Kiya’s 21st Birthday

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TRUE STORY (please post reviews and vote)


My name is Josh. I was 21 years, 5’10” with long black hair, brown eyes and a good physique. I was in law school. I lived with my girlfriend Ashley. She was the most beautiful girl in the world, 34-24-36, 5’5″ and her hair was black with red streaks. She was 21 a grad student. We had been dating since we were 17. We had done everything sexual. We even used to group often with her friends. She was definitely bisexual. We were really happy together.

Ashley’s friends were staying with us for the weekend. There were 3 of them Pamela, Rebecca and Kiya. It was Kiya’s 21st Birthday and she was just getting over a bad break up. Do the girls wanted to give her a good time. They planned on going out to some clubs and maybe get her a male stripper after. They were going to go only girls. I was fine with that.

It was Saturday evening and the girls were getting ready to go. They all looked Beautiful. Ashley was in a black tube top and white mini skirt. Pamela was 5’3″ had black hair measured 34-26-32 and was dressed in a halter and leather pants. Rebecca was 5’6″, 36-26-34 with brown hair and she was in a denim skirt and black strappy top. Kiya was 5’4″ with short black hair and measured 34-26-34 and was in a red dress. Ashley kissed me and they left. I was at home and I was finishing off all my work. The girls left at about 10:30 p.m. and around 1:30 a.m. they got back. I was watching T.V. at this time. They all seemed pretty drunk. They were falling while walking and giggling a lot. I found it rather funny.

The girls came over to the couch and we all were talking about their night. Ashley was sitting on my lap and was hugging me and she whispered to me.

Ashley: I’m so hot right now. I really want to have some fun.

I looked at her excitedly and asked.

Me: What about your friends?

Ashley: Maybe… They could join us?

I looked shocked at her. I knew that we had been with her friends before but never 3 at one time. Rebecca and Pamela even had boyfriends.

I still hadn’t replied Ashley’s question. I looked at her and smiled.

Me: Are eryaman escort you sure you want this and do they want to do this?

She looked over at her friends on the couch.

Ashley: You girls still want to do this?

They all just giggled. I turn red as I just realized that they had already spoken about this. I had no place to look so I just smiled back.

We walked into the bedroom. I was still shocked by what was going to happen so Ashley held my hand and took me into the room. The girls came in behind us all very nervous. As I kissed Ashley I felt her hand slide up my back and take my t-shirt off. Ashley started kissing down my neck and moved lower. The girls just watched us. Ashley was kissing my stomach and unbuckling my belt. I held her by her hair. Ashley then dropped my jeans to the floor. All the girls could see my bulge clearly through my boxers. Ashley stopped there and waited for the girls to come over. They slowly undressed each other as I lay back on the bed. Soon they were all naked. They were so hot and as I looked at them I felt a rise in my boxers. All the girls noticed it and giggled. Ashley and Kiya came to the bed and started kissing me. I kissed them back. As I kissed Kiya she slid her hand down on my stomach and then under my boxers. She wrapped her hand around my cock which instantly became hard and full 8″. Ashley then slid my boxers off. My hands were moving up and down Kiyas back as we kissed. As she started to stroke my cock I grabbed her ass cheeks. I looked over at Ashley who was kissing Rebecca. Pamela came over to the bed and started to kiss my knees. I turned Kiya on her back and Pamela stood over Kiyas face and Kiya began to lick Pamela’s Pussy. I lay on top off Kiya and slid my hard cock slowly into her tight pussy. As I started moving in and out of her hot wet pussy Kiya was eating Pamela.

Pamela: Oh my god Kiya your tongue feels so good in my pussy.

Kiya: You taste so good baby.

Pamela: Ahhhh yes yes yes… deeper baby!

Kiya: mmmmm yea. Oh Josh slide your cock in faster.

Me: Yes baby. Kiya your pussy is so tight.

I fucked Kiyas pussy faster eryaman escort bayan and faster as Kiya licked and fingered Pamela deep.

Soon Pamela was reaching her orgasm and so was Kiya.

Pamela: AHHHHHHH… Kiya I’m Cumming baby. Oh god yes… YES YES. KIYAAAAA

Kiya: I’m Cumming as well. MMMMMMMM fuck me! Ahhh ahhh aahhh. SO fucking good Josh

Me: Yea! Girls I’m feeling it! Where do you want it?

Kiya: Spray it on our faces.

As I felt I was going to cum. I took my cock out and waited for the girls to take it in their hands. As they were lying down next to each other they both grabbed my cock and stroked it till I came on Kiya’s face and in Pamela’s mouth.

Rebecca was going down on Ashley at the time and Ashley came a few seconds before I came all over Pamela and Kiya. I locked eyes with Rebecca who then stared at my cock that was now only semi-hard. Rebecca had the biggest and best tits as she came towards me and I started at her rack my cock was slowly becoming harder. I was standing at the bed. We began to kiss at the foot of the bed. And I moved my hands up her body and caressed her amazing tits. I moved my lips to her nipples and began to suck on them and nibble on them. As I did that Rebecca moaned and grabbed my head tightly. I lifted her and tossed her onto the bed. As I was getting onto the bed she raised her butt cheeks and was kneeling down on all four. I kneeled down behind her and positioned my cock behind he pussy and I was ready to pound her. I slipped my cock into her pussy. I pumped her pussy from behind. I slammed her hard and fast. Her moans grew loud.

Rebecca: Oh Josh. Fuck me. Fuck my pussy. Put it deep. Yea! YESSSS Ahhhhhhh JOOOOOOOOSH..!

I jus began to go deeper and faster as she moaned louder. I grabbed her tits as I fucked her from behind. They were the bet tits I had ever even seen. I then began to spank her harder and harder.


She came hard escort eryaman and I was very close to my climax so I pulled out of her pussy and slid my cock in between her amazing 36Ds and splattered my cum all over the breasts.

I was so tired and my cock was throbbing. I looked over at Ashley saw her rubbing her clit. She looked so sexy with the sweat dripping down her body. She grinned at me and I could not resist her tempting sexy body. I got off the bed I walked towards Ashley. She came to the foot of the bed and pushed me down onto my back I climbed on top of me. She positioned her wet sexy vagina over my penis head. I wanted to ram it hard inside her but I held back. She smiled at me and bit my ear. I was getting even harder I could not hold back any longer. She sat up straight on top of me and slowly lowered her dripping pussy on to my cock. I felt her vagina engulfing my hard penis. She took the entire cock inside her pussy.

Ashley: ummm… oh god I love your cock.

Josh: mmmmm… your so naughty baby.

She began to increase the pace. Going up and down, faster and faster. Driving my cock into her deeper and deeper. I could feel my cock ripping her pussy. But she loved it she began to go even faster. She was gripping her tits and pinching them. She reached over to my hand and made me grab her tits and pinch them. I leaned over and started bite those tits.

Ashley: Josh baby. I love you. OMG baby faster… FUCKKKKKK baby… yea! Jus like that! MORE MORE MORE…. PLEASE DON’T STOP! AHHHHHHH yes!

Josh: Ash. Yes… oh yes… baby you like that? Take my cock all the way in baby… Oh god… YEA fuck… God dam! Yea!!! Oooooooooo FUCKING HELL.

Ashley: Oh yes Josh I love it… Right there baby… Right there… MY god… OH MY GOD JOSH… I’m soooooooooo fucking close… please cum with me baby… I want it in me. Please Josh… Give it to me… I want you hot load in me.



We both had massive orgasms. I shot my load into her. I other girls looked on at us. And they were shocked. I felt they envied her. We all were done for that night and we feel all asleep.

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