Faye Fucks Four Friends

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Faye knelt on the floor before Harry, worshipping his cock and playing with her pussy. Her right hand was busy massaging Kevin’s shaft, who was sat next to his flatmate awaiting the use of her mouth. A month ago, she had been on all fours on this very couch, getting a hard fuck from Harry after a night of partying, when Kevin had surprised her by slipping his cock into her mouth. The two had spit-roasted her and debased her, making Faye feel more of a slut than ever before. She’d loved it, and the scene had featured heavily in her fantasies from the moment she’d staggered home the next morning, well-used and sore from the work of two horny guys. She had struggled to come to terms with her conflicting feelings; they had used her like a whore, with little care for her consent, but she’d gone with it, and ended up having the time of her life. What did that make her in their eyes? What self-esteem could she claw back? Every time she thought of her actions that night she’d felt a burning sense of shame and violation, mixed with a hunger that left her frantically masturbating at the thought of being their toy. Until one night, a month after the fact, she’d given in.

She’d found herself dressing up and heading over to the flat Harry and Kevin shared with two other guys, telling herself that all she would do was talk. She would bring them to task on their actions, and let them know that she was more than just their plaything, to do with as they wished.

And so she found herself on her knees before her master and his friend, sucking and wanking their stiff pricks. She cooed and made slutty comments about how marvellous their cocks were, staring up at the boys and putting on a show. Harry was vocal in his pleasure, and forceful in taking it; he bobbed her head up and down on his lap and fucked her throat deeply. Faye was a good little cock sucker, taking the abuse gladly, but she felt him getting close to filling her mouth with his spunk, and she wanted to make him wait before he came. She gave his long cock a final lick and switched to Kevin, his thick shaft barely fitting into her mouth.

Harry had left the sofa and now he was behind her, kissing her neck and undoing the red wraparound dress she’d worn to show off her slender figure. The material opened at the waist, letting her small but perky breasts fall free, and soon the petite blonde was wearing only a lacy white thong. She shivered as she felt his arms wrap around her to play with her tits, and her breath quickened as his hands trailed down her tummy, to her panties which were sopping wet with her excitement. He slipped a hand under the material, and she stirred with longing as he found her slit, teasing her with his fingers. She began to moan in pleasure, and ground her bottom against his stiff cock. She longed to feel them plunge inside her, but enjoyed the excitement and anticipation all the more.

She pulled Kevin’s shaft from her mouth and licked it from base to tip, purring as she did:

“Mmmm…who wants to fuck me first?”

Kevin leapt at the chance to slide inside her. He left the couch and swapped places with Harry, kneeling behind Faye on the floor, yanking down her panties at the same time to bare her sopping wet cunt. Groaning with anticipation he delved his fingers into her slit, coating them with her wetness and making her tremble: Harry knelt over her and fed her his cock once more.

Kevin’s manhood was stiff as an iron bar, which he rubbed against her quivering mound, noting the thin smear of pussy juice in between her swollen lips. Thrills of excitement echoed through her body as she pushed herself back onto him with a throaty groan of pleasure around Harry’s cock.

Kevin grimaced with pleasure, her pussy was tight and slick with juices, and his thick head hit every dimple and ridge of her tunnel as he eased in and out. Her moans grew louder as he built up a slow rhythm, every inch of him filling her wonderfully as she sucked and licked the shaft in her mouth. His cock was hard and thick: he tasted salty and bitter as she deep throated him, savouring the sweat of his length.

Faye was in heaven, two horny men, at her beck and call. Kevin was moving in her slowly and with tenderness, his magnificently wide cock filling and stretching her. The last time with him had been a drunken, sordid and forceful affair, but now she felt loved and fulfilled.

Harry was urging himself deeper inside her throat, and Kevin now began to thrust faster, withdrawing from her wetness all the way before plunging deep inside her again. She felt her orgasm swelling up from her tummy to her loins and finally exploding to every extremity-

“Ohhhhhhfuck!” she gasped, coming violently and bucking hard against the cock still moving inside of her. She panted and whimpered as tremors cascaded outwards from her swollen pussy, her whole body sensitive to the touch and every sensation triggering an aftershock. Finally she came back to reality and began greedily sucking on Harry once more, gaziantep escort giving herself over to their spit-roast.

Harry was impatient for more, aching to swap places with his friend and fuck her harder, faster, and use her for his pleasure, but his fuck toy was being sexy and demure, obligingly pleasuring them both equally. The excitement and passion of their drunken threesome had been intense, and he’d swollen with lust when Faye had arrived, placating her and soothing her anger until she submitted to their advances.

Something was missing though. Her ministrations were expert, her pussy wet and ready, her tits and thighs and arse all perfect – but the thrill was different this time. The seediness, the transgression of having Kevin surprise her with his cock – he’d fantasised about ravaging her body again since the night it happened. Now here they were again, taking her mouth and her cunt at the same time once more, he wanted more. He wanted to push her boundaries as he had before, and see how much further they could get her to go.

The answer came when they heard the door open, and the final two inhabitants of the house, Rob and James, sauntered through, and he grinned cruelly in the dimly lit apartment. Faye gasped in surprise and began to buck on Kevin’s hips to get away, but Kevin looked Harry in the eye with an equally wry smile and wrapped his hands around her tiny waist, pinning her in place and burying his shaft into her to his fullest extent; she yelped in surprise and gasped ‘wha -?’ as he bottomed out, then began to scrabble for a cushion to cover her nakedness. She succeeding only in squirming on his cock, which he continued to plunge into her.

“What the – hhh – fuck?” she gasped as he continued to fuck, slowly and deeply and with determination; she pushed away frantically, her eyes wide in shock as she looked from her lover at her rear to the two strangers approaching to her old friend and master leering down at her.

Harry responded by thrusting his cock between her lips: across the room the latecomers chuckled and exchanged words of disbelief. “Got your text, mate,” announced Rob, swaggering over and leering at the girl being spit-roasted on their sofa.

“Cute little slut,” glowered James, towering over the trio. He was the biggest of the four, six foot three and muscular, and intimidating.

“Fuck yeah, and back for round two,” said Harry triumphantly as he continued to fuck her mouth. Faye moaned in complaint, and began to struggle again until Kevin spanked her arse, hard, causing her to yelp in pain as he fucked.

“Hear that?” he moaned in enjoyment: “She’s loving it. Wait ’till you’ve had a turn.”

At this Faye’s eyes opened wider in shock as she realised what was going to happen to her. The two newcomers began to unbuckle their trousers without a further word, and moved over to the corner sofa to join the three in their session. Faye recoiled in horror as they climbed up onto the couch, taking a place either side of Harry, who was still fucking her face with scant regard for her dignity.

Rob had an average cock, which he was stroking to hardness right in front of her face. When she saw James however she began to panic: it was a monster, as thick as her skinny wrist and with a bulbous head. She shook her head in fear but was ignored.

Rob was the first to speak, asking Harry: “How is she?”

“She’s a fucking slut, mate,” he groaned. “Want to get your dick sucked?”

To hear her Master call her a slut once more made her loins stir, and she blushed as she felt the urge to please him swell. Kevin was still sliding into her pussy, which was sopping wet and responding eagerly to his cock in spite of – or perhaps because of – the humiliation.

In answer, Rob edged closer to her and presented her with his shaft. Harry released her head and she knelt up – still held in place by Kevin and being deeply penetrated, but able to speak at last.

“Harry…oh!…what the fuck?” she gasped in desperation, trying to reason with him and to put an end to things before they went any further but he just laughed. Her eyes began to brim with tears at the humiliation, at how they’d talked of her like she were a piece of meat. She was stupid to have come here again and to let them lead her astray, but worse of all, unbidden and buried but waiting to erupt – she could feel the same sluttish arousal that blossomed out of nowhere whenever he pushed her limits and dominated her. She felt betrayed by her own body.

Rob edged closer, his cock thick and throbbing before her.

“Come on baby,” grunted Kevin. “Show us how you love sucking cock…”

Faye shook her head but the degrading words were having the desired effect, and she could feel her pussy juices begin to wet the insides of her thighs. She whimpered now, unwilling to admit to herself just how turned on the rough treatment and shame was making her feel.

Rob pressed his konya escort cock against her lips. Determined not to give them what they wanted, she clamped them shut, but he was insistent, rubbing his slick cock head against her mouth and holding her head in place to prevent any escape. She could taste the saltiness of pre-cum on the tip of his cock, smelled the masculine musk of his skin, and it excited her – but she had some pride left still, and would not give in to their demands.

All rational thought left her when she felt Kevin reach right around her hips and between her thighs, searching for her clit. As soon as he found it she felt an explosion of pleasure surge through her and she spasmed as though electrocuted, her knees going weak from his expert treatment.

Blushing, intoxicated with lust, she submitted.

She opened her mouth and gingerly wrapped her lips around the hard cock before her, resigned to her fate. Rob surged forward, while the others hooted and laughed.

“Yeah that’s it, suck my dick baby” she heard him say, and he began to rock back and forth: she did as he commanded, sucking and swallowing him deep into her throat. Her head was spinning with loathsome thoughts and shame – but it was this same heady mix that had brought her to so many shuddering climaxes the last time she’d been on this sofa. Now the degradation was deeper, rougher, more humiliating – and her body was responding all the more.

Before she knew what to think she found herself rocking back on Kevin’s thick cock of her own accord. His hands no longer held her in place – she hadn’t noticed – and were instead enjoying her tits and flicking her clit as he fucked her doggy-style. Her pussy was dripping wet and she felt the warm beginnings of a thrilling orgasm begin to build, a tight feeling behind her belly that was full of promise.

She hated herself for it, but she loved it. Kevin’s lovely cock in her cunt felt good – thick and stout and filling. Having a complete stranger’s cock in her mouth was all the more thrilling, a sign of her submission. She told herself that if she sucked him and sucked him well then he would finish quicker and her ordeal would come to an end, but deep down she knew the truth – that she was a cock-sucking whore, and loved being taken roughly.

“Fuck me…she’s into it…” groaned Rob, easing up on his thrusts and letting her take over. Faye shook her head and scowled as she blew him, looking up at him with annoyance as she sucked his cock.

“Just fucking come,” she moaned, failing to conceal her pleasure and trying to sound stern but it only made him laugh with cruelty and thrust back in, pushing into her throat. He fucked her throat deeply, Faye choking and gagging from the intrusion but shamefully loving the rough treatment, until his big friend wanted a turn.

Rob released her head entirely and she pushed back from him, gasping for air as he freed her from his dick. James stepped up and brought his massive cock to her lips and the sight of it gave her pause. The head was huge, and she doubted that she could swallow it, but before she had the chance to object he had pressed forward and invaded her mouth. Her lips stretched and she struggled on his cock, which filled her open mouth but would go no further. She began to suck as best she could, slathering her tongue over the beast as he grunted in pleasure. Her nostrils flared as she gulped down lung-fulls of air in between his thrusts. It was too much for her to take, and soon she was beating her tiny fists against his muscular stomach as she choked on the huge shaft. He was implacable, and rocked in and out of her stuffed mouth with pleasure. Finally she found a method that worked: wrapping both hands around the shaft, she squeezed and gripped, twisting and jerking him off into her mouth. He moaned in enjoyment and released her head, letting her set the pace: she sucked and licked the bulbous head, slobbering crudely onto the giant tool.

Kevin was turned on by the sight and picked up the pace, fucking her harder and faster as she worked on the massive cock. Faye sucked harder, jerking and bobbing her mouth faster in an attempt to bring him off. She wondered how much come he’d give, wondered if she would be able to swallow it all or if she’d struggle with that too – and the thought turned her on all the more. Kevin’s work at her cunt and her clit were having an effect, and the wetness and warmth in her loins had built up into full blown ecstasy, and her rocking and bucking grew wilder and more urgent. Her climax was rising, she knew, and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

James and Rob swapped places again as she alternated from shaft to shaft – she began to lose herself to the moment and concentrated on giving the best blowjob to them both that she could. She sucked and fucked while the four men cat-called and urged her on, deepening her arousal as they demeaned her for the slut she was.

Soon kayseri escort she was agreeing with them, shaking and trembling with pleasure as the three boys fed her their stiff cocks.

“Suck my cock you slut!” groaned Harry as he moved up in front of her.

“Oh god yeah give me that cock…” she moaned and sucked him into her mouth with abandon.

“Take it you sexy bitch,” growled James as she switched to her two-handed jerk-and-sucm technique to accommodate his giant prick.

“Swallow it…God that feels so good!” Rob urged, as she took a deep breath and admitted her deep into her throat.

Kevin was pounding her now and she moaned around the cock and panted “…hhhnh…fuck my mouth you bastard…” before returning to her work.

Suddenly she felt intrusion at her back door – and before she could respond to this new threat her arse had been penetrated. Kevin was working a thumb into her while fucking her hard, a move he’d seen Harry perform during their first tryst which had sent her wild. The unexpected violation brought her over the edge.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she moaned as she came for a second time. Rob’s shaft was forgotten as she bucked wildly on Kevin, moaning in agony as he fucked her senseless, blindly groping for the cocks before her as she ground her pussy back against her lover.

“You like that?” he demanded as he ploughed her from behind. Faye could only moan vaguely in assent as she spasmed and rode the waves of her orgasm.

Spurred on and working his thumb into her arse all the deeper, Kevin grew closer and closer, until he growled and cried: “Fuck! I’m gonna come!”

Yanking his cock out of her pussy, he pulled her back and leapt to his feet, bringing his cock up unexpectedly to her face and jamming his cock into her mouth without warning. She coughed and spluttered as she tried to take him, and felt a wave of come wash over her tongue, bitter, salty and thick: he withdrew slightly to let her breathe, and continued to unload, his hips jerking as he shot off a massive portion of sticky come. Faye blinked in surprise, scarcely believing what was happening; she was on her knees with a cock between her lips and mouthful of come, surrounded by a group of strange boys who’d just watched her orgasm and were waiting to fuck her silly.

The cock in her mouth spasmed and pulsed, filling her with seed: her hands had found their way to his tight buttocks and she was sucking on him eagerly now. She swallowed as he came, sending it down into her tummy, her pussy giving an excited twitch as she thought of how she must look, used and abused and hungrily taking his shaft. She took all he gave her and sucked his cock for more.

Kevin finally withdrew his cock, a thick rope of spunk hanging from her lips to his cock head, which she licked gratefully. He looked down at her with the surprising tenderness of a sated lover. It would not last, she knew; soon his blood would boil again and he’d want to fuck her some more. The thought thrilled her.

“My turn,” insisted Rob as she planted one final kiss on Kevin’s retreating cock. Faye looked up at him, her eyes glazed over with pleasure and humiliation. Her hands had found their way between her thighs and were rubbing her pussy, hungry for more.

“Hurry up and fuck me then,” she groaned.

Rob pulled her up and onto the sofa, onto her side; he slid behind her, his arse against the back of the sofa, and lifted her leg up with one arm. Faye stretched out and opened wide for him, rubbing her clit while he slid the head of his cock against her quim from behind; he was not particularly long or thick, but she felt like a dirty whore being taken by a stranger, and the thought of him inside her made her quiver in anticipation.

James was on the sofa now too, presenting her with his massive cock. She opened her mouth to take the huge head in, just as Rob slid in from behind: “Ooooh that’s it…” she sighed before parting her lips wider and sucking on the huge head.

Rob slid in and out of the hot slut’s wet cunt, feeling her juices already begin to drench his balls. He’d never seen a girl so eager for cock, never known someone to be so devoted to getting a man off: when they’d walked through the door, summoned by Harry’s secret text, she’d screamed and feigned shyness, but Kevin just kept fucking her and she’d been moaning for more cock within moments. The sight had made him desperate to have her, a hunger that had intensified when she’d began to suck him off: with reluctance at first but soon with happy gasps of pleasure as their mutual friend did her harder and harder. She was a whore, just as Harry and Kevin had described, but he still could not believe just how into it she’d been.

She moaned with pleasure as he went in, her pussy hot and slick and wet. With a sigh of pleasure, he began to fuck, and reached around to play with her tits as he did. He was rewarded with a gratified coo, and she took her mouth off of James’s cock long enough to purr in appreciation for what he was doing – no words, just a glance behind her and a shuffle of her hips as she pushed her tight little arse back against his crotch. Spurred on, he grasped her tighter, under the crook of her knee, and began to pick up the pace; she responded in kind, meeting his thrusts with her own as he fucked.

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