Aunt Elsie Pt. 09

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It’s early spring and with Daryl away at college, Andy now in the Navy, & Rick working Aunt Elsie had gotten pretty bored during the day so she decided to get a part time job. Her husband had a friend, an architect who needed a part time secretary.

On this particular day Elsie had worn taupe sheer to waist pantyhose, a white sheer bra, a white silk blouse, a hunter green skirt that barely came to mid thigh, with a matching blazer, and her hunter green, closed toe, 5 inch pencil thin heels. She wore very modest emerald earrings, her wedding ring, & a pearl necklace.

Moments after settling in at her desk Harvey, her boss came out of his office with a long cardboard tube in one hand and his briefcase in the other.

Harvey spoke, “Elsie I have an emergency I need your help with, I have a meeting in Riverhead I need to get to.” As Harvey held out the long cardboard tube he continued. “But I need someone to get these plans over to the Merrick job site right away. I hate to ask you this but would you mind taking them over there?”

Elsie replied, ” No problem I can do that.”

She was happy to have the chance to get out of the office.

Harvey said, “Thank you so much you’re a lifesaver.”

Before Elsie knew it he was out the door.

Elsie pulled up to the Merrick site about 20 minutes later. The job site was a 5 story building with the top two stories nothing but steel beams with corrugated tin decking. To the left of the gate Elsie saw a couple of rows of vehicles mostly pickup trucks. She found an open spot and parked there. The lot and entrance was gravel and to the right of the entrance was the construction trailer. Elsie had to take slow careful steps heels were not made for walking on the uneven gravel. The site itself was surrounded by a chain link fence covered with green tarps. Elsie headed for the trailer to look for the foreman, Gene.

Inside the trailer Elsie found two men dressed in flannel shirts with orange vests, soiled blue jeans, and tan work boots. Bob a short, chubby, middle aged man with balding gray hair and a thin gray beard. Vinny was younger maybe in his early to mid thirties, tall, muscular, with long jet black hair, handlebar mustache, and a deep tan. Both men stopped what they were doing and stared at Elsie.

“Well hello there, and how can we help you pretty lady?” Bob said as he eyed Elsie up and down.

“I’m looking for Gene, I have these floorplans I need to deliver to him.” Elsie replied holding up the cardboard tube.

“Well I think he’s up on 2 or 3 if you want we can take you up there.” Bob said.

Both men were checking her out like a couple of horny teenagers and they weren’t even trying to hide it. This made Elsie a little nervous but she also found that she liked the attention.

“Ok lead the way.” Elsie said.

“You’ll have to wear this ma’am.” Vinny said as he handed her a white hard hat that looked brand new while both men wore orange hardhats that had dirt and grease on them.

As they left the gravel Bob pointed at the 3 foot wide wooden planks. “Now stay on the planking pretty lady otherwise you’ll sink right down into the mud.”

It was then that Elsie noticed all around the building was very wet mud with large mud puddles scattered around the uneven ground. It had rained for 3 days straight. She saw assorted construction vehicles on the sides of the building caked in both wet and dried mud.

As they entered the building Elsie noticed the floor was just a concrete slab and the majority of the walls were unpainted sheetrock. She saw a couple of spacklers working on that floor along with a couple of short Spanish laborers cleaning up garbage and placing it into a large wheelbarrow. Elsie felt their eyes on her again this made her a little nervous but judging by the tingling between her legs it was turning her on more.

The stairs were just like the flooring nothing but bare concrete with a temporary wooden handrail. When they reached the third floor the walls were mostly just metal studs. There were a few men around working. In the center of the floor was a drafting table where she saw Gene.

Before Bob could speak Elsie did, “Thank you gentlemen.” She flashed them both a smile and walked over to Gene. Gene is in his mid fifties, about 6″2″ tall very muscular with salt and pepper hair covered by a white hard hat like the one Elsie wore. He was wearing a light blue button down shirt, with an orange vest like Bob & Vinny’s but much cleaner, with beige khakis and tan work boots.

“You must be Elsie, Harvey said he was sending you over.” Gene said as he took the plans from Elsie. “Thank you so much we would be dead in the water without these.”

Most of the workmen had stopped working and were now staring at Elsie.

Noticing this Gene barked, “What’s the matter haven’t you ever seen a lady before?”

“Get your asses back to work!”

He then whispered to Elsie, “You’ll have to forgive the boys we don’t get too many ladies as pretty as you around here.” after looking her up and down he continued, “And certainly tokat seks hikayeleri not dressed like you.”

Elsie felt her face flush and she felt her juices warming her pussy. So many men looking at her, wanting her.

“That’s ok I can handle it.” Elsie said.

Just then all the work seemed to stop and the men headed to the stairs. Of course they all eyed her up and down as they passed. All the attention excited Elsie even more and for some reason she realized at that moment she hadn’t had a good lay in quite some time.

After checking his watch he looked at Elsie and as if answering a question Gene said, “Breaktime”

“If you’re not in a hurry I’d like to look these over before you leave.” Gene inquired.

“Sure no problem.” Elsie replied.

Gene laid the plans out on the drafting table and after several minutes of looking them over.

“Well everything seem in order. Thanks again for bringing them over.” Gene said as he extended his hand.

Elsie took it and replied, “I’ll be off then.”

“Can you find your way out or would you like me to have one of the guys show you the way?” “You’ll just have to wait for the guys to come back from break.”

“I think I can manage thank you.” Elsie replied.

A decision she immediately regretted. When she reached the first floor all the walls and rooms looked alike and she soon found herself lost.

She felt relieved when she came into a room that Bob and Vinny had decided to use for their break. The room was about 10 x 10 with a large opening on two of the walls which she assumed would hold windows but were now just covered with plywood. To her left was a stack of drywall and to the right a pair of sawhorses. Both men were sitting on the sawhorses drinking coffee. When they saw Elsie they immediately stood up.

“Can we help you ma’am?” Bob said.

“I’m embarrassed to say I seem to have gotten lost and can’t find my way out of here.” Elsie replied.

“Well, well, well, you hear that Vinny, Little missy here is lost and she needs our help.” Bob said as both he and Vinny were looking her up and down as they walked around her like wolves circling their prey.

“Well I think we can help you find your way.” Vinny said. He then paused before he continued, “But you’re going to have to do something for us first, Aunt Elsie.”

Elsie’s face immediately flushed she was terrified, OMG did he just call me Aunt Elsie?

Elsie gulped hard, “Excuse me?”

“Oh that’s right me and Bob here know all about you Aunt Elsie.” Vinny said.

“I believe you know my brother Mike, he’s your mechanic.”

Bob let that sink in. Elsie was mortified, that son of a bitch just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut. I wonder how much he told them. What am I supposed to do now?

But it had been a while since she had a good fucking and Vinny was a very attractive man. Her pussy felt warm and she could tell she was getting wet. She jumped when she felt Fred’s rough, pudgy hands on her nylon covered outer thighs. He was behind her pushing her skirt up revealing her tight nylon covered ass.

“Mmmmm no panties.” Bob said with a smile as he ran his finger between her already damp nylon covered pussy lips. This sent a cool shock up her spine like a wave of electricity through Elsie’s body.

Vinny put his arms around her and pulled her to him kissing her hard on the lips. Elsie’s lips soon parted and let Vinny’s tongue dart into her hungry mouth. He was soon removing her blazer laying it over one of the saw horses. His hands roughly squeezing her breasts. Elsie felt her nipples hardening and her pussy starting to wet her pantyhose with her warm juices. She removed Vinny’s flannel and soon had his t shirt over his head. He was very muscular with six pack abs. He took a step back and ripped open her blouse the buttons flying everywhere. He then pulled her bra down under her breasts, holding both in his large hands his tongue found one hard nipple while he squeezed the other with two fingers. Elsie moaned her approval.

Bob had stripped down leaving only his wife beater on and was now rubbing his hard cock between Elsie’s nylon covered ass cheeks.

“Wow you really are the whore Mike said you were, she’s soaking wet Vinny.” Bob pointed out.

The men moved her over to the saw horse and roughly bent her over it. Vinny had removed his pants and soon had his cock in Elsie’s face. It was at least 9 inches long and very thick. Elsie took it deep into her throat as Louie grabbed her hair and roughly fucked her face. Bob was kneeling behind Elsie holding her nylon covered ass cheeks, spreading them wide so he could lick her pussy through the wet nylon.

Elsie was soon flooding her pantyhose with her juices her orgasm building.

She came hard her moans muffled by Vinny’s huge cock in her mouth.

Once her orgasm subsided and her body stopped convulsing Bob ripped open her pantyhose and she soon felt his cock filling her aching pussy. She took his 6 inches easily and he was soon balls deep slamming her from behind.

Vinny had taken his flannel and laid it down on the cement floor he then laid down on his back pulling Elsie on top of him so she could mount his huge cock slowly as it’s girth stretched her quivering pussy. When she finally got him completely inside and was just starting to enjoy his cock filling her pussy she felt Bob’s hand pushing her down onto Vinny smashing her breasts against Vinny’s chiseled chest. She soon felt Bob filling her ass with his hardon. She could feel Bob’s sweaty, hairy belly on her back as he stretched her ass. Both men ravaged her holes and she was now loudly moaning uncontrollably. “Oh yes that’s it boys fuck me good!” Bob came first flooding her bowels with his hot seed. This made Elsie cum hard and Vinny felt her pussy tighten around his rigid cock.

When Bob removed his cock from her ass Elsie sat up and she immediately felt Vinny’s hands on her tits. He was squeezing her very hard, very sensitive nipples as he thrust up deep inside her.

“Yes baby fuck Aunt Elsie with that big beautiful cock of yours!” She exclaimed. She soon felt Bob’s cock at her lips and was soon licking and sucking every last drop of his seed from it.

“That’s it slut, suck my cock clean after I just fucked your tight ass.” Bob said

It wasn’t until she finished that she opened her eyes and soon noticed they had an audience. The plywood had been removed from the window openings and there were men at both windows. Gene was in the doorway along with two more men watching her as she rode Vinny’s huge cock. Bob’s cum flowing from her gaping asshole and from her lips.

Elsie was again mortified this was getting way out of hand how could she keep her secret now? But her lust took over she was enjoying Vinny’s cock way too much to care. Having all these men watching her fucking Vinny’s wonderful cock, they all wanted her. This turned on even more and she felt her juices flooding over Vinny’s cock and down over his balls. She came hard when she felt Vinny’s hot cream flooding her womb.

“Yes, Oh yes baby fill Aunt Elsie’s pussy with that hot cum!” Elsie exclaimed as she collapsed onto Vinny’s sweaty chest his cock twitching inside her still quivering cunt. She felt a chill run through her body. Then the clapping and cheering from the men brought her back to reality.

“What have we got here?” Elsie heard Gene’s voice. As she dismounted Louie’s deflating cock his seed dripping from her lips down her nylon covered legs. Her blouse torn open her breast still visible over her bra, her skirt up around her waist.

Elsie attempted to stand but Bob had to catch her so she didn’t fall. She found her feet but when she attempted to cover herself she heard Gene’s voice again.

“oh no honey, I think it’s a little late for that.”

“Besides you’re not done yet Aunt Elsie.” After motioning to the two men that were standing behind him. “After all if you’re going to disrupt my job site and fuck my men when they should be working. I think you owe me and I plan to collect right now”

Elsie was both terrified and aroused.

“Take your skirt, blouse, and bra off.” Gene ordered.

Elsie complied. “Now get up on that saw horse.” Gene again ordered.

Elsie laid back on the saw horse and had to hold the side rails to keep from falling off the narrow strip of wood. Gene had dropped his trousers to his ankles and was standing in front of her quivering cum filled pussy. He motioned for the two men to hold Elsie’s nylon covered legs and after taking off her heels they spread her wide. She was completely exposed for all the men to see. She soon felt Gene’s hard cock enter her sloppy pussy. He was almost as big as Vinny and just as thick. “You like that don’t you slut. Having another cock in your cum filled cunt.” Gene asked rhetorically. Elsie moaned she did like having another cock in her cum filled pussy it reminded her of Rick. She was soon thrusting up to meet Gene’s thrusts into her.

Gene ran his rough hands over her still hard nipples, add to that Elsie felt the two men holding her legs running their hands up and down massaging the nylon made Elsie even wetter. It made her think of her boys. Rick Taking her while Andy and Daryl massaged her pantyhose covered legs.

“Wow you really do like getting your cum filled pussy fucked. What a dirty little cum whore you are Aunt Elsie. Gene taunted her.

“Joe give this slut something to suck on.” Gene ordered

Joe was a medium build native american with a very large cock. At least 10 or 11 inches but thin and it was soon at Elsie’s lips she eagerly took it into her mouth and she soon felt Joe’s hands grasping her hair. He was soon fucking her face with this beast.

“That’s it whore you love having him fuck your face with that beast of his don’t you.”

Gene continued to insult her. But Elsie was getting more and more turned on and her juices were again flowing. Gene was thrusting hard into her and you could hear the slapping of his balls against her well used pussy.

Both the men holding and massaging Elsie’s legs had opened their pants and were rubbing their cocks with her nylon covered feet.

Joe came first and blew his load all over Elsie’s tits before sticking it back into her mouth to be licked and sucked clean. Elsie did just that, she sucked every last drop of his warm load.

This made Elsie cum and her body shook violently with an intense orgasm.

“Oh my God, I’m Cumming!” Elsie gasped. “Don’t stop, don’t stop fucking me!”

The men fucking her nylon clad feet came next shooting their loads all over her pantyhose covered feet and calves.

Gene was the last to unload thrusting hard and deep Elsie felt his hot seed shooting deep inside her womb.

Once his orgasm subsided he moved by her head and as he shoved his cock covered in both Vinny’s hot seed as well as his own, along with Elsie’s juices into her mouth.

“Clean my cock like the cumslut we all know you are.” Gene demanded.

Elsie licked and sucked him until she was satisfied she had gotten every drop.

Elsie lowered herself off the saw horse and when she was satisfied she could stand on her own she went to gather her clothes. But she stopped when she heard Gene’s voice. “Not yet my little cum slut let us have a look at you.”

He had her spin around so everyone could see her. she was a mess. Standing there in nothing but her torn pantyhose. Her hair was dishevelled from being held tight when the men fucked her mouth, her mascara had run from the sweat and she had cum on her chin. Her nipples were red from being squeezed and her tits covered in cum. Her asshole was still gaping and she could feel semen flowing from both her ass as well as her well used pussy. Finally there was the cum dripping down her calves and she could feel the hot seed between her pantyhose covered toes.

“What a whore you are I bet you take on my whole crew and still want more cum in that slutty mouth of yours.” Gene continued to humiliate Elsie,”But we’ve got work to do so you better get going.” He motioned for his men to open the door. Elsie hadn’t noticed it until the men opened it and the sunlite came through.

Elsie again went to gather her clothes but Gene again stopped her.

“Oh no slut you won’t need those just yet.” Gene spoke, “Now out the door.” he ordered.

When Elsie got to the door she realized this wasn’t the door she had entered it was actually on the back of the building. Elsie stepped out on the thin wooden decking with one of Gene’s men behind her.

“That’s far enough.” Gene said and as Elsie turned to look back at him in the doorway the man behind her shoved her down off the wood and into the mud.

“Ok little piggy time to get cleaned up.” Gene spoke as the men laughed.

“Now roll around in that mud puddle just like the little piggy you are.” Gene ordered.

Elsie did as she was told and she crawled on her hands and knees until she reached the closest mud puddle. she went right in and soon her whole body was covered in the dark brown mud.

“That’s good pig, now my laborers will help you get to the front of the building and clean you up but you may need to give them some of your special motivation.” Gene said smiling.

Two of the laborers helped Elsie up from the puddle by holding her by each of her arms and each had a hand full of ass cheek. They laid her down on her back one began to massage her muddy legs while two sat on either side of her groping her muddy tits. one of the two massaging her legs was soon rubbing her muddy pussy and fingering her cunt. The wet mud was a natural lubricant and Elsie was starting to get aroused from the attention. Elsie was close to an orgasm when the men abruptly stopped. They carefully walked her around the corner to the side of the building. There was a large pile of the corrugated tin with a dirty tarp over it next to a crane. The men brought her to the pile and helped her climb up onto it one man was already up on it he grabbed her hands as the man behind her grabbed her ass and lifted her up.

One man took a water bottle and poured it over her head and face clearing away the mud. Elsie had barely opened her eyes when she found one of the laborers little 5 inch cock being shoved between her lips.

She instinctively began to suck it. Another man was roughly fondling her mud covered tits. She soon felt a third man pouring water from another water bottle over her pussy clearing the mud and muck from her pussy and ass. Once he was satisfied he had cleared all the mud away he rubbed his cock over her still sensitive lips before entering her wet pussy.

But the sensations she was feeling soon had her juices flowing. They soon had moved her so she was on all fours with one taking her from behind, one in her mouth and one fondling her tits. Her body was slick wherever the wet mud remained. She was outside on full display getting fucked by the three spanish laborers.

Finally one laid down and Elsie was motioned to mount him reverse cowgirl but after a few hard pumps into her pussy her moved to her ass and was soon fucking her ass hard. Elsie soon felt the second cock in her soaking wet pussy. Finally the third cock was brought to her lips filling all her holes making her airtight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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