Duplicity Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

Hello everyone,

Let me know what you think of this chapter. It was definitely a challenge to write but hopefully you’ll enjoy it. If you’re new to reading this series, it’d be good to read Good Grief to get the background story of the characters. Special thanks to honeybree for editing and great feedback.

“Cece, I never thought I’d see you again. I’m glad to see you still have the necklace I gave you…”

“Sean?” Sienna whispered hoarsely.

“I’m so sorry to do this to you”. Sean looked behind his back and said, “I have to go but I will see you again, I promise.”

He reached over and slipped off the necklace and key around her neck. He started to walk away but Jason stood up and got in his face.

“Sean? As in… Sienna’s dead brother Sean?”


“What the fuck?! And you’re just going to up and leave her again?”

Sean anxiously looked around and said, “I’m sorry but I have to go.”

When Sean turned to look back at him, his face ran into Jason’s heavy fist. Sienna gasped and Sean face sprang back up quickly as if he didn’t just get punched.

“You fucking selfish prick.” Jason spat.

Sean smiled as he wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. He looked at Jason straight in the eye and smirked.

“Not bad.” Sean lightly said almost in admiration.

While Jason stood there confused, Sean walked away but stopped at Sienna and kissed the top of her head.

“I love you Cece, I’ll explain everything soon enough.”

And just like that he was gone.

Sienna quietly watched Sean disappear from her life again… like the ghost he was. There was a dull ache in the pit of her stomach. She could barely breathe at the discovery… almost hyperventilating.

Sean was alive.

Sienna couldn’t even fathom the how or the why but he was alive. Deep sense of gratitude washed over her. She looked up at the diamond speckled sky surrounded by the black night and thanked God for the miracle. It was so quiet; there was a magnificent glow in the heavens.

Who was that silently weeping so close to her?

Sienna realized it was her.

Tears fell from her face without any control of where they landed. All those feelings she worked through with Sean’s death, all the grief and pain she experienced… was for nothing? Where the fuck has he been? Why did he leave her again?

Angry, confused and hurt; Sienna was completely and utterly alone.

She felt hollow like a steel drum ready to explode with a sound at any moment…

But then, Sienna smelled a clean earthy scent while silky hair caressed her cheek.

She wasn’t alone.

Sienna hadn’t even realized it but she had been hugging Jason. She hugged him so hard, clinging to him. He would surely bruise. He smelled like fresh clean air after a heavy rainstorm.

Carefully, he gathered her in his arms and her small head nestled in the crook of his arm. Sienna was still in a daze but let herself drown in Jason. He held her so close; he almost carried her since she had no strength.

When they arrived back to the hotel, they didn’t talk about what happened because they didn’t know what to say. It was such a bizarre miraculous encounter; they almost thought it hadn’t really happened.

Sienna sat on the couch and looked straight ahead into the empty space. Jason held her and pulled her on his lap. He dug his heavy hand in her brown hair and forced her to look at him.

“It’s ok.” Jason whispered as he looked at her intently.


Sienna looked away in a daze.

“It’s ok.”


Sienna felt the confusing emotions take hold of her.

Sean was alive.

But Sienna and her family buried him. Well, in actuality his remains were never discovered so they didn’t really bury him. No, but he couldn’t be alive. But there he was. Where did he go? Sienna wept over him for years. Maybe she just imagined it was him and they really had just gotten robbed. But if that were the case, why did the stranger want with the silver necklace and not something more valuable like her engagement ring?

Sienna’s neck still burned from where he abruptly took the necklace. No, she could identify her brother anywhere. It was him; it was her baby brother Sean.

“It’s ok.”

With widened eyes, she slowly shook her head as she continued to stare at the wall.

“Baby, it’s ok.”

Sienna felt her protective shield crack and she let out a quiet shudder of deep emotion. As she silently whimpered, Jason made her lock eyes with him. Tears quickly pooled and fell down her mahogany cheeks. Jason hugged her tight as she wept.

“Baby, it will be ok.” He whispered hoarsely as he rubbed her back tenderly.

Sienna finally let out an agonizing sob as she released the first wave of emotion. As her cries became louder Jason hugged her tighter. He couldn’t help but feel his eyes prickle with tears as he felt what she felt.

Sienna’s face slowly moved towards Jason like a plant yearning for sunlight.

Right adana escort now, she just needed to feel something powerful. Sienna’s kiss was slow and tentative as her tears continuously fell from her face. Jason tasted those tears as he let her explore his mouth unhurriedly.

Even though she had kissed him a million times before, this time it was different. His mouth healed her like holy water. It was strong but tender with her at every turn. She never knew she could feel something like this… literally she started to heal from a kiss.

In turn, Jason marveled as he felt Sienna be truly vulnerable and open. He felt her pain from losing Sean all over again. She nibbled on his lips and he moaned in appreciation.

He would become anything she needed.

Their holy kisses quickly ignited something wicked in them. Sienna tongue picked up the pace as she twirled it into his.

She needed him badly. She needed him to continue to make her feel better. She needed to feel something other than the pain. Her deep uneven breath coursed through her and pumped her very heart. She trembled in anticipation.

Like an addict needing a fix, they frantically took their clothes off and latched their mouths to each other once again.

Jason ran his hands down her breasts and stomach and Sienna whimpered. Her eyes were puffy and swollen. She was still shaken but her urgent desire took control.

Jason smoothly carried her to the suite’s bedroom and placed her on the counter. He parted her legs wide and crouched down and ran his tongue up her inner thighs. When he got close to her treasure he inhaled deeply and licked his lips in anticipation. He could never get enough of his baby’s pussy.

Biting her bottom lip, Sienna watched Jason snake his tongue out and lick. His face seemed so concentrated on the task as if he wanted to give her pussy his undivided attention. Just the sight of him had her on the brink of ecstasy as she was soaking wet.

His tongue slowly licked and sucked her pussy petals knowing exactly what her body needed. A ball of heat fluttered through her. Already, Sienna was trying hard not to cum. This was a difficult task because Jason’s wicked tongue was the commander and chief of her pussy.

All her previous pain and confusion were now fuel for her desire.

Jason’s meaty tongue twirled and slurped her juices completely. Stroking her soft pink folds, he slowly flicked her clit and that was her undoing. She let out a loud scream as her orgasm racked through her. Jason moaned his approval causing her an aftershock of pleasure.

When Sienna came to she eagerly stroked Jason’s impossibly hard thick dick. She couldn’t wait to have him inside of her. She needed to have him inside her.

She wrapped her thick thighs around his waist and encouraged his cock towards her awaiting pussy. Jason groaned when he felt that tight wet entrance suction him in. He would never tire of his baby’s perfect body. He grabbed her voluptuous hips and franticly fucked her roughly. He knew that’s what she wanted, what she needed.

He pummeled into her quickly. The sounds of obscene bodies slapping and grunts and moans were the only things heard. The bedroom counter shook and knocked on the wall. Its mirror threatened to fall over… but the gorgeous couple was too preoccupied to notice.

Sienna sensitive pussy clamped hard on Jason’s dick as her next orgasm crescendoed. This had to be heaven. There was no other place Sienna could possibly want to be.

Sienna held onto Jason chiseled chest tightly as he took her to heaven and back. Her hard chocolate nipples caressed his massive tanned chest. It was time to repay the favor. Her lips reached for his ear and licked it. Knowing that was his weakness.

“Tell me you love this pussy.” She huskily whispered.

“I love it.” Jason huffed as he pummeled her faster… deeper.

“Mm-hmm… Tell me you need this pussy, baby.”

“I need it.” Jason groaned. He was having a hard time not being sent over the edge with her words. He was fucking her so fast… so deep; you couldn’t tell where his body ended and hers began.

“Mm-hmm, I want you to fuck me faster and harder. I want to feel your hot sticky cum inside of me.” She said and she sucked on his right earlobe.

“Fuccckkk!!!” Jason roared as he came deep within her. His breathing was labored. Sienna smooth cocoa skin glowed in the dim bedroom light as she tried to catch her breath.

Jason carried her to the large bathroom and started a bubble bath. He kissed her softly as he led her to the large jetstream tub.

Jason settled her on his lap and with a soapy sponge carefully and lovingly cleaned her. He washed her hair with her shampoo and concentrated rubbing her scalp. His large hands moved to her neck and shoulders and gave her a nice deep massage.

Sienna turned towards him and softly smiled despite how heartbroken she felt. This man knew her body inside and out. Her hazel eyes twinkled eskişehir escort although there was a sadness still hidden in them.

“Thanks babe. I really needed that. How did you know what I needed you to do?”

Jason shrugged his shoulders. “I guess I’m a licensed Sienna expert.”

Sienna chuckled and said, “That you are. I love you so much.”

Jason kissed her nose and whispered, “I know.”

Sienna turned around and grabbed the sponge and made sure to pay attention to Jason’s magnificent body. His muscles tensed and relaxed as she rubbed them with her small soft hands. Jason relaxed on the tub headrest and watched his beautiful princess bathe him, she concentrated on the task. Jason exhaled letting out the stress he felt from the night as well.

Sienna long wet hair cascaded down her back and her flawless skin seemed to mesh with his. She straddled him and he loved the view of her deliciously thick hips and thighs topped with her tight stomach. Her proud breasts were glistening with droplets of warm water and her hard nipples begged to be sucked. He would be lucky to wake up to this sight, every day for the rest of his life.

His golden tanned body was a stark contrast with her mahogany skin.

She loved how his taut skin felt. It was so powerful like he was hiding a steel frame. Her hands snaked down to his stomach; his sinful abs contracted and looked even more delicious wet. The sponge traveled to his right side oblique and she sponged over his most recent acquisition.

Sienna smiled and her heart warmed at the sight of it. Along his first ribcage in script font was tattooed Francis and his birth date. The second rib was seared with Sienna and the date they first met at the cemetery all those months ago.

When he got the tattoos he said he wanted his body to carry the date he met the two most important women in his life.

Her gaze followed his scattered happy trail that led to his delicious throbbing dick, Sienna unconsciously licked her lips. Jason’s cock jumped in response. She grabbed it with both hands and rubbed it up and down. Jason groaned at her touch and he ran his hands down her head and back. She lowered her mouth to his swollen head and gave it a tentative lick. Slowly and lovingly she inched down his shaft and moaned in delight. She loved tasting his cock; it was as if she could feast on him forever.

Although she couldn’t fit his whole length in her mouth she bobbed her head up and down and swiped her tongue around the head as she went. She licked the sides of his shaft; her tongue traced his thickly corded veins. She suckled the underside of his mushroom head.

Jason pushed her hair out of the way so he could watch her intently. Her pretty mouth puckered as she sucked. He was on the brink of cumming just by observing her beautiful mahogany cheeks filled with his purplish cock. When her half-lidded hazel eyes lifted and met his, he almost exploded right there. She batted her long lashes but didn’t stop her task. Her open desire for him was clearly written in her sizzling gaze.

When the tangy taste of precum hit her tongue, her eyes closed and she moaned in delight. Her pussy agreed and was soaking wet. Unconsciously, she grinded on his leg; she needed some friction.

As she dove in, she laved every inch. His breath hitched as her throat swallowed the tip and held him there. He howled a harsh cry like a wounded animal. She sped up, bobbing up and down and felt Jason’s encouraging hand pushing her head up and down.

Something in Jason snapped.

Both hands appeared on her head and made her go down on him faster and harder… fucking himself with her beautiful mouth. Water splashed around them…

Jason kept going.

“I love you Princess.” He huffed.

Jason’s hips came up to meet her mouth roughly. The more he shoved her down onto his cock the more Sienna’s desires were electrified. He knew her dark desires well… he inspired most of them within her.

Sienna felt herself on the verge of cumming. She knew he was close and nothing brought her more desire than his pleasure.

Sienna felt Jason’s balls tighten. She shoved herself down his length even more and held him there.

Letting out a tortured cry, he exploded his seed into her waiting mouth. He watched in awe as she swallowed thick ropes of pearly cum. She groaned deeply when she felt her pussy spasm as she came and tried not to choke as she swallowed his cum.

Siena smiled at him and kissed him earnestly. He kissed her fervently while tasting lingering traces of himself in her.

They got out of the now chilly bath water and dried themselves off. As they walked to the bed, he stared at her beautiful curvy body. Her skin glowed in the soft light. Sienna crawled backwards on the bed, her eyes trained on his every move. Entranced by her tight stomach, thick thighs and glistening pussy folds, he wasted no time in joining her and simply ran his hands down her body making her comfortable. sakarya escort He lathered oil down her legs and feet, then rubbed it over her chest and arms. His dick was already recovered by being rock hard but he just held her close.

She turned to face him and kissed him. As she wrapped her leg around him, she ushered him closer to her until his padded steel cock slipped inside her again… unhurriedly.

They kissed while he made love to her slowly and deeply. It took a while but he had effectively released the anger, the worry and the tension she felt from this evening. Sienna’s mouth let out a silent cry and she trembled as she came again. He followed right behind her and came deep within her.

They were utterly satisfied and held each other comfortably. As if suddenly remembering this evening Sienna silently cried the last tears on Jason’s shoulder. Her pain and frustration released and she felt herself calm as Jason held her. Sienna felt completely enveloped in Jason’s love.

After a long stretch of silence…

“There was always something deep within me that knew he wasn’t dead, well… hoped he wasn’t dead. I just convinced myself I wasn’t being rational and came to accept it. There were too many questions left unanswered and too many holes in the story of his death. I always dreamed of seeing him. But I just can’t believe after all this time, he just up and left me again.”

“Princess, there has to be a reason for all of this. For now just take comfort in knowing he is alive and well. Hopefully he’ll explain everything soon like he said.”

“You’re right baby. I love you so much. Thanks for being there for me.” Sienna said giving him a small grin.

“You’re my life sweetheart. Whatever you end up finding out we’ll face together.”

Jason held her until she fell asleep and he drifted off as well.


A week later back in their island home in Santorini, Sienna prepped her tools to paint in her studio. In his office, Jason researched everything he could on Sean Matthew Johnson but came up empty. Even with the best investigators, no one knew anything about his supposed death or his military career.

He let out a frustrated sigh and leaned back in his leather chair.

“You’re never going to find anything on me there.” A deep voice said.

Jason was startled and let out a, “What the fuck!”

In a split second Jason had his locked and loaded glock in hand. He steadily pointed the steel barrel at the stranger.

“How did you get in here?!” Jason demanded.

“You really should upgrade your security system.”

“You had better come with some answers or so help me God…”

Although his weapon was still pointed at Sean; Jason stood his full height and peered into the eyes of Sienna’s long lost brother. They were almost eye to eye. It seemed Sean was just half an inch shorter than him putting him a little over 6’3″. His features were a lot like their mother, Sharon, but he saw some of Sienna in him as well. He wore a gray hoodie and sweatpants.

Even though Sean’s broad shoulders were relaxed with his hands in his pocket, Jason could tell this man was lethal. His corded bulging muscles and cunning eyes said it all.

“Listen, I came to talk to her and explain everything but I wanted to talk to you first. I know it’s hard to understand but I love Cece and want what’s best for her… I believe you are a good match for her-“

“Motherfucker… how would you know that?! You don’t know me-“

“595-12-7625 is your social. You were born on March 17, 1984 in St. Luke’s-Roosevelt hospital. Your mother is Francis Bethany Rossini and your father is Richard Charles Bane. From the age of 8, you and your mother lived at 103 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn. You attended PS-282. You wore a mouth guard to sleep until you were 15. You had a pet turtle named Kermit who died of old age. You played basketball in high school and were popular. You were close to your mother, sorry for your loss by the way.

You are completely in love with my sister and special ordered her engagement ring from Chopard… a month after you met her. But you just picked it up when you were in Geneva a couple weeks ago. Very nice ring by the way.

Believe me; I wouldn’t let just anyone get close to Sienna. I’d protect her from the grave if I had to.”

Jason’s mouth dropped open and he was speechless. How in the hell could he know all of that?

“I just want you to know I mean no harm. And I’m sure you have questions but I’d like to answer them with Sienna present.”

Jason’s tense posture relaxed and he sighed.

“I don’t know what your agenda is, but my gut is telling me to give you a chance. But if you hurt Sienna in any way… I promise you will regret it.”

Jason lowered his weapon and tucked it in his desk drawer.

“Thank you.” Sean said grinning. “See… that wasn’t so hard. Look at that, brothers in law to-be getting along already.”

Jason grunted in response.

They walked towards Sienna’s studio and saw her prepping a canvas for a new painting. She was stretching the canvas over the wood stretchers and loudly stapling the fabric edges secure. Her back was toward the door and she seemed completely unaware anyone was there.

“Baby, why don’t you give my brother and me a minute?” Sienna said to the men’s surprise.

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