Discovering Amy

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The pool party had been going on for several hours, and it was well after dark, when Amy asked me if I’d wanted to go for a walk in the woods behind the house.

She was 18, I was 19, but we’d known each other since we were toddlers,  our families being very close and part of the same church group. 

The party was to celebrate her high school graduation (I graduated the year before) and was mainly our families along with some of our mutual friends from church and school. 

As I said, we’d been friends for a long time, but it was only in recent months that things seemed to change between us.

Talking about our futures, our questions of what we wanted to do with our lives, our secret bonding over our mutual distaste of our parents’ particular brand of religion,  had brought us closer together as friends, but also somehow felt more than JUST friends.

I’d certainly started noticing her beautiful body more recently as well.

Amy was blonde, with curly shoulder length locks, now damp around her face. Blue eyes that almost matched the pool water we were currently floating in.

Her one-piece bathing suit was modest (I’m sure her parents had some say in that) but still couldn’t help but highlight the curves of her perfect apple sized breasts, or the roundness of her ass that hadn’t quite lost its “baby fat” yet.

She was well tanned of course; it was her pool and she spent a lot of time sunning herself when she wasn’t actually swimming in it.

We’d been playing Marco Polo for awhile along with our friends,  and there was the usual silliness, splashing,  and occasional “accidental” groping of random body parts as we all chased each other around the pool, taking turns being the “blind” player.

My hands had found Amy’s body on more than a few occasions when it was my turn. I was starting to think she was letting me catch her just so my hands could brush against her hips, her back, and yes once right across her round bubble butt.

We’d been taking a break from the game and just floating nearby each other, catching our breath, when she asked about going for the walk.

Most of our friends had left the pool already,  getting snacks or drinks or just drying off.

“You really wanna?” I asked, surprised.  We’d been spending a lot of time together recently,  but both of us having very religious conservative parents made it difficult to actually pursue any kind of true dating relationship. 

We weren’t girlfriend / boyfriend yet, not by any stretch,  but had certainly progressed beyond mere childhood friends in the past several weeks.

I still remember my surprise when she kissed me right on the lips at her graduation ceremony just a few days ago.

Oh it was quick, and she’d been hugging and kissing lots of folks. But it wasn’t accidental on her part and it certainly didn’t feel platonic.

“Yeah, come on, it’ll be fun, I promise,” she replied. The smile on her face was mischievous to say the least.

I was a bit scared honestly. Both our parents would freak out if they caught us sneaking off together. I honestly couldn’t wait to get out of my house and away from all the religious nonsense. But until then I had to put up with their repressive bullshit that made it incredibly difficult for me to even consider dating any girls on a regular basis, let alone get laid.

We climbed out of the pool, grabbed our towels, and took a look around. 

Our parents all seemed busy,  chatting away with some of the other parents in attendance,  drinking, laughing,  and playing some card game. 

I didn’t think they’d notice us.

“Ok let’s go, lead the way I guess. You know these woods better than me.”

Amy didn’t hesitate.  She took my hand and led me to a little path that was barely visible in the dark.

As we got to the edge by the tree line, we both took one more look around,  saw no one noticing us, and quietly slipped through the trees and down the path.

We hadn’t gone very far when we came to a little clearing.  A few stumps marked where some trees had been cleared, and a small pile of wood to one side, apparently the remains of some makeshift fort. 

“My brothers cleared this spot years ago; they used to have sleepouts in their fort.  They never let me come here with them but I’ve always known about it. They eventually forgot about it as they got older, but I never did. It’s a nice spot to just get away and be alone for a while, ” she explained. 

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool I guess” I said, then, awkwardly, “not that many bugs here.”

She laughed. “I keep it clear here so it doesn’t get overgrown.  And I sprayed some bug killer here earlier this afternoon.  Just in case.” She had that mischievous grin again and a twinkle in her eye I couldn’t fathom.

“In case what?” I asked stupidly. God, the cluelessness of a teenage boy.

“In case this” she said and suddenly she was in my arms, her lips pressed to mine.

I froze for a moment,  but thankfully, instinct took over, and I kissed her back.

She broke the kiss after a few seconds,  almost reluctantly.  “I’ve been wanting to do that forever, you know. I’ve been Etlik Escort waiting so long for the right moment.”

I smiled, hoping she couldn’t see how red my face was in the moonlight that shone down on us.

“Wow. Well I’m…I’m glad you did Amy. That was…that was really…that was really nice.” I stuttered around the words like an idiot.

“I’m glad you liked it. Because I wanna do it again.” She smiled,  looking at me in anticipation. 

This time I made the move, pulling her gently by the waist, leaning down a bit (she was shorter than me) and moving in for another kiss.

She met me halfway and once again our lips connected.  

We were both inexperienced,  but we got the hang of it quickly. I tested her lips with my tongue; they parted and accepted it. She offered her tongue in return, and we explored, if a bit awkwardly, the art of French kissing.

We’d break the kiss only for a few moments to look into each other’s eyes, smile, then right back at it.

My hands up until that point had remained on her hips. Her arms were up around my neck and she was standing on her toes to help get some height.

I decided to be a bit bolder, and slowly started moving my hands. First just slowly up then back down her sides. I repeated this move a few times and her body seemed to respond positively,  so I got braver.

My hands went back to her hips, then slowly around to her back. While the front of her suit was modest, the back was mostly open, allowing my hands to gently caress her soft, perfect skin. 

She broke the kiss and giggled, “that tickles!”

“Sorry,” I said, lying. 

“I didn’t say stop, did I?” She replied softly, then started kissing me again.

My hands continued rubbing her back, but now I was moving them in small slow circles, lower, and lower still, stopping just above her ass.

I could feel her wriggling,  trying to stand taller,  and realized she was trying to actually move her ass UP and into my hands!

I took her signal and went with it, sliding my hands down and finally cupping the perfect teen bubble butt I’d up until then been able to admire only with my eyes.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned as she broke the kiss. “Finally.  Took you long enough, ” she giggled again playfully. 

“I was trying to be a gentleman, ” I joked.

“Well stop trying so hard” she shot back playfully.

Oh yeah?” I said in mock annoyance. “Well then…” and with that I playfully grabbed her ass harder.

What happened next happened quickly. My pull on her ass threw her off the balance of her toes, and she fell forward,  right into me, our bodies touching fully for the first time.

And that’s when I realized I had a massive erection.

I felt her lower stomach lean right into it when she slipped,  felt the simultaneous jolt of pain from the impact and pleasure from, well, the contact.

She was laughing at first, then suddenly went quiet as she looked down, confused for a moment. 

Then her eyes went wide as she looked up at me.

“Is that…is that your…” Now she was the one stuttering.  “Is that what I think it is?” She managed to get out.

My face went beet red. “Yeah, um, look, sorry, I…”

“It’s ok” she cut in. “Did I… did I hurt you???”

“No,” I replied.  ( it had hurt, but only a little really and I didn’t want to make her feel bad.)

“Oh, ok, good.” She said, biting her lip.

We stood there in awkward silence for a moment.  But she didn’t back away,  and I certainly didn’t want her to. My cock was throbbing,  straining against the fabric of my suit, and while separated by my suit and her own, I still enjoyed the contact of another person,  especially my beautiful friend Amy, touching up against my penis, even if only indirectly.

I didn’t want the moment to end. But I didn’t know how to continue. 

Amy finally broke the silence.  “Is that…because of me?” She asked shyly.

“Yes” I managed. 

She pulled away from me and I almost groaned. I didn’t want her to move.

But she only pulled back far enough to look down to see the tent pushing up from my swimsuit.

Her eyes again went wide. “Wow. I mean I knew they got…bigger, when guys got…but I didn’t think they’d get that… big, or…” She stopped,  looking both confused and excited. 

I was embarrassed,  yet also feeling a sense of pride, and excitement.  My life long friend was seeing my penis for the first time, even if it was covered by my suit, and it was giving her a good show. 

“Have you never seen a guys…you know,  thing before?” I asked, hoping mine was truly her first.

“Well, no, not really. A picture in a textbook once. but it was just a drawing, and not this big, or…” she paused.

“Hard?” I finished for her.

“Yeah,” she laughed.  “I never saw a hard one. A REAL one.” She gulped.

“Yeah, they’re usually smaller and soft, normally. But get much bigger and harder when…excited” I explained simply.

“So you’re…excited…because of me?”

“Yes,” I replied, “Amy, you’re so beautiful,  and I’m so happy to be here, kissing Keçiören Escort you, and touching you. I’ve wanted this for a long time too, and now that it’s happening, I can’t help but get…well, turned on.  I hope this doesn’t upset you.”

“No, not at all. I… I love it” she said, grinning widely.

“Can I…can I touch it? She stammered.

My heart jumped. This is gonna happen??? My brain screamed silently in joy.

“Of course, ” I managed to say, “I’d…I’d love that.”

She came in closer to me again.  I could smell the chlorine in her hair, but also just, well, her. Her bright face shined in the moonlight,  beautiful,  without a stitch of makeup on.

Her left arm went around my hip to my back, and with her right, she slowly,  tentatively,  reached out and placed the palm of her hand over the bulge of my suit.

My cock jumped immediately at her touch, and she was startled, pulling her hand back in surprise. 

“It moved!!!” She gasped. “Wait…it… it MOVES???”

“Yeah it does that,” I smiled,  begging silently for her to touch it again.

She burst out laughing. “Oh my God, that’s great! It moves!!!” She laughed so loud I was afraid the whole party behind us would hear.

“Shush,” I whispered, and she tried to contain herself,  finally quieting to the occasional giggle.

Her hand reached out, more boldly this time,  and again my throbbing member jumped at her touch, but this time she didn’t pull away.

Instead, she started gently rubbing it with the palm of her hand. It bobbed and twitched with her movements and she smiled brightly, like a kid on Christmas with a new toy, enjoying how it responded to her touch.

I was enjoying it too. Not exactly the way I did it on my own of course, but hell,  any touching was good touching when it came to a beautiful girl with her hand on your dick.

“Does that…does it feel…good?” She asked shyly.

“Oh god yes, Amy. It feels amazing,  so so good, please don’t stop.” I begged.

She smiled such a beautiful smile, and continued exploring.

“I want to…I wanna see it” she said suddenly.

I felt I must be dreaming.  If so, please, whatever you do, God, if you exist,  please don’t wake me up now!

I couldn’t even manage the words so just nodded, and she slowly tugged down my suit, struggling a bit to get it over the protruding obstacle,  until I helped by undoing the string and tugging with her.

It suddenly popped out, springing upward in all its full glory. 

She had to stifle another laugh; not a cruel one, mocking me, but a joyful,  playful excited laugh that spoke to how thrilled she was to finally see it.

“Wow! Holy crap!” She whispered. “It looks even bigger in person! And so…veiny! Are you sure that’s not painful? It looks so swollen!”

“Not painful at all, it actually feels really pleasurable,  and very sensitive to…being touched” I said,  hinting at what I hoped she’d get back to.

She grinned wickedly and took the hint, and her hand again reached for my cock.  Within moments I was feeling,  for the first time ever, the incredible feeling of skin on skin contact from someone other than myself touching my penis. 

Now, she was using her fingers, running them up my shaft, tracing their way to the tip, then, back down. My body was literally shaking in bliss. 

Suddenly she giggled again. 

“What’s so funny now?” I asked, not harshly. 

“I just now noticed your…what’s the word? Testicles, right? They’re…don’t be mad, please,  but they’re just silly looking.  Like little balls in a sack.”

“Yeah well that’s why we call them balls,” I laughed.  “And it’s ok, I’m not mad. They are kinda goofy looking.”

Her hand cupped them gently, and she looked up at me, questioning.  “Is this OK? I don’t wanna hurt them, I know it can really hurt a guy getting hit there.”

“You’re fine,  just be gentle with them, don’t squeeze,  just rub,” I said.

She gently rubbed them for a few seconds, feeling their weight,  being very careful.  

“What feels better, touching your… balls, or your…?” She must have felt embarrassed to say penis or cock or whatever other term, because she just gestured at my twitching member.

“My cock?” I said, seeing how she’d react if I said it.

She flinched at the word, not used to using or hearing the “dirty” words too often I suppose.

“Yeah, your…cock,” she repeated, trying out the word, then deciding she liked it.

“Your big hard COCK.” Her face had that wicked grin again.

“Yeah touching my cock feels better, honestly,” I grinned back. “Especially when YOU are touching it.”

She took that as an invitation to continue. 

“Tell me how to…to touch it the way…the way you like,” she asked nervously. 

“Ok. Well…” I paused, then continued, “what you were doing felt really good, but it’s better if you, well…here, let me show you.” And with that I took her hand and guided it into the more familiar grip around my shaft, then showed her how to stroke it, pulling the skin gently up around the tip, Kızılay Escort then back, the way every guy figures out how to do as soon as he hits puberty.

She got the hang of it pretty quickly and I let go, allowing her to continue at her own pace. 

“It feels so WARM,” she gasped, “and…I can feel your pulse in it” she marveled. 

Suddenly she looked up at me. “It’s…beautiful. ” She said, then kissed me.

I pulled her in close as we kissed, her hand never letting go. 

I was close to cumming,  I knew I wouldn’t last much longer if she kept going. I grabbed her hand and made her pause,  trying to extend the moment. She looked up at me questioningly.

“Just needed a pause for a second.” I explained. Suddenly, I had a thought.

“Can I…?” I stammered,  as I moved my hand towards her beautiful firm boobs, waiting for her consent. 

She bit her lip, then nodded. “Yes,” she whispered. 

I touched her breast gently, my hand over her suit still, heard her gasp, felt her shudder. I could feel her nipple, stiff and swollen, poking through the fabric. 

Her hand suddenly left my cock, and I looked at her, curious.  She simply smiled then reached up and slowly slipped the shoulder straps of her bathing suit down. 

She hesitated for only a moment,  then continued,  exposing to my delighted eyes her firm, young breasts for the first time.

They stood, perky and oh so round, their pale pinkness a sharp contrast to the rest of her tanned skin. Her nipples were tiny points sticking up from the middle of her light pink, puffy areolas.

My face must have been interesting;  with my mouth agape and my eyes wide, because she giggled again,  nervously.

“Do you like them?” She asked quietly. 

“They’re beautiful.  Just like you Amy,” I replied lovingly. She blushed but smiled.

With my left arm still holding her close, my right hand again found her perfect tits. 

I went from one to the other, alternating between a gentle caress and soft squeezes. I could feel her heart racing beneath her left breast. I gently rolled her left nipple between my fingers, then gave it a slight tug. She gasped in surprise and (I’d hoped) pleasure.

“Was that ok? I didn’t hurt you?” I asked, concerned.

“No, I’m fine, it felt good, just…sensitive,” she managed to say, breathing heavily. 

We kissed again, and then I felt her hand return to stroking my throbbing boner. 

After about another minute or two of this…her stroking my cock, me playing with her breasts…I felt the familiar sensation of my climax approaching, knowing I would not be able to hold it back any longer.

“Amy,” I gasped,  breathing heavy, “you’re going to make me…oh God, I can’t hold it back…” I moaned, tried not to scream my pleasure, and managed to get out “Please, just don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t…”

My cock swelled; she gasped but didn’t let go, kept stroking, as the first blast of hot cum shot from the tip of my cock.

It hit her right between her exposed breasts. She jumped but stayed close, still not letting go, still jerking me steadily as blast after sticky blast continued to burst from my straining organ.

Cum went everywhere; more squirted on her suit, her hand, her arm. Some dripped on her feet, and I could hear her squealing and giggling.

Her eyes met mine, confused and questioning.  “Just a little more, please,  I’m begging you..” I groaned, and she kept her grip, milking the last remaining drops, watching them ooze out the tip to drip to the grass below.

Finally,  I could take no more, and grabbed her hand gently, pulling it away from my still hard but finally satisfied cock.

“So…so good, Amy,  that was so good, thank you, oh thank you…” I struggled and finally managed to control my breathing as I repeated, “Oh, thank you. “

“You’re welcome ” she said gently, and her lips found mine once more.

That kiss lasted…seconds? Minutes? A lifetime? Forever? 

Finally it broke, and we both laughed. We shared a mutual mix of embarrassment and excitement at the state we found ourselves in. My cock, hanging there, slowly deflating. Her breasts still exposed. Cum everywhere.

“Holy shit that was a mess!” She exclaimed. “I knew…I knew something would, you know,  come out, but…wow, holy shit!” 

I realized with horror the mess I had made on her. “Oh god, Amy,  I’m sorry, really, it just happened so fast, I wasn’t thinking,  I…”

She cut me off. “It’s ok. I…I loved it. I loved making that happen.  I loved that you felt good. I loved that it was because…because of me.” I could hear the pride in her voice, like a sense of accomplishment. 

“Shit, we better clean up” she gasped suddenly.  She then grabbed the towel she had brought and started desperately wiping away the spunk from her boobs. “Take one last look” she said as she fixed her suit, covering up her breasts to my dismay. 

She then continued cleaning herself,  mopping up the jizz that had splattered on her suit, hands and feet.

“It’s ok, don’t worry,” she said; to herself or me I wasn’t sure. “I’ll clean most of this up and in the dark no one will notice the stains, and I’ll jump back in the pool real quick and that should…” She paused, looked at me, still standing there, cock deflated now but sticky with my cum, then laughed and threw me the towel.  “Here, clean up and put that away,” she said quickly, ” we gotta get back before someone notices we’ve been missing.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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