I’m Now Called Dee Ch. 05

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Saturday night came at last, we were going out clubbing to a gay bar.

We’d both showered, shaved, moisturised and generally pampered and preened ourselves. Put on our sexiest lingerie and our new glam dresses, hiding my Adam’s apple with a choker. I also had sling back shoes, new matching clutch bag, into which I’d put certain feminine items including some feminine wipes.

We were both hoping to hook up with a partner. Kate and I wanted to live our fantasies. I hoped Kate would manage to find a female lover tonight. I hoped I would also find a female who wouldn’t mind that I wasn’t quite what I seemed. With luck we would go down on each other and I wanted to be fresh and sweet smelling for her.

Drinks in hand we looked around at the guests dancing, there were people obviously of differing sexual persuasions. We mingled chatted and danced.

None of my partners, male or female, stayed for more than a couple of dances. Oh, I’d had my bum felt, pulled in tight and deeply kissed by both sexes, and I enjoyed every minute. There was one woman I fancied, Cynthia, she kept coming back to me and we’d dance kiss and caress, but she alternated between me and Kate. I felt a bit jealous.

We’d danced well into the early hours, when I was approached by a male and asked to dance, OMG! it was Craig, he sat opposite me in work, how could I politely refuse him. I didn’t get chance, he dragged me into a dance, soon he was embracing me, his hand slipping down to my bum. I kept pulling it back up to my waist, he kept pulling me in close and I could feel his erection. It was obvious he’d been drinking and he tried to stick his tongue in my mouth. I needed to get out of this. It’s what he said next that panicked me.

“I feel we’ve met before but can’t place where.”

“I’m sure I would have remembered you, if we had,” he didn’t know who I was, but how long would it take for the penny to drop?

I caught Kate’s eye and gave her the prearranged panic signal. It was Cynthia who came to the rescue.

“Excuse me, Dee is with me,” she said giving me a long passionate kiss.

“Oh a couple of lesbos, you don’t know what your missing girls.”


“Why don’t gaziantep escort you two come back to my place,” said Cynthia.

First we all went to the ladies, it was crowded, so we chatted as we waited our turn to use the facilities.

Back at Cynthia’s she poured more wine and sat on the sofa next to Kate, as I went to sit in a chair, she said.

“Come and sit next to me. Now I hope you both won’t get upset, but I’ve been around the gay scene a long time. Kate, you are a woman wanting to make love to another woman. Dee, you also want to make love with a woman as if you were a woman.”

“How…how did you know?” we both blurted.

“Dee you are very convincing, but I squeezed your nipples and there was no reaction, you didn’t even notice, that’s what gave you away.”

“But you came back for more, kissing and caressing?”

“Yes I like you both and I swing both ways. By the way are you just good friends, or husband and wife?”

“I prefer to think of Dee as my wife,” said Kate.

“OK. I don’t know about you two but I’m feeling horny as hell,” she said as she took my hand and put it between her legs. She was hot, wet and not wearing any panties. We kissed.

“I’ve a king size bed waiting upstairs, if your ready.”

I put my hand up Kate’s dress, her panties were sopping. Looking her in the eye, she gave a slight nod.

“We’re ready lead the way,” I said kissing her.

It wasn’t long till the girls were naked and scissoring, I was down to bra and panties, sucking breasts and feeling bums.

“Take your panties off,” said Cynthia.


“We can pretend it’s your ‘strap-on’, and if Kate has no objection, I want it in at least one of my holes tonight. There are condoms in that draw.”

I could tell Kate was enjoying this and both of them were panting, moaning and close to orgasm. They were moaning loudly as their orgasms hit like a tidal wave, and fell to the bed. I let them rest while they came down from their high.

The site of my wife fulfilling her desire for sex with another woman, had turned me on. My ‘strap-on’ was harder than it had been in a long time konya escort and I was looking forward to using it to explore Cynthia’s holes.

I cuddled up to Cynthia, started kissing pushing my tongue in her mouth and doing a dance with her tongue. She was good. Kate joined in. I squished my ‘breasts’ against theirs, my hands roaming over their bodies. Eventually my hand was caressing Cynthia’s thighs, they opened. I went down, kissing, nibbling the inside of them, working my way up to her treasure. Kate, meanwhile had straddled her head and was lowering herself on Cynthia’s mouth, when my head was grabbed and pulled into Cynthia’s honeypot. The girls were screaming out their orgasms again, I was still desperate for my own orgasm.

We cuddled up caressing.

“I think we should take care of Dee, her slit is sopping,” said Cynthia, as she rubbed the pre cum at the tip of my ‘dildo’.

With that she went down and gobbled me and Kate got between my legs licking my ‘vagina’ and ass. They swapped round but as I’d already been close I couldn’t last and shot my load in Kate’s mouth. They kissed each other swapping my cum, then kissed me giving me some of my own cum.

As we lay there panting, Cynthia asked me.

“Have you ever been fucked in your boy cunt?”

I was shocked at the language, after what Kate had taught me, but I found the thought strangely exciting.

“No, but we have both fingered it during masturbation and foreplay.”

“Then it’s time to lose your virginity. I think Kate should be the one to take it, and I have a strap-on she can use.”

With that she reached into her bedside draw and took out some lubricant and a dildo with harness. I blanched, it must have been eight inches long with a large circumference. When I managed to get an erection, not very often these days, I was only about five inches and nowhere near that circumference.

“My god, I’ll never managed that!”

Cynthia helped Kate put it on.

“Dee, suck Kate’s ‘cock’,” Cynthia ordered.

Kate made me get on my hands and knees and crawl to her, pulled my face to her ‘cock’ and forced it deep into my mouth. I nearly kayseri escort choked, spittle running down my chin. Kate was enjoying this, meanwhile Cynthia was licking and fingering my boy cunt. She started lubing me and sticking more fingers in me, one, two, three and four.

When they judged me ready they had me lie on the edge of the bed, legs spread and in the air. Kate lubed her ‘cock’, Cynthia was kissing me, playing with my ‘breasts’ and whispering “relax.”

The tip of Kate’s ‘cock’ slipped into my boy cunt, before it met some resistance. I relaxed, Kate pushed, there was some pain, but it was nice pain. Once passed the initial resistance, Kate slipped easily in, I took all eight inches.

I wasn’t sure what Kate was getting out of this, but the pleasure she was giving me was like nothing I’d ever experienced. I was in heaven, I could feel an orgasm developing deep within me, gradually getting stronger. I was writhing, moaning and with a final scream, I came like never before, a deep, wave after wave, whole body orgasm. I had tears of pleasure in my eyes as I drifted off to sleep.

I woke about mid morning, to the site of the girls pleasuring themselves with a double ended dildo. I watched briefly, then got up found my gaff and panties and went to use the bathroom.

Down in the kitchen, with coffee in hand, I reflected on my high of last night. This morning I was feeling down, I was jealous of Kate and Cynthia’s bodies. I couldn’t imagine my ‘strap-on’ and didn’t want to explore any of Cynthia’s holes with it.

The girls came down shortly after, having a pretty good idea about what was going on in my head. Kate holding on to me, as we talked frankly about what had happened and how I felt.

Cynthia for her part told us about her friends in the LGBT community and that it might be a good idea to get to meet some of them. Some of them were going to Brighton for a long weekend in a couple of weeks, why didn’t we come with them. She particularly wanted me to meet Alex, who had undergone a vaginoplasty to complete her transformation. She was now in a loving, sexual relationship with her new boyfriend. We also discussed hormone therapy and the effects it would have on my body.

Over the next few days and weeks Kate and I researched and discussed hormone treatment. Not just the affects it would have on my body, but also, how would people react as the changes started taking place?

Before taking that step, we decided that I should at least leave a deposit with a sperm bank.

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