Compensating for What Happened

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[If you haven’t read any of my stories before it may help to know that I write about polyamory, a little bondage, and some fun. This story includes all three. It could be in Group, in Erotic Couplings, even in Romance. I put it in Group because the fun wasn’t limited to just two people… most of the time.]

When the phone stopped ringing I heard a soft feminine voice at the other end.

“P.S.L. May I help you?”

“I think you can.” I said, “I need to hire a female model for a two hour assignment.”

“Yes, Sir.” She connected me to another young sounding woman who asked lots of questions about the assignment and the look I was after. Three times during the phone conversation she reminded me that these women were not prostitutes and would not be having sex with anyone during or after the assignment. I assured her that I was well aware of the rules and laws.

We set an appointment for the face-to-face selection. I knew they had photo samples on line but I wanted the extra connection that I get when we’re face-to-face. A couple bad sessions in my past from photo selections alone had soured me on the process.

She promised me four women to meet at the appointment time we agreed on.

When I arrived at the offices of P.S.L. I was impressed. Their building was a Spanish style one story building with a wrought iron gate across the entrance. I was buzzed in and met just inside the gate. The central courtyard was private and sunny. The four women I was to meet were there, seated at a round picnic table, sipping iced tea. All four were in white shorts and colored cammis.

The woman who led me in from the gate was the woman I had spoken to on the phone. She sat with us.

“I explained to these ladies what you told me. All four are willing to take the job.” She said. I smiled and turned to the one closest to me.

“Have you done nude modeling before?”

“Yes. I sometimes pose for art classes at a college. I’ve also posed for my boyfriend.” I noticed she colored when she added her boyfriend. She was a bit shy about being seen as a sex object.

I turned to the next woman. She wore a tight top and her “D” or bigger breasts pushed for freedom. There was no bra inside the cammi. “And you?”

“I’ve done a few nude sessions and I danced nude last year at a local club.”

“Good. Do you have any scars that the camera will notice easily?”

“One. I fell off a moped last year and have a scar on my butt.”

“May I see it?”

She stood, unfastened her shorts, turned away from me and pulled the shorts down. The white of her thong was not pulled down. The scar was about two inches long and a quarter inch wide.

“Not a problem,” I said. “We can cover it easily. Thank you.” She redressed and sat again.

I asked each woman some questions and got a feel for their willingness to work with me. Then I asked the tougher questions.

“Would you be willing to be at my home, in the private back yard, nude and posed in very sexy positions?” They all nodded.

“Would you be willing to be bound tight enough to restrict your freedom but not tight enough to hurt?”

The first woman sat up a little straighter and asked, “Bound with what?”

“Soft cotton rope, or a special tape that only sticks to itself, not to skin.”

“Oh.” She said.

“Still Ok?” I asked. She nodded.

“Do you have any objection to arriving for the shoot with shaved or otherwise hairless pubic area?”

“Completely hairless?” One asked.

“Completely. Is that a problem?”

“I have just a little hair.”

“May I see?” She stood and pulled the shorts and thong down. Just above her slit she had a small patch of dark brown hair about an inch in diameter. “Would you be willing to lose it for the shoot?”

“I guess so.” She redressed and sat back down.

“I need to see each of you nude, in the sunlight before I make my choice. So far you are all real possibilities. Which of you wants to be first?”

I was surprised when it was the first woman I spoke with. She seemed the most likely to bolt to me. She took off the shorts and thong, then the cammi. She had no tan lines, and her skin was the color of very light coffee with lots of cream. Her breasts were “C” cups to my perception. I had her stand facing the sun as I checked her body. Then I had her turn slowly. She naturally raised her arms and looked sweet as she looked at me watching her. When she was faced away from me I asked that she spread her legs and then bend over as far as was comfortable.

She was quite limber. She bent over and touched her shoulders to the front of her legs. Her pussy was fully exposed and the sunlight glinted off the moisture I saw. I thanked her and told her she could get redressed.

When I looked at the three women still to pose I noticed that the red head was flushed. That posing had her going. I asked, “Next?”

They went in order. I asked them to each do just what they had seen the first woman do. The second woman had lied to me. When I asked about scars she didn’t mention bursa otele gelen eskort the scars on her tits. The surgeon was good but the scar line around the edge of her areola was still very noticeable. I stepped close and asked, “Can you cover the scars with make up or something?”

“I think so. Most men don’t notice them.”

“Most men notice. They don’t say anything. When a photographer asks if you have scars, tell him the truth. It may mean you get the job, or you don’t, but we start off on an honest footing.”

“Ok. What does it mean this time?”

“Go do what you can do to cover the scars. Let me see how they look in a few minutes. This could work for us.” She rushed to her stuff and went inside.

The redhead stripped down and stood in the sunlight. By the time she had turned away from me I asked, “How long could you be in direct sunlight before you’re going to burn?”

“If I coat myself in SPF 40 I could go an hour.”

“Ok. Good to know. I don’t want you burnt.”

When she bent over I could see a trail of her wetness down the inside of her thigh. Her pussy lips were swollen. She touched her shoulders to her legs and made sure her tits were between her legs, not pressed against them. She was the one.

“Ok. Thank you. Go ahead and get dressed.” Without being too obvious I watched her get dressed. From her bag she got a small hand towel and wiped all her skin before she dressed. The insides of her thighs were the last places she wiped. At the top of both wipes she pressed the cloth against her puss.

The model with the implants came back and moved into the sunlight. I looked closely. She had done a masterful job of hiding the scars. I wondered what would happen if they got wet. I didn’t ask.

“That’s great. Now I know I can have it either way, with the scars showing or hidden. You might want to make sure that whatever you use is waterproof. Otherwise it might look like your mascara ran out of your nipples.”

“God! That would be embarrassing!” She pulled the cammi back on.

I sat at the table and said, “Over the next few months I think I’d like to work with all of you. For the shoot this week I’d like to see if Red is available.” I faced Red and she said, “Which day?”

She was available. I gave the address to the agency lady and Red and I wrote a check. Then I went home to prepare.

I tossed ten lengths of soft white rope into the wash. I scrubbed all the outside furniture and the decking around the pool. I checked the chemistry and adjusted it to as close to perfection as I knew how. The gardeners came and trimmed and cleaned the plant life to within a leaf of being the garden of Eden. I set up the two hidden cameras to track and record anything that moved in the back yard. I made sure my visible camera equipment was ready. Finally, I tossed the ropes into the drier and turned it on.

At three the next afternoon the front door bell rang. I opened the door and saw Red and someone who looked like her younger sister.

“Mr. Peterson, I hope this is Ok. I brought my sister. I’m a little anxious and I’d feel better with her here.”

“Come in. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

They both sighed and came in. I led them out into the back yard and to the table. My mind kept wondering what difference having little sister her was going to make.

“Please, tell me your names again.”

“I’m April and this is Kelli.” Red said.

“OK. To business. When did you shave last?”

“I don’t shave. I lasered about six months ago. I don’t have any hair.”

“Good. So get out of your clothes and well get started.”

She had worn a short loose dress and sandals. The dress went up and off. Her sister looked surprised that her sister was nude under the dress. I explained.

“Models who will be nude dress in the minimum so the lines of clothing won’t show. If you took off your pants there would be an indention in the skin around your waist and it would last for about twenty minutes. By April dressing the way she did we just saved twenty minutes.”

She nodded. I led April to the hot tub and positioned her for the first few shots. They were artistic shots. Her thighs were almost tightly together the whole time. Then I had an idea.

“Kelli, would you like to help us, and get paid?”


“Being the photographer’s assistant. A gofer.”


Inside the kitchen you’ll find the laundry. Bring me everything from inside the drier. Ok?”

“Yes, Boss.” She went inside.

I had April lie down on the diving board, her head towards the pool. Kelli came out carrying an arm load of ropes.

“Are they dry?”

“Dry, soft and they feel good.” I pointed to a chair and she dumped them in it.

“One at a time I want you to give me the ropes, Kelli. They’re all the same length so it doesn’t matter which one.”

I took a couple pictures of April, put the camera down and took the first rope. It went around April’s waist three times and tied underneath bursa eve gelen escort bayan the diving board. She said it wasn’t tight, just snug. I grabbed the camera and took a few more shots.

I had a fiberglas ladder near the pool and I put it in, climbed on it and had Kelli give me the next rope. I bound April’s arms under the diving board. Kelli gave me the camera and I shot a few shots of her arms and a couple of her breasts from above her head. I kept checking and she kept saying she was fine.

One end of the rope I used to tie her arms was long enough that I draped it over her neck. From above it looked like her neck was bound to the diving board. Kelli said, “It’ll look like your tied there, but you aren’t.”

I got out of the pool, moved the ladder and took the next rope from Kelli. I worked an end under April’s arm and then lifted her leg toward that shoulder. The rope looped around her ankle and I tightened it a little.

“Still comfortable?” I asked.

“A little embarrassed.” She answered.

When I took the next rope from Kelli I smelled her arousal. I tied April’s other leg in place so her legs were both up in the air and her pussy and ass were exposed. I got the camera and shot pictures from ten feet away and from just inches away. When I knelt to shoot pictures of April’s pussy I asked Kelli, “I know you have one, but have you ever seen one as beautiful as April’s?”

She stepped closer and said, “I’ve never really looked.”

I moved to the side and said, “Get close. Really look at her.” Kelli was within six inches of her sister’s pussy.

“April, Can Kelli touch you?”

“Touch me?” There was fear in her voice.

“I want her to spread your lips. To gently spread your lips.”

“Oh my God!” Kelli said. “Spread her lips?”

“I want to get pictures of her clit and her opening. With her lips closed I can’t see them.”

“Do it, Kelli.” April whispered.

Kelli reached forward and touched her sister’s lips. They parted and drops of her nectar slid into the sunlight. Kelli forgot I was there. Her finger touched a drop of nectar and she brought it to her own mouth. I was grateful to be using a digital camera that made no noise as it took pictures. When she reached April again she touched the hard nub of her clitoris, shiny and pink.

April groaned and said, “Yes! Right there!”

Kelli looked up at her sister’s face and said, “What do I do?”

I leaned close to Kelli’s ear and whispered, “Gently lick her, right where you touched her.”

She leaned forward and stuck out her tongue. The instant it touched April groaned again and said, “Suck me, Kelli, suck me! I’m so close.” Kelli sucked her sister. In moments April was lost in the sensations and the orgasm that flooded her. I saw Kelli’s hand go inside her own shorts and I stopped her. I backed her away from April and I said, “You can have anything you want. What do you want?”

“I want April to give me what I gave her.”

“Take everything off. Hurry!”

She did. I tied her to the round picnic table and went to April.

“April, you are tied and helpless. Your sister ate you to a wonderful orgasm. She wants you to eat her. Are you willing to give her what she gave you?”

“Yes! I want to taste her!”

I untied her. When she was free I led her to Kelli. I made her look at her sister, just as I had Kelli look at her. “Spread her lips, April.” She touched her sister with one finger and said, “She’s hot!”

The lips popped open and Kelli’s nectar began to flow out. April leaned in and touched the clit with her tongue. She flicked it without touching any other part of Kelli. Kelli screamed and tried to push her pussy to her sister’s face.

After a few moments watching I leaned next to April’s ear and asked, “Would you like to be eaten, too?”

Her legs spread and she shoved her ass back, opening herself to me. I got down and faced her wet, open gash and dove in. She moaned into Kelli’s puss and I drank every drop of April’s nectar she gave me. After the both came I made April sit in a chair and I moved to Kelli. I whispered to her, “You are welcome here. You can come with your sister or on your own. I promise that every time you come here someone will eat your pussy. You can bring a friend, a female friend, if you wish. She will be bound and eaten too.”

“Mr. Peterson, are you going to eat me today?”

“Would you like me to, or have you had enough?”

“I would like to be eaten, by you. Don’t untie me. I want to be helpless.”

I bent to the task and heard April get up. I turned and said, “You must do what I tell you to do, otherwise I must bind you again. Will you do what I ask?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Climb up on the table and face me. Lower your pussy to your sister’s face.”

I went back to licking and sucking on Kelli. My hands held, pinched, pulled and tweaked all four breasts before me.

It was a little after five when April called the agency and reported the session was over. She told them that she would accept a booking from Mr. Peterson any time. I bought both ladies dinner at a nearby restaurant. When dinner was over I drove us back to my home.

“You are welcome to stay and you are free to go. I like both of you and would be pleased if you stay. If you stay you can have the guest room or sleep with me. If one needs to go I promise to bring the other home in the morning. There, that about covers it.”

“I’m still not understanding what’s going on. I’ve had at least four orgasms. Kelli has had at least that many. You paid us to be here. You fed us dinner. We haven’t even seen your dick! All you did was give! When do you get?”

“If you wake up in my bed, I get the pleasure of having slept with you. I’ve already had the pleasure of feeling your pussies orgasm to my tongue and fingers. I’ve tasted and savored your taste. That has to be enough. Fortunately, I can afford to make it worth your while to humor an old guy.”

April checked her book and found she had a seven am appointment in Long Beach the next morning. They conferred and I went inside. A couple minutes later Kelli came in and closed the door. She came to me and kissed me soundly as she wrapped her young warm body around me. “That’s from April.”

I kissed her just as soundly and said, “That’s from me, to you. April wants one she can come back and get her own.”

We undressed and made our way to my hot tub. As we soaked Kelli sat next to me. It was dark in the back yard and I didn’t know if she had looked or seen my body as I got into the water. She had looked and she had seen.

She leaned to me and kissed me gently. “If I can ask, what happened?”

“Shrapnel. A tiny fragment of metal flying through the air at about a thousand feet per second and it landed right where my equipment used to be. If I hadn’t been standing right outside the hospital tent I would have died.”

“I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“I was too, for years. I was also angry, frustrated and unbelievably sad. The woman I loved divorced me while I was still in the hospital learning how to piss. That was then. This is now. I am a happy man, mostly.”

“You really like doing for us what you did today, don’t you?”

“Yes. Feeling your body respond is as close to that response as I can get. I used to believe I wasn’t a man if I couldn’t fuck. I’ve been forced to take another look. A real man takes care of the woman he’s with. I do that. I do that well.”

“You sure do! I’d never cum like that before. I saw stars! I might have passed out for a second or two.”

“And, that is available to you anytime. Let’s say next Wednesday you’re having lunch with two of your friends and they tell you about the fun they had over their weekend. You might decide you’d like to be tied up in soft white ropes and driven crazy with my tongue. You call and say, “Pete, I’d like to be helpless tonight.”

“I’ll tell you what’s on the agenda. If I have tickets for a play, you’ll go too. If we decide to stay home I’ll prepare the ropes and limber my mouth. You will not be turned down.”

She stroked my chest and thighs. Then she said, “What if someone else is here?”

“Then we have a party. I will do my best to make sure each of you is cared for, nurtured and loved to the best of my ability. I’ll tell you if someone else will be here, so you can decide to be here or not, in full knowledge.”

“Tonight, it’s just you and me?”

“So far. There are four women with keys. They don’t need to call. They may arrive at seven, at ten or in the middle of the night. I love them. My home is open to them, with one rule: no men unless they are like me.”

“Can we go inside?” She stood up. I stood up. On the way to the house I wrapped a towel around my waist.

“Shall I use a towel?”

“Please, don’t. Let the air dry you. The air and my kisses.” She followed me to the bedroom and stood still as I kissed the droplets of water from her skin. Then I used a fluffy warm towel and finished the job. I applied lotion all over her body and tucked her into my bed.

Another few minutes for my own end-of-day rituals and I slid into bed beside her.

“How do you want me?” Kelli asked.

“If you can sleep that way, spooned. Turn your back to me and let me slid up behind you.” We fit well and she said she was comfortable. I held her, kissed the nape of her neck and fell asleep.

At nine the next morning the phone rang. I woke up and rolled to answer it. It was April.

“Kelli still there?”

“Unless she decided to walk home.” I called for her and she scampered into the bedroom, still nude. I handed her the phone. She said, “Wait a sec.” She kissed me soundly and leaned over so her breast was at my mouth, then she answered again.

“What’s up?”

“He’s an angel. He treated me like… like I can’t describe! I’ll be back often.”

“When we’re together.”

“Can you come here to get me?”

“What time?”

She pulled the phone away from her ear and asked, “Can I stay here until about one? April can come get me.”

“You can stay until Wednesday, if you like. Ask April what she’d like for lunch.”

Asked and answered. The call ended. She jumped on the bed and asked, “Hungry?”

I dipped a finger into her honey and tasted her. “Can you put that on pancakes?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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