Four Months In

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“Sir? Would You please rub some oil on my back?”

I looked up and saw slut naked in the bathroom door, having just gotten out of the shower. I got right on that, because any time you’re asked to rub oil on your slut’s back, you should do it. It usually leads to good things.

“Mmm thank you Sir.” I quickly dispensed with rubbing on her back and made my way to her front…squeezing her nipple with my left hand and sliding my right between her thighs. Just as my hand reached her always wet pussy lips, I clamped my teeth down on the spot exactly halfway between her neck and shoulder. As her knees buckled and she crumpled towards the floor, she sank down onto my fingers and let out a low moan.

I pulled her to up her feet with the hand that was still inside her. “Stand up. It’s almost Time to Play.” I had shown up at her house that morning just before she went into the shower, we both had prior arrangements which forced us to forgo our normal Friday Night play. We were both a touch miffed that we couldn’t get together the night before, but such is life. To make up for it, I went out and bought slut some new thigh-highs (with the seams going up the back…of course), and a new dildo. Those we’d save for the next day, but for now, it was almost Time to Play.

“You may do your hair and put on makeup, but stay naked. Call me when you’re done.” I went to the living room and gave her older cat some behind the ear scratchies. After a few minutes, a sultry voice called me in to the bathroom, where slut looked hotter than I had seen her in a long time. Her makeup was light, but brought out the smokiness in her eyes, and if you looked up the words “Fuck-Me-Red” on a color wheel, slut’s lips would be the example picture. Too bad it was all was about to be ruined…

“Come with me.” I grabbed her by the hair at the back of her head and push/pulled her into the living room, where I had put some pillows on the floor for her.

“I always do, Sir…Ow!” her giggle turned into a cry of pain as I tightened my hand in her hair.

“Kneel down onto those pillows, lace your fingers behind your head and face that window, please…and don’t move. I’ll be back.” Once she was in position I walked to the camera facing her and pressed the record button. “And this time, I’ll know if you move. I promise, you don’t want to move. Don’t. Move. Got it?”

slut nodded and smiled. The smile was one I’d seen before. she was planning on being squirmy. I smacked her ass hard, and the hand print appeared almost instantly. slut arched her back and the smile quickly left her lips. “Don’t. Fucking. Move. Got it?” My pet nodded again and from the look in her eyes I was almost confident she was staying put. I left the camera on just in case, and went to the toy chest to retrieve some rope and a couple bandanas.

I let slut stew on her knees for a few minutes, watching her to make sure she wasn’t being a brat and taking a good long look at her body. Having a slut of your own is a good thing, I thought to myself. Every man should have at least one…

When I noticed her hamstring muscles start to quiver a little, I softly walked up behind her, lifted her arms off her head and wrapped the first bandanna around her eyes. “Tighter..” she groaned as I pulled on the ends. “i don’t think i want to see this.” I took that opportunity to wrap the second bandanna around her mouth, gagging her.

“Shut up, slut., and keep your arms where they belong.” Another hard slap to the ass put them back in position quickly.

Being the inherent brat she is. she would have been saying that I had moved her arms in the first place, but the tight bandanna gag just had her mumbling. One more hard slap shut that up too.

I proceeded to wrap a length of rope around her chest, a few loops under her breasts and a few loops above. Cinching each loop around itself and reversing direction helped tighten the loops as I added to the decoration. I looped a few strands around her breasts, making them swell and the nipples protrude even more than they usually did. Making sure the circulation wasn’t cut off, I ran the rope up over her shoulders and down her back where I tied it all together. Her breasts now bound, I lowered her arms behind her back. Wrapping another section of rope around her wrists, I made sure she was secure and then fastened the rope wrist cuffs to the back of the breast harness. I cuffed her ankles with a third section of rope, and as I was about to lay slut on her stomach and bring her ankles to the knots at the small of her back to complete the hogtie…



“I ran out of rope.”


“Stay here, slut…I’ll be back.”


“Well we can’t play unless you’re hogtied…at least that was my plan for today…I was gonna hogtie you and have some fun with you while you were immobile. I’ve been planning it for a week and a half. I’m just gonna go down to the hardware store and get some more rope. I don’t need much.”

“Mmmmm??!!??!!” bomonti escort

“You’ll be OK…just stay here. I’ll be back in 10 minutes…20 tops. Maybe 1/2 an hour, depending on traffic. You’ll be fine…. I’m also going to take your keys so I can get back in the house.”


“Oh yeah, one more thing….”

“Mmm?” I couldn’t tell if she was having fun or not, but goddamn she looked hot. I took a couple pictures with my cell phone, then went to my jacket pocket and pulled out the earplugs. “Here…these will help pass the time,” I lied. Sensory deprivation can turn time into an excruciating exercise. I rolled the plugs up and inserted them into her ears. she started to mumble a protest, but the sound of her voice in her head was a lot louder than she had expected, and she quieted down.

I leaned over and put my mouth to her ear.”I’ll be back as soon as I can, slut. You’ll be fine, I promise!” she nodded half-heartedly and let out a low whimper, the sigh begging me to release her while I was gone and start over when I came back. Not a chance, baby…this is gonna be fun…

How long had He been gone? It felt like hours and seconds and days all at once. she couldn’t see. she couldn’t hear anything except the sound of her own sighs in her head, and at that point everything was so sensitive even the smallest of whimpers rang echoed like a Chinese Gong. she couldn’t even feel the floor she was kneeling on; the pillows He had put her on were the thickest in the house. she couldn’t taste anything except the cotton in her mouth, and she couldn’t smell anything except the faint hint of the sesame seed oil He had helped rub on her a few minutes ago…or was it hours?

A few times since He had left her restrained on the floor, she thought she felt a presence…not really anything concrete, just a slight vibration in the floor. After a while she chalked it up to hypersensitivity and the upstairs neighbors, but maybe…? she didn’t dare move, just in case He left the camera running, or even worse, if those vibrations in the floor weren’t the neighbors after all.

Very faint. she heard something…she knew it this time. her heart raced and sweat beads started to form on her forehead. But on second thought…maybe it was her imagination. It was short, very soft (the earplugs didn’t help), and definitely not a voice she recognized…hadn’t He said that He was taking the keys and locking the door? It almost wasn’t even a voice…

Thanking the stars that she had been working out for a while and her legs weren’t tired, she started to pass the time in her head by counting. Counting backwards from 1000 by 7’s, playing with multiples of three, six, and nine, anything to keep her mind occupied. After a while, she realized she was also doing it to keep her mind off of the fact that she was almost one hundred percent sure that she wasn’t alone in the room.

Almost as if on cue, the realization that she wasn’t alone came with the sudden removal of one of the earplugs. The pop was slightly loud, but she was so desperate for any sensation, that even the sound of air rushing around her head brought a wave of pleasure over her.

“I found a slut.”

The voice was not His.

“I found a slut.”

Definitely not his…not…even……..human?


“I found a slut.”

Computer. A computer voice. He was disguising His voice to try and fool her…right?

“What should I do with this slut? Should I take the gag out?” The sound of typing, then the delay before the words finally came out of the speakers was strangely erotic. The anticipation was palpatable.


The tied bandanna in her mouth was fumbled with for much too long. Sir would have had the knot undone in half a second, and been kissing her to help replenish her dry mouth half a second after that. Mr. Computer Voice was taking much too long…would He really go so far as to appear incompetent to fool her? Once the gag finally came off, Mr. Computer Voice started clicking on the keys again.

The fake voice came from behind her. “Suck my cock, slut.” At the same time, an unfamiliar feeling hand grabbed her lower jaw, pulled it down and a rock hard cock was shoved into the back of her throat. The delay between typing and speaking gave him enough time to get to her mouth. The cock was huge, bigger than His, but still felt vaguely familiar. she swallowed in perfect rhythm with the pounding her throat was taking, allowing the anonymous cock further into her mouth. As her jaw started tiring from the size of the stranger’s cock (she was now convinced it was not Him, He had a fair-sized cock but this one was immense), her throat started producing more saliva to help it down. i’m cumming in my throat, she thought to herself. she started struggling against the rope around her wrists, trying to break free so she could use her hands to pleasure her newfound friend. The stranger noticed this and slapped her cihangir escort in the face for her trouble. The cock was removed from her mouth and she heard typing.

“I am going to untie your ankles so you can walk. When I do you will stand up and wait for me. Silently indicate you understand. Nodding her head slightly, she relaxed her arms enough and waited patiently for the binds around her ankles to be loosened.

Fumbling through yet another set of knots he hadn’t tied, Mr. Computer Voice was getting frustrated. Tsking his bad luck, the stranger gave up and went to the kitchen. The sounds of drawers being opened, rummaged through and slammed shut rang through the apartment. Finally the sounds stopped. A few seconds later, more typing.

“Hold still.”

Suddenly she was lying on her side, feeling the stranger sawing through the rope with what she later found out was a steak knife. If He knew what you were doing to His ropes, He’d have you tied up faster than you can untie one of His knots, she thought to herself. But…. she didn’t dare finish the thought, although the wetness between her legs revealed all that was on her mind.

Once the ropes were off her ankles and she was on her feet, the typing started again and she waited for the translation. “Guess what I found when I was looking for a knife?” A lightly sharp pain went through her nipple. More typing. “Clothespins. Lots of them.” She began to feel the skin on her breasts being pulled and she realized that the bindings Sir had put on her breasts hours ago had loosened enough to give the stranger enough slack in the skin to attach clothespins to. She lost count at 15 on the left breast, making almost a perfect circle from her nipple upwards, and on the right breast she couldn’t count past 7, mainly because the pain was too exquisite to think straight.

More typing. The delay seemed unusually long, but it may have been in her head.

“Come with me.”

As the computer spat out the words, both of her nipples began to scream at her. The stranger had looped a string through her piercings without her noticing…but how? When? The string pulled and her nipples followed, then her breasts, then the rest of her for fear of having the gold rings pulled right out. At the same time, her legs started to go to jelly from the pleasure of the pain, which made the string get pulled in all different directions as she struggled to maintain her balance.

she followed her nipples, which followed the stranger right to her bedroom. He led her gently, because she was still blindfolded and was so worked up she could hardly walk. When her legs bumped into her bed, he grabbed her by the back of the head and forced her to bend over. More typing.

“Does your boyfriend do this to you?” Fingers that seemed very strange to her slid into her. She gasped as they massaged the back of her pussy, then curled down to rub her G-Spot. As she got wetter, she heard more typing. She marveled at how fast the stranger could type one-handed, or were there two presences in the room? Nah…..

“Yes,” she gasped between breaths. “But not like that. Your fingers feel…different.” She couldn’t figure it out…fingers, but not quite. Voice, but not quite. The only thing that felt natural so far was the stranger’s giant member. her answer got her nothing but an extremely loud slap on the ass.

While he was finding out exactly how deep his fingers could go, the stranger typed away.

“Does your boyfriend put his fingers in your ass?” she groaned as the stranger forced two fingers inside of her

“I see there’s a plug waiting to be used. And lube. Someone was planning a fun day.” The fingers were removed from her ass and quickly replaced by her favorite butt plug…but this time it felt bigger, tighter fitting. she was enjoying this kind of attention, and her moaning started to turn to purring.

“Does your boyfriend ever fuck you in the ass?”

“Y…y…yes.” It was very hard to answer with even a single word, the stranger was pounding her with the butt plug.

“Do you like being fucked in the ass?”


“You know what?”


“You know what?”


“You’re going to get fucked in the ass right now.”

The delay on his side of the conversation allowed the stranger time to remove the butt plug and position his cock right outside her asshole until the computer finished it’s sentence. As it said “right”, he pushed the head of his cock into her tight hole, and when it said “now”, he pushed the rest of the shaft as far in as it could go.

she exploded. her throat salivated, her mouth watered, her pussy squirted and her asshole became lubricated. she was cumming all over her body. she was screaming in a language that nobody knew, least of all her. The stranger grabbed her by the rope holding her wrists and pulled her onto his cock even harder. Normally she needed a little bit of time to get her butt warmed kurtuluş escort up but not this time. She was in heaven, and there was no coming down from it.

The pounding slowed and she heard more typing. “Do you like that, slut? Do you like having a huge cock in your ass?”

she was cumming so hard she was almost in tears from the pleasure, and there were no words able to come out of her mouth, so she just backed her hips into his harder. They continued assaulting each other and she finally found herself able to speak, scream, shout, and pray to every god under the sun, when all of a sudden, she heard a moan…a real voice coming from behind her. It was still not a voice she recognized, and there were no words, but it was not a computer,. Mr. Computer Voice did indeed have the ability to vocalize, and his moan indicated he was just about ready to explode.

He pulled out of her asshole and grabbed her by the back of the head in the way that only a few men ever had. She was forced to her knees and once again a gloved hand (for it was gloves that made his fingers feel strange) pulled her mouth open. Fingers forced their way into her mouth and grabbed her tongue, pulling it out to prepare for his load. she stayed in that position while He pleasured Himself to the sight before Him.

With a quick intake of air from his lips, she braced herself for the blast, and when it arrived it knocked her backeards. Filling her mouth, pouring down her tongue, mixing with her own juices that were quickly puddling on the floor under her…she was covered in cum. She heard the clicking of a camera and made sure to present the remaining cum that was on her tongue so everyone looking at the pictures could see what a good girl she was.

Once Mr. Computer Voice finished emptying his balls onto her body, he started typing again.

“Here are some tissues. Clean yourself up as best you can, but keep the blindfold on. I made sure to aim low so it’s still clean.”

she took the box of tissues that was placed under her nose and wiped up every wet spot she could find. As soon as she finished she was grabbed by the hair again and pulled to her feet. She was push/pulled into the living room, and forced back to her knees on the pillows.

“Ankles together, please,” came the computer’s command, and within seconds her ankles were cuffed back up. Mr. Computer Voice had been a very quick study when it came to tying Sir’s ropes back up. The bandanna gag was placed back in her mouth and expertly tied, and she felt hot breath on her earlobe.

Whispered…softly, but harshly…almost a Southern accent. “Wait exactly 45 minutes for me to get out of the area, then tell your boyfriend what happened here. Tell him I raped your throat, tell him my fingers pounded your pussy, tell him I fucked your ass, but most of all….tell him you loved it.”

she nodded and sighed a contented sigh, knowing full well what would happen when He found out what had been done to her.

The final earplug was ready to be put back into place, and Mr. Computer Voice started typing once more.

“Goodbye slut, I had fun. Maybe your boyfriend will run out of rope again soon and we’ll meet again.”

she was gagged again, so she couldn’t say anything, but she got her point across with an attempt at “Thank You.”

The earplug was put back in, and again she was alone in her head, and within another minute, alone in her apartment as well.

I slammed the car door shut, got the rope out of the trunk and bounded up the stairs. I picked the key up from under the mat and walked in. “Honey, I’m home!”

Silence. Oh, right…the earplugs… I ran over to slut, found her in exactly the same position I had left her in and removed the earplugs. she was sweating and her makeup had run a little more than I had expected, but she still looked beautiful.

“Honey, I’m home!”


“Yes, baby, I did get the rope…but I’m hungry at the moment. How about making me a sammich?”


“No, I think the gag can stay in for now. Would you like a drink of water to quench your thirst first?” Seeing her nod, I ran to the kitchen and fetched her some water. I briefly pulled the gag out of my slut’s mouth and dribbled some water onto her waiting tongue, then held the glass under her lips. She lapped up the liquid like a hungry kitten.

“Good girl. Now please go make me some lunch.” I fastened the bandana tightly around her mouth again and helped her to her feet. I took the blindfold off and she hobbled towards the fridge for some bread and cold cuts.

After a long, hearty and relaxing lunch, during which slut continually glanced at the clock, she looked at me with eyes that showed arousal, and fear at the same time.

“What’s wrong, baby?”


“OK, I’ll take it out” With a quick twist of my fingers at the back of her head, the cloth gag fell out of her mouth and landed in her lap.

“What time did You get home, Sir?”

“I dunno, about 25, 30 minutes ago. Why?”

“i -i – um….well, i…i’ve got something to tell You.”

“What is it, pet?”

“Well, Sir…hmmm…how can i put this?…..While You were gone? Someone came to the house. I don’t know who. And…..Sir? He found me.”

“Found you?” My voice started to rise.

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