimes come home… wow what a looker!! Tall and curvy… Heather led me to many jack-off fantasies about “doing” her. The reality of it was that her mother, Helen, aroused me even more!

At the age of 18, I was still a virgin and shy around girls. I was too nice with Esenyurt Escort Bayan the dates I had, and didn’t realize the girls my age just wanted to fuck!! So I spend a good deal of time jacking off and fantasizing.

I got some good looks at Mrs. Fiedler…sunbathing and doing chores outside. She’s kinda of a “plain” looking woman facially, very natural, yet beautiful without make-up. It’s her body I couldn’t ignore. Her tits are nothing short of huge and totally natural with a womanly “sag”. Well into her forties, Mrs. Fiedler just looked hot to me!! I wouldn’t dare speak of my desires for her… even to my closest friends! I am sure they would scoff at her as some “old hag”… her mature figure with gravity settling in – her big hanging tits, large ass and thighs showing some cellulite.

When summer came, I was in for a treat! Mrs. Fiedler would often resort to their backyard pool to cool herself from the blazing heat. I found our spare bedroom a perfect spot to watch her. Soon, I found myself gazing at Mrs. Fielder as she dipped into the pool or just sunbathing… and frantically masturbating – thinking of fucking her. And that’s when I got caught.

I had a cheap pair of binoculars that I used to check out Mrs. Fiedler “in all her glory”. When the time was right, mom being at work and Mrs. Fiedler being in their backyard tanning, I would watch her and jerk my young rod. It seemed like I jacked off all the time!! I couldn’t wait for something Avcılar Escort Bayan other than my hand for release, yet I was still too shy to do anything about it!

“Oh my God, Jason I am so sorry!” I heard my mother exclaim.

I didn’t even hear mom come home as I was frantically stroking my cock! Holy shit! Mom caught me jerking off in the spare bedroom and watching Mrs. Fiedler!! I know she saw me doing it but she quickly left and we didn’t talk about it. That night at dinner it was like it never happened at all.

Until I got caught again. My mom works in the daytime and I had time to myself. Almost every day Mrs. Fiedler worked on her tan… and almost every day I would watch her and jack off. I couldn’t help but fantasize about her!

“Jason, what’s going on??” mom exclaimed.

I was caught again red-handed!! Peering through the binoculars and stroking my shaft, mom caught me peering at Mrs. Fiedler.

Doing my best to discard the binoculars and hide my huge hard-on, I stammered for a reply.

“Mom! Umm…I’m sorry I was just… “

“I know what you are doing” Mom said, now standing beside me.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and simply said, “I understand”.

“Honey, I don’t want any secrets between us…and certainly don’t want lies” she said frankly.

“I understand you have your needs… believe me I know it”

I was petrified trying to cover my dick from my own mother!!

“It’s OK honey, it took my through your father to realize a man’s needs” she whispered.

I sat there flabbergasted as mom took my stiff cock into her hand. Slowly, she mesmerized my cock… pulling and tugging on it.

“It’s okay Sweetie, let me do it… I understand.”

Mrs. Fiedler was the furthest person on my mind at that time!! I was so shocked and horny… my own mother was jacking me off!!

“I know you have been watching Helen, Sweetie,” mom purred.

“And it’s OK… you like jacking off think about her big boobs?”

“Would you like her to suck your big cock?”

I never heard mom talk like this!! And when she wrapped her lips around my engorged prickhead, it became too much!

With her sucking and pumping my shaft with her hand… it became way too much for me.

“Go ahead… yes Sweetie… go ahead and squirt it!!”

Nothing short of fantastic, I was getting my first real blowjob from my own mother!! Even though my brain was telling me it would be Mrs. Fiedler or ever Heather or dozens of girls I jacked off thinking about… it was my own mom!!

I never felt anything like it. She pulled my cock out of her mouth after the first spurt and I spewed a nasty rope along the side of her face. Seeing my come on mom’s face was just to wild to be true, but it was real… and I expelled another two blasts of jizz onto her face.

While I sill reeled in ecstasy, she brought reality to me. Her face was tracked with my cum… and she even sucked my dick dry.

“Honey, I love you so much but this is a secret and must remain between us.”

The next day was like any other. I awoke and had breakfast with mom. It was as if nothing had ever happened at all!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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