Great Meeting Ch. 02

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The ride to Rob’s apartment in The Village was perfect, very little traffic and mostly green lights. That was good because I couldn’t wait to get alone with him and show him how much I wanted and needed him. He didn’t notice that I knew exactly where he lived. I guess he was anxious to get alone, too.

I parked the car on the street directly across from the building he lived in. As we passed others in the lobby and on the way to the elevator, he exchanged pleasantries to everyone we passed. I wondered if people were curious as to why he wasn’t with Mark. Thankfully, the elevator was quick and we arrived at his door. He opened the door and after I stepped in, he closed it and stood there smiling at me.

I could wait no longer. I moved in close, put my arms around him, pulled him in and locked my lips on to his. All afternoon I had looked forward to kissing this man whom I wanted so bad. For a few minutes we explored each other’s mouth with our tongues, as our bodies were entwined. His cock, as well as mine, was rock hard and I was eager to get naked with him, to show him how eager I was to please him.

We finally broke our kiss long enough for Rob to ask, “Would you like a drink?”

I replied, “Sure, I’ll have whatever you are having.”

He said, “OK, why don’t you go to my bedroom, down the hall, first door on the right and I’ll be right there, sweetie”

Wow, he called me sweetie, I wondered if he calls everyone sweetie.

I went in the bedroom stood by the window and noticed he had an excellent view directly east which happened to be the direction I lived. I was daydreaming when he came up behind me and kissed me on the back of my neck. I turned abruptly and again our lips were joined together. As before, kocaeli escort we got each other aroused. When we stopped, he pointed to two glasses of red wine. I said, “Thank you, I prefer wine when I’m in a sexy mood.”

He smiled and replied, “Me too, sweetie.”

There it was again, Sweetie. I’m really liking that.

We each took a sip of wine. I put my glass back on the dresser and said, “Rob, I hope you understand that I have never been so attracted to anyone, as I am to you. I’m just not saying that to try and trick you or mislead you. The fact is that I can’t stop thinking about you and I want to make love to you in every way possible.”

He smiled, took my hand and replied, “Ray, I’ve noticed how you have looked at me and I can see in your eyes that you are attracted to me. Perhaps you think you are gay, but, I suspect you are just bi-curious. However, having said that, I am sexually attracted to you and we will soon find out if you are another gay man trapped in a marriage because it was supposed to be the right thing to do.”

Wow! All of a sudden, we are having a deep conversation. I continued, “In any case, Rob, I am not sure. I have had oral sex with many other men; but, I’ve never felt anything for them. Yet, when I think of you, I imagine us kissing, holding hands and making love.”

Rob jumped in, “I haven’t told anyone, but, six weeks ago I came home early one day and heard noises coming from the bedroom I shared with Mark. I discovered him in bed with a married black man who Mark worked with. We haven’t been sexual since. We have a joint lease for six more months, neither of us can afford to move out. I’m not sure if I am ready to get involved with anyone right now, but, I am very horny, you are hot and kocaeli escort bayan you say you want me. Why don’t we make the most of it. You can see if you are truly gay and I can see if I’m ready to move on.”

We reached out our arms, embraced and we were kissing again. This time when I felt him getting hard, I reached down and rubbed his cock. It felt so good and I wanted it NOW. He reached down and pulled my sweater up over my head. Our lips separated momentarily but we resumed immediately. I removed his top and again we couldn’t stop kissing. He put one hand on my cock and undid my belt and pants with the other, they fell to the ground. I stepped out of them, removed my socks and knelt in front of him. I buried my face in his crotch, reached up undid his belt and pants. He stepped back, I removed them and his socks.

When I stood up, there we were, two men in our tighty whities rock hard and ready for anything. Again we kissed, I realized that this foreplay had never been part of my fantasies about being with him. Our cocks were ready, they were past ready and both needed to be released. We broke our kiss and stepped apart, Rob pulled down the sheets on his bed, I removed my underwear, walked to him and I removed his.

We jumped in bed, kissing deeply as our cocks met for the first time. I reached down and began stroking his lovely cock, it felt so good. He broke our kiss long enough to say, “I love your hand on my cock, sweetie.”

I responded “You have a lovely cock, dear, may I suck it?”

He said “Of course, sweetie, it’s all yours.”

I said, “Thank you” and dove under the sheets.

I must admit that I sucked on him like it was the last cock on Earth and if I didn’t swallow his load soon I would die. izmit escort Within minutes, he announced “Stop, I don’t want to cum yet.”

I climbed back up to the pillows, gave him a quick peck, held his face and said, “I want you more than I ever imagined.”

He smiled and replied “I hope that you’re not just saying that because you are horny.”

“If I was just horny I would have never bothered to come here, I would have just went home and masturbated.” He smiled and we kissed again.

Rob began to move around and we were soon in the position for some 69 action. Of course, we were both very excited and had been for quite some time. His lips were on my cock and mine on his. I started licking the underside of his cock, then brushed it with my mustache and beard. He said, “That really feels good.” so I continued.

We were both at the point of no return. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking like there was no tomorrow, he did likewise. I felt his body begin to stiffen, as did mine and then we both blew our loads. His cum was mine and I had no intention of letting a single drop fall, I was in heaven. Like me, he was hungry and took everything. We came back face to face, smiled and yes, we were lip-locked again.

After a few minutes I suggested we get some dinner. He said, “There’s a good pizza place around the corner, Why don’t I have one delivered?”

“Sounds good to me, dear,” I replied.

We both showered, Rob ordered the pizza. We talked about what the people at work would be saying about us and agreed to lay low at work and let them think whatever they wanted.

Soon after dinner, I stated I needed to leave. At the door, we kissed good-bye. As most of our kisses, this one was also open-mouthed with lots of tongue action and lasted for minutes. As I went through the door, he said “Good night, sweetie, drive carefully.”

I answered, “Good night, dear, see you at work in the morning.”

To be continued …

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