Cookies with Binny’s Tea

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story is total fiction. The characters do not exist nor are they meant to portray anyone who does or ever did. The story is ADULT in nature. That means it’s porn, boys and girls, and therefore not meant to be read by persons under the age of at least 18 years. If you don’t fall into this category, GO AWAY! NOW! Go read Dick, Jane and Sally and leave the adult stories to ADULTS! One more thing, if you don’t like descriptions of explicit hard-core nasty sex, you too can go read Dick, Jane and Sally. One reviewer complained about my stories being nasty. To you I say; “NO SHIT?” Just what did you expect to find on a website dedicated to erotica? Mathematical formulae? To the rest of you, please enjoy. Feedback is welcomed both positive and negative.



Part 2 of Davie and Trina’s story

Hello again! My name is David. Davie to my Aunt Trina, my mother’s much younger stepsister. Best friends since before I could remember, Trina and I hooked up and became lovers when I got out of the military. I had gone to her house the day I came home for good, and to my surprise and great delight Trina jumped my happy bones and fucked me into oblivion for hours. Then, just to throw ice water on the situation, she called my mother, Binny over for tea so she could tell her that she wanted me to move in. To be honest, I really expected mom to explode in justifiable rage, after all it was her only sister I was banging even if they weren’t blood sisters. It had to be disturbing for her, so I was shocked when she thought about it for about ten seconds and merely said; “Okay. You’re both grownups. It’s not like you’re related by blood, so if you want to fornicate with each other, go ahead. You don’t need my permission.”

Before my stuff was officially unpacked at my parent’s house, it was shoved back into my duffle bags and I was moved in with Trina. My dad said that he was surprised we hadn’t done that a long time ago. Said he could see this coming a mile down the road. Somehow I think mom could too. I seemed to be the only one who didn’t see it as being inevitable.

So here I am, three months later, and Trina is killing me with her sexual demands. I’ve lost ten pounds, mostly in the form of cum I think, and Trina isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. I have a job that I go to every day, which gives me some time to rest, but even that isn’t always a given.

One afternoon Trina showed up at the office and told my boss she needed to see me privately on an urgent family matter. My boss, being the kind, politically correct type, ushered us into an enclosed office and said he hoped it would suffice. I doubt that he had gotten three feet from the door before Trina had shed her long coat revealing the total lack of clothing underneath. She began ripping at my pants, her lips planted on mine while she unhooked my belt and unzipped and unbuttoned me in what seemed like one fluid motion.

Without saying more than “Hello lover,” she had my cock in her mouth and was sucking me like it was the only food she’d had in a week. Once my cock was sufficiently wet, Trina turned her back to me and threw one knee onto the conference table. I grabbed her hips and eased my cock into that sweet, sweet cunt of hers and began to slowly fuck her the way she likes it. Usually quite vocal when she climaxes, I fervently hoped for a quiet orgasm from Trina. I really liked this job and being fired for fucking under false pretenses just didn’t seem like it would look all that good on a resume`. Trina’s hands gripped the edge of the table, her head almost resting on the Formica while I listened to her moans of delight.

“Davie, cum in my mouth. Less to clean up,” she gasped between groans.

I love the way she thinks sometimes, and so that’s just what I did. We stayed in that office for over an hour while Trina and I fucked like rabbits.


Last Tuesday I got home a little later than usual, expecting to hear Trina bitch about it cutting into her sex time. She doesn’t actually bitch about it, but she likes to make me think she’s bitching. It’s a game with her. Anyway, I hang my coat up in the closet, kick off my shoes, and dump my briefcase on the floor. No sound. Nothing. Usually I get a greeting of some kind from Trina even if it’s just a “Hey!” to let me know that she knows I’m home.

“Aunt Trina?” I called. She doesn’t like it when I call her Aunt Trina anymore; she says it sounds a little weird now that we’re lovers. Still, no answer. The door was unlocked and there was a light on in the house, so I know she’s home. I’m starting to get that bad feeling that something is radically uncool when, from Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort the bedroom, I hear a muffled voice that sounds like candy-coated sugar.

“Daaaavie! Come here and look at this!” It’s not Trina’s voice, but it sounds very familiar, like someone I used to … Oh, shit! I know that voice. I make a beeline for the bedroom and crack open the door. There on the bed, with her head between Trina’s legs is Haley, my All American Cheerleader Girl, moaning and panting. The insanely hot virgin that I dated for two years in high school, the one I could never touch beyond a feel through her sweater, the one that dumped my ass as soon as she got to college. The girl who never failed to get my dick hard every time I thought about her. That Haley. I notice that the reason I didn’t hear from Trina is because her mouth appeared to be glued to Haley’s vagina, and she was sweating profusely.

I know her facial expressions well enough to know that she has climaxed several times already; she has that maniacal look about her that she gets during really great sex, so I figure they’ve been at this for a while. That, and her favorite dildo sticking out of her dripping pussy were good signs. Very erotic to watch. Trina lets Haley’s ass cheek loose with one hand and waves to me. At least she knows I’m home.

“Sweet,” I said. “For two years you won’t let me touch you, but the minute my back is turned you’re fucking my innocent Aunt Trina. Very nice indeed!”

“I was a late bloomer. So sue me. The longer you spend crying like a girl about it the less time you have to fuck us both. Get undressed, David.”

Suddenly I was over being pissed off at Haley for dumping me. Go figure, eh? She scooted up onto her elbows, exposing those fabulous round breasts I had only touched by proxy. They were as beautiful as I had always thought they would be. Perfect pink nipples thrust out from firm orbs of female flesh. I could almost feel my cock being trapped between them. I shed my business suit, tossing it with no little abandon into the corner, and climb onto the bed, my thoroughly hard cock two inches from Haley’s open mouth.

“What, you’re going to make me beg to suck you off?” she asks when I make no further move to violate her. “Put that beautiful piece of meat in my mouth.”

“Say you’re sorry for dumping me,” I said. Okay, so I wasn’t quite over being pissed off. I grabbed a handful of that thick blond hair and pulled her head up, forcing her to look at me. I could feel the old promises of revenge I made after she dumped me taking over my brain.

“I am sorry, David. I wish you had been my first, I truly do,” she said, and I believed her. She wrapped her warm fingers around my balls and pulled me closer to her open mouth.

Now I was over it! I pulled her head forward and slid my cock into her warm mouth, grabbed her jaw with my other hand and began to literally fuck her face. Her teeth lightly scraped my skin, her tongue dancing off of the shaft like the beating of a butterfly wing. In three seconds I’m groaning in ecstasy, sliding my cock deep into her willing throat while she kneads my rapidly expanding ball sack. Little virgin Haley has become quite the accomplished cocksucker, taking my entire rod into her throat, groaning in delight as it slid into her. She pulled at my balls, holding me close to her, and I could feel her tongue slide all around the shaft of my cock.

I remember thinking about how she and Trina differed in their techniques. I know, what a stupid thing to think of when your cock is deep in some hot woman’s throat, but let’s face it, we do, don’t we guys? We think about shit like that. Where Trina is more urgent, a little more aggressive in her sucking, Haley was gentle, light. Soft touches and less vacuum. Both of them drove me crazy, but in different ways. Suddenly, I felt a pressure between my ass cheeks, and I notice Haley’s other arm snaking around my waist. I relax as much as I can, and she slides Trina’s dildo into my ass, in and out, fucking me with it in time to my strokes into her throat. Oh joy, the girl’s got rhythm! Style too. Her fingers gently slid up and down the shaft of my cock on the out strokes, the tips tapping at the veins. I have no idea where she learned that cute trick, but it felt nice so I wasn’t about to ask.

“Pick a tune, Davie,” she said, pulling her face away from me.


“Pick a nice tune for me to hum.”

“Happy birthday,” I offered. I couldn’t think of anything else under the circumstances. Haley grinned and her lips found the head of my cock again, taking me about halfway into her soft mouth. As her tongue swirled around my shaft, she began to hum “happy birthday” with some gusto. I about went nuts. By the time she had gotten to the last bar in the tune for the second time my cock exploded. I begin to fill her sucking mouth with sticky cum, and she slowly pulls the dildo out of my ass increasing the orgasmic sensations until my cock finally stops spurting its juice which she made a grand show of swallowing as a grin spread across her angelic face. She kept me inside of her sweet mouth even though I was beginning to go limp. I took her head in my hands, stroking her golden hair. I love a good hummer.

“Damn, that was good Haley,” I said with earnest admiration for her technique. She merely nodded, still smiling, and still sucking at me, the tip of her tongue teasing the underside of my soft shaft. It wasn’t long before her work began to show results, the firmness beginning to return to my pole.

“Mmmmm!” she said as I began to thrust my hips at her face. I agreed and began fucking that incredible mouth in earnest, my cock returning quickly to its full hardness as it found its way down her throat once again.

“That’s it, suck it like you love it, you beautiful little whore!” I said, and she smiled again, her cheeks drawing in as she drew harder on my pole. I began to stroke her face. She looked so erotically beautiful in that position, resting on her elbows, her perfect firm breasts bouncing slightly as my hips made gentle contact with her face. Not that I could actually see that, but I figure they must be bouncing a little and that was enough for me. I could see her pert ass grinding into Trina’s face. What a handful those soft globes would make!

I knew Trina’s tongue was worming its way into Haley’s womb, or at least trying to anyway and I got just a little jealous. I wanted a bit of that end. I pushed her head away and shoved it into Trina’s crotch, then crawled to the other end of the bed. I butted my knees up against Trina’s shoulders and leaned forward trying to squeeze my cock into that succulent pussy.

“This is mine!” said Trina in a peeved voice. “You can take the other hole.”

I had no problem with that. A nice tight ass fuck sounded quite good actually, and I pressed the tip of my still wet cock at the puckered orifice.

“No! Please!” Haley begged as she felt the pressure begin to build at her ass. “I’m still virgin there!”

“Oh stop your whining, you little bitch, and take it like a real woman!” said Trina. “Besides, once he does it you’re not going to want vaginal sex anymore. It’s that good.”

“You didn’t hear me whine like a little girl when you stuffed that dildo into my ass, did you?” I reminded her.

She seemed to consider that for a second and then said, “Just be gentle.”

That seemed like a reasonable request, so I gently, but firmly, eased a wetted finger into her little hole and began to finger fuck her tight ass until she relaxed a bit. I could feel my finger tracing its way inside her body and I noticed she was moaning a little as well, so it must not have been all bad for her. Hell, I wasn’t out to hurt her after all.

“Trina, open!” I said, and Trina opened her mouth to wet my cock. Satisfied that it was sufficiently lubricated, she pulled away and guided my hose back between those pert globes. I pulled my finger out of Haley’s ass and pushed the tip of my cock into the still open hole. The effect was immediate and quite unexpected. I watched her fingers clutch the sheets, her head jerk up and felt her hips slam rearwards jamming my cock deep inside her as she screamed with pleasure. She damn near bent the thing in half!

“OH YES! DEEPER! MORE!” Haley yelled. So much for being gentle! She ground her ass into my hips as though she thought I had more cock to give her. I pulled out slowly, pushing her away from me, and then rammed my way back into her. Again she cried out. Trina closed her mouth over Haley’s cunt, jamming her tongue deep into the gushing hole while the girl squirmed like a fish, her whole body shuddering in ecstasy. I was pretty sure she had climaxed as soon as I had entered her and I was confident that she hadn’t yet stopped climaxing. The sweat was rolling down her beautiful back making a little puddle just above her hips and all I could think about was how much I wanted to swim in that little pool of her orgasmic sweat. In and out of that butter-soft, tightly clutching, exquisite ass I drove my happy pecker while she rammed back into me.

Trina was having no fun at all by now. There was just too much movement. So she squirmed her way out from under Haley, straddled her, and jammed her pussy in my face. Now I had a problem; which of those two firm asses should I grab? Trina solved that problem quickly, grabbing the back of my head jamming my mouth firmly onto her succulent pussy. I dug my fingers into Haley’s hips and rammed her ass for all I was worth while she screamed, and sucked at Trina’s clit until she did the same.

I’ve got to tell you that nothing satisfies a guy’s ego like two beautiful women climaxing at the same time when he knows he’s the one making that happen. Absolutely nothing! Best of all, I was nowhere near an orgasm. I was too busy having my ego stroked to notice that the finest ass in the state was stroking my cock! Now that’s ego, my gentle reader! That is ego!

Trina’s knees begin to buckle as the waves of orgasm wash over her and she’s pulling my hair until it begins to hurt a bit, not that I really care. I’m much too busy enjoying the tasty juices from her body to worry about loosing a little hair, besides, Haley is bucking like an un-ridden pony and my cock is about ready to fill her ass with ejaculate. I can feel that warm glow begin to build up from my hips to my brain, and with a groan, I jam my pole deep into Haley’s channel and let it happen. I feel the thick liquid pump its way into the bottom of the girl I spent two years lusting after, and while I couldn’t exactly say it was revenge, I can say it was fucking marvelous!


“So what happened between you and the guy you dumped me for?” I asked Haley later, after we had finally showered and dressed. Actually, I really didn’t want to know the answer to that. I didn’t care who it was she had been fucking, or why they broke up. The fact that she was here now was all that mattered.

“Who said it was a guy?” she asked demurely.

“”I just thought…”

“That’s what you get for thinking.”

“So. A girl, eh?” My interest level went up forty points.

“A girl.”

“Hot girl?”

“Why is that important? Why does a girl, no matter the situation, always have to be hot? You guys are so damn shallow!”

“I guess it would make it easier to accept if the girl is hot, that’s all. I mean it’s not like I’m going to have sex with her but guys get a woody for two hot girls going after each other.”

“How do you know?” asked Trina, who had just come out of the shower. She was still damp, her beautiful naked body glistened and she was using the towel to dry her hair.

“Because I’m a guy.”

“How do you know you’re not going to have sex with her?”

“First of all because I have no idea who she is, and second, if she’s a hardcore lesbian she won’t want anything to do with me.”

“Would you like to have sex with her? Would you like to fuck the woman who stole your All American Cheerleader Girl out from under you?”

“Why?” I asked stupidly.

“Because I can make that happen for you,” said Trina with a leer in her eyes.


“Yes. Really,” said Trina. “I can have her here and sucking your big beautiful cock in under an hour, and loving every minute of it while she does.”

“I think you’re bull-shitting me.”

“Not in the least,” she said sidling up to me, fumbling with my shirt. Within seconds my pants were hitting the floor again and my cock was beginning to get hard. Trina’s cool hand saw to that.

“How do you think you’re going to convince some hot lesbian girl to come over here and…?”

“God, you can be such a stupid shit sometimes, Davie,” she said kneeling on the floor in front of me.

The gong of instant understanding went off in my head finally as Trina’s mouth closed over the tip of my cock. It was a loud gong too, I must say, since it explained so damn much.


“Mmmmm Hmmm,” she said, nodding her head and smiling.

“We met after she had been to college,” said Haley, “we had some of the same classes and I needed help so I came to her. One thing led to another, and we just sort of started studying each other. I couldn’t admit to you that I had fallen in love with your Aunt Trina, so I broke it off with you. I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t a real lesbian.”

“Are you?” I asked.

“No. But she is still the best lover a woman could want.”

“I can’t argue that,” I said.

“You two are making me blush,” said Trina, “but if you don’t concentrate on the job at hand I’m never going to have any fun at all.”

I couldn’t argue with that either, and neither could Haley, so we both concentrated on the job at hand and we all had fun. Several times. Long into the night. Later that week Haley moved in with us. I figure I have about a month to live. Maybe two at most.

Last night mom brought over cookies with our weekly tea. She didn’t bother to mention the fact that she caught Haley and Trina in bed together. She just shook her head a little and put the kettle on.


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