The Snow Man Ch. 05

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Later in the evening the two men were lying side by side on the bed. They were resting after their sex in the shower and the room was darker now; the light coming through the window was very faint. Rob was watching “Wheel of Fortune” on TV with the sound turned off and Alex was watching Rob, observing with fascination how long his eyelashes were. The heater at the far end of the room was humming steadily, making the room cozy. After their shower Alex had thought about calling Judy, but put it off. He didn’t want to ruin the happy glow he was feeling.

“Rob,” asked Alex, “how old were you the first time you fooled around with a guy?”

“About fourteen, I think,” answered Rob.

“Wow. Did you know you were gay then?”

“No, but it didn’t take long to figure it out.”

Alex lay quietly, thinking for a few minutes before he asked his next question: “Would you let me suck you?”

Rob turned his head. “You know, Alex, there are a few rules you have to learn if you want to be a queer. The first one is, never turn down a blow job.”

Alex smiled. “I always wondered what it would be like to suck a man. I fantasized about it sometimes. I knew some boys in school who talked about it, but I always figured they were joking.”

“They probably weren’t joking. If you’re curious, maybe it’s time you learned.”

Rob sat up in bed and stuffed a pillow behind his head. He stretched his legs apart under the sheet and grinned at Alex. “Go for it!” he said matter-of-factly.

Alex pulled the sheet aside. The dark triangle between Rob’s thighs reminded him of a robin’s nest in the crotch of a tree. His penis, with its fat bald head, was flopped over as if it were looking at Alex. In the dim light Alex imagined that he and Rob were on a camping tent and Rob was daring him to do something very dirty and disgusting. It made him smile.

“So, should I just suck on it?” asked Alex.

“Sure,” said Rob. “Just don’t bite.”

With trepidation Alex inched down in the bed until he was very near Rob’s crotch. He put out his tongue and touched it to the tip of Rob’s penis. “Tastes good,” he whispered, trying to be funny.

“Take it in your mouth,” suggested Rob.

Alex lifted Rob’s penis and guided the end into his mouth. It felt soft and squishy at first, but it began to stiffen as Rob became aroused. It was yalova escort very warm, and as it grew bigger it felt as if it were pushing into Alex’s mouth all by itself. Alex gagged and pulled off. “Sorry,” he said.

Rob didn’t say anything. He closed his eyes and fondled himself, stroking his shaft and toying with his balls. It was his way of telling Alex he didn’t need to suck if he didn’t want to. But Alex was determined to do it.

Rob’s dick was getting erect so Alex edged up on the bed and laid his head on Rob’s stomach, which was a better position. He opened his mouth and let the organ slide into his mouth, taking just an inch at a time. He took care to keep his lips over his teeth, so avoid any painful nicks. He explored the head with his tongue, sliding it over the slit and savoring the salty taste there. He felt Rob’s encouraging hands press gently on the back of his head and took another inch, breathing through his nose.

Rob’s penis seemed much larger when Alex was trying to suck it. It throbbed and Alex could actually feel the blood pumping through the veins. Much to his relief his gag reflex began to subside and after a while he found he could comfortably take most of the shaft into his mouth without feeling like he was going to choke. This, in turn, allowed him to pay more attention to what he was doing with his lips and tongue.

As he sucked, Alex noticed that Rob’s body was exuding a different odor. The scent of soap was replaced by something more earthy – a musky, smutty smell. Alex realized that this was the smell of a man’s crotch when he became sexually aroused. Unquestionably it was tantalizing! Why was it so exciting? Alex didn’t know, but the combination of this crotch smell and the taste of Rob’s sex organ in his mouth made his heart pound like a jackhammer. His interest in experiencing something was suddenly transformed into a desire to please, to provoke a response. He ran his tongue around his lips and took Rob’s penis down his throat.

“Yeah,” said Rob. “Suck it, baby! That is sooo good!”

Alex tried to get into a rhythm, but found that his neck muscles tired quickly. After a while he stopped bobbing his head and tried using his tongue instead. He ran his tongue up and down the sides of the shaft and then spread Rob’s legs far apart to lick his balls. edirne escort The crotch smell was stronger down there and he started licking the nuts all over with his tongue. It was intoxicating. He licked each ball and ran his tongue along both sides of the scrotum where the pubic hair became thick.

“I want to suck you, too, Alex. Let’s try this,” said Rob, and without further explanation he swiveled 180 degrees on the bed so that his face was down in Alex’s crotch. This was a revelation to Alex. He had never been in a sixty-nine position with anyone before. How convenient it was!

“God!” Rob started deep-throating him again, taking all eight inches of his dick. At the same time was doing something with his tongue that sent shivers up and down Alex’s spine. Clearly this was an expert cocksucker at work. As difficult as it was, Alex tried to focus his attention back on Rob’s crotch. He took Rob’s penis in his mouth once more and tried mimicking what Rob was doing to him down below his waist.

For the next half hour the two men pleasured each other that way. They were able to hold their erections longer now, since they had previously had an orgasm in the shower, and this allowed an extended and relaxed love-making session. It didn’t take Alex long to improve his oral technique and for a long time the only sounds in the room were the wet sucking noises and muffled groans. It seemed as if they could go on sucking each other all night, and Alex would have been happy to do so. He could not explain why, but having Rob’s dick in his mouth gave him a feeling of unmitigated bliss.

At some point Rob pulled away and asked Alex to do something for him. “I want you to fuck my face. Will you do it for me, please?” Alex saw the need in his eyes and could hardly turn him down.

Rob moved up on the bed and propped his head with pillows. Following Rob’s direction, Alex then straddled Rob’s chest with his legs. In that position Alex could easily get his cock into Rob’s mouth and started working it in and out. It was more like fucking than getting a blow job since Alex was doing all the work. Fortunately, fucking was something that Alex was pretty good at, and he was intent on giving Rob exactly what he wanted. Even after all their sucking, Alex’s cock was still as very hard and he used it to penetrate erzurum escort Rob’s mouth like a battering ram. And Rob took each thrust with a look of exquisite delight.

“Take it, boy!” said Alex, enjoying the dominant role of penetrator.

Rob slapped Alex’s ass and emitted a low muffled groan. They paused only to let Rob catch his breath or wipe the dripping saliva from his chin.

Alex kept up the steady thrusting and felt an orgasm approaching as he fucked Rob’s mouth. Rob in the meantime also reached between Alex’s legs and started to massage his testicles, which added immeasurably to Alex’s pleasure. Whenever Alex thrust his hips, he felt a squeezing sensation on his balls and this drove him to an unbearable pitch of excitement.

“Fuck! Here it comes!” said Alex. He felt another squeeze on his balls and that was enough. He thrust one more time and started shooting off. But Rob didn’t need a warning. He had already felt Alex’s balls tighten up in their sac and was ready when the jets of hot liquid spurted into his mouth. He held onto Alex’s ass and hungrily swallowed his thick seed.

When the spasms were finished Alex collapsed onto the bed. “That was fucking unbelievable,” he gasped.

Rob made a gurgling noise. He was still swallowing and gulping. And then he grasped his own cock and stroked it furiously to bring himself off. Alex, who had started the whole session by asking to suck Rob’s dick, decided that he wasn’t going to be deprived of the full experience. When Rob grunted and raised his hips off the mattress Alex bent down and put his mouth over the head of Rob’s penis. Rob immediately started ejaculating, and Alex snorted as the jism came out. He tasted it and gagged. It was slimy and salty. He tried to stay calm but Rob kept coming. Alex started gagging again and the hot liquid dribbled from the sides of his mouth.

“Sorry,” said Alex, embarrassed. He pulled a sticky pubic hair from his tongue.

“What are you sorry for?” said Rob. “That was fucking great! I loved how you fucked my mouth, and you got your first taste of dick juice. Hardly anybody swallows their first time.”

Afterwards Alex was happy that he had pleased Rob and fulfilled another long-time fantasy. Now he had some idea what it was like to suck a man’s dick and he even learned what sperm tastes like, although he had not been too successful at swallowing it. As he drifted off to sleep, Alex dreamed that Rob was lying on his back having an endless orgasm, shooting jet after jet of hot seed into the air, and as the milky substance ran over his stomach and thighs Alex licked it up and swallowed it before it cooled.

* * *

(To be continued)

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