Diane and Bill Ch. 02

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Walking out together, they shut the door and started driving off to the restaurant. The place was quite crowded. They were shown to their table and soon thereafter greeted by a young and attractive waitress. She told them the specials and appeared to covertly flirt with Diane by complimenting her shoes. Bill rolled his eyes that the women were now discussing shoes over helping satisfy his appetite. The server apologized with a flirty giggle and returned to talking about the dinner.

After putting in their order, Bill asked to look at the wine menu. He soon picked out a bottle that was served before their appetizers arrived. They clinked glasses for an enjoyable evening. The couple started talking about themselves with minimal discussion about kids. Bill excused himself to visit the bathroom as the appetizers arrived.

As she was sitting at the table, she remembered Paige suggesting that she surprise him in the restroom. This idea got Diane incredibly aroused. Taking her purse, she walked to the restroom and peeked inside. Seeing no one else there, she slowly walked in and surprised Bill.

“Y-y-you can’t be in here” he stated with some confusion.

“Let me clarify a few things.” She responded. Kneeling down, before she put his cock in her mouth, she said,. “I’m going to have my own appetizer here” Diane announced as she took half of his 15 inches in her mouth right on the start.

“But, what if someone comes to the door and opens it.”

Diane looked over at the door and seen a lock on it and stood up and walked to the door and locked it. Then walked back and grinned at Bill, who was looking at her with a look of surprise on his face. She got back on her knees and took his endowed cock in her hand and leaned forward and licked the head of his cock. Bill groaned and his cock jerked in her mouth and grew even more.

“Oh shit, baby! This is the best dinner we have ever had. I am amazed you are doing this in this particular restaurant.”

“Well, Börü 2039 izle babe! I could not resist doing this. Paige was telling her the other day about the blowjob and thought ‘WOW, would I be that brave’?”

She stopped talking and licked the head of his cock and under the head where it was very sensitive. His cock jerked and throbbed in her hand and she looked up at him with lust in her eyes and his cock throbbed and swelled even more. She took his head all the way into her mouth and started sucking on the head like a ice cream cone like it was going to melt and she wanted all of what he was giving her with the pre-cum oozing out of the head which was a lot.

She took his cock down her throat as much as she did and he started humping her face. He was literally face fucking her but not going all the way in cause he did not want to choke her with his endowed cock. She was slobbering all over his cock so much that she knew she was going to have a mess to clean up on the floor before they left the restroom.

She knew he was getting close cause his balls started getting tighter and all of a sudden, he exploded and she was swallowing his cum as fast as she could so she would get all of the sweet tasting batter she loves so much.

When he started just dribbling out then she started sucking on the head to make sure she got all of her protein from him. And she love that kind of protein snack. She smacked her lips together and opened her mouth to show how she swallowed every drop.

He grinned and while she cleaned up the puddle she made from her slobbering blowjob she made, he adjusted his clothing and when she was through, then he had her wait by the side of the door to make sure no one was out by the door to see her come out of the restroom. When he noticed it was clear, then he motioned her out and they walked out to their table and sat down.

They ate their meal that had just got to their table as soon boys in blue izle as they sat down and then left the restaurant and on the way home, Bill asked, “Diane, what made you come into the restroom with me?”

“I just thought it would spice up our sex life and I know it made me so horny giving you a blowjob in a public restroom of the restaurant and now I need you to fuck me.”

Bill looked over at Diane and noticed she had pulled her pants down without him even knowing it. She did not wear panties, so when he seen her hand rubbing her pussy, then his cock started tingling and growing in his pants. He was starting to feel a little uncomfortable with his cock starting to get hard and so he looked around where he was actually driving and noticed a old stomping ground he use to hide in when he wanted to be discreet from the public.

He pulled in and put the pickup in park and turned toward Diane who was so engrossed in rubbing her pussy that she did not noticed he had stopped. So when she noticed he had stuck his cock in her face and she opened her eyes to her favorite toy then she opened her mouth and took his cock more than halfway down his 15 inches and he groaned as she moaned on his cock.

The vibrations on his cock was almost too much for him and he had to edge to keep from cumming too fast. She was literally fucking his cock with her mouth she was so damn horny and he loved that about her so much! She told him she wanted to sit on his cock. So he sat down and she straddle his lap and he started fucking her frantically like they both like

All of a sudden, she tensed up and her pussy clinched on his cock and she screamed, “OH My Fucking God! I Am Cummmmmiiiinnnngggg!” Her pussy was squeezing so hard that he had to grit his teeth to keep from cumming his self. He was literally sweating and the sweat was dripping on Diane. She did not mind or even notice cause she was sweating herself. And her orgasm was so hard break point izle that she could not think of anything else.

When she recovered, then she got off him cause she wanted his cum down her throat, so she took his cock into her mouth and started sucking him from the tip of his cock to the middle of his cock which was about as much as she could take in since he was so long. The a idea came into her head and she thought, ‘I wonder if he would let me lick his ass’?

So she leaned over him like she was going to suck on his balls, but lifted them up and started licking his perineum between his balls and his ass and he moaned in pleasure. So she got brave again and started licking lower until she got to his rosebud and started licking him there and that was when he grabbed her head and held it there cause it was the most pleasurable sensation he has ever felt and his cock was not only harder than it has ever been, but it was jerking like crazy!

She was going to town on his ass and when she stuck her tongue in his ass, then he he groaned in pleasure and said, “If you don’t stop, then I am going to cum all over myself and you will have to lick me clean and you know I will get it all over the truck too so we will have to give it a good washing.”

Diane giggled and stopped licking his ass. She started sucking on his cock and when she stuck her finger down on his rosebud and started rubbing then it was too much for Bill and he lost it! “OH MY GOD! I am cummmmiiinnggggg so damn hard!”

He shot squirt after squirt into her mouth until she had to literally swallow or drown in his cum. No sooner than she swallowed that he would sill her mouth up again and she would have to swallow again. She had to swallow 6 times until he started dribbling in her mouth.

“WOW! Baby, I have never seen you cum that much before,” she said.

“Well, I have never had my ass licked or fingered before either.”

Diane giggled then they both got situated even though they did not get dressed and they drove home in the nude. The traffic was so thick that they were getting stares and grins by different people and thank god there was no cops around to arrest them. They finally made it home and they went in and took a shower.

to be continued

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