An Unexpected Romance

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I was brought up in a mining town, we lived in a rented two up two down terraced house. Upstairs there were two bedrooms and a bathroom, downstairs was a back room, a front room and a kitchen. The back room was mainly where we lived, consisting of a dining table with its four chairs, three old fireside chairs and a sideboard. There was no central heating just coal fires. The front room, we used only on special occasions such as Christmas when our family visited, and was furnished with a three piece suite, consisting of a settee, two club armchairs and my music centre, which I recently set up in there, and of course the obligatory fireplace.

My father had been minor who worked at the coal face and unlike many of his colleagues who expected their sons to follow in their footsteps, my father did everything in his power to dissuade me from going down the mine. Right from an early age he would tell me the horror stories of working the coal face, from crawling on his stomach to work the coal, to pulling men out when the roof sometimes caved in. For as long as I could remember he would stress the importance of getting an education and emphasize that I should work hard at school to gain qualifications, and I did. I studied and worked hard and luckily didn’t find it too difficult.

The effect of all that studying was that I had few friends and those I did have I lost when I passed the scholarship and went to high school. The local kids starting calling me a nerd, swat and even less flattering names. What made things worse that I was not very good looking and so thin I looked like skeleton, even the local girls avoided me. Nevertheless I worked damn hard.

Three months into my first term at high school we had a swimming test, now I wasn’t very good at sports and could just about swim, but thankfully I wasn’t the worst, a few kids couldn’t swim at all. The swimming teacher pulled me to one side and asked me to come and see him in his office after school.

“Ah Bennett, come in take a seat. I watched you today you’re not a very good swimmer, but that isn’t my main concern it’s your physique, I don’t think that I have ever seen someone so thin as you.”

“Sir it doesn’t matter how much I eat I don’t put weight on.”

“I understand, but I would like you to consider a gentle work programme to begin to build your body up and it won’t be a five minute thing it will take time. What I propose is that you attend one hour swimming classes after school twice a week preferably on a Monday and Thursday and I will teach you to swim properly. There will be others there in a similar situation to you and of course more advanced swimmers. Please think about it and let me know”

Well I did let him know and for the first year it was just swimming however the second year he introduced me to dumbbells which I was allowed to use at home. I suppose it was about eighteen months before I began to notice and changes in my body with a slight development of arm and leg muscles.

By the time I was ready to leave high school I was a pretty good swimmer, and my body had developed very nicely. My muscles, now quite substantial had increased in size more than I could ever imagine, and they weren’t the only thing that developed, much to my surprise.

Having passed all my exams with flying colours, l received a scholarship from several universities in the area. My father encouraged me to pick the best one knowing that I would be living away from home for long periods, much to my mother’s regret. Having visited the pit head many times and was fascinated with the machinery I knew I wanted to be an engineer and therefore I studied design, manufacturing, coupled with business studies.

Although I was much more confident, again I never made many friends and rarely spoke to girls. It wasn’t that I was afraid or even uninterested in them, it was just the fact that I didn’t have the time and it always seemed to me that was the one thing a girlfriend demands of you, is time. I knew things were paying off for me because my exam results were always first class and the lecturers would talk to me outside classes and we would discuss particular project and they would ask for my opinion. Finally I finished uni and returned home.

Over the years many mines closed, a few continued to operate with a very much reduced workforce, one of which was my father’s and eventually even it closed, although it was one of the last. Like many he was made redundant receiving a decent redundancy package with the money being invested in Government Bonds because it was guaranteed 100% safe. Within a year of being made redundant dad was diagnosed with Pneumoconiosis. We were advised that his life expectancy would be no longer than five years and that was providing he would co-operate with the hospital take all his medication and extreme care of himself, which we knew he wouldn’t. Mother and I were devastated, for my part I knew my father, mother too, had made many sacrifices to get me educated and Beşiktaş Escort now it was my turn to look after them.

When I left University it didn’t take me long to find a job, I saw and applied for a position as assistant manager at a large engineering company. I was offered an interview, bought myself a new suit so I could at least make a good impression and eventually I was offered the position. As an assistant manager I received a decent salary and a company car which I could use for private use providing I paid for my own petrol, which seemed fair enough. The guy that I was the assistant to, came up from the shop floor and was brilliant on the engineering side but useless on the business management side, so I suppose that’s where I came in, to support him.

My father died approximately three years after the diagnosis, and for eight months I watched my mother grieve and mope around day in day out, letting her life go to rack and ruin. The deterioration of her appearance got too much for me. One morning I came down stairs and while mum was cooking breakfast I moved in behind her put my hands on her hips and kissed her on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

“Mum if we can sit down tonight and have a serious talk I’ll tell you what that was for.”

“Are you going to shout at me and make me cry?”

“I can’t imagine why you would think I would shout at you, however, I do have things to say to you which you may not be too happy about.”

As soon as I arrived home from work that night she began to quiz me about what I wanted to talk to her about, it must have been on her mind all day. I managed to persuade her to wait until after we had eaten and cleared away and were sitting comfortably before we began to talk.

“Mum it’s been eight months since dad died, and you’re still grieving, you’re making yourself ill and everybody else with your depression. You have no pride in your looks you mope around like an old bag lady, the difference in you now to how you used to be is unbelievable. You’ve got to stop it and stop now.”

Suddenly mum burst into tears, I felt responsible, I was too harsh with her, but something had to be done, she couldn’t continue the way she was, perhaps I was the wrong person to try to and get her to change. I moved over to her and encouraged her to move over on the chair giving me a corner to perch on. I put an arm around her, she buried her face in my shoulder.

“Mum you can’t go on as you have been, you must change, there are some suggestions that I would like to make that I think might help. I have been thinking that I might like to take you out some evening to a restaurant or to the cinema. Perhaps we could go to the theatre. Other times we could go for a ride in the car to the coast or countryside, even visit various places of interest. But not while you’re like this for a start your clothes are old and unfashionable and now I’m working we have enough money to buy you new clothes. However I’m not prepared to take you shopping until we have something decent for you to go out in, those clothes we can buy off the internet. What do you think?”

Mum nodded her head although it was still buried in my shoulder.

“Perhaps we could look together for something over the weekend.”

I knew how I wanted her to look. There’s this girl at work, very attractive and always looks fantastic in the clothes she wears, and that is how I want mum to look. I first met her about a week after I started, I was walking along the corridor towards the coffee machine she was coming in the opposite direction and we arrived at the coffee machine at the same time.

“Good morning, please after you.”

She thanked me, dispensed her coffee, and wandered back to whatever department she worked for. I returned to my own department and was met by one of my colleagues.

“I see you have met our Yvonne.”

“So that’s her name, a very attractive girl.”

“Don’t get your hopes up boyo, she a lesbian, doesn’t like men. Others including me have asked her out, she’s just not interested.”

Saturday afternoon, having brought my PC down from my room and placed it on the table, I called out to mum to come and sit next to me, and began scanning through the clothing web sites. At one point I turned to say something and caught sight of her breasts, I became mesmerized by them, they seemed bigger and fuller than usual, not that I have noticed their variation in size before, but now I wanted to hold and squeeze them. I watched them jiggle about as she moved around on her chair. I assumed that their larger size was probably caused by the most fertile stage of her monthly cycle. If that is the case, I wondered if she would be more sexually receptive at those times. I made a mental note of the time of the month and to check it out on the internet when I heard her say.

“Rod what are you staring at you seem to be in a trance?”

“Sorry I was miles away thinking Beylikdüzü Escort about dad, wondering what he would have made of us looking for clothes for you on the internet.”

We were having problems agreeing a dress styles and skirt length. Mum was into maxi lengths I was trying to persuade her to try something shorter with a hem line an inch below the knee, nothing too dramatic. If I had my way I would have her in mini-skirts. Eventually she relented and we agreed on a couple each of dresses skirts and blouses. I suggested that if she was going shopping to try on clothes from the high street shops, she might want to buy some new lingerie. I made sure that the new lingerie she selected was at least pleasant on the eyes.

Finally having spent nearly two hours picking out clothes, I encouraged her to buy two pairs of stiletto heel shoes, one pair in white and one in tan.

Two weeks later mum told me she had received all the clothes, had tried them on, and everything fitted perfectly.

“Mum, if I booked a table at a restaurant would you have dinner with me?”

“Yes darling that would be very nice.”

I booked a table, but lied when I told her that I couldn’t get a table for that coming Saturday but managed to get a table for the following Saturday. Providing my calculations were correct mum should be at the peak of her fertile stage, and with luck sexually receptive. I wasn’t planning or even expecting for our first date together to get sexual, and I had every intention of being the perfect gentleman.

That Saturday evening I stood at the bottom of the stairs full of excitement and expectations waiting for mum to appear on the upstairs landing. When she appeared she was everything I hoped for, and more. She was a vision wearing her red dress with the satin sheen, shorter than anything she has worn in the past, with a reasonably deep plunging neckline, giving some indication of the extent of her cleavage. I watched her breasts bounce up and down, as she clip clopped down the stairs in her white stilettoes. As she placed her arm through mine allowing me to escort out to the car I noticed she was wearing a new perfume.

Several times as we drove along mum cautioned me to keep my eyes on the road, which was almost impossible due to the continuous jerky motion of her breasts. They seemed far more active than I have ever seen them before. Mum must have known what I was looking at, but all she said was. “Keep your eyes on the road darling.”

At the restaurant I noticed the men’s head’s turning, watching her as we were shown to our table. I can’t explain how I felt, but it felt good knowing they must have been envious of me wondering just how intimate I get with her. The evening went well considering I picked a restaurant neither of us was familiar with, because it was well away from our local area. The food was good and we drunk a bottle of wine between us. Neither of us were used to drinking, mother less than me, so I suppose it lowered our inhibitions, especially mother’s.

There was a small dance floor with a DJ playing all the popular tunes. I was not going to miss this opportunity to hold my mother close. She accepted my invitation to dance and because the floor was crowded our bodies were lightly pressed together. I could feel her breast pressing against my chest and I expect she could feel my erection pressing into her groin. Lightly, I rubbed my hand across the back of her dress, feeling the material just below the small of her back. As we danced I pulled her very close to me and whispered in her ear.

“You are beautiful and you look fantastic in that dress.”

She whispered back. “Thank you darling I’m glad I can please you.”

If that wasn’t an innuendo I didn’t know what was. I looked her in the eye, she just smiled. I continued to hold her close, and she just rested her head on my shoulder. We danced most of the dances. By the end of the evening we were both gently rubbing up against each other, as we swayed to the music.

It was dark when we left the restaurant. I held the car door open for her and as she slid in the vanity light was sufficient for me to see the hem of her dress ride up her thighs giving me a grandstand view of her legs and the tops of her stockings. She just looked at me and smiled as I closed the door. I couldn’t really see her in the dark as we drove home, the only way I knew she was in the car was her lingering perfume. Although occasionally the headlights from the oncoming traffic would illuminate the scene giving me a glimpse her bouncing breasts and the hem of her dress still high up her legs. I was puzzled why her breasts seemed so mobile recently, I could only put it down to her wearing a much softer bra which failed to restrain them as those underwired things.

When we arrived home she sat in the car waiting for me to open the car door. This time as she swung her legs out, she gave me a glimpse of Beyoğlu Escort the crotch of her panties. Was it deliberate I couldn’t say but I was hoping it was? Once inside the house she said.

“Darling that was a wonderful evening.”

“The weather forecast for tomorrow is good how about going for a nice drive?”

“Where was you thinking of going?”

“We could drive to the coast.”

“Isn’t that a rather long way?”

“No we’ll be fine.”

“That sounds nice, I think I’ll take a picnic with us.”

“Great, we can get an early start. I’ll take my swimming trunks and you can take your costume.”

“If you think I’m going swimming in the sea you can think again, and if we are going to make an early start I’m going to bed, so I’ll say goodnight.”

I pulled her close to me, and for several seconds she was mine, lying in my arms returning my kiss that is until she suddenly realized what was happening and pushed me away.

“What do you think you are doing?”

“Kissing my date goodnight.”

“Kissing your date, you think tonight was a date?”

“We were both dressed up for a meal that I took you out to a restaurant, as we danced we embraced each other whispering in each other’s ear, what would you call it if not a date?”

She didn’t reply to my question just said “Goodnight Rod.”

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

The look she gave me was black as thunder.

The following morning while we were getting ready to leave I was now convinced that her breasts were bigger, and was certain it was that time of the month and hoping she would be sexually responsive. Even last night she was pretty passionate gently rubbing up against me as we danced, then there was that goodnight kiss. I assumed she was aware of our blossoming relationship, and had some thoughts on the matter. Well I was going to give her a little nudge. Perhaps that is what she was waiting for as we headed for the coast.

I spread the blanket out on the sand and mum placed the bag with the food and drinks on the blanket then sat next to it before slipping her shoes off. I in turn position myself beside mum, leaning back, resting on my forearms. As we sat there talking I watched the hypnotic effect of the waves lapping against the sand, the next minute I was standing up announcing that I was going for a swim. With a large towel around me I stood behind mum and changed into my swimming costume. However once changed I decided to find out how mum would react if I deliberately stood in front of her to give her a view of my package. It looked as if she caught her breath and there was certainly a slight reddening of her cheeks.

Twenty minutes later mum beckoned for me to come in, having prepared lunch. She poured out a hot coffee, as I dried myself and changed out of my wet costume, concealing myself behind her of course. After lunch with everything packed away mum made a suggestion.

“Darling why don’t you lay down and close your eyes, we had a late night last night and you’ve spent almost two hours driving down here, then you have the drive back. Just lay your head in my lap, then you won’t get sand in your hair.”

I laid on my back, my head in mums lap, eyes closed I was beginning to relax. Mum was caressing the top of my head running her fingers through my hair. I don’t know how long it was, five maybe ten minutes, before mum leaned over to get something out of the bag. I felt her breast press against my face, her nipple against my lips. I opened my eyes, her breast was completely dominating my view, although her nipple was very obvious. It seemed swollen as it stood out beneath her clothing, challenging me to draw it into my mouth. It was very tempting, but I thought about the repercussions when mother discovered her blouse saturated with my saliva. Eventually mother sat up and resumed running her fingers through my hair.

The whole scenario caused me to get an erection, however to prevent any embarrassment I turned on my side facing away from her. Twice more mum reach for the bag only these times her breast pressed against my cheek.

A year had passed, an eventful one, having spent that time cultivating my mother’s love with subtle seduction and it was working too. Her skirts got shorter, not too short, her blouses got tighter and more transparent so you could make out the colour and shape of her gradually shrinking bra cups. Until recently I thought it was totally due to my influence that was until I managed to find my way into her computer.

It was a Sunday morning I wandered downstairs in my now regular weekend attire, just underpants. Standing in the backroom I could see mum standing at the stove cooking breakfast, and couldn’t believe what she was wearing. She was still in her nightdress, if you could call it a nightdress. It was the shortest garment I had ever seen, only just maintaining her modesty. Hanging from her shoulders by spaghetti straps this low cut, black satin, lace trimmed sheath, just about covered her nipples, exposing the fleshy top of her breasts. Looking as if had been moulded to her body, it accentuated her figure, especially her breasts, which looked even bigger. Just looking at her gave me an erection.

Mum didn’t notice me until I moved behind her and slipped my arms around her waist and pressed my erection between the cheeks of her ass.

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