Fuck Me Shoes: End of the Beginning

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Fuck me shoes – the conclusion

The room he led her into had a general burgundy colour to it. She noticed it immediately as it was so similar to the colour of her shoes. The shoes they called her fuck me shoes.

On a second look a large double bed with iron ends was covered with a burgundy duvet. It was this that gave the room its colour as the rest was actually in shadow with low lighting provided by some small floor lights.

Hanging over the bedstead were a set of ropes.

She stood somehow transfixed by the sight. She knew this was what she wanted, what the evening had built to, yet what was it?

As she stood she felt him adjust her stance. Move her feet a little wider apart, her hands that were crossed behind her, palms open, were lifted slightly. Her hair was brushed from her face and over her shoulders and her shoulders were themselves set back a little, pushing her breasts forward.

Now he stood in front of her, one finger under her chin, as he lifted her gaze to his eyes. He smiled and she sank into him. He leant to kiss her and said, “You have done so well tonight I think you have surprised yourself. I am very pleased with you and now want to build our bond further.”

He told her how he would now undress her, tie her spread-eagled to the bed and then, without giving any details, consummate their commitment to each other.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes” With this word she felt herself sink further into him.

“You know your safe words?”

“Yes”, but she knew she would not use them.

“What are they?”

“Yellow and red”

Yellow was a timeout, while red would bring events to a shuddering halt.

She was still dressed in her suit, blouse, bra, stockings and no knickers. She stood high in her fuck me shoes…..they were so much part of her now.

He eased the jacket off her shoulders and, walking behind her, removed it from her arms. He brushed her hair back again and started to unbutton her blouse.

It was pretty transparent showing her the light skin of her upper breasts underneath. He undid two buttons from the top and then four from the bottom leaving one solitary button over her cleavage holding it together.

He stepped back and said “Undo it for me please?”

Her fingers trembled as she did so. Despite what she had done and had had done to her earlier this seemed far more intimate and meaningful. She eased it off her shoulders özbek escort and started to undo the cuffs. These had two buttons each and on the second cuff her desire, her impatience showed as she just pulled it from her arm. It did not matter if it tore, she just wanted to be exposed to him.

She resumed her stance as he walked behind her. She felt a hand either side of her neck as he pulled her hair back yet again and this time tied it behind her. Suddenly she was so much more exposed .…no longer able to hide behind her long hair.

She felt his lips at her neck and his hands slip around to cup her breasts. “

“You are beautiful; inside and out”, he said.

He squeezed her breasts inside her bra before releasing the fastening at the back and easing it off.

As he walked to the front again his hand traced over her shoulder leaving a trail of fire. His head dipped and kissed a nipple.

Involuntarily she gasped. She then felt his teeth as he gently bit that nipple. This time she couldn’t help but moan. He spent a few minutes administering to both nipples before dropping to his knees in front of her.

His hands slip up the outside of her legs, gliding up her stockings and lifting her short skirt. He exposed her shaved pussy and as he did so he leant forward and planted a gentle exquisite kiss on her pierced clit hood. At this she threw her head back and moaned again.

She smelt so good and, as his tongue flicked over her skin, she tasted neither sweet nor sour. It was a full taste, heady and exciting, but it defied description in any terms he could think of.

Having taken a deep intoxicating breath he reach behind her to undo her skirt and slid it to the floor where she stepped out of it, her fuck me shoes flashing in light as she did.

Kissing her gently, he took her unresisting hand to guide her to and lower her onto the bed.

As she lay there he lifted her hands above her head and, one by one, tied a rope to each wrist. These he then tied to the bedstead firmly. When he had done this she was unable to move her hands. All she could do was flex her fingers.

Standing at the foot of the bed he tied a rope to each ankle. He was pleased how it looked, the ropes sitting just above her shoes and then her stockings flowing up her legs. He tied the ankle ropes to the bottom of the bed and she was immobilised, lying there wearing just her azeri escort hold up stockings and those shoes.

He looked at her and saw her sinking somewhere nice….a place he had never been and doubted he could, but somewhere he loved taking others and being able to watch over them when they did.

Slowly he kissed her, her breasts, her nipples, down to her clit hood. He put his head between her legs and pushed his tongue between her swollen lips. She was so wet!

All the time his hands were roving over her. As he stood up his hand slipped between her legs and he coated his fingers in her juices. Lifting his glistening fingers to his lips he licked them. Then he moved those same fingers to her mouth where she sucked them greedily.

As he watched her he knew that he did not need to fuck her to possess her. Instead he moved his hand back between her legs and inserted a finger. He moved gently probing for that spot on the front wall of her cunt where the texture was different. Having found it he started stroking it. As she became aroused his movements became harsher. His finger moving urgently as she pulled against the ropes that tied her, trying to move to him, to help him.

Her eyes rolled as she came, her muscles clamped on his finger and the atmosphere in the room changed. Somehow it was sweeter, another line had been crossed.

He looked down on her, as she recovered, with a strong sense of possession and satisfaction.

First he released her wrists then her ankles. As he released her ankles he went to remove a shoe, to make her more comfortable or so he thought. She resisted and said “No”.

Recognising the increased power of the shoes he smiled and left them on her.

He made closed her legs and gently placed her arms down by her side. Then he lay down beside her. They talked about all sorts. What the future held? When they should meet? How they had deeper communication. All sorts. It felt deeper than most lovers experience.

As they lay side by side her hand slipped between her legs. He noticed and smiled. He lifted her hand to his mouth to lick her fingers. At first she resisted, she seemed to think it not right even though both of them had sucked her juices from his fingers earlier. After a moment she submitted opening her hand and offering her fingers to his mouth.

As he gently nibbled her fingers she asked him how he found her kazank escort G-spot. He told her where it was physically and that it felt different under his finger.

He was surprised when she told him that she could not feel the difference when she masturbated.

Somehow it increased his desire to bring her to another orgasm and he slipped his finger inside her again and he started stroking once more her again. His steadily increased the pressure and pace.

All the while his face was no more than a foot from hers. She was unbound yet still she seemed to fight some inner bonds.

Her eyes were closed and her body started some small beautiful, spasms. Her shoulders lifting, her head curling forward, her legs lifting as though moving to a foetal position. She curled a little and uncurled, time after time. Her face pushing towards his and while he felt like kissing her he enjoyed watching her much more.

In no more than a couple of minutes she experienced a shattering orgasm, one that rolled and rolled. When she thought she had had enough her hand moved down to remove his finger, but he resisted. Instead his strokes became lighter and lighter and she subsided into subspace.

From his point of view he saw she was gone. He spoke gently to her, but saw that she was incapable of making sounds let alone words. Her lips twitched as she tried to communicate, but she was definitely in that beautiful place that she craved.

He gently covered her in the burgundy duvet and watched over her.

Five or ten minutes later she was starting to stir, still groggy, but better and able to talk albeit slowly and slightly slurred. He helped her to a seating position and wrapped her up.

What a delightful sight. A pile of burgundy duvet, with a head sat on top of it framed in a cloud of hair and two feet sticking out of the bottom, hanging over the edge of the bed with her fuck me shoes still in place. Throughout the whole evening these had never left her.

This had been her first real experience of subspace and she found it quite disturbing, but also exhilarating. She tried to describe it afterwards and said it was like being there, but not there; being outside her body, but not exactly looking down on herself. He asked her questions based on things other submissives had told him before. These ladies had described flying over beautiful sandy beaches with gently lapping waves, except that all the colours were wrong and fluorescent, like and Andy Warhol print.

It seemed this time that she had gone to her own special place like no other he had heard of.

He was right he had not needed to fuck her to own her heart and mind and in a strange, perverted way that increased his pleasure.

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