A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 05

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I froze up as a chill rode over my entire body. My mom had just walked in on me and my sister in the middle of an unbelievable orgy. I’d spent the evening pleasuring her lesbian friends, and showing them the way of the man meat. Unfortunately, my big finish was inside of my big sister, who was bent over the ottoman and taking every drop of my cum while my mom watched with a look of horror on her face.

“WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING?!” she screamed in rage as the whole room froze. I was unsure about whether to withdraw from Bella’s steaming cunt, somehow embarrassed that my mom would see my cock. I slowly slid myself out, now that I’d finished, and let Bella stand up.

“Mom, I…” Bella tried to come up with an explanation but choked on the words. Her 3 friends were already putting clothes on, understanding that this was clearly a family thing and that they had no place in the conversation.

“GET OUT,” Mom cried as she pointed to the door, gesturing for our other sex toys to leave. I watched longingly as Lisa’s beautiful ass, Valena’s beautiful face, and Marie all shuffled out in a hurry. Tears started running down mom’s face as me and Bella were throwing clothes on. “How could you do this? You’re brother and sister!”

“No we’re not, mom!” Bella said as she sat down on the couch. I made sure to sit down on a different one, for mom’s sake. “We’re strangers, we’ve only known each other for a couple of days!”

“That doesn’t change anything,” she said as she wiped the mascara streaks off of her face. “I don’t care if you’ve known each other for hours or for years, you’re still siblings!”

“But we’re not REALLY,” retorted Bella as if she was reading my mind. “Jim told me the story you gave him. You and Dad adopted us after you won the lottery! After you gave Jim away!”

I saw a flash of anger in my mother’s eyes as she reacted to my sister’s choice of words. “We didn’t GIVE him away, you ungrateful little bitch.” Bella jumped at my mom’s tone, clearly caught off guard. “We couldn’t support him. And when we had the means to have a child of our own, we did! WE HAD YOU!”

Now I was really confused. Mom blew her nose and sat down in a pile on the recliner, hopefully oblivious to the juices that were on it from Bella and Valena’s facesitting session. “Your father and I wanted to have ONE kid of our own. You guys are ACTUALLY brother and sister…”

My jaw dropped as Bella and I looked at each other. The resemblance was suddenly striking: the toned frame, the dark hair and eyes. She shared my mother’s strong features and enormous tits, compared to Vicky’s petite blonde A-cup build.

“Jim,” my mom said as her sobbing ran dry, “you’re fucking your sister.” I hardly wanted to correct her and tell her that I was fucking BOTH of my sisters, but this was clearly a more serious offense. A long awkward pause took place as my mom stared at Bella and thought of what to say. “Bel, I thought you were a lesbian!” My mom sounded indignant and disgusted, I didn’t picture her as a bigot. Her angry facial features were starting to flare up as I realized how much of a bitch my mom might be.

“I was! I mean, I am…I don’t know…” Bella looked at me for guidance, and I indicated that I wasn’t offended. My mom breathed a sigh of relief as Bella continued, “I just hadn’t found any guys that didn’t gross me out. But I trust Jim…I don’t feel like he’s my brother but more of a family friend and I don’t think he’s a creep.”

The tiniest smile crept across mom’s face as Bella explained how I made her muğla seks hikayeleri able to love a man. Mom dabbed the tears from the corners of her eyes and folded her hands gently in her lap. “Well this is just a terrible situation.” She seemed upset, but much less so for some reason. “At the very least, you might stop running around with all of those crazy girls and doing all of those drugs and such.”

Bella nodded vigorously, seeing an avenue. “I think it was just a phase mom, I just needed a push over the edge to see that some men have some good in them.”

Now Barbara broke into a real smile. I felt like I was witnessing a breakthrough, and I got the impression that Bella’s lesbian sexuality had driven a wedge between them. “What about you Jim?”

I felt uncomfortable in the spotlight now. I didn’t have a wedge that I could pretend to lift and get my mom off my back. I knew Bella was bullshitting about not being a lesbian, based on the enthusiasm with which she tongued Valena’s delicious snatch. But now it was my turn to show that this experience had bettered me, and I had nothing. “I just don’t know anyone here…” my mom seemed unphased. “Bella and I realized we could help each other, and we had a connection, and it’s all I have here, mom.” I could tell I had played my cards right, with the “mom” at the end being a perfect touch.

“Well I’m glad that this was a growing experience for you both, but this can’t continue.” I don’t know if she was referring to me fucking Bella, or the huge orgy we just had in our living room, but I didn’t dare ask. “Why don’t you kids go to your rooms.” I raised an eyebrow until my mom clarified, “Separately! I’m going to be in to talk to you.”

Me and Bella trudged back up the stairs while mom picked up the wine glasses and recomposed herself. “Mom will probably be up here in a minute,” Bella whispered as we reached her door. “But no matter what she says, I don’t want this to stop,” she winked as she reached down and grabbed my dick through my sweatpants.

My cock sprang to life as I suddenly noticed how sexy she look with her disheveled hair and her perky tits outlined in her tanktop. I grinned and nodded as she bounded into her bedroom and gently closed the door behind her. I turned and went into my room, wondering how pissed mom was. I sat on my bed, trying to separate the thoughts of Bella bouncing on my dick from the thoughts of how awkward tonight was. Suddenly, I heard Bella’s door open and close.

The voices were muted, but I was still able to make out parts of the conversation. Things began with whispering, but heated up as the argument got more intense.

“But he’s your brother, Bella! Doesn’t that mean anything to you?!”

“It means I can trust him, mom. It means we’re connected, but it’s not like I grew up with him or anything. It’d be like fucking a gay friend from college.” I’m sure my mom was pissed at the casual reference to homosexuality, remembering she was a bit of a bigot.

“Fine. If you guys enjoy it and you’re being safe, then that’s fine, but no more disgusting parties in our living room!”

“That’s fine mom, I’m sorry about that.”

“And don’t think I won’t talk to Jim about this. If you two are going to keep up this ‘arrangement’ I need to make sure I can keep him honest, ok?”

“Sure thing mom.”

Bella’s door opened and closed and I heard mom approaching mine. After a knock on the door I let her in and she sat me down at the bed.

“Jim, we need to talk about this.” I noticed that Barbara had put on a nightgown, as it was almost bedtime. Despite its conservative cut, it barely corraled her massive tits. “If you and Bella are making each other happy, and this whole thing is keeping her out of trouble, I’d be hard-pressed to stop you.” I fought back a smile. “She’s been trying to find colleges where she can experiment and meet people like her, she needs to settle down and look at a career. Plus, if I have to work two jobs, I can’t supervise you two all the time anyways.” Was my mom really giving me permission to fuck my sister’s brains out? “But if you guys are going to do this, there’s going to be rules.”

“Whatever you say, I still understand I’m a guest here.”

“Don’t be stupid Jim,” she snorted, “you’re part of our family now. But if you and Bella want to fuck each other’s brains out, she needs to keep using her pill.” I nodded, curious about how Bella was on birth control if she didn’t have sex with guys. “In addition, there can be no more parties like what you guys were doing tonight. It’s gross and the only reason I’m letting this go on is so Bella can get away from all that.”

I fought back a frown, but realized that me and Bella could still fuck her friends senseless elsewhere. This was shaping up to be good! Then she stood up from the bed and stared at me. “There’s a few other conditions, Jim.”

“What else?” I was eager for her to leave so that I could go bury this raging boner in my sister in the next room.

“Jim, you’re going to help me and my friends out.”

“What do you mean?”

“Jim, I work two jobs and have to raise two kids. One of them is too smart for her own good, and the other is dumber than dogshit. I’m under a lot of stress, and I’m like any other woman, I have needs.” I knew where this was going, and found myself horribly turned on.

“So you want me to, have sex with you?”

“More than that, Jim.” She started slipping down the shoulder straps of her nightgown and a predatory stare took over her eyes. “I want you to fuck me, senseless. Whenever I want it, you have to fuck me. However I want it, you have to do it. I say fuck me, you say how hard, got it?” She dropped the nightgown to the floor to reveal her beautiful, naked body underneath. She was built so much like Bella I couldn’t believe it: her firm tits and pert nipples peeked right at me. Her voluptuous hips indicated that she took good care of herself, although I doubt she had the time to exercise. I was almost sure that it was the poor eating and tons of stress that toned her to be as lean as she was.

I was in awe as she pushed me back onto the bed and pulled down my sweatpants, springing my cock out and admiring it. “So, this doesn’t bother you at all?” I asked, confused by her sudden change of heart regarding incest.

“Bella changed my mind,” she whispered as she made a sly face and wrapped her fingers around my hardening shaft. Her cool hands felt so refreshing against my cock, which was building up in pressure since Barbara had dropped her nightgown. She began stroking lightly, expertly fondling my dick as she tugged the drawstring down my sweatpants. I felt her other hand cup my balls as she took the head of my penis into her mouth, her tongue tasting and massaging up and down the shaft. I ran my hands through her hair as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock, pumping her fist up and down. I let a light moan escape my mouth, careful not to let Bella realize that my mom was blowing me a mere 10 feet away.

“Do you want to fuck me, mom?”

She whipped her head off of my cock and pushed me down on the bed, hopping on top of me. I kicked off my pants as she straddled my crotch, eager to see her huge tits as I fucked her senseless. “Yes baby,” she said as she grabbed my cock and hovered above it. “I want to fuck you, and I want my friends to fuck you.” She slammed down onto my dick as I fathomed the idea of a gangbang with my mom and her friends. Images of hot MILF’s and soccer moms bounced through my head as I focused on the bouncing image in front of me. My mom was going to town on my cock, and by the tightness I could tell that she hadn’t been fucked in awhile. She was enjoying herself, doing all the work and grunting as she slid up and down on my shaft. Having enjoyed an orgasm or two earlier that night in the orgy, I was amazed at how long I was lasting, especially considering how turned on I was. My mom slowed down to an erotic pace as I felt her start to tighten down. Her legs were doing all of the work now as they pushed and pulled the rest of her body. Her muscles tensed and flexed with her rigid pumping motions, enjoying every inch of my cock as it disappeared into her dripping wet cunt. As she started to near her climax, I found myself absolutely breathless at the erotic sight of her huge breasts heaving. Each time she drew a breath, she drew it sharper and faster. Her tits started quaking and I felt her start to rattle around on my cock as the orgasm built up.

“Cum on my cock mom, do it!” I yelled, trying to add encouragement. She bit her lip and fought back a moan as she rode me through the orgasm, careful not to let Bella know that she was enjoying my fat cock after chastising her for the very same thing. The orgasm started to slow down as my mom bounced lighter and slower on my dick. As she came to a stop, she rolled off and stood up, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

“Like I said,” she started to pick up her nightgown, “any time I want, any way I want. Got it?”

“Got it,” I said with a huge grin. “What did you say about your friends?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll arrange a meeting with the girls at some point. Some of the ladies I work with are in the same position as I am. And based on that performance, I think they’d like to be in the same position I just was!”

“So those are the rules? No more wild parties, Bella takes her pill, and I help you and your friends?”

“That’s right Jim. And there’s one more rule.”

“What’s that?”

“Just cause you’re fucking me and Bella, don’t think that you can fuck Vicky. That poor girl is sweet as a kitten but dumb as dirt and the last thing she needs is you taking advantage of her.”

I debated with myself the merits of telling my mom then and there that I’d already been fucking Vicky’s tight little hole since the day I got here. Based on everything that had just transpired, I thought better of it and decided to stow that away for another day. “I understand, mom.”

“Now I’m going to head to bed. If you and Bella start going at it again, you’d best keep it down. The last thing I want you two to do is wake up Vicky with your monkeysex because you can’t keep it in your pants.”

My poor cock was drained at this point, and I had no consideration of going in to Bella’s room again tonight. I needed to get some rest and think things through for a bit. Was I going to tell Bella that mom wanted to fuck me senseless and whore me out to her friends? Did she already know? Was it her idea to begin with? How was this going to change things with Vicky? My head was swimming and my nuts were sore from all of the action, and I collapsed in bed before looking for an answer.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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