Honey, I’m Home Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Who’s surprised this time?

It has been a several months since our last adventure and I was getting frustrated. Sara was, once again, not interested in sex. She was now working at a big box store. Working more hours and does not have access to any powerful rich guys must have been getting her down.

For a long time after our first sex adventure we were having sex more often and sharing our fantasies as we fucked. I learned a lot more about her sexuality and I am sure she learned more about mine. She is definitely an exhibitionist and I have voyeur tendencies. Sara was not getting to dress sexy at work. She had to wear the same color shirt and khaki pants every day. We needed another adventure.

One night after we got our daughter to bed I spoke to Sara about this. I told her we should go out so she could strut her stuff in a night club. She liked the idea but practicality took over. “We don’t have the money for a sitter.”. “I need new cloths!”. The excuses kept flowing. I said we can make it happen if we want to.

The following day Sara called me at work. She was excited and told me that her sister was going up north and wanted to take our daughter with them. She has a daughter the same age and wanted to take ours for her to have play date. I was excited too. We really needed a weekend to ourselves.

I got home and Sara said her sister would be picking her up around 6pm on Friday. It is Wednesday so we had a couple days to plan. I asked her if she was attracted to anyone at work. She just laughed and said no. They are all just creepy losers, most of them students with little ambition. Then she said that she had an idea.

She wanted to go to an upscale club to find our next adventure. She wanted to get all dressed up and just sit at the bar and see if anyone made a move. I explained to her that it would be unlikely that someone would approach her with me sitting next to her. She just said “oh wait a second here, you have to stay home.”.

I do not like the idea because I wanted to be involved. How fun is it for me if she gets to go out and have all the fun when I just sit at home. She grinned at me and started to explain the plan. She promised that she would bring who ever approached her home so that I could join in the fun. I reluctantly agreed.

It was now Friday and I was just watching the clock and waiting until I could leave work and get home. Finally, it was 5 and I raced home. I got there at about 5:30 so Sara was just getting our daughter’s stuff ready for her trip. She was very excited about spending time with her aunt and cousin. She was about 2 years old and ready to have some fun.

Sara’s sister arrived right on time. We all hugged and soon they were going down the driveway with everyone waving. Sara and I looked at each other and smiled. We were a little sad to see our daughter go but knew she would be back on Sunday. Sara grabbed my hand and started walking back into the house.

She took me upstairs to show me something. On our bed she had laid out what she was going to wear this evening. There was a short leather skirt and a matching low cut top. To my surprise, there was a garter belt and some shear stockings. She also had my watch on the bed. I asked if she was going to wear it. She stated that I should know she likes to wear something of mine when she fucks one of her conquests. Then she said that there was something else. She pulled out a long box from under the bed. Inside was some thigh high black boots with Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort 5 inch heels. I was smiling while Sara told me she likes to call these boots “My fuck me boots.”

It was still early so we decided to grab a bite to eat. We went to a local bar where we could get some food and a beer. At the restaurant we were flirting with each other and talking about our plan. She wanted it to be similar to our previous adventure. She wanted to bring her catch home while I was hiding so that I could surprise them the same way I did with her and her boss. I agreed that it would be hot.

We got back home and it was time for Sara get ready. She sat me down in the bathroom and told me that I had to stay there while she took a bath. I was sitting there when she came in and started running the water with her robe on. She dropped it to the floor and I saw her naked body and started feeling something going on in my pants.

She climbed in the tub and grabbed her body soap and held it out to me. I soaped up my hands and started to wash her. She did not want to get her hair wet so it was wrapped in a towel. As I was washing her she grabbed her razor and handed it to me. I just gave her a puzzled look.

She stood up and said you need to shave my pussy. I was very excited about this. I had been asking her for a long time to shave her pussy. She did not want to because she said it would be embarrassing when she went to her doctor. She kept it trimmed but never completely shaved. As I was shaving her I wanted to lick her so bad but she wanted to save it for later. It was so hot to have her putting one foot on the side of the tub so she could spread her legs wide enough for me to reach every nook and cranny. Soon she was all smooth and ready to get dressed.

I helped her get her robe on and we walked back to the bedroom. On the way she cupped my crotch and smiled. I was hard and she enjoyed teasing me, heck, she liked teasing men. Her robe dropped to the floor again as she walked to her new wardrobe on the bed.

She was slipping on the garter belt when I realized there were not any panties in her outfit. I asked if she was going to wear any and she just grinned back at me. I was sitting in front of our bed as she was putting hear stockings on. Lifting her leg and giving me a view of her clean shaven pussy. It was driving me crazy.

Soon she was all dressed accept for her fuck me boots. I help her get those on and she was standing in front of me. “How do I look?” she asked. I just said fucking hot and could not wait for later. She turned and faced the opposite direction and bent over. Her tight leather skirt slid up to reveal her shaved pussy. She asked, “Can you see anything?”

I just said everything.


I followed in admiration as she was telling me to keep the lights off and when you see the car pull up to hide in the sun room. That was a perfect place because it faced the back of the house and was right next to the spare bed room where the event would take place. She kissed me deeply and said, “remember don’t come in the room until you hear us fucking.” Then she was out the door.

I waited in the living room with just shorts on. The same ones she wore on our last adventure. It seemed like forever but at about 2am two cars pulled into the driveway. I darted in the dark to the sun room and closed the French doors with all the blinds closed.

It was not long when I heard the back door open. I was trying to peek through the French doors to check out her catch. To my surprise I just saw to figures dart right into bedroom. Damn! That was not any fun.

I could hear mumbling through the walls but could not make out what was being said. Soon the talking stopped I could hear faint moans. I slowly opened the door to the sun room and tried to listen. It did not help much but because I Knew what was going on my cock was rock hard.

I sneaked out of the sun room and to my surprise I noticed the bedroom door was closed. Damn! I would have to go by sound so that I can time my entrance correctly. It did not take long before I heard that familiar creaking of the bed. That was my cue. I dropped my shorts to the floor and was sneaking to the door to jump in.

I reached the door and could hear Sara saying “oh yes, oh yes!”

I turned the doorknob and jumped into the room. I was just about to say my line when I heard them both say “Honey, I’m home.”

I was in shock as I saw that familiar position of Sara on all fours being fucked from behind.

As I stood there in shock I was also very excited as to what was before my eyes. Sara was still wearing her garter, stockings and “fuck me boots”. She was on all fours being fucked hard.

The person behind her was a tall woman with a huge strap on. It must be about 9 inches and very thick. This girl is gorgeous. Long dark hair and at least C cup sized boobs. Hear ass was pretty big compared to Sara’s but she was so tall she really looked hot. Sara was grinning big and in between thrusts she got out “surprise.”

“This is Britney.”

She pulled her strap on out of Sara and walked up to me. I was just starring as she was walking with her big cock bouncing up and down glistening with pussy juice. She was wearing one of those bras that held up her breasts with her nipples exposed and her strap on and some fuck me boots very similar to Sara’s.

As Britney reached me, her strap on poked me in the stomach, reaching down, she grabbed my cock. “Follow me” she stated, still holding my cock as she led me to the bed. It was clear to me that she would probably be the person in charge of this evening. Sara was still on all fours waiting to see what would happen next.

Britney asked me if I wanted to taste some pussy and I just nodded in agreement. I started eating out Sara from behind. As I lapped up her juice I felt Britney grab my head and pull me off.

“Not that juice, lick up this first”. She was holding her strap on to my face. I was still in shock so I just started licking it off. Sara laughed and started helping me. I was not really enjoying this so I stopped and looked up at Britney.

Britney looked down and said soak your cock in her pussy. Sara jumped up and bent over the bed. So I buried my cock deep in her. Britney was helping me by pushing my ass in rhythm.

“Fuck her good.”

She then grabbed my hips and pulled me out. She knelt down and started licking off my cock. It felt so good I just wanted to cum right then and there. Sara started to help her. I was so fucking hard with two tongues on my rock hard boner.

We were both having such a great time. First, I would fuck Sara then she would fuck her with the strap on. We were doing everything we could think of. Brittney was fucking Sara and told me to get behind her and that she needed a cock inside her. I jumped on and was in all my glory when Sara said her ass ached for cock and wanted to experience another DP.

Brittney lay on the bed and Sara climbed on the huge strap on. I would have been happy just watching this but Sara wanted a cock in each hole. I had no idea Sara had any fantasies with other women so I was just watching in awe as they were embraced and kissing as Sara was getting pumped by the huge cock.

I got behind Sara and started kissing and licking her firm ass. As soon as my tongue slipped into her ass hole she screamed out and exploded with an intense orgasm. Now she just kept saying “fuck it!” over and over again.

I spit in my hand and on her ass hole, lubing it up real good. I slowly entered her tight hole. I just love the feeling when the head of my cock breaks through and her ass gives way as my hard shaft goes in deep. Sara was in ecstasy as Britney and I fucked both her holes. Feeling Sara shutter as she came sent me over the edge.

I filled her ass with so much cum.

I did not want to leave her ass but I was losing my erection so I did. Sara was still lying on top of Britney as she said “someone still has not cum.”

She climbed off of Britney and started to take off Britney’s strap on. She asked for my help to fit it on her tiny frame. After a few adjustments to the straps she was ready to go.

Britney was still laying on the bed with her legs open wide fingering her pussy to get it ready for what was about to come. Sara looked at me and noticed my limp cock and said “you ready for a show.” I said hell yes!

Britney was on the edge of the bed with her legs up and holding the back of her knees waiting for her strap on. Sara entered and Britney arched her back as the full nine went deep inside. Sara was pounding it when she said “lick her clit.”

I thought to myself that might be interesting. I climbed on the bed and started sucking on Britney’s mounds. They were awesome. I have never been a breast man but I might have to change my mind. I could tell she was enjoying it because she was holding my head tight to them and telling me to bite them hard. She then pushed me toward her shiny shave pussy.

This was interesting because Sara was ramming a huge dildo in and out and I had to find a way to reach her clit with my tongue. Sara just said “69 her.”

We all quickly adjusted our position. I was on the bed and Britney quickly sat on my face bending over to give Sara access.

As I was attacking her clit Sara moved in with the dildo. This worked out perfectly for Britney and I could tell it was getting her going. Then Britney just kept flapping my limp dick back and forth saying “this is useless.” Well, to my surprise, this turned me on and I could feel the blood rushing back into my cock.

Britney said, “mmmm that is much better” and started licking my hard cock. She was very vocal when she had an orgasm. Screaming every swear word in the book as her pussy sprayed all over my face. Sara felt better now that we all had an orgasm. They both started chatting about how that was a lot of fun as I just lay there soaked in pussy juice with a hard on.

Sara said she would get some robes for everyone and unbuckled the huge strap on and dropped it to the floor and left the room. Britney looked at me on the bed and asked. Is that me all over your face? I nodded and she just giggled.

Sara walked back in the room and handed my robe to Britney and then through my shorts, with the hand wearing my watch, they landed right on my face. I slipped on the shorts and went into the bathroom to clean up. The girls headed to the kitchen to get something to drink. I came out of the bathroom with my cock standing up and Sara handed me a class of wine. We all sat down as Sara started to explain how she and Britney met.

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