Jenny with Pam and Nick

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This is a follow up to two different stories, “Jenny and Rick Again…Plus His Friend” and “Jenny and Nick House Sit.” House Sit is actually from 2016 and has a brief 2018 update at the end.


Pam text me on a Friday afternoon asking if I wanted to stop by after work for some wine and cheese. She wrote that her boyfriend Andre was away for the weekend attending a destination bachelor party for his buddy. She added, “Besides, you owe me the scoop on what happened the other night with that guy with the big dick…LOL” She was referring to a few nights ago when she left me and Rick at the bar. She had just met him. I guess the wine influenced her to grab his crotch on her way out. Later that evening, Pam text to tell me about her discovery and that I should “go for it”…LOL. She had no idea. She didn’t know the half of it.

Pam is a very attractive 5’4″ 34 year old brunette with olive skin, a well-toned, athletic body and 34C boobs. Most of you have probably seen any number of the hundreds of photos of me that I have posted online. For those of you that haven’t, I am a 55 year old happily married Mom of four. I am 5′ 10″ with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes and D-cup natural boobs.

When I arrived at Pam’s house she already had two glasses of wine poured for us. As she was putting out the cheese and crackers she said lovingly, “Okay Bitch, spill it. What happened with the hot guy with the nice package after I left? He clearly was super into you.” I was both looking forward to and dreading this conversation at the same time. Pam and I are good friends. She had always been somewhat on the shy, conservative side when it came to anything involving sex. I have never shared any details about me sexually to her beyond stuff with me and Nick. As a surprising new discovery earlier in the week, I noticed a bold, more aggressive side to her. I smiled, giggled and ate some cheese not rushing to say anything. Pam further said, “Look, anything we discuss is just between us. I know I have confided in you often over the years and you never betrayed my trust. I am the same way. I look up to you, not like a mom, more like a sexy older sister. You are 100% the sexist person I know, man or woman. I think you’re bi, right? I heard Gabby talking a couple times saying that you were the best kisser and she wished she couple play with you more.” Some may recall Gabby from “Jenny’s Ladies Night Fun.”

Okay it appeared that Pam was ready to know some more about me. I replied, “I hope what I am about to share doesn’t shock you or make you think too differently about me. I am not really a bi-sexual. I do admire the beauty and shape of a sexy woman, but I have no have burning desire to be with one physically. However, Nick and I do get together with any woman at least once a month as an arranged date or an unplanned hookup at a bar or party. I consider myself bi-playful, meaning that I play with women only when I am with Nick, mostly for his and our mutual enjoyment. Plus, while I do and enjoy all things two women can do together, my absolute favorite part is kissing a sexy woman. I love kissing, and yes I will brag and agree with Gabby, I am a damn good kisser. When I am out I will sometimes make out with Gabby or Maria, even a random girl at times. Possibly even some fondling and tasting…LOL.” I noticed that Pam was looking at me with glazed eyes and wonderment. I asked, “Do you think I’m a weirdo or freak now?”

Sitting in a pub chair next me at her counter, Pam gulped down some wine and answered, “Hell no. I think you’re even more awesome now. I’ll confess, all my life I always had thought that two women together was a little gross, but hey, to each their own. I do not know why, but about a year ago my feelings started to change. Andre likes to watch porn and on occasion I will watch with him. Of course, the fucking scenes are hot, but I found myself getting very excited watching the women go at it. A few times Andre has asked me if I would want to play with a woman Beylikdüzü escort with him. My immediate answer has consistently been NO. I wouldn’t want him with another woman, but I found myself fantasizing about me being with a woman in a twosome. I started watching some porn video clips online alone, without Andre. I would search for two women. Honestly, I mostly look for videos of a younger brunette with an older blonde with big boobs. Then I fantasize about you, play with myself and make myself cum. Now, do YOU think that I am a weirdo or a freak or just a creepy friend?”

I was blushing and answered, “Of course not. I am extremely flattered and a little turned on.” I left my chair, stepped up to her, leaned in and started kissing her. We made out for about two minutes, caressing each other’s arms and shoulders, and gently grabbing hair. I then broke away and stepped back. Pam reached for me, but I retreated another step. I asked, “Did you like that?”

She just smiled and nodded then finally spoke, “That was incredible! My entire body was tingling. My pussy started throbbing. I have never, ever felt that good kissing a guy. I was hoping that you would be my first woman. What do we do now? Do we go in the bedroom? I really want this. I need this.”

I insisted, “Slow down, cowgirl! Like I said, if you want to go further, for me it really has to be with Nick involved. I appreciate that you want me to be your first, but I don’t want you to do anything outside of your comfort zone especially if it involves Nick since you’re in a serious relationship with Andre.”

She urged, “Maybe you don’t understand. I will do ANYTHING you tell me do for the opportunity to be with you. I want this. I have been fantasizing about you for awhile and have been too afraid to say anything. I’ll do anything you want me to do with Nick. I will follow your instructions and direction completely. Get Nick here now. Pleeeeease!”

Pam had a lustful look in her eyes. I know she really wanted this, but she doesn’t realize that Nick and I have actually wanted this as well for even a longer period. We talked about Pam ever since Nick fucked me on Pam’s bed while I had her dirty panties in my mouth when she wasn’t home. I said, “Okay I’ll text him now.” I asked Nick what he was doing. He texted back saying he was on his way to meet a couple friends for a quick beer before heading home. I told him to meet me at Pam’s instead for wine and he would be VERY glad that he did so…I added a winking face emoji. I updated Pam, “He said okay and he’ll be here in about 30 minutes.” I let Pam know that two items on the “Jenny Rules” state that other woman could not fuck Nick’s cock or kiss him on the mouth, but anything else imaginable was okay. She didn’t hesitate to agree. I already knew that she qualified for the other eight rules.

During that half hour we continued to drink wine and talk…about sex of course. At one point Pam stopped me mid-sentence, “Wait! You never told me what happened the other night after I left the bar.”

I laughed, “Oh yeah. There’s more to playful Jenny that I now believe you might be ready to hear, but you must never tell Nick. On occasion, to satisfy my cravings, I will pick up a random guy and give him a blowjob, nothing more, never scheduled or planned. The other night was the rare instance that I ran into and actually acknowledged a former conquest. I in fact blew Rick two times before and yes, I already knew he had a huge cock. His friend joined us after you left and I ended up with the both of them in his SUV in the parking lot. It was hot!”

With a combination of amazement and jealousy Pam replied, “WOW! That’s incredible. You are definitely a sexual tiger. A cougar I should say, since they were about 20 years younger than you.”

I laughed again, “They are not all younger or in great shape or even good looking. Any hard, clean shaved cock will do when I need one. I do this once maybe twice a month separate of Nick. Again, it’s Beylikdüzü escort always random and quick. I call it a “blow and go.” Just then Nick rang the doorbell and walked in. The three of us have been friendly for years. I put my index finger to my lips reminding Pam not to say anything. She smiled and nodded her head.

After another drink for all and some g-rated small talk, I announced, “Nick, Pam wants to play with me. She wants me to be her first girl on girl experience. I explained how I play and told her the Jenny Rules, so that’s why we invited you.”

Nick excitedly added, “Count me in! If this is what you both want, what guy would say no to you two hot ladies?” I turned and faced Pam to start kissing her again. Nick moved around us and stepped in behind Pam. His arms reached around the lip-locked women to touch and feel both of us equally. My hands now were not limited to Pam’s shoulders. My left hand went to her boob and my right went down to her crotch. She started to moan loudly. I am not sure if it was from me or Nick, who was grinding into her ass with his big cock which I presumed was now very erect. It didn’t matter. We were entering my familiar zone of pure lust and sexiness. Three sexy people enjoying each other. Just then I took Pam’s hand and led her down the hallway to her own bedroom. She doesn’t know but Nick and I are familiar with her king-sized bed. Nick grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses and joined us.

Pam and I hopped onto the plush bed. As most of our FFM threesomes start, Nick stood close and just watched. As our hands roamed, searching for buttons, hooks, and zippers, Nick asked if he should take photos. I said, “No, just focus and join us when you think best.” It was not long before our clothes were shed. During the undressing process, our kissing paused only very briefly three times. Now it was hands on flesh. Like new same-sex dance partners, first timers are sometimes clumsy trying to get comfortable and positioned appropriately. Not Pam, she was a natural and an excellent kisser. Our hands were all over each other, touching, lightly scratching, grabbing and rubbing everywhere. Nick had stripped as well, standing at the side of the bed watching. Naked yes, but he was not without clothes. He gathered both my and Pam’s panties. He was sniffing and licking Pam’s pair while he gently stroked his wonderful cock with mine.

Pam broke our kiss to ask me, “Tell me or show me what you want me to do, anything. Teach me. Take me. Make me yours.” I took her hand and firmly placed it on my bald pussy. Two of her fingers slid into my very wet pussy with the ease of a knife going through melting butter. A woman knows instinctively what to do with another pussy even if it is her first. She learns after years of playing with her own pussy and having her own pleasured by guys…some well and some not so well. After a few minutes she gave me my first of several orgasms that night. I guided her head to my boob. She licked, nibbled gently and then started sucking on my nipple. I then pushed her head down between my legs. She started lapping away. A bit clunky at first, but soon she got comfortable and ate my pussy to another orgasm. Nick reached over and stuffed Pam’s panties into my mouth. That was a bit of Déjà vu…LOL

I then repositioned Pam. I had her lay on her back with her head at the bottom corner of the bed. On my knees, I moved between her legs and lowered my faced to her kitty. She had a small, thin landing strip above her clit. She was impeccably well groomed. Her pussy was beautiful. Her thin, muscular legs were smooth. Many times I have declined to taste another woman when I discover a hairy or smelly pussy. Those are the times that Nick has to take one for the team. Pam’s visibly wet pussy smelled as it should and I would soon learn that it tasted good as well. Her clit was swollen as it received much attention from my tongue, lips and teeth. I learned from the best pussy eater, clit licker I ever had, Nick…kiss, Escort Beylikdüzü lick, nibble, suck and repeat. She firmly gripped my hair. I then looked up and saw Nick position himself, as I expected, over her head, standing with his cock hanging down close to her face. She took her right hand off my hair and started caressing his balls and cock with her nicely manicured finger tips. I stopped to tell her, “Lick his balls.” She slid further under Nick to be able to easily lick his big balls. I placed my thumb up Pam’s pussy and pushed my index finger on her clit. I pinched, rubbed and plunged. She orgasmed tremendously within seconds. Once she stopped convulsing, Nick got onto the bed, in the middle, on his back, with his head on the pillow. I immediately knew what he wanted and expected. I had Pam and I move to either side of his legs. I said “Let’s lick and suck Nick’s cock.” Our tongues and mouth went up and down his cock in perfect unison like synchronized swimmers. Each time we reached his cock head, we went up further so our lips could meet for a kiss. We did this for several minutes.

Then Nick got up and said to me, “I want to fuck your pussy.” Having had countless FFM threesomes with Nick I once again knew what to do. I propped myself up in the bed on all fours. Nick climbed up behind me. As he slid his cock into my aching pussy, I instructed Pam to get under me in a 69 position to lick my pussy and Nick’s cock at the same time. I had her pussy at my face again, but now upside down. I concentrated on her pussy and ignored her clit for fear that at some point I might bite it off as Nick fucked me hard. Nick picked up his pace a bit, fucking my pussy fast and deep. He asked, “Pam, do you like licking my cock and Jenny’s pussy.” She answered with a muffled yes, not stopping her work on our genitals for a second. After a few minutes, and now at a wild pace, Nick exclaimed, “I am going to cum in Jenny’s pussy and then pull out and cum on your face Pam. After, you are going clean us both up with your mouth and tongue.” She squealed with excitement. I started squirting on Nick’s cock and Pam’s face as I felt the first blast of cum in my pussy. Three more deep pumps then Nick pulled out and jerked his cock, squeezing more cum out that accurately landed on Pam’s face. I spun around to put Nick’s cock in my mouth. Nick said, “No. Pam will clean my cock. Kiss her now and share my cum.” We did not hesitate in having that hot cum kiss.

Then Nick and I moved next to each other on the pillows. Pam dutifully positioned herself between us, at our legs. For about ten minutes, she went back and forth from cock to pussy, licking and sucking. It felt sensational, but it was also super hot to see her servicing Nick’s cock. She finally collapsed and said, “WOW! That was unbelievable. The hottest sex I have ever had and I didn’t even get fucked. I will be glad to be your sex toy anytime you guys want. Hopefully you want me again…very soon.”

After a brief rest we all cleaned up a bit and got dressed. I handed Pam my panties as a souvenir which she immediately sniffed and tasted. At the door, Pam and I kissed again and Nick grabbed her ass and boob a bit. I had no strength for another round…LOL. We left. In the car, Nick said exactly what I was thinking, “It was a long time coming, but she was well worth the wait. She may be a good part time pet as long as she can keep a secret.” I thought, yes, I definitely hope she can keep my special secret as well.

Later that night, back at home, I got a text from Pam that read, “I am laying here sniffing your panties and playing with my pussy. Tonight was fantastic. THANK YOU! I can’t wait to do it again. Hey, do you think I can help you blow a random guy or guys sometime???…LOL. #theblowandgogirls”

I may have created a monster, a cute, sexy monster. I text back, “We will certainly have a lot of fun as long as you do as we say” I added a winking face and kissing face emojis.

Pam’s replied, “Yes, Miss Jenny!” and added three red hearts and heart face emojis.

I thought for a few moments then text her a photo of me wearing my still never used strap-on. She wrote back, “WOW! I guess next time I will get fucked by a big “cock” I’m excited!”

I thought so am I.

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