Essence Ch. 01

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This story will be lengthy and in-depth. If you’re looking for a short, one-shot story this ISN’T the story for you. All participants are 18 years and older.


Elena shifted with the direction of the Autumn wind, tightening her jacket around her as she waited. Red, orange, and yellow leaves fell from the tall-trees above her to surround her feet; there was a large pile, she’d been waiting a long time.

It’d been four months since her last visit back home. Before she decided upon an out-of-state university, things were beyond hectic. Her relationship with her brother had taken a turn for the worst – him, his over-controlling nature, and penchant for asserting his brotherly dominance over her had driven her away, for good, she’d decided. Until today. Christmas Eve. The worst, yet best day of the year.

Her family came together every year for celebration. It was unconventional, lively, and everything she’d grown to love about the Greene family. Black families were warm, welcoming when they wanted to be. Considering the awkward encounter she was about to endure, she needed them to be just that. Warm and welcoming.

“I’m so sorry I’m late!” Roman shouted from his car, rushing out to help her with her bags. His toffee-colored skin and warm hazel eyes reeked of the familiarity she missed out on in college. He was tall and lanky, perfect for the basketball-related career he was trying to pursue. Much unlike her muscularly built brother, all of whom she hope was anticipating her arrival.

“It’s fine, Roman,” She laughed, “What, no hug?” Smiling, he engulfed her in a warm, well needed hug. Four months was the longest the two had ever been away from each other since Middle School. To say she missed him would be an understatement.

“How’s Malakai?” She questioned, referring to his son. Roman was a teenage father. Had been since a slip-up with his high school girlfriend at sixteen years old. Then, he was scared shitless as anyone his age would be. Now, six years into fatherhood, his relationship with his son had blossomed into everything she’d hoped it be.

“Asking for you, as usual.” He feigned jealousy as they sped off down the road, “It’s always ‘Where’s Aunt ‘Lena, I miss Aunt ‘Lena!’ Sometimes, I think he forgets he’s my son and not yours. I’m fine with it though. Considering he believe you’re where his Christmas gifts are coming from.”

“What?” She sputtered, “Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t get him anything!” Fear of disappointing her nephew consumed her like no other. He was young and most likely wouldn’t mind, but she loved him too much to let him down in the slightest.

“Relax. A few things under the tree have your name written on them. He’s none-the-wiser.”

Playfully slapping his shoulder, she sank into her seat as her nerves rose within her chest once again in realization. Wherever Eric – her brother – went, his childhood best-friend Hyun would follow. The two were inseparable. It’d been that way since she was two, and they were eight and nine, Eric being a few months older than Hyun was. With them being the only children of non-white demographic in their neighborhood, they stuck to one another like glue. Eric and Hyun especially. Wherever one of them was, the other one wasn’t far behind and their relationship had remained just as solid throughout their journey into adulthood. That meant her long-awaited reunion with Hyun wasn’t too far behind.

She loved him. In multiple ways she knew she shouldn’t, her love for him went beyond platonic. Somehow, both her father, brother, and Hyun himself were clueless to the fact. Her mother, not so much. She’d figured it out at her ninth birthday party, when she refused to so much as touch the cake or blow out the candles until Hyun arrived and was standing by her side. Though she was too young to realize it, she’d been in love with him far longer than she anticipated.

Her mother had no issue with it. In fact, she entertained their one-sided lover’s spats. Leaving Hyun hints, that fell on deaf ears, but hints nonetheless. She hated it, but thanked her mother for lightening the thick tension that threatened to consume her whenever she was near him.

He’d went into Military training with her brother for a short-while, before changing his mind and going back to school to become a college professor, English if she recalled correctly. While it was only for a moment, the rigorous training had did him in, both physically and mentally. His voice had gotten substantially deeper with age and he was physically stronger; his large biceps served as proof. To her knowledge, he decided to stay in the gym. She was sure his body would be her undoing.

“Elena?” Startled, her eyes shot to Roman who was staring at her expectantly.


“We’re here.” Her eyes went to the house before her, the one she’d once, and still considered home. There were multiple cars parked around Roman’s, meaning majority of her family had mersin escort already arrived. Her heart began to rapidly beat in her chest out of apprehension, excitement, and something else she was unable to name.

Beside her parents and Malakai, there was one person she wasn’t afraid to see. One person she knew wouldn’t bombard her with questions as to why she hadn’t visited or called, he’d just understand and pull her in for a hug and ask her how she’s been. Inside the house, she hoped he felt the same.


The stop of an engine sounded in the driveway, the tires pulling against the snow. He looked up from the deck of cards as Eric shuffled them, eyeing the door. She was here. It had only been four months since their last encounter, but it’d felt like a year since he’d gotten to hold her in his arms, platonically or otherwise. Though they’d never definitely passed the confines of friendship, he remembered how she’d whimpered when his hands unknowingly slipped beneath her cami as they hugged, how he’d inevitably hardened in his pants as he held her for a second too long. She was his best-friend’s baby sister. Someone he’d unsuccessfully tried to see as his own. As they grew older, the age-gap seemed smaller, insignificant. He knew Eric wouldn’t feel share his sentiments and he would be a fool to believe otherwise.

Eventually, she waltzed beyond the threshold, greeting everyone as she went. Her smile made an abundance of warmth spread through his chest like a love-sick idiot. Eighteen. She was eighteen, where had the time gone? She’d blossomed into a beautiful young woman, her hips had rounded out substantially; her figure was the epitome of femininity. She looked soft to the touch. He desperately wanted to find out, to hold onto her hips as she rode him to oblivion, crying out his name to anyone who’d listen. Him, preferably.

“Hyun, bro. Are you good?” Eric’s voice fortunately broke through his haze. He grimaced as his eyes met his friend’s who was oblivious to his arousal that was directed toward his little sister. His little sister. The one he’d promised not to go after. Hyun cringed.

“I’m fine, sorry.” Eric chuckled in response. Hyun gestured toward the door. “Elena’s here.”

Eric’s eyes shot to the door where they briefly met hers. From where he sat, he could tell she was scared. Not of Eric himself, but of his reaction toward her arrival. Evidently shocking them both, Eric all but ran toward her and lifted her small body into his arms, continuously ranting about how sorry he was.

Despite his non-brotherly feelings toward her, he’d grown to adore the love the two siblings shared. Regardless of any arguments, large or small, their relationship never wavered in the face of a fight. He envied it. His parents had stopped having children after him. Reasonably so, considering the two didn’t have the emotional capacity to raise one child, let alone two. The most love he’d received from his parents came from his mother. She liked him, to say the least.

His parents were doctors. They had a practice in the heart of the city with hundreds of patients who needed to be catered to; as a result, his needs fell second. They’d expected him to mirror their success by going into the family’s business but he surprised them by running off to military training with Eric instead. Their hatred for the Greene family grew. They claimed they’d made a negative impact on his life, and would leave him behind eventually. Out of anger and internalized hate, they called the family a word he wouldn’t dare to utter. Their relationship fell apart, then. For good.

Eric whispered something in her ear, before pointing back toward the living room where he sat. For the first time in months, her eyes met his and he couldn’t deny the way his heart beat in his chest as her eyes lit up when they landed on him.

“Hyun!” She shrieked, running over and wrapping her arms tightly around his neck. Either he was imagining it, or her hard nipples were pressed against his chest as they embraced. He forced himself to believe it was from the cold. “I’ve missed you.”

The warm sultry of her voice beautifully combatted the rough, deep-sounding baritone of his, “I’ve missed you too, ‘Lena. How have you been?”

“College is college, to say the least. I’ve been drowned in homework, which would explain why I haven’t called as frequently as I should have. I’m sorry, Hyun.” His eyes met hers before drifting down toward the gloss-covered dark raspberry that was her lips. A fiery shock of pleasure went straight to his groin. This woman would be the death of him.

“You don’t have to apologize. I’ve been there and it isn’t easy, not in the slightest. But I have faith in you, we all do.”

She smiled small at that. Noticing the snow still stuck to her long eyelashes, he reached out, wiping it away with a stroke of his thumb. She leaned into his touch, the warmth in his palm contrasting the cold kocaeli escort etched into her skin from the unforgiving weather outside. Her warm brown skin had a slight blush to it, something he adored. He yearned to deepen it, to make her skin flush red, except the cold would have nothing to do with it. Nothing at all.

Opposed to the moment his little sister and his friend were sharing, Eric cleared his throat forcing the two to break apart as if a bucket of cold water had been thrown on them. Elena looked down at her boot-covered feet and Hyun turned his attention to the alcoholic beverage in his glass. He absentmindedly stirred it with his straw. Eric glared.

“I’m so glad you’re home, my sweet girl.” Their father spoke, wrapping his arms around his daughter’s shoulders, “I’ve been tired of seeing his face, and his face only everyday.”

Eric rolled his eyes. “Don’t believe a word he says, Elena. He just told me, not even a day ago, that I was his favorite child.”

“I said you were my favorite son. Hyun’s my favorite son now. You’ve been replaced, boy.” Victor chuckled deeply at the jealously written in his son’s features.

The way the Greene family had welcomed him into their home was unlike anything he’d ever imagined. As a young boy, he remembered coming to Victor and Vivian before he even considered the likes of his parents. They were attentive, caring, and fucking hilarious. That’s why they could never know of his feelings for their daughter. Losing his family wasn’t a risk he was willing to take.

“Pussy,” Eric mouthed to him over his Dad’s shoulder. Hyun chuckled, ignoring the childish ways of his friend before settling back on the girl, now turned woman, of interest. She was bent over, talking to her friend Roman’s son Malakai. He honed in on the deep curve of her backside, how her long black hair traveled down the length of her slim torso.

It was shocking, his not-so-sudden attraction to her. He’d relished in her beauty for a long time, but this was the first time of many where it attempted to suffocate him. Being around her everyday made it easy. It was constant, difficult for her sensuality to catch him off-guard. Now, she was away for college, their encounters weren’t as frequent, and the mere sight of her made his dick twitch in his pants. He gulped the rest of the drink down and got up.

Excusing himself, Hyun separated himself from the family, escaping to the bathroom instead. His hands were shaking by his sides. The image in his subconscious of him dragging her with him by her arm, hoisting her small body into his arms and onto the sink, before tongue-fucking her pussy until she came in his mouth was getting the best of him. He needed air. He needed to get away from her.

He shut and locked the door behind him to protect himself from unwanted visitors, then turned the nob of the faucet and splashed cold water on his face. In the mirror, underneath the small freckles that painted his cheeks and nose, he saw the humiliating crimson that covered his face. His inability to keep it in his pants around Elena like a teenage boy was embarrassing. So embarrassing, he began to pity himself. He could almost laugh at the complexity of his situation. He was ironically stuck between a rock and a very, very hard place.

A light rapping noise sounded at the door, startling him. “Hyun, are you okay?” Her voice met his ears and he swallowed a groan. It could’ve been anybody else, absolutely anyone else, but her. The woman imprinted not only in his mind, but every fantasy it produced.

Without much thought, he unlocked the door and pulled her inside before locking it again. Surprised, she looked up at him as if he’d grown a second head. Technically he had. As he stared back, he realized he had no idea where or how far he was planning to take this. He just knew he had to have her. He could fuck her against the door as her family stood oblivious on the other side, or he could let her leave. It should’ve been the latter, the rational part of his mind spoke to him. He knew that.

“Elena..” He whispered hoarsely, his hands balling into fists at his sides to avoid grabbing her. “Fuck. We need to talk.”

“About what, Hyun?” She placed a warm hand on his arm, her gaze caring and unbelievably innocent, “You know you can talk to me about anything.”

That was it. He shrugged out of her hold, his hands enclosing around her waist as he lifted her up onto the sink, careful not to make any noise. She gasped, her legs tightening around his hips. She felt her stomach somersault as her heart cried out for him. To touch her? To kiss her? To bury himself between her thighs? She couldn’t decide which one of the three she craved more. Too afraid of ruining the moment, she stayed quiet. Anticipating his next move.

He said nothing as he pulled her closer to him, his erection pressing against her in ways that made both of them want to scream out. Their noses samsun escort nearly touched, his lips hovering over hers as he made his decision.

“God, you’re so beautiful.” Where was this coming from? He had no idea. All he could focus on was the desire to make her cum in ways he knew she never had before. He wanted to make her face contort in pleasure in any way he possibly could. He wanted her. Badly.

“Kiss me.” She whimpered. Her small hands gripped his shirt, pulling him in. So he did. His lips found hers gently, tasting her. The tension between them had coiled and stretched for much too long. He had to have her; she had to have him. He slid his tongue between her lips, her intoxicating sweetness doing him in. Then it happened.

A deep moan spread through her chest, sounding between them as he sucked on her tongue, making him groan her name in return. She clutched at him desperately, looking for something to hold onto as he kissed her. Their jeans separated them but created a delicious amount of friction she wanted more of.

“Hyun, please..” She cried. He ground himself against her harder, the wetness pooling between her legs worsening. Her begging was like music to his ears. Not even his dreams could match the immense satisfaction he felt as she cried out to him. He needed more. Craved more.

He stopped shortly to pull her sweater over her head, the heat of her skin reaching out to him like a blazing fire. His lips found the skin of her neck as he gripped her ass, forcing her to grind her wetness into his dick once more. She bit back a moan as his teeth grazed to top of her chest where her bra met her body. Her hands found the back of his head when he swiftly pulled the cup down and his lips enclosed around her nipple.

It wasn’t enough. She had to touch him as he’d touched her. She began fumbling with his belt, trying, and failing, to focus on her task as he switched to the other. She’d never done this before. Any of it. But she was too caught in the midst of their passion to worry about her inexperience. She knew he’d never humiliate her for it.

“Baby no,” He groaned as her fingers found his hot, veiny erection through his boxers, “Not yet.” His words were broken. Clouded. To his ears, he sounded like a bitch in heat yet he couldn’t bring himself to care. Not when she was offering herself to him and moaning in his ear like this.

He unbuttoned her jeans, pulling them down her legs. He almost came at the sight of the black lace against her skin. Quickly, he pulled her toward the edge of the countertop and suckled on the inside of her thighs. She moaned and pushed her aching panty-clad pussy into his mouth, “No, Hyun..”

She was conflicted. She’d never been touched nor tasted there, unless by her own doing as she made herself come, Shamelessly, to the thought of him. Once he started, she knew she’d become addicted to this feeling. What if this was only a one-time thing for him? Her heart couldn’t handle it.

“You’re fucking soaked, ‘Lena.” He breathed her in, pressing the tip of his nose into the wet spot she’d created in her panties. He then ran his tongue along her slit through the material, the taste of her girlish cum temporarily immobilizing him. She tasted just as she looked, sweet and intoxicating. She struggled to quiet her cries, biting down on the back of her fist as her eyes shut tightly. She was so wet. So happy she didn’t know what to do with herself. This was really happening. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t will himself to stop. He couldn’t leave her like this. Wet and waiting.

The dripping wetness of her opening told him he wasn’t alone in his dreams of succumbing to her, to the sexual tension they’d created. His dick twitched against his free palm as he thought of her touching herself to the thought of him, struggling to stay quiet as she came against her fingers. He didn’t like her quieting the noises she made for him, but he knew she had no choice, so he digressed.

Finally, he slid the material to the side and gifted her with the tip of his tongue. She bit down harder as he slowly ran it back and forth against her labia. Back and forth. Back and forth. He found her clit and sucked. Hard. She cried out, resting her head against the mirror behind her. He parted her wet lips with his thumbs and tongued her opening as it weeped for him. He replaced his tongue with his finger, slowly inserting the thick digit, making her back arch off of the surface. His mouth found her clit again, the squelching noises of her wet core around his finger becoming too much.

His movements sped up, her soaked opening pulling and tightening around his fingers as her orgasm approached. Reluctantly, he pulled his mouth away from her clit to watch her faces as she came for him. He wanted to commit the flush of her face and the crease in her eyebrows to memory as he watched her take pleasure in him.

“Hyun, I can’t..” She gasped, biting down on her lip. “I can’t hold it.” She wanted this to last forever but her rapidly approaching orgasm was relentless and threatened to break her in its wake.

“Don’t hold it baby, come for me. Now.” His voice being hoarse with lust, lust for her and her only, did her in as she screamed into her palm, her other hand gripping the edge of the countertop as she came.

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