Bathhouse Dark Room

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I was in the dark, helpless, his tongue unerringly returning to my wanting ass, providing the enveloping pleasure that he now knew I wouldn’t, couldn’t, resist. Each flick against my skin a gently cresting wave, pulling me back into the depths of his perfectly baited trap, propelled on a neverending current of primal satisfaction at the very core of my body. Being rimmed in a bathhouse was even more seductively irresistible than my wildest fantasies. I had become completely unable to do anything but let myself get lost again in a haze of pure animal lust.

This had been the result of blundering in the dark, resulting in this indescribably fulfilling position, satisfying one of my more hidden desires – to have my asshole licked, and do the same delightfully seductive service on another, unable to resist such a primitive desire. Though ass licking is a truly bisexual activity, a man was again showing just how much better a male understood what turned on another. The thought flittered through what remained of my wits that the idea that only a woman could know what another woman wanted might be a truism shared among men, but the reality was likely based on an unspoken truth. One that my first girlfriend may have understood, she being the first person to rim me, after having read about it in the Gay Joy Of Sex, several decades ago.

By now, I was completely certain that this stranger in the dark had me exactly where he wanted me, my ass spread open for his talented and wanting tongue. I had settled down, knees bending to expose myself better to his probing, my panting growing louder, giving up any pretense of trying to move away from his perfectly positioned mouth. Obviously, he was as hot licking my ass as I was desperate to have him continue doing me like this, a truth adding to my sense of abandon, pressing harder against his skilled tongue. Lowering my mouth for the third or fourth time, I felt his luxurious pubic hair, not only on my cheek, but also under my hand, now cupping his balls, my tongue darting out to taste his velvet shaft, a compromise between the growing temptation to suck off my first uncovered cock, wanting him to know how good he was making me feel in one of the best and most sincere ways possible – by using my mouth on his still not quite hard cock.

He had already succeeded earlier into tempting my cock into his wet mouth, before starting to really focus his talents on my ass. I had wearing, so to speak, a towel at the point when I entered the hidden, unlit space, and the strangely comforting invisibility the darkness and the cotton swath around my thighs allowed me to fully concentrate on the situation at hand – a man in the dark wanting to have sex with anyone in reach, and the truth that this same idea was now overpowering me. Standing in the deep blackness, the thought formed that the towel resembled a skirt, and why women find wearing a skirt without underwear so incredibly slutty, as his breath spread on the skin of my sensitive, still hanging cock, his hand sliding along my thigh.

It was strange to discover just how sexy it was to be dressed and completely exposed at the same time, as the first touch of his lips on my cockhead caused me to groan, knowing that I couldn’t stop myself, my cock wanting more, hiding behind the fiction that you can’t really get sucked while still covered. Or at least, once his tongue began to lick under my glans and his lips encircled my shaft, thinking that being discretely sucked was almost the same as not being sucked by a stranger in the dark at all. As the wet warmth of his mouth grew along my cock, his fingers returned to my ass. I had known that some man might take my exposed cock into his mouth during my visit, and accepted it as being impossible to stop, at least at first. And to be honest, I did want it, knowing just how good it always felt to surrender myself to another man’s desires, wanting to experience a stranger’s mouth taking my cock deeper into the paradise that a cocksucker knows no man can resist at first, or even at the end, with a cock cumming into a stranger’s willing throat, completely swallowed in lust.

From the start, this situation was basically unexpected, though shockingly easy to accept, including the truth that I had entered the area without any condoms, with only the hope that some might be available. This impossible to avoid acceptance must have been intended, as I had grown ever more aware of a man laying on his back, his head perfectly placed to take advantage of my unsteady and clumsy entrance into this dark and warm space. My rod grew heavier while his fingers extended their range from my thigh upwards, not quite touching my cock as they trailed through my curly bush.

The knowledge of how perfectly I had been snared on my first bathhouse visit grew more explicit, even as his questing fingers now reached my ass, sliding along my crack lightly, then reaching my balls, making me shiver and begin to pant as his finger lightly slid along my turned on cock. I couldn’t help myself from moving closer, my hand along the wall, offering sone support to my now weak Eryaman Escort legs as he began to shift position under me.

His concentration on my ass was becoming apparent, as was my own reaction to it. At some point, the reality of how my ass was starting to grind against his fingers penetrated, as did the realization of how much I wanted him to keep touching such a normally private and forbidden area. Of how willing I was to go along with anything he wanted to do there, as long as he didn’t stop. His mouth left my cock, followed by the awareness that his tongue was moving on the skin of my thigh. My moaning was simply impossible to stop as his tongue found my ass, a sensation of pure sexual bliss, of the sort of male sex I had always associated with a real bathhouse.


I had first noticed the bathhouse ad in a monthly free city events magazine maybe a year ago, and when checking it out on the Internet, it was fairly obvious that the nearby city had at least one bathhouse of the style I had first read about in the late 1970s. When a similar ad reappeared a couple of months ago, I decided to check its location, which proved to be fairly close to a friend’s place downtown. Meeting her for dinner a couple of days ago, she had a pretty bad cold, so after saying goodnight around 8pm, it seemed a logical step to at least see what the place looked like. Especially since it was dark, and my wife knew that I was out, without any fixed time to return.

After passing through several doors, including a corridor and across an open courtyard with apartment buildings around it, the actual door was locked until after a few seconds, it was buzzed open. Not unusual in a private setting downtown, but unexpected for a public establishment. Apart from the mild surprise at not having figured out how to open the final door, the feeling of discretion was unusual. Already, my decision to visit was beginning to feel like a secret journey, one where my wants and desires weren’t really secret at all. For the first time, I was truly looking to have sex with one or more men, in a place which catered to men with such desires. A bathhouse of a certain style, a variety found world wide, without a hint of female presence, being exclusively male.

However, it remained undoubtedly true that in this setting, I was a complete novice, entering into a world which had previously only been in the realm of decades old fantasies and imagination. Paying the admittance fee, the entrance alone already indicated a certain sense of style. Entering the locker room, finding the locker was straightforward, even if it was a bit small, with almost no space to put away my new motorcycle jacket and clothes. I was still considering how to fit everything in, as the jacket’s inserts made folding it a bit more challenging, when a man with a towel around his waist asked me to tell him the number on his locker key, as he wasn’t wearing his glasses. Still wearing mine, even if they aren’t quite the help they were in the past, I told him the number, then pointed out it was right next to my opened one. He said thanks, then proceeded to pretty directly dress while I pretty directly undressed.

Walking out with just a towel, my largest problem was in actually dealing with it. I have never really known how to set one to keep it tight (or tie one over my head like all my girlfriends have, though there has also never been any reason to). In a public mixed sauna, this had never been a problem, as walking around nude is completely normal, just holding the towel if any modicum of modesty is necessary. But the feeling here, in a public area with a small bar at the end, was a bit different, and though there were shower areas and sauna rooms where nudity was clearly expected, the 10 or so men in this area were all wearing towels. Three or four were sitting in lounge chairs, a couple reading magazines.

I had brought a bill in with me to pay for a beer, but the person at the counter said the system was to simply pay when leaving, so I walked back to the changing area, noticing how warm the floor was on my bare feet. On the web, they had made a point of mentioning that bare feet were expected, with 3/4 of their guests visiting that way. A statistic I now understood, particularly in contrast to the wintry temperatures that just arrived in the last few days.

Having read about what the establishment offered wasn’t the same as experiencing it, so it seemed best to just sit at the bar, drinking a beer. After finishing it quite quickly, feeling a bit out of place in this room, though eager to explore the other aspects of the facilities. However, before walking to the spiral staircase leading to the lower and upper levels, I asked a man a couple of seats away how to tie the towel to keep it in place. He demonstrated how to pull the two halves tightly, then fold the top, and twist it. The second attempt seemed adequate, so after thanking him, I headed for the staircase, the buzz just starting to hit me, though it was Sincan Escort easier to just blame the beer than whatever I hoped to find while exploring. The decorations were an interesting mix of Greco-Roman and Asian, along with contemporary images, not a single one involving female forms or images. And admittedly, not really sexually interesting to me.

Reaching the top of the stairs, there was a largish landing, with two corridors leading in different directions. Here, the imagery was more explicit, with a variety of pictures of men with erections to be seen. Wandering around, there were several men also walking or standing, all with towels in what were still apparently public spaces. On the one side there were rooms off on each side, with monitors offering porn, a larger porn theater space at the end, and on the other side, dim openings leading into darker spaces. After a brief venture into the seemingly large depths, barely keeping my bearings, I went back down the spiralling steps, and looked over a circular whirlpool, a showering area, and another glass enclosed sauna space.

Having made a cursory check of the three levels, I returned to the top, deciding to probe what might be available in the dark. Till this point, though disappointment would not be the correct expression, there wasn’t anything too wild to be seen happening on a Thursday night around 8:30pm. Since the last area left to really explore were these dark spaces, I decided if nothing was happening there, then it would time to leave, after enjoying an interesting visit to a place very different from what I had previously experienced, both as a sauna or, according to credible assumptions, a place to get off with one or more strangers, enjoying all the pleasures of uncomplicated homosexual sex.


Remaining helplessly trapped by a man who knew he had found someone who couldn’t stop himself, a fact that must have been clear from my first reaction to the not completely unexpected hand reaching gently for my thigh while still stumbling around in the darkness. That inviting brief touch in the unknown stopped me with a shivering gasp of intaken breath. The truth that someone was waiting in the dark of a clearly homosexual bathhouse made me realize that my fantasies had never been so completely without visual contact, and how the darkness was incredibly powerful in magnifying the opening steps in being seduced further into physical contact.

I had decided to re-enter this area after first walking past it a bit, pausing after hearing what sounded like someone enjoying the physical rhythm of stroking before going on. Returning to it after having gone further in an increasingly unsteady attempt to understand the layout in what remained deep darkness, the beckoning sounds of a man jacking off were still apparent, offering the last encouragement necessary to discover whether a bathhouse was in reality a place for easy male sex.

Which it obviously was, as my ass now knew intimately, because as soon as his tongue touched me there, the contact short circuited any possibility of stopping him. I began to want a man to keep rimming me for the first time in my life, knowing that here, all the sex was purely gay, crossing some line in my own mind. And thrilled at just how irresistible my seduction had been, my ass leading me along.

After he had willingly used me for a time which stretched far longer than previously imaginable, I moved, shifting position significantly, to now better able to offer myself to his demanding mouth, bringing both my legs up onto the padded surface, feet still in space, the feeling between my legs better than fantasy as his hand snaked around to my cock. He kept moving his head in ways which made the moans escape again. I really hadn’t been able to control myself from being obvious, from the first touch of an unexpected hand on my thigh in the dark, resulting in a sharp intake of breath at the contact, knowing that any man in the dark was interested in the same things I was.

The other advantage of moving was finally being able to comfortably reach his crotch, where I enjoyed feeling his silky bush before reaching his cock. Everywhere my hands had run over his body while I was standing over him as he began to rim me had been hairy, long and fine hair, truly sexy as my hands felt it along his chest, between his thighs, under his arms. The time it took me to find his taut nipples under the hair was definitely not wasted, but longer than I would have thought possible, even admitting how difficult it was to concentrate on anything but the fantastic feeling of a tongue darting and sliding along my now exposed hole.

At first, I had been somewhat successful in keeping my spine straight, giving his tongue direct access to my willing asshole, moving in rhythm with his own motions, but as the wonderful licking continued, my head sank deeper with my relaxing back, nearing his crotch, my right hand already feeling his half hard cock as my left hand started to support me. As he Etlik Escort continued, my inhibitions in all senses were being drowned in the reality that a man was still rimming my ass, and neither of us could stop. Certainly, I couldn’t, and since he never did, it was equally plain on his part, even in the cloaking absence of light. My tongue reached out to lick along his shaft, and thoughts of taking in my mouth completely grew almost frighteningly powerful as a temptation. A temptation which only faded as he kept doing things to my delightfully turned on butt.

As he continued, and before my left hand collapsed, I slowly noticed another man standing there, pretty much at the place where I had been standing after feeling the first touch of the stranger now perfectly rimming me, my ass continuing to grind against his head. As this new person stepped closer, I simply couldn’t control myself from involving another man, especially since this offered some additional distraction from wanting to go down on a tempting but uncovered cock, wanting to feel its cum fill my mouth.

This reorienting was made even easier as the hands of the man underneath my hot ass began sliding over my torso, then over my nipples. Reaching out behind me, the towel parted easily under my questing fingers, which began to fondle his quite hard cock. This was the sort of sluttiness that I had always imagined made gay sex so incredible. Though never quite imagined like this, almost completely by touch and tongue, without any distraction from the pure ecstacy that flooded me, grasping another horny man’s cock, stroking it very gently while I kept my ass pressing and moving against a stranger’s face.

This man was hard because of what was going on next to him, making it natural to include him in the pleasures we were sharing. After all, any man in a bathhouse is fair game I thought, especially by the point they stand with a desiring cock in reach of a moaning man in the darkness, getting his horny hole rimmed by a master ass licker, totally under his sway. After some more stroking, my hands began to wander, and soon, I was fingering his ass, then circling and soon pinching a turned on nipple between my fingers, while otherwise doing my best to bring him ever closer. Which resulted in his stiff cock sliding along my thigh, as he bent and pulled my neck closer, beginning to use his tongue on my offered skin.

After touching the third man’s cock for a while, as the first stranger’s mouth on my ass continued to make me weak, I finally rested my head in his bush, which was clean and thick. My right hand was still on the third man, now sliding along his thighs, but my mouth nestled in the crotch of a fantastically sexy partner, as we both kept loving what was happening, as my tongue started to balance the scale.

The standing stranger’s cock in my hand was rigid as I slowly went down on a man’s ass, my tongue sliding on and along a man’s willing asshole. As I licked, my weight settled naturally over his encompassing mouth, my cock nestling along his chest. Awareness was being blurred in the bliss, a sign of just how sweetly dangerous such pure sex could be, since stopping by now was literally unthinkable. All three of us were far too turned on to do anything but continue to pleasure one another. At some point, the still standing member of our threesome moved enough to break contact, and moved to lay on the padded surface, which seemed quite large. I hadn’t really seen the faint motions, but felt the surface shifting. Of course, the fact that my face was buried between a man’s ass cheeks, burrowing along his hot puckered asshole which my fingers were spreading certainly explained my unseeing awareness.

I reached out carefully, attempting to locate the second stranger inthe dark, then sliding my palm down his torso to his fisted member. The entire time, of course, my ass was being bathed in wonderful swirls. I heard a tearing sound, aware that the new man had his head at the first stranger’s feet. After a moment, it became clear he was putting on a condom, clearing my last hurdle for servicing a hot cock. Moving position to have my greedy mouth reach his now covered hardness, his hand still at its base. His hair had been shaved in the past, but wasn’t stubbly really, having likely been a few months in the past. I sucked his rod in, forcefully, feeling a rush of sexual power as another man kept licking my horny ass. His moans grew rapidly as he slid deeper into my mouth, and after a few long strokes between my lips and cheeks, he spurted, his hips pumping into my mouth, my ass still being lovingly sucked as I got a man off with my mouth. Which promptly returned to licking a hot asshole.

By now, even sucking another man off was almost a distraction from what was happening to me. My towel was still somehow attached, and removing it was the last step in utterly surrendering myself to whatever happened, though I was able to ask the man I had just made cum about condoms, even if I wasn’t really sure he understood me. My entire being had reverted to a primal state of lust, incapable of any action except for remaining in place, as any time which I had tried to draw away over the past few minutes, his deliriously delicious attention pulled me back. In what was in truth very little time, regardless of how I struggled, he would have me putting my ass squarely where he could make it experience indescribable sensations.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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