Good Little Bitch Pt. 02

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Author’s Note: Many thanks to all who’ve voted, favorited, and commented on Part 1. Your kindness brought me great joy and inspiration. Below is Part 2 in gratitude. I hope you like it as much as the first one!

If you haven’t read Part 1, I urge you to do so before reading on.


Ben and I sat on the bench in the center of the apartment complex. The sound of music was barely audible over the cacophony of increasingly inebriated college students partying near the pool. Without thinking, I crossed my legs over Bens’. He placed his hand on my exposed leg. Slowly caressing me, his pinky finger slyly sneaking up the hem of my mini skirt.

“Seriously” he said, finally breaking the silence “I had no idea. How long have you been dressing up?”

“Second time. First was on Halloween.”

Ben glanced at me then looked crestfallen. What had I said?

“Seriously?” he added. I nodded yes.

“Wow. Just wow. You look absolutely gorgeous.”

I reached up and gently caressed his cheek. “What’s wrong?”

“I… Well” he stammered. “I’ve been dressing up since I was a kid. On and off. I’ve never looked as cute as you do tonight.”

I blushed, and was simultaneously stunned. I would never have guessed. I scrambled for a response, finally saying “Halloween too?” because that was the only thing I could think of. I’m an idiot.

“My twin sister and I used to play dress up. She’d put on my clothes, I’d put on hers. We’d giggle, be silly, imitate each other. At least that’s how it started.”

I was enthralled. I’d honestly never considered dressing up before my girlfriend convinced me to on Halloween.

“Then we graduated. To pickles.”

I tilted my head, confused. With the music and background chatter, I must’ve heard him wrong. Ben didn’t repeat the phrase for several beats, so I had to.

“To pickles?”

He giggled. “Yep.”

If a gurl’s mind could be boggled, mine certainly was. I half expected him to add “and Cracker Jack”. Either that or hot dogs. Hot dogs might make more sense. “Pickles?” I repeated, dumbfounded.

“She wanted to know how to blow a guy. What a guy likes, you know? So, one day when I was all dolled up, she brought out a pickle and pretended it was a cock and asked if she was doing it right. Kinda went from there.”

My eyes must’ve been popping out of my head.

“No! It wasn’t like that! Totally innocent! She was doing it all wrong, and I told her so. She asked me to show her, offered me her pickle.”

She offered you her pickle, I nearly giggled out loud.

“Did you take it?”

“Ewww! It had her spit all over it! She gave me a new one though.”

“And you showed her?”

“Uh huh.”

Wait, that’s all he’s gonna say?! “And?”

“And I licked it, the tip you know, like all around. Then up the length of it, kissing it.”

I was now enthralled. Well, except for the imagined taste of pickle juice. Ick.

“Then what, she asked me.” Ben continued. “So I started sucking on it. Pumping it slowly in and out. And she watched, slack jawed, until I got self-conscious. Sucking a pickle in a sun dress.”

The image of Ben in a sun dress sucking pickle was actually starting to turn me on. “What did she do?”

“Imitated me. ‘Like this?’ she’d say. It was totally fucking hot. I’ve never been turned on by her before. But that was really sexy. I didn’t want her to stop, so I kept going so she would too, until we both started giggling uncontrollably. Then we heard the garage door open and I had to dash to get back into my own clothes.”

“How long ago was that?”

“Like ten years.”

“And mine was your first real one?”

“Yup. You taste waaaay better too. Totally worth the wait.”

I taste way better than a pickle, so I got that going for me, which is nice. I began giggling, he couldn’t help but join in.

“You’re so cute” Ben said, breaking his giggle fit. “And really yummy. I wish it could’ve lasted longer, my first time and all.”

“Mulligan?” I asked, offering a do-over.

“Maybe, a few mulligans. You know, practice until I get it just right?”

I smiled invitingly. It was a wonderful idea.

“So you’ve wanted to all these years?”

“The pickle turned me” he replied laughing.

As I’d listened, I couldn’t help but wonder who he’d been fantasizing about all this time. My curiosity just kind of spilled out.

“So who’ve you been wanting to make your king pickle?”

He blushed shyly. “I hadn’t met you yet, so…”

“So who?” I repeated, tickling him teasingly.

“Rod. Rod the Bod.”

I didn’t know him.

“Used to play tight end. Too big for the position really.”

I burst out laughing. Not being into football, and given the pickle story, his background info just sounded hilarious. It took Ben a moment before he laughed too.

“Too big. Seriously. His tool must be fucking massive. Bigger than me full on when he’s cold and wet, easy.”

Before tonight, I’d really never visualized cocks. But I was now. Imagining adana escort a big buff dude with a 12″ staff dripping pre-cum. I licked my lips unconsciously.

“You like ’em big too?” Ben asked, catching me.

“I, uh…” I stammered. “I don’t know what I’d even do with a big one.”

“I do, I’d suck it and lick it and worship that thing. On my knees, pleasuring it until it gave me a great big hot reward!”

Wow, Ben’s a cock-obsessed cumslut! I carefully preened my skirt to hide my stiffy and avoid any embarrassing wetness as I imagined Ben on his knees going to town on Rod’s cock. Ben really needed some Rod action, and I couldn’t help but hatch a plan.

“Is he here, at the party?” I asked.

Ben was startled. It clearly was just a fantasy and my question had suddenly made it an actual possibility to him. “Chrissy, I’m straight. At least that’s what he thinks, what everyone thinks.”

“A mouthful of cum and a very happy gurl on your lap tonight would argue otherwise.”

Ben was momentarily lost in thought. “And he’s totally straight. Not a chance.”

“But what if”

Ben cut me off “I could watch?! That would be toootally awesome!”

Great minds!

“If he’s here, maybe we can work it out together?” I added. Ben licked his lips absent mindedly fantasizing.

“Best if I just watch though.”

Yep, he was thinking the same little plan as me!

“Perhaps we should split up and mingle, see what’s what and meet back here in 15 or so?” he asked.

“Sure, but what does he look like, in case I bump into him? Other than buff and giant cock that is.”

“Blond. 6’4″. Aforementioned big fucking cock. Think Thor. But hung.”

I’d never thought about Thor that way before, but I loved the thought now!

“Happy hunting!” I said as I fist bumped Ben in as girly a way I as I could muster. He smiled then gave me the international sign for ‘big fucking fish’ and walked off into the crowded pool end of the complex.

CHAPTER 2 – Just Being Neighborly!

I lingered a bit to collect my thoughts and see which part of the crowd Ben was working. As I headed towards the other side of the pool party I noticed my neighbor Jason. He was standing in front of his apartment door looking at me. No, that’s not the right word. He was staring at me. Slack jawed. Dumbfounded.

Before tonight, I wouldn’t have noticed anything else. But with so much cock on my mind, giant cock even, my eyes glanced at Jason’s shorts. He wasn’t just staring; his cock was at full attention.

I gave him a cute flirty wave. He’d clearly recognized me, so what the hell, I was already busted. He was trying to form words, badly, but trying all the same. Finally he spoke as I approached.

“Chr… Chris?” he whispered. OK, so he wasn’t about to out me, there was that.

“Chrissy” I corrected.

“You’re fucking hot!”

Man of few words, but good ones! I gave him the ‘aww shucks’ non-verbal thank you.

“Seriously, fucking hot.” Again, he stood there in silence staring, drooling really. I was really enjoying my newfound girl power!

“Um” he glanced around nervously, then down at his tented shorts, and he panicked. He opened his apartment door and I fully expected him to disappear inside embarrassed as he was. Instead, he waved me inside with a hurried ‘come quickly’ motion.

I made my decision instantaneously. If I blew him off, he’d likely out me. If, however, I blew him? Best to see where this goes, I thought.

Jason hurriedly closed the door behind me while looking me up and down. I spun around for him, slowly for effect.


“I’m glad you like!” I said in my still shaky girl voice, going for the sultry whisper.

I spun half way around and towards him, rubbing my mini-skirted bubble but against his tented shorts where I came to rest pressing against him booty first. His hands dropped immediately to my hips and he instinctively pulled me tighter to him.

I giggled and spun around another half turn. His hands cupped my booty. They were hot and wandering. I reached for the button on his shorts. He gasped.

“I shouldn’t” he protested weakly placing his hands atop mine.

I licked my lips luridly, beggingly.

His hands returned to my booty and he began nibbling my neck.

“Maybe just a little” he whispered.

I opened the button, letting his shorts drop to the ground, and spun him around.

Reaching around him, I began caressing his inner thighs, teasingly close to his sensitive bits. He let out a slight moan.

My hands wandered over his boxers, gently rubbing his manhood beneath.


“Yessss” he pleaded.

I cupped his balls with my left hand and ran my fingers up and down his shaft through his boxers. He reveled in the attention. His eagerness to go further matched my own. I needed him inside my wanting mouth. I needed to taste his cock, please it, worship it, pleasure it.

I slowly slipped the fingers under the eskişehir escort elastic waistband and began swirling my index finger around the tip of his slick cockhead. I couldn’t wait any longer, the tease had gone as far as I could take it.

Placing both of my hands on his hips, I slowly turned him towards me and looked into his pleading eyes. Keeping my eyes locked on his, I licked the tip of my precum soaked index finger savoring it as if it was the nectar of the gods.

His reaction confirmed what I’d suspected. His girlfriend, whom I’d seen on many occasions leaving his apartment on weekend mornings, must have been as prude as she looked. Had she given him a blow job, ever? I slowly sank to my knees. The expression of surprise on his face suggested that if she ever had, she’d never actually wanted to.

I wanted to. I needed to see the look of pleasure on his face, watch him cum, see his surprise when I wantonly drank every drop he offered.

I slowly pealed his boxers down his cock. It was a handsome piece of manhood, definitely worthy of my attention. I took the tip of his dripping cock in my mouth, my tongue softly flicking the slick tip.

“Yesssss” he moaned approvingly.

With my newfound experience, I felt confident I could take him all in one go and swallowed him balls deep.

“Oh my god!”

I licked, teased, sucked and caressed him. I wasn’t “giving him a blow job”, I was worshiping his fucking cock. And unlike my previous exploits tonight, Jason stood motionless.

At first, his stillness was disconcerting. Was he ashamed or not into it? But as he continued to moan softly, I recalled the gloryhole videos I’d watched.

In the videos, the owner of the cock usually stood motionless just like Jason was now.

And, as I always imagined myself as the owner of the cock as I watched, I completely understood the allure. As the blowee, anonymously behind the wall and in near total darkness if at a video booth, the entire world ceased to exist during the blowjob. Your entire being was focused entirely on the pleasure emanating from your genitals. Pleasure that the blower was all-in on giving you.

This must be, I thought, where Jason’s head was (so to speak). His body wasn’t standing in his apartment, that had all melted away. He was his pleasure parts, pure enjoyment. His body, arms, legs, nothing else existed as I pleasured him.

For the first time, I was not just imagining being the giver, which I’d honestly never done before watching those clips, I was the giver of pleasure. My own world was melting away.

Jason’s cock, that lovely shaft I was licking, sucking, and kissing, was now the center of my universe. His balls were the satellites of our shared joy. Cock was my universe and I was loving it!

Then the fucking apartment door opened. The outside threatening to shatter my moment.

Fuck no!

I continued sucking the beautiful cock, fuck all.

“Oh my God Jason! What are you doing to that poor girl?” an outraged female voice demanded.

I knew that voice. She was my neighbor, Jason’s live-in girlfriend.

“It’s okay sweetie, you don’t have to do that. If anyone should have to give my horndog boyfriend a blowjob, it’s me.”

She peeled my hand from Jason’s butt and gently pulled upward, inviting me to cease my “duties”.

I pulled my hand away, grabbed his butt forcefully, and swallowed him balls-deep.


She gasped.

I began face fucking him with gusto, really putting on a show.

“O…M…G! She likes it?!”

You have no idea, girlfriend!

I decided to go all in for this prude bitch, slipping my other hand from his balls to his taint, caressing my way to his boy pussy.

I wondered, were his eyes open or was he ignoring his girlfriend entirely? He hadn’t spoken nor moved an inch since she burst into our little party.

He shuddered as my fingers gently slid over his hole, but he didn’t pull away. So I pressed gently with one finger at his entryway, tickling the sensitive skin next to it with the others. The moment I did so, his cock began pulsing, filling my mouth with jet after jet of his liquid pleasure.


“Oh my fucking God! Are you coming in her mouth? That’s so DISGUSTING! You poor, poor girl!”

As she might say, “whatever, girlfriend!” I thought.

When the last pulse of his cock subsided, I pulled off and opened my mouth displaying the fruit of my labor to her.

“Yuck!” she declared in as prude as a manner as I’ve ever heard.

I licked my lips luridly, my mouth completely filled with cum.

“You like it?!”

I nodded yes, absolutely yes! I swallowed joyously.

Her face crinkled all up, twisting her beauty into something revolting. “You two nasties are made for each other!” she declared as she stormed off into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

Jason was breathing heavily as I stood up and sorted myself.

“Maybe again sometime?” I sakarya escort asked.

“Soon, I hope! Looks like my dance card is suddenly open. You’re always welcome!”

I smiled and quickly exited before the emotional fireworks began.

Thing was, I was incredibly turned on, aching to get off. I wondered if Ben had any luck finding Rod. Either way, I really needed one!

CHAPTER 3 – Desperately Seeking Orgasm

The pool party was really going now. College students were stumbling drunk, the music was now cranked to the point of distortion, and the crowd had grown much bigger since I’d done my neighborly duties.

I scanned the courtyard benches, Ben hadn’t returned yet. So I decided to go mingle and see if I could spot Rod the Bod, hopefully finding him before Ben.

As I wandered towards the throngs of drunken revelers by the pool, a thought occurred to me. All night, since I’d been unceremoniously shown out of my own apartment dressed as a girl, I’d been terrified everyone would know I was a dude. Yet, not only had I passed with the horny guys, even Jason’s girlfriend had mistaken me for one of her own kind.

Of course, I hadn’t spoken to her. That would’ve been a giveaway what with no practice at all. But she didn’t think for a second I was anything but a girl. A nasty cum loving cocksucker perhaps, but a girl. I felt my cheeks get hot at the thought. I was blushing!

I also felt something else was hot, and very hard. Tucked tightly in my panties, the truth strained to be free. Luckily, it was very dark and the panties were doing an admirable job keeping my secret from tenting my miniskirt. But I desperately needed release.

I needed to be inside Ben’s mouth. Jason’s boy pussy would be nice too, I daydreamed, but he’s sure to be neck-deep in an argument I wish I could eavesdrop on. But as much as I wanted to hear how that went, I really, desperately needed to get off.

I wandered into the crowd, careful to keep my bubble butt out and on display and thus my secret well hidden under my skirt.

“Dude!” I heard a guy say after I passed. My heart skipped a beat horrified that I might’ve been recognized. “Little miss hotness was checking out your package!”

I was suddenly struck with a triple play of emotions: relief, joy that I might be the “little miss hotness” he was referring to, and stunned at the realization that I had unconsciously been checking out a handsome guy’s package. I’d never done that before, always totally locked on target with the ladies. I kept walking and scanning for the Thor-looking fella Rod.

After a minute or two, I headed back to the courtyard to meet back up with Ben. I hoped he’d found Rod. But I also hoped he hadn’t since I could scarcely wait another minute to have my pleasure bits attended to. If Rod wasn’t in the cards, all the faster to Ben’s hot and willing mouth!

Ben was just sitting down when I emerged from the crowd. I strolled all sexy like over to him and sat on his lap.

“Hey gorgeous!” he said before planting a kiss on me. I kissed back, tongues swirled and he abruptly broke the kiss. “Mmm, you taste like cum. Have you been a naughty gurl?”

“Just being neighborly!” I replied.

He kissed me passionately, devoid of jealousy, enjoying the taste of the pleasure I’d given.

Our kiss was interrupted by a booming voice. “Get a room you two!”

I looked up and saw what could only be described as Thor himself, sans hammer of course. I couldn’t help but smile and ogle at his masculinity. While my tank top made me look incredibly feminine, my flat chest matching my petite body, his tank top accentuated his well-muscled and sculpted physique. My penis twitched alerting me to my desperate need. My mouth watered. I licked my lips absent mindedly. I had to have him!

I daintily put up three fingers. Thor, I mean Rod, tilted his head. Ben picked up on my queue.

“Not two for the room, three. If you’re game?” Ben asked.

“Horny little bitch you’ve got there!”

“Only one way to know for sure” Ben said invitingly.

“Upstairs. Now.” Rod barked.


As we approached the stairs, the guys slowed a bit. After a beat, I realized they expected the lady to go first, me. I took a deep breath as I anxiously approached the first stair trying desperately to recall exactly how my girlfriend would move as she walked up them. As I stepped up, I pretended I was her. Concentrating on swaying my hips as I climbed, not so much walking up the stairs but flowing up them.

“Nice ass!” Rod said as I reached the top a couple steps in front of them. I gave him a wiggle as a thank you.

He invited us in to his apartment, closing the door behind us. As soon as the door clicked, he looked at me and pointed at the carpet in front of him. He then turned to Ben and said “I hope you’re not too self-conscious.”

Unclear on his meaning but far to horny to care, I dropped to my knees in front of Rod as instructed. As I did so, my head got light.

The mere act of kneeling down in front of this god-like man had made me dizzy. I felt the overwhelming desire to please him, to be his fuck toy, his carnival of carnal delights. I reached for the button on his shorts and was dumbstruck.

Rod’s cock was clearly visible despite his loose cargo shorts. Pointing up at a diagonal, it was nearly peeking out the top.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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