Farmhouse – Day 02

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Please read The Farmhouse – Day 1 for the start of this story.

We woke the next morning, still naked and arms and legs everywhere wrapped together. My morning wood making its normal appearance.

“It seems someone is ready for the day.” Sandy said with a smile. She slowly kissed her way down my chest, biting my nipples long and hard enough to make them very sensitive and then down across my stomach until she was hovering over my hardon. She licked the full length while smiling at me, her eyes never leaving mine. She playfully scrapped her teeth across my penis head, making it jump in her hand. I was delirious with the feeling of this woman and her wonderful mouth. She soon engulfed my full length and applying a lot of saliva had me very slick, I wanted her to continue until I spewed, but she wanted some action too.

Sandy climbed on top and quickly slid my length deep into her pussy, with no hesitation. She soon was bouncing on top of me, with my full length sliding in and out of her. I was hypnotized by watching her bouncing tits, up… down… up… down. Sandy was oblivious, with her head thrown back, her eyes squeezed shut, and her constant vertical motion, sliding up and down my shaft. When I felt I was ready to cum, I rolled her over on to her knees and quickly moved behind her and shoved into that gaping pussy in one stroke.

Her gasp was audible as I pushed deep, until I could go no further. After just a couple of minutes I felt her pussy contract and grasp my dick, and it sent me over the edge and my balls released a full load into her.

After we came down from our orgasmic high, Sandy got up first and started to get dressed. I needed to have her make a change, she had made a great start yesterday. “Sandy you don’t need to get dressed.” Sandy stared at me and said, “You want me to walk around naked?” “Absolutely and another thing, we are getting rid of all of these Granny Panties. They are incredibly unsexy for someone so lovely. We will get you some more appropriate things to wear.”

Sandy started to argue that she can’t walk around naked. Now remember we are out in the country with few neighbors close by. I took her wrist and pulled her to me, then down across my lap. SWAT, my hand cracked on her butt. “Hey Ow!” “Are we going to have an argument on whether we wear clothes?” “I can’t….” SWAT “OW! Ok, Ok, no clothes.”

I let her up and was ready for Sandy to be mad, but she timidly looked up as she rubbed her ass. I told her “We can share so much together, if we have an open mind. You have never had sex like you have had this weekend, did you?” “No” she responded. “Well if we let things happen and just enjoy things together we will have a great time.”

We went down to the Kitchen and we both were making breakfast. Sandy was cooking some bacon, and the splattering grease popped and she jumped back. I could tell she was frustrated and getting angry “It is just too dangerous to cook in the nude, you don’t have these big boobs getting in the way!” I looked around and found a full apron. I slipped it over her head, and pulled her to me, I kissed her, as I tied it behind her back. God there is nothing sexier than a woman naked with an apron on. It hides enough but shows everything.

“Thanks” she said kind of disappointed. As she turned to the stove, I slipped behind her and slid my hardening cock between her ass cheeks. “Get that thing away from me, I am too hungry.”

After we ate, we moved to her master bedroom. While there was a lot of things that needed fixing in the house, the Master Bed and Bath were completely up to date. I pulled Sandy to me and kissed her hard and long, letting my tongue dance with hers. After the long day yesterday, and all of the fucking, şirinevler escort we both desperately needed a shower. The one thing this old house had was a big shower. We walked in to the bathroom and after getting the water nice and warm, we got in and started to soap each other up. I turned her away from me, took some shampoo and washed her hair, slowly moving my hands massaging her head, I easily took a full 5 minutes just running my hands through her hair, it was shoulder length, but now bunched up in my hands as I gathered and spread the hair and soap around her head, carefully making sure no soap got into her eyes. After rinsing she did the same to me, reaching up, she washed my hair all the while her breasts were sliding over my back.

I put some more soap in my hand and started to wash the rest of her. Facing Sandy, I started at her shoulders, and down her back making wide circles with my hands until my hands were caressing her butt. I pulled back and made sure I was getting her tits all soapy. I pulled her close, mashing her tits to my chest and started to wash her body with mine. I don’t know how effective it was, but damn it felt good.

I then moved down and got her legs washed off taking my time rubbing each leg, but avoiding going above her thighs. I had her facing me while I gathered a load of suds then started rubbing her lower hair, moving my hands around and through her mound. With her hands on my shoulders Sandy was leaning forward and I was resting my head on her stomach, as I kneeled before her, I could feel her grip tightening. I felt her shudder as a small orgasm took hold of her, without coming close to her neither regions.

Holding her up as her knees buckled, I moved my hands from her mound to her soft butt cheeks in a tight hug, until the shaking stopped. I wasn’t finished, from behind I slid my hand down and between her legs, and sliding a couple of fingers through her slit and easily into her hole. I lightly slid my hand across her clit, and back into her pussy hole, and repeated, without rinsing. My other hand which had risen to her lower back, slid down over her ass, and cupped her butt. I then took my soapy fingers and slid them through her ass crack and across her butthole.

She practically jumped when I put my finger tip into her ass. I rubbed harder with one hand on and in her pussy and with the other sliding between her ass cheeks. I had her butt crack full of soap suds from my rubbing back and forth, while continuing to push two fingers into her gaping pussy, I buried my entire index finger into her ass. Her grip on my shoulder was almost painful, as she held on tight while her body started to shake.

After a minute, I pulled my finger out of her ass, and quickly slid two of my fingers back in. I slid 2 fingers of one hand in and out of her pussy and at the same time and rhythm moved 2 fingers of my other hand in and out of her ass. In a very short time, I felt both her holes contract and she grabbed my front hand and just held it there while she shook through a huge orgasm.

I knew pay backs were going to be a bitch, but frankly I was hopeful. When Sandy had recovered and could stand on her own, she put a big glop of soap into her hands and turned me away from her and started at my shoulders, and with her arms around me washed my chest, sliding her wonderful tits down my back until she was kneeing behind me. Avoiding my rigid pole, she washed and massaged my legs working her way up.

Not bothering with my front, I felt both her hands separating my butt cheeks, and felt a soapy finger run my and down my crack. Now other than a physical every 5 years or so, nothing has been up my shoot, but that quickly escort istanbul changed. She wasn’t particularly gently, as all of a sudden her full finger penetrated my ass. It felt weird, but really incredible. I gasped and moaned at the same time. Her finger moved in and out slowly at first, but then faster.

I thought for sure I was going to cum without her ever touching my cock. Then she pulled her finger out of my ass and I thought I was done, but no, now two fingers went in, and I nearly doubled over. She quickened her pace sliding both fingers in and out. She reached around and was slowly stroking my dick, never interrupting the penetration of my asshole. It took less than a minute and I gasped, spraying the walls of the shower. I had to hold myself up, as I finished cumming.

Sandy stood and moved around me. I watched as she lifted her cum covered hand to her lips and licked her fingers clean. Then she wiped the cum off the shower walls and ate that too. “I can’t believe that I never tasted such wonderful stuff before.” She said with a whimsy smile. Then she kissed me and again I tasted my own spent.

We continued to wash the rest of our bodies, until we were both squeaky.

She thought we were ready to get out I stopped her from turning off the water. I pulled the razor from off the shelf. “What exactly are you going to do with that?” she said with eyebrows raised. “If I am going to eat you to breathtaking orgasms, I am going to do it without eating thru a nest of hair.” I took the bottle of squeeze soap and put a glop on my hand and started to run all around her pubic hair and through her pussy lips. “I don’t know if I am comfortable with this.” She said.

“Do I have to take you across my knee again?” I asked. “No” she responded with her head down. I lightly scrapped off all of her hair, and then had her lift her leg on to the edge of the shower and getting down on my knees, very carefully took her lower lips in my hand so I could clean these up too. She never looked down, but I could tell I was having an effect. Her knees were shaking and her hands on my shoulder to steady herself were holding on tight. When I finished and had rinsed her clean, I ran my tongue through her beautiful fleshy lips. She shook with a little orgasm.

When I stood up, it was her turn to smile, and she got on her knees and took my cock in hand. “Well if I have to be shaved, you do too. I like the feel of your hair on my pussy, but if I am going to suck those furry tennis balls, I don’t want to have a mouth full of hair either.” I let her soap me up and she moved my rigid cock to one side, holding it there, tried to shave my swinging sack. “A little help here, mister!” Not wanting her to slip and end our relationship before it got started, I pushed my dick to the side and held it there while she pull my ball sack tight and carefully shaved me clean. After rinsing me, she sucked in one, then moved to the other ball. Announcing that I was nice and smooth, we got out and dried each other off.

While going nudist was a great plan, after only a couple of hours it was apparent that it didn’t fit the life on a farm. There were chores to do, feed the Chickens, pick up the yard, Mow, etc. Still working in the upstairs bedroom, I couldn’t go in barefoot, with nails and screws lying around, and the use of hammers and saws with a swinging dick is not recommended. After two hours Sandy was getting quite pissed and I realized that this wouldn’t work out. So we agreed No Granny Panties, No underwear at all if possible, and naked as much as possible. With that compromise we got a long much better.

With all of the dry wall up, and screwed in place, I started to mud and float, a wonderfully messy job. halkalı escort With only shorts on, Sans underwear, I was caked in drywall mud and dust from my now totally gray hair to my gray shoes. I got the whole room first and second coated by the end of the day. I came down stairs and was going to sit down in the living room, when I heard a screech.

“Get the fuck off my couch!”

I was literally dragged outside, made to strip and was hosed down like a horney ape. (pretty close approximation actually). After I got dried off, and still in my birthday suit, I was ready to go to work on Sandy, but once I smelled dinner, it wasn’t a tough choice Stomach or Dick. This time Stomach won. I pulled on a new pair of light cotton shorts and a tee shirt, and went to the kitchen.

Sandy was a wonderful cook, and had Pork Chops, Cheesey Potatoes and a Salad ready on the table. I got us a couple of Beers, and we dug in. I asked her if she wanted to talk about the weekend.

Sandy said: “Listen I know we have done some weird sexual stuff that I never thought I would do, hell I didn’t know you could do, but it has been incredible. I admit I have cum more times in the last two days than during my entire marriage. Sex was always something a wife does for her husband, and while I loved Todd and he loved me, making sure I had orgasms was not a high priority.”

I told her: “My marriage was very much the same, I hate to admit. I was afraid to try half the stuff we have done so far, and even as honeymooners I never came 4 times in one day. I have to say that I am loving every minute of it and want to continue to please you, and experiment with all of the things I have read or heard of, but was afraid to. Are you OK with that?” Sandy was kind of quiet, then said: “I am. I feel I am just learning again, the so many ways to feel good.”

“Well if we find we don’t like something we just say so, and we won’t do it again, but until then we just keep trying new things.”

We finished dinner and cleaned up the dishes together, which I found out was new for Sandy. It sounds like Todd never helped in the kitchen. That was going to change, since I had been alone for a long time, I was a good cook and I liked to spend time with her, even if it was doing dishes.

When we finished cleaning the kitchen, I surprised Sandy by picking her up, and like newlyweds carried her back into her bedroom, to the same bed Sandy had shared with Todd for about 20 years. We slowly undressed each other and we slipped under the sheet. Having cum several times already, I knew it was going to be a bit before I could go again, and frankly Sandy was pretty worn out also. We just talked for a while, discussing what we wanted to do, to the house, for the rest of the weekend, and following weekends.

After both of us being alone for so long we took great comfort and relief in each other’s bodies. We just cuddled, holding each other’s naked body, me softly caressing her breasts, her hand resting on my stomach, her other stroking my soft dick. It wasn’t long before she got me hard again, but I didn’t want to rush anything. I moved my hand through her freshly shaved mound, and slid a finger along her moistening labia, spreading her lips and the leaking fluid until she was very slick.

I climbed on top of her and slowly entered her channel as she wrapped her legs around my thighs. We kissed deep and often, looking into each other’s eyes, knowing that not all sex has to be weird or unusual. I slowly moved in and out of her as we just looked at each other, feeling a deep connection that had been missing from our lives for a long time.

This time it wasn’t just fucking it was making love. After a long time and several orgasms for Sandy, I quicken my pace. She wanting me to finish, to cum in her. I used up the last of my strength, pistoning in and out, until I came with a back arching cum.

As we came down, I rolled to my right but still holding on to her, closed my eyes, and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

End of Day 2.

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