Memoir Extra 01: Lillian , William

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I had intended chapter seven to be the end of our memoirs. Before a single word was written, Audrey and I had discussed which of our adventures may be worth sharing. We did actually discuss the adventure that is about to follow, but Audrey decided that it was not worthy of inclusion.

Literally the day after I had pressed the ‘submit’ button for the final chapter, Audrey asked me why I had not included a chapter on this particular adventure. Naturally, she denied all knowledge of our previous discussion and said that I should write it down anyway.

All of the other chapters where in chronological order and now this one breaks that sequence. It takes place after we were married, but before Hannah was born. Probably around chapter 4.5 if there was such a thing.

Please enjoy this ‘interquel’ (Don’t worry, I had to look it up too!):

As if the rhythmic contractions of her vaginal muscles were not enough to go by, her pelvic gyrations had increased and she was now screeching at the top of her lungs ‘Oh fuck, I’m coming!’ over and over. This led me to the conclusion that Lillian had in fact finally achieved her orgasm. This was rather convenient timing for me because I had been holding back for a while now. I knew that sooner or later I would not be able to control myself any longer. I took in a slow calming breath and started to shoot my load deep inside her with a satisfying moan.

“Well done sweety.” Audrey said from over my shoulder.

“William and I were done ages ago.” she continued.

I regained my breath and withdrew from Lillian as William handed her a big wad of tissues to clean up the mess that I had made inside her lady parts.

“Fuck, that was great Ben. Thanks.” said Lillian still slightly out of breath.

“Any time, my dear.” I replied, “Any time”.

“Whilst you and Lillian were finishing up, William was about to tell me about his latest acquisition.” Audrey added casually.

“Yes indeed, I have recently managed to purchase my own light aircraft. A single engine Cessna.” said William.

“Yes, he’s very proud of his new toy.” said Lillian looking up and smiling.

“Our next big objective is to join the ‘Mile High Club’ together.” Lillian continued.

“Is that some sort of aviation enthusiasts club?” I asked.

Lillian chucked for a while and then said, “Sort of, but to become a member, you need to have had sex at above about 5,300 feet. 5,280 to be exact.”

“Sounds intriguing.” Audrey responded.

“It would be, but we’re not game to try flying by ourselves when we apply for membership. We don’t think that it would be particularly safe. We need another pilot, preferably one with an open mind, to help us out.” explained William.

“Audrey can fly a plane!” I exclaimed enthusiastically.

“Really, Audrey, you have your PPL?” asked William.

“Not exactly.” she responded honestly.

“Then how can you fly?” William probed.

“OK, well, both of my parents had their private pilot’s licence and when I was much younger we used to do a bit of flying.” she explained.

“Fine.” mumbled William nodding slightly motioning for Audrey to continue.

“So I had lots of experience in the right hand seat and actually flew the aircraft under my parents’ supervision on more occasions than I could count. I took about a dozen informal lessons with a friend of the family who was a qualified instructor so I have also done a handful of take-offs and landings. Unfortunately, life got in the way and I never went any further than that.” she concluded.

“So you’re confident that you can maintain straight and level flight and avoid flying into obstacles?” William asked.

“It’s been a few years, but I’m fairly confident, yes.” Audrey replied.

“Well then, I have a small proposition for the both of you.” William said in a conspiratorial tone as he leaned closer.

The next Sunday, at the crack of dawn, Audrey and I met William and Lillian at the local airfield. It was nothing special, just a few sheds that they called ‘hangers’ and a single administration building. There was no control tower as such but the admin building had a tall radio antenna and a small wind sock.

Even though this was technically a ‘joy flight’, William still needed to lodge a formal flight plan, so he went into the admin building to see to the paperwork.

“You never want anything to go wrong, but if it does, it’s handy for the authorities to know where to start looking if it does.” Lillian told us as we waited outside.

After about three minutes, William exited the building and said “We’re good to go!”

We picked up our backpacks and followed William and Lillian through the ‘airside’ gate. We walked to the far end of the airfield where a number of planes were parked before William stopped in front of one and put his backpack down.

“Isn’t she a beauty?” William asked.

“Oh a 172! This is just like the one my parents used to have.” said Audrey.

“Do you want to help with the pre-flight checks?” William asked looking bahçeşehir escort at Audrey.

“It’s been a while, but OK.” was her keen response.

Audrey handed me her backpack and headed over to help William.

“Come on Ben, let’s load these up.” Lillian said picking up William’s backpack and heading towards the rear of the aircraft. I rummaged around in my backpack and found my camera bag before following after Lillian.

After loading our bags, Lillian opened the door of the plane and threw the toiletries bag that she was holding onto the back seat. She then took a good long careful look around the airfield and once she was sure that the coast was clear, she wiggled out of her panties and threw them onto the front passenger seat.

“For easy access.” she said idly lifting up the front of her skirt to flash her pubes at me.

“Should I strip off too?” I asked.

“It’s up to you, but you can just drop your shorts when you need to.” she responded with a shrug of her shoulders.

“What’s in the bag?” I asked pointing to the toiletries bag on the back seat.

“Just some lubricant, tissues and some mints.” she responded.

William and Audrey had finished their inspection and were heading around to join us.

“All ready to go?” asked William.

Lillian repeated the pussy flash that she had just given me, but this time towards William and Audrey.

“All ready down there.” she said.

Seeing this, Audrey lifted the front of her short short skirt to flash her pussy back.

“I always leave home without panties when I can get away with it.” she said smiling.

“OK young lady, you first.” William said indicating that Audrey should enter first.

As she stepped up into the plane and bent over at the waist to squeeze in, the three of us got a first class view of her gorgeous arse and hairy pussy lips. I was next to climb aboard followed by Lillian and finally William.

Once we were all inside, William motioned for us to put on our headsets before doing a quick comms check and giving us a small safety briefing as we put on our seat belts. William then started the engine and taxied the plane to the end of the runway. He looked around and gave us the thumbs up signal. Both Audrey and I returned the signal so William smiled, nodded and turned back to face forwards again.

William adjusted one or two instruments and then reached down with his right hand towards the throttle. Audrey and I were pushed back into our seats as the aircraft lurched forward and accelerated. It was not particularly uncomfortable, just like accelerating in a car. After we had picked up a fair bit of speed, William gently pulled back on the yoke and then the plane started to climb gracefully into the morning sky.

Naturally I had flow in aircraft many times before. Mostly commercial jet flights and the occasional helicopter scenic tour, however, this was the first time that I had flown in a private plane with the owner at the controls.

I had loaded a fresh roll of film and brought a spare one along especially for this trip. I took a few shots of places of interest from my side of the plane and then I passed the camera to Audrey who did the same from her side. We saw the dam, Phil & Sally’s property and off in the distance we could see one corner of the park opposite Sally & Susan’s house.

As we continued to climb and fly away from town, I looked out of the window and enjoyed the scenery rolling by beneath us. It was a superbly clear day with only a few whispy clouds way off in the distance that were in the process of rapidly disappearing.

William and Lillian were providing some commentary and highlighting some point of interest along the way. William was also giving Audrey some navigational pointers about where we were heading and things to look out for along the way.

“OK, we’re at fifty five hundred.” William declared.

“The view is spectacular.” I said.

“It sure is.” agreed Lillian.

“In an aircraft like this at our altitude, you can still get a good feel for the altitude and where we are geographically. If you’re in a commercial jet up at 35 thousand, you’re a bit more removed.” added William.

“This brings back memories.” Audrey said.

“Well Audrey, are you ready to take over the controls for a while?” William asked.

“OK, let’s go!” Audrey responded.

The shuffle was very strategic and similar to a game of semi-naked twister. Audrey and I were in the back seat and I was sitting behind the pilot. After William and Audrey removed their headsets, the first step was that Audrey sat on my lap. As the aircraft had dual controls, Lillian held the plane steady as William manoeuvred between the two front seats and sat beside me. Once the pilot’s seat was vacated, Audrey squeezed forward and sat in the pilot’s seat.

They both put their headsets back on and William asked if she could hear him OK. Lillian was still holding the aircraft steady as William talked Audrey through a few piloty beylikdüzü escort things like headings and flight levels and bearings that simply went over my head before Lillian relinquished control to Audrey.

Under William’s tutelage, Audrey flew the aircraft and made a few gentle manoeuvres before returning the aircraft to straight and level flight. After reinforcing some of the previous navigational details, William decided that it was time for Lillian and I to swap places.

In part two of the shuffle, after removing our headsets, I leaned forward and William slid under me so that now I was sitting on his lap. Lillian now made her way into the back seat and sat behind the passenger, after that, I was now free to move forward and take my place next to Audrey. We all put our respective headsets back on and ensured that we could all hear each other.

After we had settled back down, William watched Audrey and chatted with her for a good five or ten minutes before finally asking, “What do you say Audrey? Are you good to take it from here?”

“Yes, I think so William. It’s a bit like riding a bike, it’s all coming back to me now.” Audrey responded.

“OK, then. We are going to leave you in control of the aircraft whilst we complete our membership application back here.” William announced.

What came next was somewhat comical. William had decided to leave his headset on just in case Audrey needed him. Lillian had also left hers on so that she could talk with William. This meant that Audrey and I got to hear everything, every grunt and groan in glorious detail.

William and Lillian started out side by side. William awkwardly removed his shorts whilst he was still seated. With his penis now exposed, Lillian tried to provide him with some oral stimulation to get him hard but her microphone got in the way and all we heard was a thud as it struck William’s thigh and then a little cursing from William at the shock.

“Try rotating the microphone back and out of the way.” William said in a slightly annoyed voice.

I was looking back watching the proceedings and I saw Lillian push the microphone boom to the side slightly and try again. This time, she succeeded in taking his dick into her mouth and she started to suck on it. Unfortunately, the microphone was not quite far enough away from her mouth so Audrey and I got to hear the occasional slurping noise in our ears.

I could only see Lillian’s head bobbing up and down as she was obscuring my view of William’s lower regions. William looked and me and smiled.

“So far so good.” I said.

Lillian continued her actions for a few minutes more before she straighten up and sat back on the seat. I could see that William’s penis was now fully erect and I watched as Lillian fumbled with the toiletries bag. She finally managed to unzip the bag before removing the lubricant just as we hit some turbulence prompting her to drop the tube on the seat.

“Sorry ’bout that!” Audrey said not knowing what had happened to Lillian.

“No need to be sorry, a bit of turbulence is to be expected.” William responded trying to put Audrey at ease.

Lillian had managed to grab the lube quickly and regain control before it was lost on the cabin floor forever. Spreading her legs, she applied a large dollop of lube to one hand before transferring it to her vagina and inner lips.

Lillian applied another dollop and applied it to William’s penis.

“Oh my, that’s cold!” William exclaimed inhaling sharply as Lillian insured an even distribution.

William had softened slightly so Lillian used this opportunity to return her husband to his former state of readiness. Once complete, she replaced the cap on the lubricant tube, took out a tissue and wiped her lube hand before quickly putting everything back into the toiletries bag and sealing it.

Lillian now squirmed around about 90 degrees, leaned over towards the window slightly and extended one leg towards William.

“Oh fuck! Shit! Ouch! Fuck! Shit!” Lillian said as she bumped her head.

We had encountered yet another pocket of turbulence and Lillian had been tossed around a little. William, seated comfortably, narrowly avoided a knee to the chest.

“Are you OK?” Audrey asked.

We faintly heard Lillian respond with, “I’m all good, carry on.” mixed in with the general noise of the cabin.

Internally, I was having a little chuckle to myself. Whilst I could not see everything that was going on, what I could see was a little comical. I was also taking some internal notes about what not to do when Audrey and I took our turn.

After a few more contortionist moves, Lillian had now completed another 90 degrees and was sitting on William’s lap facing him. Headroom was normally adequate inside the cabin, but in her new position, Lillian now had to duck slightly to avoid hitting her head.

“Are you two OK?” I asked.

“I probably should have practised this part on the ground a few times before we took off, but we’re OK.” avcılar escort Lillian said readjusting her microphone.

Unfortunately, her skirt was obscuring my view, but I could see Lillian lean further forward, reach one hand down between them and then slowly and carefully return to a more comfortable seating position.

“We have docking.” William announced proudly.

“Ooo, let me see!” said Audrey as she looked back over her shoulder.

William lifted up the back of Lillian’s skirt and spread her arse cheeks as Lillian lifted herself up slightly. Mostly we just saw Lillian’s arse, but we could see a little bit of William’s scrotum too.

“Well done!” said Audrey and she returned her attention to actually, you know, flying the plane.

Lillian lowered herself again slowly and then started to hump her husband slightly more vigourously. She banged her head a few more times but once she got into the swing of things, she seemed to be doing OK.

“This is certainly a different experience.” Lillian said to nobody in particular.

“How so?” Audrey asked without looking back.

“Well, although the major turbulence has settled down, there’s still the occasional bump and continuous vibration. That provides some extra and unexpected movement. Also, it’s much cooler up here and I can feel that on my arse cheeks and pussy lips.” Lillian reported.

“It feels pretty good from where I’m sitting.” William added.

Lillian ignored her husband and continued her awkward humping doing her best to keep her head down. William was doing his best to thrust his hips upward in the limited space available to him and before long he began to moan slightly louder.

“Tell me you’re not coming already.” Lillian said in disbelief.

“Not yet, but I’m fairly close.” William responded.

“Can you try to hold on for a few more minutes?” I heard Lillian ask.

What happened next answered that question for all of us. William grunted and twitched a few times before emitting a definitive groan clearly and precisely indication that ejaculation was currently in progress.

“You just came!” Lillian exclaimed with a hint of disappointment.

“Don’t try denying it,” she started, “I can still feel you throbbing inside me.”

“I’m sorry, I just could not hold on any longer.” William said trying to explain.

“That’s OK.” Lillian responded.

“I think that our membership still counts. I don’ think that there is an orgasm criterion.” William said trying to lift Lillian’s mood.

“Where’s the toiletries bag?” Lillian asked looking around.

For several comedic seconds, both Lillian and William looked around and searched for the bag before William reached behind his back and produced the sought article.

Taking the bag from William, Lillian said, “Excellent!”

Rummaging around inside the bag, her hand emerged with a mess of scrunched up tissues. She handed the bag back to William, moved her other hand to her crotch and lifted herself off William just as we struck some more turbulence. She then proceeded to lose her balance and bang her head on one of the side windows again.

“Fuck!” she said.

It’s a shame that Audrey was concentrating on not crashing the plane into the ground. This was pure golden hilarity and I did my best to maintain a calm demeanour whilst internally wanting to burst out laughing. Lillian had managed to rip off William’s headset with one arm as she tried to steady herself. All this whilst managing to keep the tissues in place with her skirt inverted and arse pointed high into the air.

“What the fuck are you grinning at?” Lillian asked looking back at me?

I guess that I had not controlled my outward expression as well as I had thought.

“Sorry Lillian.” I started, “It’s just that from this angle the whole scene just cracks me up.” I finished as I burst into hysterics.

“What?” Audrey asked.

“Never mind, the moment’s passed. I’ll tell you later.” I replied.

“You’ll do no such thing!” scolded Lillian reclaiming her seat, if not her dignity.

Without speaking, I made a zipper motion across lips and threw away the invisible key.

The four of us sat accompanied by only the drone of the engine and rush of the air outside for a few minutes as Lillian and William made themselves descent.

“OK Audrey, are you ready to swap back?” I heard William ask.

“Not really, I’m having too much fun.” she responded.

“Please yourself, you can lodge your application at a later date if you like.” William said.

“On second thoughts, she’s all yours.” Audrey said.

Over the coming several minutes, we managed to orchestrate a reverse swap. Lillian and I swapped places and then Audrey and William swapped places. Unbeknownst to me, before she left the pilot’s seat, Audrey had completely unbuttoned her skirt and as she wriggled up and out, she collected it and tossed it on the back seat.

The view for William and I was much better this time around. Audrey, as usual, was not wearing a bra. As she made her way back we could both see down her front with a wonderful view of her breasts on full display under her shirt.

We all settled down and sorted out our headsets. William took the controls from Lillian and reviewed the instrument panel before raising one hand with his thumb extended.

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