My Best Friend’s Brother Pt. 01

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Hard. It was hard to think that my Best Friend’s brother who I’ve known for 15 years was gay. It was hard realizing how similar his little brother, my best friend, my… secret love, looked in comparison. It was hard during the sleepover when I stood in their kitchen and stroked it, first to the erotic dream I had of my friend. It remained hard when his brother caught me. It was still hard when he offered to help. It was hard as it penetrated the ass of the older sibling who moaned out his little brother’s best friend’s name. It only got soft after it emptied itself inside his ass. But the hard part was… well… I needed to reflect on the day in order to help decide the last hard part.

I had just arrived at my best friend Trent’s place that morning, a mere seventeen hours prior. We were both 21 year olds who planned on getting shitfaced all week and having a damn good time. It was going to be mostly just us. Sure we’d have some other friends over but it was just him and I… and Michael, Trent’s older brother.

Michael and Trent lived together and have now for… 8 days. Michael got kicked out of their parents house after coming out to them and the rest of the family. Having grown up in a time where being part of the LGBTQ community was a normal thing, it didn’t faze us. His parents who are from a different time period weren’t so understanding. After that he was kicked out but immediately welcomed into Trent’s apartment.

I felt bad for Michael. He didn’t deserve the hate he got. I also felt kinda responsible because it was my coming out of being bisexual to my friends and family that helped motivate him. Unlike my parents who still loved me and had no issue with my sexual orientation, his parents did. I hadn’t seen him since before he came out but I knew I would see him and I would talk to him and see how he’s doing.

It was great seeing my friend after a long semester and we hugged and started making our usual jokes and banter. He told me how his girlfriend will probably come over in a couple days and hangout with us and I told him no problem. He said that since Michael was taking up the guest room that I had to sleep in the living room. I had no problem with that. He told me to get comfortable and that he needed to go shower.

As I was setting my stuff down I noticed Michael who was watching TV on one of the couches. We hadn’t noticed each other till I was in the room. “Hey Michael.” I said with a slight smile and a short wave. “Joey!” Michael said standing up. He walked over to me and pulled me into a hug while saying “How have you been man?” I accepted the out of character hug. “I’ve been great, man…” As we hugged I could feel his entire body. His toned chest. His warm arms. His… hands smoothly rubbing my back? And my thighs felt his thighs. They were behind sweatshorts, no underwear. And they felt something… kinda hard?

‘Shake those thoughts out of your head Joe, he’s your best friend’s brother for god’s sake. Stop thinking about it too hard.’ My conscience told me. “How about you Mike?” I said leaving the hug. I was kinda sad feeling his hand leave my back. “How’s life?” Michael walked back and sat back down and said with a fading smile “It’s mostly been good. It’s nice living life with all of that pressure on my shoulders. And I’m not living with the old folks anymore so I have more freedom now.” Michael said, getting sad.

“Yeah I heard about what happened.” I said, sitting down next to him. I noticed he was starting to cry. This time I pulled him into a hug and started rubbing and patting his back. I said soothingly into his ear “Hey, hey hey, you don’t need to cry. Shhh, everything is going to workout. You didn’t do anything wrong. And I want you to know that what you did was a great thing. It’s hard to come out, especially to your parents. They might not be understanding now but give it some time. They’ll come around.” His tears started to stop and he looked up at me.

“Th..thank you Joey. It’s been a hard time but I’m gonna get through this.” Michael said. “That’s the spirit.” I said, my left hand falling to his thigh, the same one that had his soft cock lying on, which I was now touching. I also now noticed my Ankara escort cock was hard and his knee was pressing into it. We didn’t say anything about it as we stared into each other’s eyes with our heads close together. “You know, it was your coming out that helped me.” Michael said, leaning in a little. “Yeah I heard about that. Glad I could help you.” I replied, also leaning in.

“Yeah,” He said.

“Yeah.” I said.

We got closer… and closer.. until our lips brushed each other.

“I’m done in the shower!” Trent said walking towards the living room. Before our lips fully connected, we pushed apart onto opposite couch ends. Trent turned the corner in his towel and asked “How’s it going on here? What are you two up to?” “Uh we’re just watching some TV.” I quickly replied. “Well finish up your show. I wanna school you two in some smash brothers.” Trent said walking away.

After he left there was an awkward silence between Michael and I. I excused myself to the bathroom and went to the second bathroom down the hall. I closed and locked the door, lifted the toilet seat, pulled my pants down and started beating off. I couldn’t believe what just almost happened. I can’t believe I almost got carried away with making out with my BFB. It was scary but it was also erotic and sexy. I felt just a bit of his lips but it was enough to know I wanna feel them again.

But it’s wrong that he’s my BFB, especially when my best friend has been the topic of some recent wet dreams and jerkoff fantasies. But Michael looks so much like Trent. So who was I kissing… Michael or Trent’s face on Michael’s body? It didn’t matter while I cranked my cock to the thought of kissing Michael.

Goddamnit Trent. Why’d you interrupt us? I was so close to fucking Michael. So close to filling my cock with his mouth. So close to owning his ass as he moans out my name while we’re both on the verge of- what is wrong with me?!? I’m standing here in my Best Friend’s apartment standing over a toilet jerking my dick off while I fantasize about dominating his older brother, about to cum any second. Wait. Did I cum already? The jizz on my fingers tells me yes. It was so good. I need to clean up and just continue on with the day.

And that’s what I did. I cleaned my cock by rubbing then licking the semen off and flushing the toilet. I also cleaned some drops on the toilet and floor with some TP. I came out to Trent sitting on the couch fully clothed and by himself. I asked what happened to his brother and apparently he needed to use the bathroom badly. I responded with an “Alright” and we started playing smash brothers and talking. Well he was talking and I was spaced out.

Did my presence and lip brush make him pop a boner as well? That means he’s probably doing what I was. He is probably standing over the toilet right now, pumping his cock to the thought of me, completing the kiss, rubbing his back, caressing his cock, making him cum as he thinks about me and m- I need to stop thinking like this. He probably just needed to use the bathroom and that’s it. I need to focus on something else… like Trent… my secret crush.

When I came out, I came out to him first. And it was almost a double come out. He was very accepting and even hugged me to help me feel better, but I couldn’t go along with the second part. The second come out was about how I had feelings towards him. Not just feelings of long term friendship, but feelings of love. I want to feel his lips touch mine, his body pressed against mine, our swords cross, and our tongues battle for dominance. Even now I wanted to toss aside his controller and push my lips against his and show him my love by pulling down his shorts and taking everything he has to offer into my mouth. But I couldn’t.

He has a girlfriend who he is always talking about. I’ve been with them on numerous occasions and they love each other so much. Heck she’ll be here later this week and he mentioned that she might steal him for a day of rough, violent sex. If I said anything our friendship would just be weird going forward and if I did anything then our friendship would be destroyed. I don’t want to ruin what we have. But I want more.

And Ankara escort bayan now in the picture was Michael who… and I know why I’m seeing it now, was making me hard, especially when he and Trent look so very alike. I never noticed it before, but I think it’s part of my desperate thoughts that want to plow Trent that helped me see it. And I’ve always had a great relationship with Mike. Of all my friends’ siblings he was the one I bonded with the most. If we wanted to then I could totally see myself and Tre- I mean Michael, dating.

Fuck. With them looking alike and my confused thoughts, I’m starting to wonder if I was just moving on Michael because of his similarities to Trent. I need to stop thinking about this and just move on.

As I came back to reality, Michael came back from the bathroom and we all just chatted about life, the week ahead, video games, and more. We ordered pizza from a carry out only place and Trent went alone to get it. When Michael and I were alone we decided to talk about earlier. We apologized to each other and promised to not do that again. We wouldn’t want to cause a scene or something.

But Michael said we didn’t finish that kiss. I asked if he wanted to get the full feeling of it. He answered by leaning in for one. I did the same and this time our mouths came together. Except it didn’t last a second. It lasted like 90 seconds. During the kiss, we inadvertently embraced and started tongue fighting. When we realized what we were doing, we slowly pulled apart. I said that was wonderful and definitely the best kiss I ever had with a guy or girl. He said I was the first guy he ever kissed. He said he loved it.

Love… that’s a really strong word.

10 minutes later Trent came home and we all watched TV, drank, and ate pizza. I was just forgetting about what happened when I felt watched. I saw in my profiteroles Michael, stare burning a hole into me. His gaze was very, arousing. Why I was aroused by someone’s penetrating eyesight I don’t know. And he kept saying odd stuff. When eating he mentioned how lately he has been a big lover of sausage. When deciding on a game Michael said more smash cause he would love to smash me and before the end of the night, he got real close to me during a movie and rested his hand on my thigh. I tried to play it off with him and us being shitfaced by all the beer we were drinking.

Around 11pm, they went to bed and I didn’t even bother setting up the couch bed. I just grabbed a blanket, everything off besides my boxers and went to sleep. I woke up literally an hour later, pissed off because I only got one hour of sleep and a wet crotch. Did I piss myself? Nope… I had a fucking wet dream for the first time in years. I couldn’t believe it. The events from today must’ve given me a sex dream in which I fucked not just Trent but also Michael. Was it a sign of what’s to come? Was it a desire? And the worst thing is that I enjoyed it. While trying to figure shit out I got another fucking boner. Fuck me right?

My head was fucked up and I needed some water. I left the living room and went to the kitchen for some. As I was pouring my glass I noticed that my hard on wasn’t hard, but it was unbearably hard. So hard to the point where my cock was now sticking through my boxer’s pee hole. My mind started to wander and I inadvertently just started rubbing it in the middle of the kitchen. Not care in the fucking world.

Rubbing turned moving which turned to pumping which 15 minutes later turned to frustration. I was frustrated because my cock wouldn’t cum and I’m pretty sure because of the previous jerkoffs today it wouldn’t cum without help. I was pissed off because my dick was so fucking hard and I left my dildo at home and I was tired and shitfaced and horny and sexually frustrated that I COULD HAV-

“Need some help?”

I looked up to see Michael who was fully naked and had what looked to be his 6 inch long and 2 inch wide cock standing at attention staring at me. He walked over and said “I want this. No. I need this. You make me so hard. Your lip caress made me jizz my pants earlier and I had to jerk off again. I keep dropping subtle hints to you. I jerked off while Escort Ankara watching you sleep and I played with your cock as you slept, making you cum. I stood here masturbating watching you do the same. I see the way you look at my brother and it’s the same way I look at you. There’s one big difference between him and I.” He claimed as he grabbed my cock. “I’m the one who wants to suck your dick and spend the rest of my life with you.” Michael confessed.

Wow. He hit all the right cords.

I grabbed my boxers and tore open the fabric on the crotch of my boxers. He pulled my head toward him and our tongues once again fought for dominance, but I clearly won. I explored his mouth with my tongue, licking everything within my tongue’s reach and wrapped my arms around his torso.

I ended the kiss and then spat a loogie into his mouth, making him swallow it. I forced him to his knees and lightly and playfully smacked his cheeks with my cock. He grabbed it with both hands and asked “How big is it hard?” I said “It’s Nine inc-” “It doesn’t fucking matter, cause I’m still gonna fuck it with my mouth.” Michael said, cutting me off. He put it in his mouth and he engulfed the entire cock. “Wow Michael, how many men have you sucked off? I asked while gripping a kitchen counter. Michael pulled off while still pumping. “Zero. Remember earlier?” He licked my shaft. “You’re my first kiss and now my first dick suck.” He continued pumping since he saw me about to say ” Dang. I’ve been blown by a lot of men and women and you’re the best one by far. You’re like a natural cocksucker.” I said smiling. “Thank you. I practiced just for you.” And he went back to sucking my cock like the king of blowjobs.

I was about to cum when I had a great idea. I pulled out from his mouth and pulled him up into a kiss. I started walking him to the living room, hand in hand and said “I don’t want to jizz just yet. Ever have anything big shoved in your ass?” I asked sitting on the couch. “No I haven’t, but I feel that’s about to change.” Michael said as his own dick twitched in excitement. “It is. On the couch, on the knees, ass towards me, now!” I half shouted. He obeyed like a good boy and did exactly that. “Open your mouth.” He did that and I inserted my fingers into his salivating mouth. “How clean is your asshole?” I asked, pulling my hand away. “Super clean. I wash it every day and always do a deep clean.” Michael said, wiggling his butt to me.

“Great.” I said as I proceeded to finger his ass. It started as the index, then my fuck you finger went in and started scissor fingering him, with Michael moaning the whole time. Then my ring finger slipped into his ring, and with the addition of my pinky, I was now four finger fucking him. I loved hearing his moans but I need to really get him moaning. I stopped and made him lick my fingers. “How do you taste?” I asked seductively. “Great, though it could use some seasoning. Perhaps something salty?” Michael replied, questioningly innocent.

“Well you’re in luck. My nine inch salt lick will fix that right up.” I said as I penetrated his cute butt with my cock. I started slow but I was apparently going too slow since he started fucking himself fast with my buried cock. I would have smacked him but I enjoyed the submissive dick worship. He eventually pulled off, turned himself around, squatted over my cock and impaled himself. This happened for five minutes until I lifted him up and started fucking the ever loving shit out of him.

We were on the verge of cumming when Michael shouted out loud, “Fuck! I’m cumming Joey! I’m CUMMING FROM YOUR BIG, MEATY COCK! Oh. Oh! Oh I love youuuuuuu!” He jizzed all over me and his chest. I shouted “Michael… fuck yeah!” I came a bigger load than I thought I had in me into his now non virgin asshole.

We sank to the couch, no blankets, cuddling, very tired. Michael said “Thank you… I love you… Joe..yyy…zzzzzzz.” I didn’t respond.

And now as I sit here on the verge of sleep with Michael’s head sleeping on my chest, I find myself thinking about something hard. Thinking about a conversation I’m going to have to have with the brothers. But how do I approach them? Do I talk to them at the same time, do I talk to the one I just dominated with my cock… or do I talk to the one who just ‘stealthily’ watched his best friend fuck his brother?


Please let me know if y’all enjoyed and if there should be a part 2.

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